Best Bandsaw Guides Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you eager to buy the best bandsaw guides? Fortunately, you are in the right place. We are here to help you with different types of bandsaw guides.

The guide can make sure of the smooth cuts. It can ensure no accidents in the workshop. Hence, it would help if you choose the right one for the job.

Well, it is not an easy task to accomplish. To help you, our research team has come up with the 10 best bandsaw guides review.

You will find a good comparison table. Also, we will advise in the buying guide along with the features of the products. Do not skip any part.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bandsaw Guides

Buying the best bandsaw guide is never an easy task. It is wise to read through the buying guide. 

You may wonder what the necessity is of a buying guide. A buying guide is almost the same as a tour guide in an unknown place. 

If you have enough knowledge about the product features, you can read the buying guide. Then, you are good to go.


You need to know the bandsaw blade size. The guide has to be fit with the size of the buying guide. 

When the bought guide gets correctly set, you can work smoothly. Also, it ensures the safety of the workers.

In the workplace, you need to determine which size guide you need for the blade. Buying a different size of guide that can not be fit with a bandsaw is a waste of money.


Branded guides are always more accurate than local ones. You can check the list we have made for you.

Also, buy from a trusted source to get the original product. Brands like Jet, Carter and ACCURA have been working in this field for years. They have more experience and fame on this side.

If you are a newbie and want to buy the best bandsaw guide, we advise you to choose from the brands first.

Graphite Blocks

Graphite blocks help to improve the cooling system. It helps to reduce heat production. 

Due to friction, lots of heat gets produced in the workshop. It can cause accidents for workers.

Heat reduction feature, therefore, is a must. It will not only increase the efficiency of the bandsaw but also improve the comfort for the worker in workshops.

Bearing Balls

Bearing balls have a lot of advantages. They can change the dripping point from low to high. For that reason only, the best bandsaw guide must have bearing balls.

Other than that, it helps to increase the tolerance for heat. Thus, the machine works for a long time with a guide. Check out for these features before buying.

The guide can provide a long term service for bearing balls. It can reduce sprung and unsprung weight, as well. High efficiency of motors can also get achieved using quality bearings.

Best Bandsaw Guides – Reviews

1. JET 708127 Carter-Style Bearing Blade Guides

JET Carter-Style Bearing Blade Guides for 14" Bandsaws (708127)
  • LONGER GUIDE AND BLADE LIFE: Three bearing contact points maximize support while minimizing friction.
  • DOUBLE SEALED BEARINGS: Keep dust out.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 3/16" TO 1-1/4" WIDE BLADES: Speeds up to 5,000 SFPM.

Product Features:

  • JPW
  • US-based service
  • Replacement parts
  • Micro-adjustment
  • 5,000 SFPM

Jet 708127 is one of the best bandsaw guides. They are durable and committed to JPW. 

Both sides of the bandsaw guide have a bearing system. It has a micro-adjustment that fixes the blade with the machine in a secure manner.

Minimizing friction is part of the three-bearing system. Also, three bearing systems include two more features- durability and double-sealed bearings.

The double seal keeps the dust away from the users. It controls health hazards and keeps the floor clean.

Using the Jet bandsaw guide, you can reach 5,000 SFPM speed. For flawless cuts that kind of speed is more than perfect. The blade width starts from 3/16 to 1-1/4 inches. They have around 40,000 parts that you can replace.


  • Good speed
  • Smooth cuts
  • US service
  • Available replacement parts


  • May not suit different widths of blades.

2. Carter DEL14 Band Saw Guide

Carter Products DEL14 Band Saw Guide Set For 14-Inch Delta Band Saw
  • Band saw guide set for use with 14-inch Delta band saws to help maintain blade alignment
  • Blade friction is reduced to make a cooler blade and smoother cuts
  • Rugged ball bearing design; lubricated and sealed for life
  • Bearings adjust forward and backward and side-to-side
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds shipped

Product Features:

  • 14-inch saws
  • Cool blades
  • Less friction
  • Smooth cuts
  • Sealed for life

Carter Bandsaw Guide is the best product for wood workshops. They have 14-inch Delta saws that maintain the alignment of the blades.

After installing Carter Bandsaw guides, you will see how minimum the friction is. Thus, they provide service for a long time. Up to this point, most guides become warm, causing problems with the tool. Due to its low friction, there isn’t such an issue.

Carter Bandsaw Guides are famous for smooth cuts. The rugged bearing keeps the guide cool. Also, it fixes the blades correctly. To make the guide more durable, it has sealing features. Not to forget, the lubrication on it lets it work for a lifetime.

