5 Easy Steps to Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw

Having problems with your new Dewalt miter saw? Need a solution badly? No worries as you have landed in the right place. 

Knowing to unlock a Dewalt miter saw is a must in order to assure safety. This is basic knowledge if you are going to start a new project. 

There are different types of miter saws in the market of different brands. Of course, Dewalt is a leading name on the list. But if you are unaware of how to unlock it properly, you cannot use it anyway. 

So, in this guide I have discussed thoroughly the 5 basic steps to unlock a Dewalt miter saw with the minimum effort possible. 

I hope you will be able to follow these steps properly.

What is a Miter Saw?

miter saw is an essential must for any woodworking activity. Be it a professional carpenter or a DIYer, this tool comes in very handy when someone is dealing with cutting from different angles. 

There is a vast range of applications of this tool such as door framing, cutting picture frames, making furniture, shaping woods, etc. In fact, any wood project that needs precision while angle cutting can be accomplished with a miter saw. 

A Dewalt miter saw is a top-grade product to make your wood projects out of the box. Because of its unique feature, it is sometimes hazardous to unlock it. 

But the following 5 steps are the easiest and the quickest to unlock a Dewalt miter saw in a hassle-free way.

Let’s discuss the steps in detail.

Learn the 5 Easiest Steps for Unlocking a  Dewalt Miter Saw

Honestly, there are so many methods to do it. But if you get introduced to them all, you will get into a mess. 

So, I have come up with the five simplest techniques and described them step by step below. 

Step-1: Unlock the Head

The very first step is to unlock the head. In some models of Dewalt, there are small knobs on the top. In some models, there are both knobs and pins. 

Put some pressure on the knob or both on the knob and pin to move it. Then the head will be unwinded. This is the most basic thing before using a miter saw. 

The head is attached to the body for safety purposes. Once you unlock it, do not forget to lock it after using it. This is as easy as the opening method. Just put some pressure on the knob and it will be locked again.

Step-2: Unlock the Push and Down Lock

A Dewalt miter saw features both a down lock and a push or pull lock like most other miter saws. 

The down lock is known as a knob as well. Gently applying some pressure on it will make it unlocked for you. See, how easy peasy!

The next is the push/pull lock. From the name, you can guess its feature. As it is controlled with a pin and a knob, you should push or pull the knob that you will fund by the end of the pin. That’s it.

So, unlocking the push and down lock requires the same technique. Isn’t it? Apply some pressure on the knob and get the job done. 

Although not knowing the process could have given you a lot of stress regarding this. So, learn the process properly. 

Step-3: Unlock the Angle Lock

So many locks are there, isn’t it? Well, this is to ensure both your and your tool’s safety. 

Just like the push and down locks, there is another kind of lock-in this power tool. That is an angle lock. 

Wondering why it is used? Simple, it is to ensure accuracy while angle cutting. You will find it on the front side of the tool. It should be unlocked before starting an angle cutting.

The same method here is to unlock it. Some have a knob, some have both a pin and a knob. Just find it and push it whatever you can find first, the knob or the pin. 

Step-4: Unlock Knurled Knob

Regardless of the model, every Dewalt miter saw will have a locking system in common. That is a knurled knob lock. 

This is considered the simplest lock in comparison to the other lock. But there is a definite rule to unlock it. 

Just twisting the knob once will be enough. But you must twist it counterclockwise. Please remember it. Because if you rotate the knob anticlockwise, the knob will be locked more. So, twisting in the right direction is the key point to unlock the knurled knob. 

How simple if you follow the exact guidelines, isn’t it?

Step-5: Unlock the Bevel and the Base

Bevel Unlocking:

If your one includes a bevel lock, you must unlock it. Although every miter saw does not include this structure.

The bevel features two types of design- fixed and tilted. 

If your Dewalt miter saw features a fixed bevel cut, you can skip this part because there is no need to unlock it. 

But if it includes a tilted machine you certainly need to unlock it. With a Dewalt product, you can have up to 45-degree and 90-degree bevel cut options.  

In order to get your desired tilting angle, you need to unlock the pin from the slider. The slider is situated at the base of the miter saw. Find it carefully and slide the pin. You will successfully unlock the bevel. 

Base Unlocking: 

Finally, it’s time for unlocking the base. A Dewalt miter saw comes with a base or a table. It remains attached to the body of the saw. As it is movable for users’ convenience, you can adjust the base to whichever position you want.

Unless you unlock it, you cannot use your tool. So, this may be the last but not the least step. Find out the knob in the base. Then press it and rotate. This will let you open the ground. 

Once this step is finished, the whole miter saw will be opened which includes the arm as well. Now you can set the position and start working on your woodworking projects. 

Additional Tips for Unlocking a Dewalt Miter Saw

Along with the five above-mentioned methods, you can effortlessly unlock the Dewalt miter saw within a few minutes. But there are some additional precautions you must know.

Follow the following safety tips to successfully unlock your tool. 

  • First, unplug all the electric connections and then start the unlocking process.
  • Wear the safety kits such as goggles, gloves including all other essentials. This will keep you safe from any unwanted accident.
  • The miter saw blades must remain untouched. You cannot touch them anyway as they are sharp enough to cause injuries. 
  • Apply as much pressure as the machine needs. Don’t rush or be harsh. A gentle amount of pressure will be more accurate.
  • If you fail to unlock a particular part, check the user manual at once or seek expert help. Do not try something different from the direction.
  • Finally, you must choose a calm and crowd-free environment to fully concentrate on the unlocking process. Otherwise, you will lose attention and it might get dangerous if anything occurs. So, don’t hurry, work smoothly.

Concluding Notes

These are the most facile and flexible steps to unlock a Dewalt miter saw from my point of view. Once you try them in practice, you will get to know how easy and effective they are. 

If you can exactly follow the methods I described, I am confident that you will unlock the miter saw in no time. There will be no tedious hours to be wasted just to get started. 

You can immediately jump on to your project with this heavyweight power machine. 

Still, if you have any questions, the comment section is always open. Leave your queries there and let me share my experiences. I would be more than happy to help you all. 

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