11 Best Chainsaw Mills Review with Ultimate Buying Guide [Top Picks for 2021]

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Want to give proper wood shape and to get tired of choosing your chainsaw mill? If the answer is YES, then we welcome you to our website for selecting the best chainsaw mill for your work.

Before going deep for your betterment, let's shortly clear some concepts about chainsaw mills, their working principle, budget setting before buying chainsaw mills, and why you need to choose chainsaw mills beyond the traditional bandsaw mills. I hope this will be helpful not only for beginners but also for professionals.

Two rails consisting of chainsaw mill is a sawmill that allows you to cut trees according to your demand. By attaching to the chainsaw's bar and adjusting the thickness, you can cut your lumber accurately from the remote region of the wood, where it seems to be impossible or too costly. For helpful information, here the thickness determined by the distances between the rails and the chainsaw bar.

Based on the operator operation, there are two types of chainsaw mill in the market. Larger mills use for big projects with two operators' help, whereas smaller mills need only one operator for a single project. Logs with large diameter require a more extended bar for more substantial jobs, so that you need select bars allowing both of the two chainsaw heads for larger mills. But you have to keep in mind that our suggestions and choice may help you choose the best chainsaw mill for your project.

Portability increased the benefits of the chainsaw mill rather than the bandsaw mill. You can carry your chainsaw mill right beside to that place where the trees felled down. If you want to lumber under challenging areas, a chainsaw mill is a right option for you.

About setting the budget for buying chainsaw mills, then you can find that the chainsaw mills are relatively inexpensive than the bandsaw mill. Indeed, you don't want to invest more money for household requirements. So, to cut your budget, you may buy a portable chainsaw mill within $200 to $300 or less from the reputed brands. When chainsaw mills come with a track and a frame, you need to invest more than $1500 for the other things. Besides, larger mills from the reputed brands are costly than the smaller mills. But you can save thousands of dollars and get more benefits from the chainsaw mills than a bandsaw mill.

From above, a chainsaw mill is indeed handy to take a complete log or cutting lumber in a very upland region and to give your wood a proper size or dimension. Different people have different requirements for their lumbering business, and not all chainsaw mills are the same. Buying a chainsaw mill may reduce your costs to cut your lumber rather than hiring lumberjack or buying lumbers from others.

We all know that a product's durability depends on its quality, working ability, and extended-lasting capability. According to user requirements, many reputed manufacturers and brands in the market are dealing with selling various chainsaw mills. We listed 11 top-rated chainsaw mills from those reputed brands according to your requirements, product quality, user reviews, and, most notably, that fit your budget.

If you are a beginner, then you can go to the G777. According to their uses, there are different kinds of Granberg chainsaw mills, but I enlisted this first because of its lightweight, portability, and overall performance. A single project user can easily fit bar into 20 inches or less cuts logs from 0.5" to 13" thick up to 17" inches wide by using this G777 chainsaw mill.

The G777 chainsaw mill attaches to the saw without any drilling bar. If you want to use a chainsaw mill with an electric or battery-operated one, I highly demotivate you because this G777 needs a 60cc gas engine.

The 24 x 13 x 4 inches dimensions make it perfect for home projects. Homeowners, woodworkers, carpenters can easily use the G777 chainsaw mill. As for safety guard, this chainsaw mill uses polycarbonate. Aircraft aluminum from the U.S. makes it's quality high, and zinc-plated steel constructions protect it from the external elements of outdoor uses.

If you are asking for the weight, then the 12.25 pounds weight makes it portable. Less expensiveness makes it fit for your budget. From experts, Granberg suggesting that if you are using a ripping chain with the G777, it cuts lumber quicker, increases lifespan, and gives perfect clear cut with a smooth finish.


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for wider planks
  • Inexpensive
  • Good reviews


  • Imperfect for heavy duties
  • Not include guide rails
  • Limited in the gas engine

If you want to cut large logs and you are a professional one, then the Granberg MK-IV Alaskan chainsaw mill is a good option. Not only for the professionals, but it's also better for the beginners. There are different lengths of chainsaw mills in the market where medium-length of chainsaw mills are perfect for small projects as well as the smaller ones, but sometimes they are unable to satisfy your demand. Again length of a chainsaw mill pointing to the quantity of wood that you can cut in a single movement.