This product has a flexible adjustment. You can move it backward or forward. The width of the blade is 1/8 to 1 inch.


  • Cool blades
  • Durable service
  • Lubricated 
  • Flexible to adjust


  • No dust protection

3. ACCURA ‎UBG-014 3/4″ Bore Complete Upper Blade Guide

Product Features:

  • Shaft 3/4 inches
  • Complete assembly
  • Thrust bearing
  • Blade fork
  • Guide blocks

ACCURA clamps have a 3/4 shaft of the blade, which is an ideal size. It has a complete assembly. 

This tool helps to extend the performance of an old bandsaw. It has a screw for attaching the devices with the guide. 

The thrust bearing makes round cuts smoother while allowing round-shaped cuts. You get 2-fresh block styles inside the bearings.

Also, it has some guide blocks. Guide blocks offer perfect smooth cuts on the workpiece.

No crack happens in the wood while cutting. It contains a bladed fork and blade forks to keep the cutting straight.


  • 2 cool blocks
  • Guide blocks
  • Thrust bearing
  • No crack


  • No dust accumulation

4. ACCURA ABSG114 14″ Ball Bearing Guide

New ACCURA 14" ball bearing guide set for band saws
  • Easiest upgrade to ball bearings!
  • Will fit nearly all 14" saws
  • Sold guaranteed to fit with a return privelege if they do not work.

Product Features:

  • Ball bearings
  • It Fits 14” saws
  • Extended efficiency
  • Better shield
  • No leakage of lubricants

New ACCURA fits with all 14″ bandsaws. It is one of the best bandsaw guide sets.

What you get here are ball bearings. This feature comes up with different facilities. Thus, this set is a top priority for some wood workstations.

That’s because it provides extended efficiency for the bandsaw, making the guide long-lasting.

Also, the bandsaw guide set has a better shield. This shield prevents the entrance of unexpected things.

Not only these. No leakage of lubricants occurs in the sealing shield system. Thus, the machine becomes more durable and efficient.

The ball bearings make the bandsaw motor work proficiently. On the other end, an increased temperature range enhances the tolerance of the blades.


  • Increased efficiency of the motor
  • Better shield
  • Long-lasting guide
  • No leakage of lubricants


  • May not fit all the bandsaws.

5. ‎Rikon RNK-10-900 Tool-Free Blade Guide and Guard Kit

Product Features:

  • Ball-bearing
  • Reduced heat
  • Less friction
  • Easy to set
  • Tool-less guides

Rikon tool-free guide has a ball bearing. It provides a lot of features that increase the efficiency of the bandsaw.

Some bandsaw guides can be the reason for heat production. Not this incredible ball bearing bandsaw guide, you’ve got here. Instead, it prevents the heat from building to keep the system work for longer hours.

Also, there is less friction in the guide set. Thus, the blades will run for a long time. The users do not have to make tours in the market every month.

The blade is easy to set. You can buy this guide set at an affordable price.


  • Reduced heat
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ball bearing


  • No self-cleaning features

6. ACCURA ‎ABGF-014 14″ Band Saw Blade Guide Fork with Cool Blocks

New ACCURA 14" band saw blade guide fork with cool blocks
  • Standard fork fits upper and lower guide blocks for many 14" saws
  • Includes 2 graphite cool block style guide blocks

Product Features:

  • Standard fork
  • Fits both upper and lower blocks
  • Graphite blocks
  • Style blocks
  • Smooth cutting

New ACCURA can go with a variety of 14″ bandsaws. On top of that, it has even more fascinating features.

For starters, this bandsaw blade guide has standard forks. Forks are of different shapes and characters. The rigidity of bandsaw gets maintained with the help of the fork.

That’s not the end, as the forks have an impact on the reduction of sprung and unsprung weight. Plus, they help to balance the stability of bandsaw blades.

New ACCURA has two graphite blocks. These blocks work to reduce heat to keep the machine cooler.

Same time, the style blocks help to make the guide look professional. It enhances the bandsaw’s beauty.


