Best Air Reciprocating Saw: To Get The Cleanest Cuts Instantly

Whether you are a professional craftsman or metal worker, running a repair shop, or a DIY user, your power tool arsenal remains incomplete if you don’t have a hard-core reciprocating air saw at your bucket.

Sadly, getting your hands on your desired power tool often takes its toll.

That’s where our works start.

Air reciprocating saw is considered to be a versatile air power tool that can cut through many materials like wood, wood-related materials like lumber, panelling composition board, etc., metals, pipe, metal sheet, and many more. But here is the kicker:

Likewise, other power tools, Cheap Reciprocating air saw are often a nightmare.

But a sustainable and well-performing top-notch reciprocating air saw requires a lot of inspection. But if you don’t know where to start from, don’t worry. This article- Best Air Reciprocating Saw is for you.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Quick Picks: What is the best Air reciprocating saw to buy?

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5 Best Reciprocating Air Saw to go for back-and-forth cutting stroke like a pro

Is a reciprocating saw worth it?

Hell yes!

To save you from the struggle of finding out the most valued reciprocating air saw, we have enlisted 5 best reciprocating Air Saw of today’s market and every detail that you need to know before making the final choice.

Let’s have a look!

1. Ingersoll Rand 429 Air Reciprocating Saw

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Versatility at its level best meaning!

That’s what we can say about this powerhouse. Over 100 year, Ingersoll has shaped the industrial revolution and stood at the vanguard like a rock.

Now get back to the point.

Why do we call it versatile? From light radius curves to tackling intricate shapes, this power tool can handle all types of fiberglass, plastics, and composite materials. That’s not enough, cutting aluminium and sheet metal is also under its belt.

What’s inside the box? Let’s explore:

  • Two hex wrenches
  • Six high-speed steel cutting blades

What really impressed us most is their reduced vibration capability. This is such a blessing for tasks like a muffler, body shop repair, and exhaust work, and even for sunroof installations.

But don’t miss the best part of this air saw……….

Undoubtedly, it’s Lock-Out Lever. Containing a unique system, these air saws protect from accidental throttle operation.

Wondering how?

Well, this is possible by utilizing a spring-loaded latch. Featuring a guide, this tool not only increases blade life but also give you the confidence that you have a trustworthy weapon at his/her hand.


  • Easier access in tight spaces
  • Allow the user to go for both flat and curved surfaces
  • Impressive Air Consumption


  • No user instructions included 


2. Chicago Pneumatic CP7901 Reciprocating Air Saw

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Even though it has got an expensive price tag, it hardly makes it less popular.

And we guess here is the reason of it’s shocking price tag……..

The manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has considered so many important factors like power, performance, efficiency, durability, and user comfort while bringing this product to the market.

So that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

As cutting precision is a great issue regarding these air saw, this unit will not disappoint you as it contains an adjustable guide to stabilize the blade. As a result, setting up the cutting depth might bring you enough flexibility.

Want to see how it works right now?

To ensure safety as well as prevent accidents, it features lock-off throttle protection. When it comes to the durability of the stuff, the manufacturer has issued a 1-year warranty. Compared to other air saws of its kind, the vibration is comparatively less. Besides, the noise is up to scratch for your industrial work environment.

If you have to work with wood, aluminium, fiberglass, plastic, metal sheet, or any other materials like these often, this reciprocating air saw will amaze you with its efficiency.

Also, with its 10000 strokes per minute, it will make cutting the thicker material much effortless as well as handy. This particular unit weighs only about 1.9lbs, and that assures comfort as well as grip.

We have to say this straight:

The designer has done a great job with its design, which is essential for a handheld tool like this.


  • Strong heavy-duty power tool
  • Precision while cutting
  • Efficient design
  • Safe operation
  • Less noise and vibration


  • Little bit pricey

3. Berkling Tools 7102 Compact Air Saw

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Unlike the previous one, this particular product by Berkling Tools comes with a great cost that makes it a perfect deal for DIY users.

When you are using such kind of tools occasionally, there is no point in spending so much on a single tool. For your light-duty projects, this one is proved to be efficient.

And the best part?

In the package, you will get a set of air files that will help you finish and give you great outcomes with various materials. Whether you have tasks regarding cutting, deburring, grinding, rust removing, or others, this one can take care of them all.