This MK-IV is more substantial than the G777 with its weight of 18.65 pounds. It's suitable for cutting depth from .5" to 13" inches with large logs up to 27" inches wide. Likely to the previous one, this mill need not required any drilling because clamps onto your chainsaw bar.

The anti-vibration system makes the Granberg MK-IV more affordable to the user than the previous die-cast version. High-quality U.S. aircraft aluminium and steel construction make the mill durable. Billet end brackets make the chainsaw mill virtually unbreakable, more accurate, and easier to adjust with less trouble and effort.

Experts are saying that optimal results can be gained by using Granberg ripping chain. This MK-IV chainsaw mill is tricky to use because it can be a flop at the beginning and end of cuts for lacking support. So that you need to be taken care of using this mill; otherwise, it's a better selection.


  • Good ratings
  • Anti-vibration system
  • High quality


  • Tricky to use
  • At the starting whole frame needs to rest on the log

To process big boards custom furniture and cut a large number of logs, this Granberg MK-III Alaskan is an excellent choice for the sawyer. This is a heavy-duty mill with its 18 pounds weight. By using its 30-inch rails, you can cut all kinds of trees such as oak, walnut, cedar, or high-quality lumber with perfect size and shape. Though there are similarities between Granberg MK-IV and Granberg MK-III, the difference is on their performance. The Granberg MK-III G776 give better performance than the previous one when you cut large quantities of lumbers.

This heavy-duty G776 mill cut logs from a depth of .5" to 13" inches with a width of 27" inches long. Again likely to the previous one, you don't need to drill it on with a separate bar. You can mount this mill to a chain bar easily by using few turns of the wrench. High-quality U.S. aircraft aluminium and steel make the bodybuilding quality of this mill great.

The crucial part of the G776 is that it can converts rough logs into beautiful slabs according to the rail size; that's why it's dependable and efficient. According to your demand, you can buy these mills in various rail size.

Experts suggest that optimal efficiency can be gained by using a power saw with this mill. This MK-III G776 mill is long-lasting, gives better performance for the smaller cuts, and adjusts the different sizes of log cutting.


  • Heavy duty
  • Good reviews
  • Cut large quantities of lumbers
  • Easily Assembled and perfectly adjustable
  • Quality materials


  • Highly Expensive
  • Need powerful saw
  • Difficult assembly

To get more than paying, I strongly suggest you this Carmyra Portable chainsaw mill. Indeed, Carmyra is not as popular as Granberg, but some better options make it different from the other chainsaw mills.

The Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is lighter and compact because of having a lack of dedicated cutting blades. Durability includes steel and aluminium constructed body. Because of its strength, this chainsaw mill is suitable for 14’’to 36" beams cutting from .5" to 13" inches ranging thickness. But the appropriate bar size for lumbering is 36" inch. For cutting walnut, oak, and cedar into high-quality lumber, the Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is a better choice.

This 7.5kgs portable chainsaw mill cuts lumber planks adjusting with height and weight. For getting accurate log shape, Carmyra includes 9 feet rail system. You don't need a drilling bar to attach saw because it directly connects to the chainsaw bar and works with any chainsaw. Fast and easy installation package makes Carmyra easy to use. Again having many features, this chainsaw mill is less expensive.


  • High Quality
  • Less expensive
  • Getting high-Quality lumber
  • Affordable mill ever


  • Off-brand

Neither worse nor better, the Alaskan Mark-IV chainsaw mill takes almost the middle position of the list.  This mill is suitable in many fields from the G777 but still lacks behind because of its performance.

You can buy the Alaskan Mark-IV if you have a low budget because this mill is less expensive than the following one. It's able to cut all sorts of trees like cedar, walnut, and oak or any high-quality lumber at any position wherever they are. For using this mill, you don't need any previous experience because it's also great for the beginners as well as the professionals.