  • Standard fork
  • Style blocks
  • Graphite blocks
  • Heat reduction


  • No dust accumulation block

7. Carter JET14 Band Saw Guide

Carter Products JET14 Band Saw Guide Set For 14-Inch Jet Band Saw
  • Critical component in maintaining blade alignment
  • Rugged ball bearing design
  • Lubricated and sealed for life
  • Bearings adjust forward and backward and side to side
  • Blade friction is reduced to make a cooler blade and smooth cuts

Product Features:

  • Critical component
  • Rugged ball
  • Lubricated
  • Flexible bearings
  • Reduced friction

Of all the bandsaw guides suppliers, Cartel is dominating the market all over the world. All thanks to their best bandsaw guides like this one. They have the best critical component for bandsaw guides. Hence, they can provide long-term services.

For example, the rugged ball makes cutting easier. And the guide gets lubricated. Thus, no chances of leakage.

Flexible bearings have proper adjustment. According to comfort, you can move it around forward or backward.

The guide provides reduced friction. For reduced friction, less product of heat takes place. Also, it can maintain the blade’s shelflife. 

Not that it only keeps the bandsaw cooler than other guides. It also helps Carter Products to ensure smooth cuts while keeping the bandsaw secure.


  • Rugged ball
  • Lubricated
  • Flexible bearings
  • Reduced friction


  • Expensive

8. ACCURA ‎ABSG-1181 Fork Type Ball Bearing Guide

New style fork type ball bearing guide for 14, 15, 16, 18" band saws
  • Fits many 14, 15, 16 or 18" saws
  • Will replace upper or lower fork with eccentric ball bearings
  • Helps blades run truer!

Product Features:

  • Fits in different saws
  • Eccentric bearings
  • Smooth cuts
  • Replaceable upper or lower forks
  • Heat tolerant

The new style fork type is the best among many bandsaw guides. It can fit different saw blades. For example- 14, 15. 16 or 18 inches.

The ball bearings have eccentric features. The first thing you’ll notice is how it prevents the blades are tolerant of the heat. Without this, it would get damaged quickly.

Another thing is that this guide can reduce the sprung and unsprung weight from the bandsaw. Working with it is now more comfortable.

The upper and lower forks are replaceable. For this guide, the cuts become smoother, and the blade runs truer. And the best part is that you can buy this product within 50 bucks.


  • True guide
  • Smooth cuts
  • Increases efficiency
  • Ball bearings


  • Becomes rusty

9. Milwaukee 42-28-0400 REAR GUIDE ROLLER KIT

Product Features:

  • Parts are replaceable 
  • Guide block
  • Rollers
  • Two screws
  • Smooth cuts

Milwaukee has fantastic features as the bandsaw guide. It has an original manufacturer. 

The parts are replaceable. You can get the parts if anything happens to the components. They are reasonable in price, as well.

The kit provides a guide block. What does a guide block? It offers easy guidance to fit the bandsaw guide.

Screws come with the guide for easy setup. Get yourself a screwdriver, and you’re all set. There is no need for other tools. And once you get this set, the bandsaw guide provides smooth cuts.


  • Smooth cuts
  • Guide block
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Two screws


  • It can not be set with many types of bandsaw

10. ACCURA ‎AUGA-078 7/8″ Bore Upper Guide

ACCURA 7/8" bore upper guide assembly for 14" band saw complete
  • 7/8" bore size, slightly larger than our popular 3/4" bore unit
  • Fits many older USA saws and imports with 7/8" round tool posts
  • will also work on some 16-18" saws

Product Features:

  • Round tools 
  • Fits in old saws
  • Slightly larger than regular bore unit
  • Smooth cuts
  • Less friction

ACCURA bore the upper guide and has round tools. It can fit in different-sized bandsaws. 

The bore size of the guide is 7/8 inches. Slightly larger, this bandsaw guide has the efficiency of providing smooth cuts.

It fits with ancient USA bandsaws. Thus, you can start working with your favourite bandsaws and save money.

To add, it can work in some band saws that are 16-18 inches. However, the guide has ⅞ inches of post-round tools. Thrust bearing provides smooth rotation during cutting.

As we know, ACCURA provides long-lasting services. It reduces the damage caused by friction in the blades.


  • Smooth cuts
  • 7/8 inches bore
  • Efficient for old saws
  • Imports with 7/8 inches


  • No style block

Final Verdict

The best bandsaw guide is a must tool in the workshops. It provides smooth cuts, enhances the durability of the bandsaw.

Our team has found the 10 best bandsaw guides for you. Do not skip any part.

From product descriptions to buying guide-everything is essential to know. 

If you miss any of the parts, you may face troubles while buying. To avoid such issue, we advise you to buy from the brands mentioned here. But first, check out the features properly.

That way, you can get results quicker than before. And the workshop will be a better place than ever.

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