With its 0.9lbs weight, it becomes one of the most lightweight pneumatic air saw on the market at an affordable price range. The ergonomic handles with rubber will give you a premium hold while operating, and working for an extended time will not be an issue.

The vibration of this air saw is pretty low, considering its price.

9500 strokes per minute allow you to perform almost all the mid-range tasks effortlessly. And you can cut through a 0.12inch metal sheet without any complications.

To keep your work platform clean, the air saw comes with an adjustable rear exhaust to keep the air away. Also, the manufacturer has added a safety trigger that stops accidental startups.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Affordable price
  • A set of files available


  • Low powered air tool
  • Not suitable for professional purposes
  • Cuts slowly

4. SP Air Corporation SP-7610 Reciprocating Air Saw

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If the design and its features are the first things to look at in a Reciprocating Air Saw, then this must be a great deal for you.

Though it may not be the most cost-efficient air saw, its versatile application and efficiency appeal to many consumers.

But one thing is for sure…….

As a DIY user or an occasional woodworker, you can rely on this unit.

With 5300 strokes per minute, it might not be powerful enough to cut several materials or thick metal sheets, but it can exert enough power to do any household work. So if you are planning to do your homework yourself and need a durable and efficient air saw, this is a great option for you.

And guess what?

This unit is made in Japan, and the built quality is up to the mark. With its high-quality construction, the durability will not disappoint you. You can easily cut or grind materials like FRP, cut steel, rubber, and other similar products as well.

Now let’s see what they got for safety:

To ensure safety, the manufacturer has added a safety lever that may prevent accidental startups or unwanted actions. The unique swivel air inlet and rear air exhaust makes your operation effective and keeps your work station clean and clear.

Though the air saw exerts a great amount of power, it is hardly too noisy. And the low vibration feature has boosted its fame to the consumers.


  • Safety lock throttle
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Blade guide
  • Air regulator
  • Reduced vibration


  • Not enough cost-efficient
  • Low cutting speed

5. Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Body Saber Saw

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For budget buyers, very few options available are as effective as this one is. And In our shortlist, this is the most cost-cutting deal of all. Even though the product is for budget buyers, the manufacturer has not compromised its strength a bit compared to its kind.

The compact size and the precision might be the first thing you will notice when you get your hands on this Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Body Saber Saw. The air saw is so compact that it gives you full control over it, and with its 1.65 pounds weight, the grip is much more comfortable.

Still not convinced?

You can get 5 blades with its package, which is one of its key benefits for sure. With 9000 strokes per minute, this one can be a great option for mid-range workloads. The blade guide of this unit is adjustable that prolongs the duration of the blade.

The coolest part, You can do different types of tasks with this multi-tasking air saw and cut several materials like fiberglass or metal sheet easily.

The only problem is…….

The vibration reduction feature is not available with this unit. Also, the safety lock throttle is missing too. So it will not be able to stop auto startups, which is a huge thing to worry about.


  • Compact size
  • Cut with ease
  • Great precision
  • Affordable price.
  • Strong enough for DIY users or household works


  • Not suitable for industrial or professional purposes
  • No safety lock throttle
  • Vibration reduction feature unavailable

Final Verdict

Now that you know most about the best reciprocating air saw, you must feel confident about the purchase.

So, what is the most powerful reciprocating saw?

Well, all these products mentioned above come with non-identical features for your independent needs and variable prices.

But you need to choose the one that meets your entire requirement. To make the final choice easy for you, we will suggest to you the ones that we have found more effective. You can rely on Chicago Pneumatic CP7901 Air Saw for heavy-duty and mid-range projects.

But for budget buyers, Berkling Tools 7102 Compact Air Saw is a great option too.

Now let’s not wait anymore. Your product is just one click away.

How Do I Pick Our Top Picks for Best Air Reciprocating Saw?

Now that you know enough about the most valued reciprocating air saws in detail, you need to learn the important factors and features you have to check before making the deal.


The weight of this kind of power tools often decides how the operation is going to be.

For a handheld tool like this, it is essential for the air saw to be lightweight. Usually, 0.8 to 1.8 pounds is an ideal limit for such portable air saws.