About cutting depth, the Alaskan Mark-IV can cut from a thickness of .5" to 13" inch with a width of 20 inches long.  High-quality materials make this mill lightweight and portable. This 17.7-pound mill includes the latest CNC-Machined end brackets so that it's easier to adjust, virtually unbreakable, less vibration, and easily assembled. Likely to the other Granberg chainsaw mill, the Mark-IV don't require any separate drilling bar. This mill is unable to support the frame because of its building design; that's why sometimes it feels irritating at the beginning and end of the cutting.

Experts are suggesting that for accurate cutting and better performance, you need Granberg ripping chain. Though this mill includes a chainsaw, you need an ultra-powerful one. On the other hand, spending less money and getting more you can go to this mill.


  • Great quality
  • Provide regardless adjustment for different size logs
  • Many outstanding reviews
  • Apply on all kinds of trees


  • Tricky to use
  • Few assemblies required

Though there are not many differences between the 24’’ Alaskan Mark-IV and the 36’’ Alaskan Mark-IV this heavy-duty chainsaw mill is opposing to the previous one. The high-quality U.S. made aircraft aluminium and steel body construction make this versatile mill lightweight and portable.

There is no depth cutting difference found between the previous one and this 36’’ Alaskan Mark-IV chainsaw mill. Both of them cut logs into a depth of .5 inches to 13 inches, but it shows the difference when you go for width cutting. This 20 pounds weighted mill cut slabs up to 27’’ inches widely. It can cut all sorts of trees including oak, cedar and walnut into high-quality lumber. There is an excellent reputation of Granberg mill that they don’t allow to use a chainsaw when you chain your woods.

Likely to the previous one the Mark-IV use new CNC-Machined billet end brackets which make it more accurate, easily adjustable, virtually unbreakable and create less vibration. This mill clamps on to your chainsaw bar so that no separate drilling bar required. About the cost, this heavy-duty chainsaw mill is more costly than the previous one.

From experts, Granberg suggesting that optimal result will be gained by the conjunction of Granberg ripping chain and first cut platforms. This mill is perfect for arborists, sawyers, woodworkers, homeowners.


  • High-quality building body
  • Great for a big lumber
  • Exceptional reviews
  • Apply on all kinds of trees
  • Enables the user to mill lumber wherever the tree falls


  • Expensive
  • Tricky to use
  • Few assemblies required

If you want to saw your wood repeatedly without repairing the mill, again and again, I suggest that the Popsort chainsaw mill is a good option for you. The reason is that for milling lot of wood and trimming any length of lumber this mill is an ideal one.

The Popsort mill directly attaches to your chainsaw bar so that you can use it for larger or smaller lumbering. By adjusting it to the flexible side bracket of the chainsaw make it easier to cut any log length. Included fast and easy hardware installation make it more dependable. High-quality bodybuilding materials make the mill lightweight and portable so that it can be transported to the remote log easily.

This 18-pound heavy-duty mill cut a log from .5‘’ to 13’’ inch depth with 43.3’’ inch width. An ideal bar for the mill is from 18’’ to 48’’ inch that means it can handle up to 48’’ sections of lumber without any issue. A flat surface for the mill to ride on to get flat also provided by Popsort. To guard against injury protective perspex plate attached to the sawmill.

Experts are suggesting that you need patience for running this Popsort mill cause it requires potent gas run chainsaw bigger than 60-cc for getting the optimal result. And about the installation guide, it’s a little bit tricky for the sawyer. Suitable users for the mill are woodworkers, outdoor enthusiasts and for those who want to use lumber for some other DIY home projects.


  • Directly attaches to the chainsaw bar
  • Easy to transport to the remote logs
  • Portable
  • Attached protective perspex plate
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Has a steel runner


  • Tricky to use
  • Tricky to understand installation guide
  • Few assemblies required
  • Doesn’t provide operating instruction

For turning your chainsaw mill to a portable milling machine, you can go for this inexpensive HiHydro portable chainsaw mill. It’s perfect for the homeowners, woodworkers, carpenters. Some of the mills from HiHydro are designed for cutting trees of large diameter, but this is the smaller one with 24’’ bar depth.

