10 Best Bandsaw for Resawing: The Right Power Cutting Tool for Creating Perfect Lumbar Finishes [Review & Buying Guide]

Resawing lumber is usually not a cakewalk, even for professionals.

Why? Because the process is quite complicated and needs a unique cutting tool to effect the ideal changes.

Resawing needs a cutting tool with precision, and the best bet for that is a bandsaw. Although you could use a table saw, miter saw, or even a hacksaw, they aren’t entirely the safest and easy to use.

But… What’s the best bandsaw out there?

Many of them are available in the market, and there are chances of selecting a poorly-designed one.

Don’t worry; this best bandsaw for resawing review will help you make the right decision.

Quick Picks

Best for Cutting Performance:Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Bandsaw

“JWBS-14DXPRO easily cuts across wood material with its sharp, long blades and enormous cutting capacity.”

Best for Speed Control:WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Bandsaw with Stand and Worklight

“This bandsaw has dual-speed control that adjusts the cutting speed of the blade for precise cuts.”

Best for Durability:Laguna Tools MBAND 1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

“Due to its steel design, Laguna minimizes vibration and pressure for prolonged use.”

Best for Design:Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw

“Grizzly G0555LX comes in a beautiful, appealing design.”

Best for Power:Powermatic 1791216K Model PWBS-14CS Deluxe 14-Inch 1¾-Inch Woodworking Bandsaw

“The bandsaw has an efficient motor and a high horsepower to cut speedily and accurately.”

Why Resaw?

If you want to cut large lumber into smaller pieces, then resawing is crucial.

Sometimes, lumber may be too large for your woodworking project. In such cases, resawing helps to reduce the large stock into fine grain-patterned veneer.

This process also saves cost. Rather than buying another stock to suit your woodworking needs, you can resaw the large lumber you already have into two or more thin veneers. That’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Also, resawing maintains the same grain pattern even after the large lumber is cut into two. These are what I call book-matched patterned-faces.

There is a chance that you might not get the exact grain pattern if you opt to buy another lumber.

Why Use a Bandsaw for Resawing?

Eliminates Waste

Without the best bandsaw for resawing lumber, it would prove difficult to cut large lumbers without wasting wood.

This process, therefore, requires tools like bandsaws that can cut evenly and uniformly across the grain’s thickness.

Thankfully, they have thinner kerfs than other saw types, so wood waste is minimized.

Seamless Cutting

Bandsaws cut with ease since they have broader, sharper, and longer blades than a table or a miter saw, making it more straightforward and less time-consuming.

Improves Efficiency

These tools can also cut more massive woods at once than other saw types. That makes it highly efficient.

Safe to Use

Bandsaws are safer to use than other saw types as far as resawing is concerned. In other saw types like a table saw, the cutting blade is hardly visible. If you are not extremely meticulous, you could put your hands at risk while resawing.

With bandsaws, the blade is visible enough for you to see what you are resawing. This reduces the chances of getting injured or bruised.

Perform Additional Cuts

If you need to perform additional cuttings like creating cut curves, crosscuts, square cuts, or irregular cuts while resawing, using a bandsaw is the most suitable. Bandsaws come with adjustable guides so you can change from one blade to the other seamlessly to perform the kind of cut you want.

Buyers Guide: Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Bandsaw

As a first-time buyer, buying a bandsaw might get complicated due to the several products floating on the market.

Here, I will discuss the various things you should consider while shopping for the best bandsaw for resawing wood.

Resawing Capability

The resawing capacity determines the size of stock that can slide into the saw bed or table. If the resawing power is 6-inch, it will limit you from cutting large lumber.

While shopping, ensure you get a bandsaw with an extensive cutting resaw capacity.

Blade Compatibility and Adjustment Potential

Inevitably, you will need to replace a worn-out blade or change to another to make a special kind of cut. But what happens if all the replacement blades you bought don’t fit in? You may likely spend a significant amount of your time looking for compatible ones or probably shop for a new bandsaw.

That’s why it would be best to purchase a bandsaw with compatible blade replacement parts. That way, you save the cost of buying a new bandsaw. The blade should also be seamless to adjust if you want to make intricate cuts.

Size and Portability

When it comes to size, bandsaws differ. The bigger the size, the less portable they become. However, the most portable bandsaw isn’t always the better choice, especially when considering that bigger ones may have more features.


Bandsaw prices vary. While the most expensive isn’t always the best, you should avoid overly cheap ones. Most of them are poorly designed, and poorly designed bandsaws are accident-prone.