Cutting speed

To some people cutting speed is also considered as the strength of the air saw. Now for a decent reciprocating air saw, 10000 strokes per minute are standard. But for your household works, 8000-9000 strokes per minute will do its work.

Cutting length

Please do not mix it up with the blade length. It refers to the length of the movement of the blade (back & forth). Typically, 3/4 to 1 ¼ inch is considered to be standard.

Variable speed

The speed of your air saw should vary from material to material to be more efficient. But if your air saw doesn’t have a variable speed feature, it must be a disadvantage for you.

What about Variable speed controller?

Most of the air saw features a variable speed trigger or controller to adjust your speed according to your task.

Blade and blade changing

As we mentioned before, you need to change your blade accordingly for different kinds of materials or tasks. Try to change the blade considering the value of TPI and the type of your material you’re working on.

Adjustable blade guide

Usually, the blades use a particular section to cut through materials. As a result, the materials get dull. For better performance, most of the air saw features adjustable blade guides to adjust the section of your blade.

Design and construction

Construction quality is one of the most important factors for a power tool. Nobody wants to work with cheap quality or poorly designed air saw that would not stand sturdy against all your heavy load tasks.

To ensure the built quality, most of our mentioned air saw is built of aluminium, and the finishing quality will not disappoint you.

Also, the design of the air saw requires your deep consideration too. If the manufacturer has used rubber or any soft material to reduce the vibration, that air saw is the preferable one.

Should I buy a corded or cordless reciprocating saw?

Choosing the ones with metallic casing with sturdy ABS plastic design would be a wise verdict.

Safety lock throttle

As safety should be your priority regarding this demolishing project, these air saws must have a safety lock throttle that will save you from a tragic accident and any severe injury or damages.

Vibration reduction

Handheld power tools like these need a lot of strength of yours if you keep working with these for hours. But if the vibration is not under control, it’s going to be such a struggle for you.

Considering these, many manufacturers have added a vibration reduction feature, and having these on your particular air saw is a blessing.

Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handles give you a premium grip to hold and work for hours and assure your safety. Working with an air saw with an ergonomic handle feels much more comfortable, and rubberized handles might improve your work experience as well.


While buying an air reciprocating saw, versatility is a key thing to focus on. Jigsaw and other similar power tools have limitations in their application. But air saw can handle most of your cutting, trimming, and many other tasks.

But some less strong air saws are only convenient for household works or lightweight tasks. But if you get an air saw that could handle all your heavy-duty tasks to the light-duty task, it would be wiser to purchase the stronger ones even though it costs some extra bucks.

How to Use an Air Reciprocating Saw?

So basically, a reciprocating saw is used for demolition and remodelling purposes. Because of its handheld technology, remodelling became very straightforward and easier for beginners.

And what is the purpose of a reciprocating saw?

You can use reciprocating (One of the implausible & staggering saw) on various objects such as metal, PVC, wood, and nails.

The most common reciprocating saw-using purposes are replacing windows and doors; designing plasterboard, metal, wood, PVC; and cut out on the various substances.

Before you start your demolition project with your air saw, you have to gather enough knowledge about the blade you are using and what kind of material you can cut through with that particular blade.

Here’s the way of using this air reciprocating saw effectively.

  • First, please make sure that you have disconnected the battery or power source from the air saw to ensure safety.
  • Most of the air saws have got blade clamp. You will have to twist or pull the blade clamp and penetrate the blade into the air saw as far as it goes. You might hear a clicking sound from your air saw, but that may differ unit to unit.
  • Now plug the power source in or connect the battery to the air saw.
  • Now get a tight grip on the air saw holding the handle by one hand and, with the other hand, tightly grab the front grip.
  • As you are ready to cut, make sure that the shoe of the air saw is fully placed on the wood or any other material that you are using to give you full control over the operation.
  • Many breaths of air saw in the market have an adjustable shoe that helps you change the dull part of the blade and use a different section of the blade.
  • Use the orbital action only for wood cutting, and it must not be used to metals as it gives you a faster but rougher cutting, which is suitable only for wood.

How Will You Maintain an Air Reciprocating Saw?

To use it for a long time without losing its power and constant performance, try to follow these little maintenance tips-

  • Utilize the exact accessories like blades for its intended application
  • Make sure to use a suitable power source
  • Be careful during removing or inserting the saw blade
  • Regular clean up

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