This 14.7 pounds weighted mill adjusts slabbing thickness from .5’’ inch to 12’’ inch and length of 24’’ inch width. Well, finished aluminium rails make this HiHydro mill for frequent use and chromed steel parts extends the durability. High-quality, durable aircraft aluminium and stainless steel make the bodybuilding quality great.

The HiHydro portable mill includes clamps on to the chain saw bar so that no separate drilling bar required. MIG welding makes the mill versatile, faster, clean and efficient. It can protect you from flying wreckage by using acrylic safety cover over the cutting area. This low-cost mill can be assembled, work nicely and hope it can meet your demand.

Experts saying that sometimes it’s challenging to get the proper thickness and some assemblies are required for the mill. They also suggest that for getting the optimal result you need 45cc to 68cc chain saw for cutting 18’’ inches logs and 68-cc to 85-cc chain saw for cutting 18-26’’ logs.


  • Less expensive
  • Portable
  • Good reviews
  • Easily adjustable with bar size
  • MIG welding
  • Easily assembly


  • Challenging to get the proper thickness
  • Few assemblies needed

Sometimes large size mills are difficult to store and heavier that they are not easy to transport. If you want to get rid of those problems this Timber Tuff TMS-36, 36’’ mill is a perfect solution for you.

This lightweight 14 pounds Timber Tuff mill cut planks of lumber from .20’’ to 11.81’’ inch depth and 35.50’’ inch width. High-quality aircraft aluminium, stainless steel makes the mill durable and bodybuilding quality high. Easy and fast hardware installation provided with this mill and makes it more dependable with more comfortable to use.

Though the Timber Tuff mill is having a dimension of 35.5 x 12.60 x 18.2 inches, it’s still portable for transportation at home or right in the woods after where felling trees. The ideal size makes it more usable for various projects, even if the project is small enough. This less-expensive mill attaches directly to the side bracket of 18’’ to 36’’ inch chainsaw bar. For cutting logs with accurate and precise size, this mill can meet your demand.

Experts say that manufacturer company Timber Tuff added one-year limited manufacturer’s parts warranty with this mill and make this mill suitable for carpenters, homeowners, woodworkers. The narrower shape of this Timber Tuff mill makes it more convenient to store after using. This powerful tool also works smoothly for small or big logs according to the log length.


  • Narrower shape
  • Portable
  • Less expensive
  • Great for a big lumber
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate cut
  • Adjustable


  • Tricky to adjusting the thickness
  • Few assemblies needed
  • Only a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer

If you don’t want to expense more money and mill your wood occasionally then this Haddon Lumbermaker is the perfect one for you. Mills with heavy-duty and repeatedly cutting feature is indeed costly, and sometimes you don’t need them for living cutting wood. But including outstanding features and functionality, this mill provides enough guidance for best possible cuts under your budget.

This 3.75 pounds Haddon Lumbermaker mill come with an ideal dimension of 8x3x8 inches which makes it lightweight. Though you can’t get the similar consistency as the dedicated rail system, this less expensive mill works smoothly with 2’’x4’’ or 2’’x6’’ cutting guide board.

Beams, planks or other shapes of logs can turn into any kind of size by the Haddon Lumbermaker. This steel constructed mill allows saw exact to the pivot and adjust the depth on the fly. Doubtlessly it fits with all types of the chainsaw and attaches to the bar in seconds.

Experts are saying that this Haddon Lumbermaker is swivel for PLUNG cuts. Manufacturer company Haddon added limited lifetime warranty with this product. This USA manufactured product includes 30 pages handy owner’s manual. They also suggest that this mill is the smallest option ever for a fraction of the regular cost.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • User manual included
  • Fits with all types of chainsaw
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comes with a 30-page instruction guide


  • Not dedicated
  • Less consistency than the heavier one

If you want to cut your logs quickly and accurately for a small investment Timberjig is the ideal one. With the help of a guide rail, you can build a couple of straight board by using Timberjig. It fits for those woodworkers who want to expend less money and don’t like to use more substantial mills.