Power and Motor

Power is an essential factor that you must consider when buying a bandsaw because it affects efficiency. Typically, bandsaws come with a minimum of one horsepower. However, this is insufficient for resawing.

If you are resawing thick stocks, you should go for a bandsaw with a higher horsepower than one.

Cutting Capacities

How do you measure a saw’s cutting capacity? It’s simple! You have to look at the throat size and table height. A large throat capacity and a heightened table will be enough to cut through stocks hassle-free.

Guide Wheels (Aluminum vs. Steel)

Guide wheels are what drives and maintain the blade’s momentum for smoother cuts. However, the material used affects the blade’s functionality.

Guide wheels are into two – aluminum and steel. Aluminum wheels are lighter than steel but less durable. Steel wheels are mostly found in high-quality saws.

With that said, you should go for guide wheels that are steel made.

Throat Size

The distance between the table area and the top guide is the throat size. The throat size determines the smoothness and precision of cuts. The larger the throat size, the finer and more precise resawing will be.


The upper blade guide and blade protector is called a guidepost. In most bandsaws, the guidepost can be adjusted via a rack and pinion to ensure that the blade is within the right dimension to cut through logs.


Springs maintain accurate tensioning of the saw. Most bandsaws don’t have this, and if it’s blacking in yours, I suggest that you look for alternatives.

Speed Control

Speed control allows you to have perfect and steady cuts. Since most bandsaws have dual-speed control (minimum and maximum FPM), you can toggle between the speeds to produce the desired cuts.

Cutting Height

A bandsaw with a reasonable cutting height can accommodate lumbers with varying widths without any issue.

Blade Guides

As the name suggests, blade guides help to position the blades properly. They ensure that the blade cuts uniformly. Most bandsaws include two sets of blade guides – one with a sealed bearing that sits below the table and the ceramic guide that sits above the table.

When buying a bandsaw, it’s best to choose one with two sets of blade guides.

Fence System

This is another vital thing to consider if you will be using a bandsaw for resawing. Having a sound, adjustable fence system that’s strong and securely positioned ensures your cuts don’t sway.

While shopping, choose a design that comes with a high fence system to offer better support for the large, thick stock.

Bevel Capacity

If a bandsaw doesn’t tilt properly, making dovetail and angled cuts will be impossible.

A bandsaw with a bevel capacity can make 45-degree and 90-degree angled cuts. For resawing lumbers, a bandsaw that can make bevel cuts of 90-degrees is an ideal choice.


Bandsaws are always under pressure when cutting or resawing, and the type of frame used will determine if it can withstand such pressure or not.

Typically, a saw’s frame comprises four types – cast-iron, aluminum, steel, and plastic. Cast-iron frames are the most common. They are super excellent at suppressing pressure over an extended period, but it has a downside. It’s heavy and expensive.

Steel and aluminum are cheaper and relatively light but not as durable as cast-iron. I advise not to go for bandsaws with plastic frames, as they pose the least durability.


Machines like bandsaws are liable to breakage if continuously used. But with a lengthy warranty, you can squeeze out a few more years of use from the device. Just don’t for bandsaw with less than a year warranty.


The size of the table also matters. Depending on the size of your woodworking project, a small-sized table might not be enough. To avoid any issue regarding table size, I advise that you get one that’s large enough to accommodate your projects.

Larger tables make it more straightforward to cut along the grain of larger stocks, maximizing efficiency. In addition, you should also get a bandsaw whose table can be tilted leftward and rightward for deeper cuts.

Blade Speed and Size

If you are working on extensive woods, then you should get a big blade. Big blades resaw woods more in a single pass than a narrow one. A thin blade is only right for small projects.

You should go for a bandsaw with different cutting speeds to suit various cutting tasks.

Dust Extraction

Resawing generates lots of dust, which is why you need a bandsaw with a dust extraction port. With this, you can attach your vacuum cleaner or a shop-vac to remove sawdust and make the work area clean, devoid of bad air.


Precision is critical in cutting. A bandsaw that lacks cutting precision will affect the result, making the work look unprofessional and untidy. Plus, more wood gets wasted.

Fortunately, my team has tested all the saws reviewed here, and I can say that they all cut precisely, so you have nothing to worry about.

Best Bandsaw for Resawing Wood into Perfect Finishes

Here are the reviews of the best 10 bandsaws for resawing.

1. Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Bandsaw

Jet JWBS-14DXPRO is the first product on this list because of its durability, high power, and unique design.

This bandsaw is made of a cast-iron frame to enhance ruggedness and stability.

Its tension spring design also maximizes the lifespan so that you can use this saw for a long time.

What about the table dimension?

The table area isn’t the largest, but it’s big enough to accommodate small to medium-sized woods. Plus, you can tilt the table left and right to suit your project’s size for increased cutting efficiency.

And the cutting capacity?

I was more than impressed with its quick, long, and sharp blade. This blade comes with a retractable guard to safeguard the blade from shifting out of position. The bandsaw also has a 12-inch resaw capacity to suit the size of your lumber.

What’s more?

Jet JWBS-14DXPRO has a width cutting capacity of 13.5 inches and a height of 12 inches, good enough to cut fairly large wood pieces.

How speedy is the blade cutting?

This is, in fact, where this saw excels. It can cut at a dual speed of 1500 and 3000 FPM. And with its Poly-V-belt drive system, you can cut with more precision and little effort.

What We Liked

  • Has a 12-inch resaw capacity.
  • Performs precise cuts
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Durable design
  • Tracking window for better visibility

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly expensive

2. WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Bandsaw with Stand and Worklight

If you want a bandsaw with a spacious work table and incredible cutting speed, then WEN 3966T is the right choice for you.

This tool’s cutting performance is top-notch. It features a 13⅜-inch throat, capable of cutting stocks effectively up to 8.85″ deep and 13⅜-inch wide.

The bandsaw can as well make intricate cuts, thanks to the potent cutting blade.

WEN 3966T’s cutting speed is great. With the dual-speed control, you can set it to cut at 1480 FPM or 3280 FPM.

How spacious is the table?

I’m most impressed with its table’s large size.

Measuring 21½ X 15 34 inches, the table can accommodate large lumbers, even without tilting it. Besides, there’s a fence included to make straight cuts.

Any extras? Definitely!

The inclusion of a work light by the manufacturer is strategic and well thought.  You don’t necessarily have to work (perhaps gainst your wish) during the day. Thanks to the work light, you can cut at night as well.

A 3-in-1 dust port is also included. You can hook up your vacuum to it to expel dust and make your work area clean.

What We Liked

  • Extremely portable
  • It comes with a stand.
  • Tough build
  • Powerful motor
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Dust collection port

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly complex to adjust the blade guide
  • Some parts are not durable.

3. Laguna Tools MBAND 1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

Laguna Tools is one of the most durable bandsaws that I have ever used.

Laguna is constructed with steel for better durability. It features solid cast-iron, polyurethane wheel design for better cutting performance.

With its double-check windows, you can keep track of your wood project. Plus, its upper part is mounted on solid wheels for better transportation.

Let’s talk about the saw’s table.

Also, its polished table surface is large enough to accommodate your project. You can also tilt it left and right, ensuring the saw cuts with more precision.

How efficient is the motor?

This bandsaw’s motor efficiency is incredible. It has a 1¾HP TEFC motor, operating at 110V, and capable of quickly cutting through lumber.

And the cutting capacity?

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you can cut with this bandsaw easily.

Laguna MBAND has a rip fence attachment that helps the user make accurate cuts. It also has a 12” resaw capacity and a large throat capacity to fit your various cutting needs.

What We Liked

  • Straightforward to use
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Changing the blades is super easy.
  • Efficient motor
  • Well-balanced with low vibration output
  • Sturdy design
  • Adjustable fence

What We Didn’t Like

  • The saw is quite heavy.
  • The lower guides are slightly difficult to adjust.

4. Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw

Grizzly offers beautifully-designed bandsaws.

This Deluxe G0555LX doesn’t only arrive in a fabulous white and green design but also comes with powerful features to enhance resawing and cutting efficiency.

How is the build?

The saw maintains the same build as some of the saws reviewed on this list. It has a cast-iron frame design with a rugged stand for balanced cutting.

Although the cast-iron table is sturdy, it’s not as large as I expected. And this limits the logs it can handle. However, the table can tilt 45-degree to the left and 10-degree to the right for convenient cutting.

What is the cutting capacity?

Deluxe G0555LX offers optimal cutting capacity, thanks to the large blade.

The blade has a reasonable cutting height that operates at 1800 or 3100 FPM dual speeds. In addition, it includes an adjustable aluminum rip fence for precise cutting and resawing.

