Best 14-Inch Band Saw to Improve Your Carpentry Skills [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Curving a piece of wood is no less entertaining than curving the thanksgiving turkey with family if……..

You have the right tool!

Like a perfect curving knife, the14 inch bandsaw is something that has the ability to turn any woodwork into a matter of great fun with ease.

You bet it is!

They are great for any medium to heavy-duty job both at home or work shed. We have rounded up the 7 Best 14 Inch Bandsaw, which ensures an industrial-quality cutting.

Let’s not drag things too much, and great bandsaws are waiting for you.

Quick view: What is the Best 14 Inch Bandsaw for the Money?

“A cutting machine that makes Resawing a breeze”

“The ultimate choice for DIYers & homeowners”

“If you consider the price, this is the best bang for the bucks”

“This stuff has a better price/performance ratio”

“More bounce for the ounce”

“An excellent saw at an extremely low price”

“An industrial-grade machine able to tackle any type of woodworking task”

Things to Consider While Buying 14 Inch Bandsaw

Open or Closed Base

Closed bases keep the dust in a confined chamber and can be removed through an air duct. Contrarily, an open base has no such enclosure to keep the dust. So, all the sawdust will be in the open.

Moreover, the closed base has storage space to keep the tools and accessories secure. You won’t get such benefits from an open base machine.

6″ or 12″ Throat?

This feature represents the distance between the table and the upper blade guide. You will find a wide range of throat distance for the bandsaws. However, the 6 and 12-inches are the most common.

Although the 12-inch throat will allow you to cut through thicker stocks, these machines are costly. For basic functions and affordable cost, 6-inch throats are always a great choice.

Horsepower & Size of Bed

More horsepower means quicker and robust operations. Basic band saws come with ½ to 1 HP motors. But the larger versions have more variety and speed settings.

More extensive table beds allow you to place bigger planks with stability. You won’t get this support from a smaller table less than 16 by 16 inches dimension. And the table bed needs to have a 45 degrees tilt.

How often you will be using it

Bigger throat capacity bandsaws are perfect for workshops or construction sheds. They come with more power but will cost you a fortune. Besides, those machines are not easy to move.

If you are looking for small-scale and quick jobs, it’s better to get smaller machines. They will save your wallet and make the cutting and trimming jobs easy.

The materials you will be cutting

You can cut both wood and metals with the bandsaw. Obviously, a robust motor will cut smoothly through thicker stocks or metals than a low-power saw machine. Larger throat capacity machines are better for heavy-duty jobs.

However, if you are onto home improvements or DIY projects, the smaller machines will work correctly unless you change your mind in one fine morning!

How important add-ons are to you

Bandsaws come with some nifty add-ons, including a light or wheel cleaning brush. Yes, they will make a particular function effortless, but you need to decide whether you need them.

For any intrinsic woodworks, a lamp will be an excellent aid for precision cuts. So, you need to invest in it only if many delicate cutting jobs are going on in your shed.


The size of the machine has a direct relationship with the difficulty of the job. The bigger and heavy-duty job requires larger machines. They deliver more power and diversity in action than any small-sized bandsaw.

If you can afford and regularly perform such jobs, it’s better to get a larger machine. Otherwise, the market has plenty of smaller-sized options.

Surface or Stand

An open surface or tabletop bandsaw goes perfectly with the workbench. You can move and work on individual pieces with ease. However, some craftsmen prefer a stand while working separately. Stand machines with additional storage spaces, perhaps, help them to work more organized way.

Blade Width

Typically, best 14-inch bandsaw machines come with diverse blade sizes. But it is not uncommon to find a few models with fixed blade size. They will indeed limit your work capacity.

Smaller width blades are great for the delicate job and cutting at any difficult angle. On the other way, a wider blade offers sheer power for thick and robust jobs.

Frame Build

Cast iron is the most common frame material. They are robust and durable. However, some of these frames are too heavy that limits the machine’s movement. Unless properly coated, you may found some rust build-up on them.

Stainless steel is, no wonder, the lightest and resistant material for the frame. But they are not that common, and you will end up paying more.

Blade Tension Indicator

You will never get precise and desired cut with a loose blade. So the edge needs to be correctly tensioned for the right cut. And only a blade tension indicator can tell you whether the blade is on the right pull or not.

Typically blade tension system comes with a control knob at the top of the machine.

Blade Speed

The blade speed is directly related to the motor power. High powered motor runs the blade at a faster pace. Except for one, all the six bandsaw machines in the review have dual blade speed.

Slow speed is for delicate jobs, whereas the faster option is for power cutting.

Residual Extraction

Modern-day bandsaws have air intakes to remove the sawdust directly from the table. If you have a closed machine, it is easier to extract the residual dust using a vacuum cleaner.

7 Best 14 Inch Band Saws Review

so, who makes the best 14-inch bandsaw?

Hers is our review on 7 Best 14 Inch Bandsaw that surprisingly running so smoothly.

1. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14 Inch Deluxe Pro Bandsaw 

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14" Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

Great things come in a sturdy framework.