This 8.82 pounds Logosol big mill Timberjig comes with 8’’ inch cutting depth which are smaller than the larger mills. There is no log cutting limitation for this Timberjig cause it fits with all types of chainsaw easily. You don’t need a flat surface for log shaping because you can cut wherever they are laying on the ground.

The suitable length for Logosol Timberjig is up to 20’’ inch, but 24’’ inch bar depth is a practical limit. This lightweight, the portable mill is difficult to use. It would be best if you had 70cc or higher chainsaw to get a smooth cut by using this mill. For working with this mill, you need previous experience because it takes time for mastering with Logosol Timberjig.

Experts are saying that this steel and aluminium constructed mill show difficulties for round cutting rather than square one. Though it doesn’t need any modification for drilling bar attachment but for working comfortably, you need to position timber at waist height. For getting steady cuts, you need to practice a lot. Resistant to corrosion and increase the durability manufacturer use nitrous oxide with all of the steel components. Manufacturer company provides sawmill plan and other tools, but you need your rail supports that’s why it differs from other chainsaw mills.


  • Lightweight
  • Less expensive
  • Fits with all types of chainsaw
  • Great for big lumbers


  • Must need a powerful chainsaw
  • Difficult for steady cutting
  • Slow cutting progress

Tips For A Smoother Chainsaw Milling Experience:

We have almost covered everything about the chainsaw mill, which is essential for you to buy a mill. But you have to be taken care of some important matters when you are using chainsaw mill that we haven’t suggested yet. So let’s take a look about those matters:

  • Read user manual properly for your respective chainsaw mill maintenance. It may help you to increase the lifespan of chainsaw mill.
  • Add an auxiliary oiler kit to the outboard end of the chainsaw bar that may help you to protect your mill during more comprehensive log processing.
  • For safety, you must wear gloves, glass, apron, mask and hard helmet.
  • Mill your wood far away from people, children and pets cause milling to produce lots of sawdust which is hazardous for them.
  • To make your milling easier sharpen the chain before your work. For sharping the mill strip the log clear of bark and grit.
  • To make logs sturdy, use chocks.
  • Wait at least one minute for cooling down the chainsaw mill after finished cutting. Don’t shut it down immediately.
  • For maintaining smoother cut don’t move the chainsaw back and forth during milling.
  • Cut slab in one go. Don’t stop in the middle.
  • If possible, avoid live trees milling.
  • Ensure that log rail length goes beyond the milling logs.
  • Parallel adjustment is a must between both of the rail and the bar.
  • Check additional tools such as bolts, nuts and fasteners if they are okay or not.
  • Be careful about the kerf of the mill because it may represent significant waste when you saw many thin boards.
  • To file the teeth of the chainsaw, use a filing jig.
  • Must polish your chain and use diluent for removing the rubbishes from the chain.
  • Use compressed air for cleaning the air filter.
  • Use spray and diluent for cleaning the exhausting port.

Best Chainsaw Mill Buying Guide

The chainsaw mill is a mimic of a miniature sawmill. One or two persons can operate it. It comes with a guide track to ensure accuracy at work. However, some simple models will lack a guide bar, and you can customize one for the chainsaw mill.

Bar Capacity

The bar's length will determine the width of the lumber that your chainsaw can operate to cut. You need to determine how wide or fatty the wood or lumber you will be mostly working on with the chainsaw.

The bar capacity must support your wood width correctly for a proper cut without much hassle.

Also, remember that the bar capacity of the chainsaw mill is fixed. It means the bars of the saw aren't expandable. So, if you want to increase the bar capacity, you will need to buy a chainsaw mill newly.

Cutting Depth

As the title suggests, the chainsaw mill's cutting depth will actually determine how deep you can cut on the lumber or logs. The majority of the chainsaw mills will provide you with a cutting depth of about 1/2" to 12".

However, some high-end chainsaw claims to have a 13" cutting depth as a roundup, but that's not practical. Also, note that the cutting depth is adjustable to determine how thick or thin you want to cut the board. The adjustability should be made comfortable, though.