This bandsaw also has a quick blade tension release, a rack, and a pinion guide that adjust the blade fast and easily.

Does it have a downside? Well, maybe its motor power.

With a 1HP motor, it isn’t the most powerful for large woodworking tasks. However, for small woodworking tasks, this bandsaw puts up a fantastic performance.

For safety reasons, this Grizzly bandsaw features a lockable switch to prevent accidental starting.

What We Liked

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Dual speed control
  • Well-balanced wheels
  • Perform accurate cuts
  • The rip fence can be adjusted.
  • Safe to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not compatible with riser block
  • Small cast-iron table

5. Powermatic 1791216K Model PWBS-14CS Deluxe 14-Inch 1¾-Inch Woodworking Bandsaw

For hobbyists and professional woodworkers, this bandsaw is efficiently designed to handle diverse woodworking tasks you throw suit it.

The bandsaw is rugged, provides an accurate result, and can perform several cutting techniques.

How solid is the construction?

Powermatic is constructed to withstand vibration and offer enhanced stability.

This solid construction makes it last longer, and the heavy-duty steel cabinet maintains stability.

Thanks to the steel and cast-iron construction, I didn’t feel fatigued while testing this bandsaw.

The table? Powermatic’s table is reasonably sized to handle large woodworking tasks.

It’s high enough to accommodate the size of your project. Around the table is an adjustable T-square rip fence with a resawing attachment to enhance efficiency.

In addition, this bandsaw combines an ultra-powerful 1.5HP 115-volt  motor with a poly-V drive belt system to provide enough power to cut through thick stocks seamlessly.

Is the blade adjustable?

I had no difficulties adjusting the blade. The dual-ball bearing blade guide and quick release tension adjusted accordingly, enhancing my 8” thick lumber cutting.

Best of all, this tool is backed by a five-year warranty for prolonged use.

What We Liked

  • Solid construction
  • Easy to adjust the rip fence
  • Great for resawing large woods
  • Compatible with rises blocks
  • High motor capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Challenging to assemble

6. Shop Fox W1706 14” Bandsaw

If you need a suitable bandsaw for making rip cuts and crosscuts, you can trust Shop Fox to handle them.

This beautifully designed tool has a large throat capacity, capable of cutting extensive wood materials. Adding that to the 6-inch cutting height provides enough space for the blade to cut precisely.

The blade size is also large. At 9½ inches, the blade is big enough to offer the cutting depth you want.

What’s the overall design like?

Shop Fox comprises a cast-iron frame for maximum resistance against vibration and pressure. However, I experienced some vibrations while using it, but it was only after several hours of usage.

This bandsaw is, therefore, not the best for prolonged usage.

Also, its table is made of cast-iron. Although this saw’s table size isn’t the largest, it can hold somewhat large lumber. Plus, you can tilt the table (45-degree to the right and 10-degree to the left) to accommodate your project.

Is the bandsaw suitable for all lumber?

This depends on the thickness and size of the stock. Shop Fox has a 1HP, single-phase TEFC motor, which is fairly good (but not the best) for resawing. However, with the large throat capacity and adjustable blade speeds, resawing thick lumber is somewhat possible and easier.

What We Liked

  • Dual speed control
  • Large throat capacity
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable table
  • Large cabinet

What We Didn’t Like

  • It tends to cause some vibrations over a long period.
  • Adjusting the rip fence is relatively rigid.

7. Delta 28-400 14-Inch 1HP Steel Frame Bandsaw

Delta is a famous brand for making durable and reliable bandsaws, and 28-400 is excellently designed for making precise cuts.

I love this saw’s compactness and its lightweight.

It also features a heavy-duty steel frame construction that minimizes vibrations and pressure for long-lasting use.

My team tested this saw for several hours without feeling fatigued.

In addition, Delta 28-400’s table is made of cast-iron, further enhancing durability. Unlike Shop Fox, Delta has a larger table to accommodate more lumber. However, the downside is you can’t tilt beyond 3-degrees leftwards.

Propelling the blade is aluminum, rubber-coated upper and lower wheels. These wheels provide balance and ensure that the blade maintains tracking and momentum.

How efficient is the motor?

Like Shop Fox, this bandsaw features a 1HP, single-phase motor engine that can tackle small to medium-sized stock. You may, however, encounter some slight issues sawing larger stocks

Any additional features?