And nothing can match more with the statement than a Jet JWBS Bandsaw. A robust cast iron frame, poly-v belt drive, and spacious workspace make it one of the most popular 14-inch bandsaws in the shed.

Yearn for the thin cuts for the wood planks?

Making boards from 0.1 to 12-inch is like a breeze for this champion bandsaw. The retractable blade guard lets you choose this thickness with ease.

You will love the 15 by 15-inches work table. It can support more comprehensive dimension wood pieces and let you deal with them with better control. The table can tilt both on the left and right, allowing you to have a beveled cut. The right tilt is 45-degrees, whereas the left angle is 10-degrees.

This is called versatility!

The 105-inches long blade can run at both 1500 and 3000-FPM speeds. The lower speed is ideal for delicate jobs, whereas the faster mode works perfectly for quick power cutting.

What does this mean to you?

No matter how fast the blade moves, the upper and lower ball bearing reduces the friction and ensures the drive and blade’s longevity.

Cloud of sawdust will be the last thing you encounter with this JET JWBS machine. A 4-inch duct sucks the dust away to minimize dust in the surroundings. If there is any leftover wood plank, keep it inside the storage shelf.


  • Cast iron Frame
  • 5-years warranty
  • Two-Speed Blade
  • 0 to 12 inches Thickness capacity
  • Table tilt for beveled cutting


  • Frame cracks upon heavy use
  • Spare parts are not widely available

2. Grizzly G0555 Ultimate 14-Inch Bandsaw

If you can’t tackle intense power, then this cutter is not your cup of tea.

You heard that right!

The 1 HP motor of this bandsaw runs the machine like a Grizzly in the wild.

Twin blade speed, extensive working table, cast iron frame, and computer-balanced aluminum wheels are some of the noticeable features of this best 14-inch bandsaw.

Let me say this straight…….

It’s not easy to ignore the cutting power of the ⅜-inch blade. It can cut up to 6-inch thick wooden pieces with utmost precision. You can choose the 1500-FPM speed for delicate work, whereas the 3200-FPM will do all types of power trimming and cutting.

And you know what else?

You can control the blade tension by the quick-release blade tension lever on the top. Moreover, the ball-bearing blade guide on the top and bottom makes the blade movement frictionless. Either delicate or gruesome woodwork, the cast iron frame will be stable on the heavy-duty stand.

 Too cool!

The 14 by 14-inches table can accommodate larger wood pieces. And you can cut them at almost any angle between 15 to 45-degrees. You can tilt the table 15-degrees to the left and 45-degrees to the right.

One of the best things is the miter gauge attached to the aluminum fence. And you will also enjoy the benefits of a 1-year parts warranty while resawing any wood pieces.


  • 1 HP motor
  • Cast Iron Frame
  • Miter Gauge on the fence
  • 1-year Parts Warranty
  • Great for Resawing
  • Dual Blade Speed


  • Heavyweight
  • A bit Expensive

3. WEN 3966 14-Inch Two-Speed Bandsaw

I just call this nifty little saw a cutting beast!

Wondering why?

A high amp motor and a more extensive work table make this WEN bandsaw discrete from any other model in the market. The dual blade speed setting gives you the freedom to use the machine for either delicate or power-loaded cutting. Lastly, working under low light is not a big deal with this 14-inch bandsaw.

But it’s far better than the typical saw.

Well, the machine comes with a flexible work light. However, dealing with wood pieces is not a light job with this bandsaw. You may find the operation very difficult while cutting as a beginner.

If the 1 HP motor is the core, then the 100 ¾-inches blade is the lifeline of this bandsaw machine. This sharp metal strip has a width variation from ⅛ to 1-inch. When it runs at 3280-FPM, nothing can stop it. By the way, you can also switch to the 1480-FPM speed for delicate jobs.

Here’s the catch……

You can cut up to 8⅚ -inches deep by tilting the 21½ by 15 ¾-inches table. The table can be tilted to the right up to 45-degrees. By switching the angle, you can vary the depth of the cutting. No matter how deep the cut is, sawdust will always be minimum around the machine. You can use three sizes of air ducts to clear the working area.

Lastly, 90-days commercial and 2-years warranty ensures the quality of the manufacturer.


  • Powerful motor
  • Diverse blade width
  • Dual blade speed
  • Spacious work table
  • Cast iron frame


  • Table accessories are flimsy.
  • Difficult to maneuver the wood

4. RIKON Power Tools Deluxe Bandsaw

Yeah, the futuristic look of the machine is the main secret sauce to grab your attention.

But I’m telling, it’s more than just a pretty face.

Along with the minimalistic appearance, this unit is surely Another 14-inch masterpiece with a 1¾-HP motor dual blade, speed, and three patented features.

You will love the compact and futuristic look of the machine; Let’s not forget about the spacious work table that can tilt both ways to give you diverse cutting depth and angle.

Cast iron is the primary material of this new-age bandsaw. The 21½-inches by 15¾-inches work table, spooked wheel, and base are made with high-quality cast iron. So, durability will never be an issue for this bandsaw.