Chainsaw Compatibility

When you purchase a chainsaw mill, the chances are high that you will adjust it with your existing chainsaw. It means the mill is going to work with a current chainsaw. And that's where the compatibility of the chainsaw mill comes to the forefront.

Ensure that the mill you are buying will work with the saw you already have in your workshop or home. It will save money from purchasing a secondary chainsaw. There is a variety of chainsaws compatibility.

Some works without the wrapped handle, while some mills will ask for a drilling hole in the chainsaw.

Construction Quality and Durability

A chainsaw mill is primarily designed to cut large lumbers and for heavy-duty milling chores. Hence, it often goes extreme work pressure that the chainsaw mill must stand out. So, the construction quality and durability of a chainsaw mill are of prime importance.

Most chainsaw mills are made with either aluminum or steel. Some high-end machines are a combination of both. Look for the users' reviews to find the right durability of the chainsaw for your milling jobs.

Steel is undoubtedly more durable than aluminum. But aluminum has its advantages too. First off, it is lighter than steel. Secondly, in case of any jams in the mill, aluminum provides flexibility for easy fixing. So, if you plan for an aluminum-built chainsaw mill, ensure that you get one labeled aircraft-grade aluminum or of similar quality.

Chainsaw Power Rating

The power rating of the chainsaw will figure out the power output provided by the motor. There are two types of consideration, depending on the chainsaw mill's fuel or power source. Ideally, your chainsaw should have at least 50cc of engine combustion or 1.5HP power output to accomplish the lumber cutting jobs.

Anything beyond this mentioned limit will lack the power to perform regular milling jobs on large wood boards or lumbers.

Weight and Portability

When you have options to choose from a range of similar chainsaw mills, the weight becomes an important consideration. The chainsaw mill weight has a direct impact on the overall portability and performance of the machine.

A heavier chainsaw mill with increased inertia offers maximum steadiness when you cut large lumbers and logs. The stability helps you perform massive cuts with easiness and ensures accuracy. But heavier chainsaws are challenging to transport.

So, decide what is crucial for you. If you work from one place to another frequently, the weight will be essential, and you would want a lighter chainsaw. Nonetheless, if you have an off-road vehicle, the weight won't limit the chainsaw mobility.


Since a chainsaw mill is built for tackling large lumbers and logs, there're chances that it will go through extreme cutting and milling sessions. If it is not durable, your investment might not be worthy. The durability is assessable from the warranty manufacturer provides.

Ideally, you must look for at least 1-year warranty of the chainsaw against any manufacturing defect. Also, some producers may provide up to 3-years of servicing warranty.

Price and Budget

A chainsaw mill, literally speaking, is available from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. It depends on the overall build quality, bar size, cutting depth capacity, etc. So, determine your work necessity and finalize your budget before the chainsaw purchasing.

When you have a fixed budget, the buying time will lessen, and you will end up getting a chainsaw with the best features in your expectations.


We are in the ending part of our article. Hope you may find this article helpful for your further processing. We have included most of the information about the chainsaw mill that we promise at the beginning. Though there are benefits, there are also some limitations of chainsaw mills.

If you read the Tips For A Smoother Chainsaw Milling Experience part you would get the word ‘kerf’ which sometimes causes wastage. So, it would be best if you were taken care of cutting kerf. Machine overheating problem is also a well-known problem for almost every electrical tools. We have our comment box for posting your issues, and our experts are always ready to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Again most basic models of the chainsaw mills build of a steel guide bracket mounted to a chainsaw bar that follows a straight edge. You may find different chainsaw mills, including different models and price ranges in the marketplace, but we listed the best of them as we said before. But our suggestion to you to take time for selecting the best chainsaw mill for your project and also search to the internet to get more info about your particular products.

We are covering a lot of things about chainsaw mills, our request to you to give your valuable opinions about us. Your thoughts may help us to go a long way because you are too special to us. And please don’t forget to share the information that you get from our site about the chainsaw mill with your nearest and dearest one so that they might be benefited. Finally, we regularly update our website when new products come to the market, so keep in touch with us and keep updated.