With Delta 28-400, your work environment stays clean and rid of sawdust, thanks to the 4-inch dust port. All you have to do is connect a shop-vac or a vacuum cleaner to it, and you are good to go.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjusting the blade guides is simple.
  • Massive table size
  • Durable steel frame design
  • Quick tensioning system
  • Dual speed control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks blade tension indicator
  • Changing speeds is a little bit difficult.

8. Rikon 10-3061 10” Deluxe Bandsaw

If you want premium-quality features without spending above your budget, then Rikon 10-3061 is ideal for you.

This bandsaw is ideally designed for hobbyists for cutting small lumbers. And while it doesn’t have the power and cutting capacity for resawing thick lumbers, it’s easily affordable.

Unlike some brands that opt for a plastic design, this Rikon features a durable steel design to offer optimal resistance to vibrations and pressure.

The motor’s efficiency isn’t the greatest, but it’s understandable considering you are not coughing so much money for it.

Its ½HP engine can cut small-sized numbers but doesn’t have the power for large projects.

Also, the T-shape rip fence is large and adjustable to accommodate the size of the lumber. You can as well tilt the table leftwards or rightwards for convenient angled cutting.

Let’s talk about cutting convenience.

You get to see what you are cutting with this bandsaw, thanks to its viewing window. This not only makes your cuts better but also improves your safety.

Overall, this bandsaw is efficient, and the price point is great. For me, this is the best bandsaw for the money.

What We Liked

  • Great value for money
  • Well-designed
  • Adjustable rip fence
  • Easy to change the blades
  • Straightforward to assemble the parts

What We Didn’t Like

  • Underpowered
  • Not great for large cutting projects

9. Skil 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Bandsaw with Light

Like Rikon, this is another good-quality bandsaw that offers excellent value for its price. And having tested it severally, I consider it the best small bandsaw for resawing.

Making straight and accurate cuts with this corded-electric tool is seamless, thanks to the adjustable rip fence.

Its 6-TPI blade is quite efficient at cutting and ripping woods precisely. And it can cut through various wood materials without any issue.

Also, the table size is small but comes with a 45-degree angle tilt. As a result, you can make beveled cuts quickly.

What is the motor capacity?

Skil features a low 1HP, which isn’t the most ideal for cutting very thick wood materials. Moreover, the Skil bandsaw is too lightweight to cut thick stocks or resaw lumber.

However, being lightweight makes this saw quite maneuverable. You can move it and use it for long hours without feeling tired.

Importantly, it’s got a good cutting speed of 2,800 FPM. Combining this speed with its long blade delivers accurate results.

Does it provide any safety measures?

Skil 3386-01 includes a miter gauge that safely holds up the wood when making beveled angled cuts. A work light is also included to improve visibility.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe to use
  • Backed with a limited three-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Small dust port collection system
  • Low motor capacity

10. Powertec BS900 9-Inch Benchtop Bandsaw

Powertec BS900 9-Inch Benchtop is an ideal woodworking tool that delivers smooth and fine cuts stress-free.

This bandsaw comes with crucial features that enhance woodworking results.

I love the adjustability of its blade guard. This allows for quick blade changes, improving cutting accuracy. Moreover, the 9-inch throat-cutting capacity enables you to make deeper and accurate cuts on medium-sized lumbers.

Powertec BS900 is equipped with a miter gauge, and angle stops, enabling you to produce efficient cuts.

You can also tilt the table from 0 degrees to 45 degrees left or right to make angled cuts.

Although this bandsaw features a low ½HP 2.5 amp motor, I was impressed with its efficiency. It performed relatively better than some bandsaws with higher horsepower. Its 1725 cutting speed is also great, and that’s a big plus!

I was not so satisfied with the dust port. The 2-inch size is a little too small to expel sawdust effectively.

What We Liked

  • Delivers precise and angled cuts
  • The rack and pinion are easy to adjust.
  • Large throat capacity
  • Easy view window
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

What We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with a rip fence.
  • Small dust port

Final Verdict

Resawing woods is simple if you have the right bandsaw.

Thankfully, all the bandsaws here are great for resawing and put-up excellent performances.

After several tests, I’d say that Jet JWBS-14DXPRO bandsaw 14-inch deluxe pro is the best bandsaw for resawing.

Did I hear you say “why”? Okay, I’ll tell you.

This bandsaw is the best for its efficiency and excellent cutting precision.

It’s rugged and sturdily designed to minimize vibrations and last for an extended period.

Most importantly, it’s backed by a five-year warranty. Amazing, right? Yeah!

Want to get the best bandsaw? Click here!

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