How can you beat it?

The 3/16 to ¾-inch blade provides the 13-inch cutting capacity of the machine. You can run the 111-inches blade at a 1445 or 2950-FPM rate, depending on the job. As the table tilts both ways so cutting at diverse depth and angle is not a big deal. You can list the table to the right up to 45-degrees and 7-degrees on the left.

Before wrapping up the review, let me introduce the three patented features.

The spring-loaded tool-less guide system ensures smooth blade movement. Quick adjustment fencing system keeps the wood planks in place, and a cast-iron trunnion system keeps the friction of the blade with the frame on the bay.

Let’s be honest here:

This heavyweight machine may not be the easiest to move, but the 5-years warrant will indeed move you a lot.


  • Dual blade speed
  • Patented spring-loaded tool-less guide system
  • Spacious work table
  • 13-inches cutting capacity


  • Heavyweight
  • Not an ideal pick for big jobs

5. Shop Fox W1706 14 Inch Cast Iron Bandsaw 

If you are looking for a bandsaw that will be equally effective both in-home and workshop, it’s hard to beat Shop Fox W1706.

It Sounds Too Gouda to Be True!

Cast iron frame, dual speed blade, deluxe miter gauge, and a 2-year warranty make it a reliable bandsaw at an affordable price.

The 1 HP motor runs at 1725 RPM to give you the smoothest cuts. You can cut almost any type of wood that can pass along the 13½-inches throat. And the 6-inches cutting height gives you the freedom to deal with the thicker wooden planks with delicacy.

The only vibration that can bother you during the cutting. Some of the users found it detrimental to the stability of the wood planks.

But it’s not the only reason to adore this cutting machine.

You can choose between ⅛ to 3/4 -inch blades to make the cutting and trimming an effortless job. Select the blade speed according to the job delicacy and the material’s toughness. Choose 1500-FPM for delicate while 3200-FPM for any tough cuttings.

It is easy to use the 14 by 14-inches table for both shallow and deep cuts. The table tilts on both right and left to offer various cut depths and angels. It leans 10-degrees on the left and 45-degrees on the right.


  • Durable design
  • Powerful and high RPM motor
  • Dual blade speed
  • 2-years warranty
  • Great for small projects


  • Vibrates a lot during operation

6. Delta 28-400 1 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw

This stainless-steel bandsaw shows the future of delicate wood cutting.

No, I’m not kidding!

You can deal with any type of wood when you have the power full 1 HP motor and 13⅝-inches cutting capacity machine. The machine will deliver 100-years of craftsmanship on every single trimming and cutting job in the shed.

Any working shed may have many woodcutting jobs, but the 1 HP TEFC motor can pass the blade through any. You can use the bandsaw on both 115 and 230-V settings. It will let you use the machine anywhere in the world.

A ¾-inch blade can quickly move through the 15 3/4 by 18 ⅞ inches table. All the credit goes to the rubber-coated aluminum 9 spoke wheel that keeps track of the blade.

But what the heck are they?

No matter if you choose either 1620 or 3340-FPM, the easy tension system will keep the move frictionless.

The only limitation is the low tilting of the table towards the left. It’s only 3-degree whereas on the right it’s 45. But the table comes with a 90-degree positive stop while cutting on the right side.

Beyond that:

We found some issues with the base guide block. It moves a bit sometimes. However, there will be no tension for up to 5-years with the machine. It comes with a 5-year part and labor warranty.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Wide cutting capacity
  • Dual blade speed
  • High power motor
  • 90-degree positive stop at the right
  • 5-year part and labor warranty


  • Stability issue of the base block
  • Too small tilt on the left

7. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw

The combination of compact design and intense power!!!!

Ufff, Laguna Tools just nailed it!

The high-strength motor, wide blade, and cast-iron durable made are some of the popular features of this killer trimming and cutting machine’s popular features.

What about voltage?

You can use the machine on both 115 and 230-V settings. Despite the diverse amp rating, the bandsaw runs at a single speed setting. But you don’t have to worry about stability. The cast iron wheel, pyramid-shaped spine, and steel frame give the ultimate stability during any cutting job.

The work table is adequately spacious to accommodate any large size woodblocks. Wood planks won’t slip on the micro-polished surface of the 21½ by 16-inches surface. Your hands will be safe behind the aluminum fence. But you will miss the miter gauge whole messing precise thickness or angle.

If there is an issue with the angel, the tilt will help you get the thickness and desired angle. The table surface tilts 45-degree to the right and 7-degrees to the left.

Moving this 255-lbs machine can be a big deal unless placed in a shop.


  • Durable frame
  • Micro-polished table surface
  • Extensive table face
  • Dual voltage rating


  • Single blade speed setting
  • Too heavy to move
  • Unstable base

Final Verdict

You won’t face any problem with the next woodcutting or curving job.

Wondering why? Because now you know almost everything about the best 14 inch bandsaw. It’s time to pick the right one, and the most extensive buying guide will help you with that.

FAQs on 14-Inch Band Saw

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