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Professional carpenters and enthusiastic hobbyists alike know the critical value of a good cabinet saw (also called a table saw) when it comes to woodworking and cabinetry. The ability to precisely cut and shape slabs of hardwood for use in beautiful finished products or trim work makes a cabinet or table saw invaluable.

With many different options available to both experienced and aspiring woodworkers, choosing the right cabinet saw for your workshop can feel like a daunting task. To help you narrow down your choices and better assess your needs, we’ve reviewed the ten best cabinet saws on the market. Regardless of your intended purpose, there is something here to fit everyone’s needs and budget.

Take a look at what we have for you.

10 Best Cabinet Table Saws – Review

1. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

It is a well known fact that table saws are one of the most hazardous tools in a woodworking shops. Seasoned professionals have been known to risk a finger or thumb when using a table saw even while paying close attention to the blade and the material they are cutting. To mitigate the risk to craftsmen, SawStop has created the PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw with a unique failsafe to prevent accidents that result in lost time at work, lost wages and lost digits or limbs.

The safety features begin with the professional grade T-Glide Fence. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, this saw fence makes guiding material safe and secure anywhere on the work surface without needing to worry about rolling or slipping. Furthermore, the TGP252 also has an integrated overarm dust collection hood built into the saw guard which eliminates 99% of all sawdust generated by the woodcutting process. Sawdust is classified by the CDC as carcinogenic, so eliminating airborne sawdust from your workspace is essential to promoting your long term health.

The ultimate safety feature though is the advanced sawstop system that can save users from severe injuries and accidental amputations. Here’s how it works: the blade of the TGP252 is charged with an electrical signal during operation. When human skin comes into contact with the blade, the signal is altered by the body’s natural conductivity. An aluminum brake immediately slams into the blade to bring it to a complete stop, and the stopped blade’s angular momentum drives it down below the surface of the table, preventing any potential secondary contact injuries. This entire sawstop process occurs in an astonishing 5 milliseconds. You simply cannot find a safer professional grade cabinet saw on the market today.


  • Unique sawstop safety system protects users from accidental contact with the blade during operation
  • Overarm vacuum dust collection
  • T-Glide fence protects and guides material with significantly reduced risk to the user


  • Large footprint makes this suitable only for large woodshops
  • Requires significant electrical power to operate
  • Not designed for portable job site use

2. Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

An excellent choice both for professional woodworkers and hobbyists with a more expansive tool budget, the Shop Fox W1819 is a 10 inch table saw ideal for making clean cuts along greater lengths of material without pinching or kickback. The blade itself is covered while in operation by a clear polycarbonate blade guard that moves back as the workpiece is passed along over the blade.

To prevent the work piece from trapping the blade as it cuts, the W1819 sports a riving knife and splitter to keep the cut sections of the work piece separated. Anti-kickback pawls keep material moving in one direction, allowing for safe and consistent cuts. A 4-inch dust collection slot keeps saw dust from contaminating the air in your work space, and the control switch is magnetic with thermal overload protection.

Additionally, the W1819 also features a miter fence with flip stop for precisely angled cuts, and the blade can even be tilted left up to 45 degrees for angled cutting when working with bevels, compound miters and chamfers. Furthermore, the fence can be camlocked to keep it steady when making complicated cuts. There are few professional grade table saws that can match the ShopFox 1819 for power, performance features and control. Overall, it makes a fine addition to any working or hobbyist wood shop.


  • Polycarbonate blade guard
  • Miter fence with flip stop
  • Blade can be angled from 0-45 degrees left for bevel, compound miter, and chamfer cuts


  • Not designed for portable use
  • Does not have an automated safety stop system
  • Dust collection port is on the underside as opposed to a more efficient overarm design

3. Delta 36-L552 5 HP Unisaw, 52-Inch Fence

For the woodworker who constructs anything from decorative cabinets to handmade boats, the Delta 36-L552 Unisaw is the professional grade cabinet saw that can get the job done. Thanks to its single case trunnion design, the 36-L552 operates consistently with minimal vibration and maximum repeatability of every cut. :Large dual front cranks allow you to dial in your blade height and bevel quickly and easily.

Additionally, the bevel dial is accurate to within ¼ of a degree, making ultra-precise angle cuts easily repeatable. The base of the 36-L552 is also constructed of solid cast-iron, adding balance and stability even when cutting through the toughest hardwood. An aggressive blade guard and splitter design also helps prevent both accidental contact with the blade and pinching or kickback from the kerf even on extended cuts.

Best of all, bi-directional dust collection keeps the air in your workspace free from sawdust and other contaminants. If your primary goal is to acquire a cabinet saw with solid stability, consistency and dependability right out of the box, this is the model to get. Few other cabinet saws can compare to the convenience, safety, stability and ease of use of the Delta 36-L552.


  • Single cast trunnions provide superior stability and vibration dampening
  • Heavy duty front cranks allow for accurate and repeatable blade height and angle adjustments
  • Cast iron base further mitigates vibration and ensures stable operation


  • Unit must be fixed in place and is not designed to be mobile even within the workshop.
  • This cabinet saw is very heavy and should only be mounted on concrete or flooring that can support its weight
  • Not intended for mobile job site use

4.  JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower

A high performance saw for the most complex of woodworking jobs, the JET XACTASAW Deluxe lives up to even the most demanding of working conditions and craftsmen expectations. Both the trunnion and table are made from heavy duty cast iron to virtually eliminate vibration while cutting, and 29×42 inch workspace allows plenty of room to maneuver large workpieces.

Handwheel controls for blade height and bevel are eight inches in diameter and similarly constructed of heavy duty cast iron. These controls can be manipulated to the highest degree of precision via spinner handles or the outside of the wheel itself, and all steel center locking pins allow you to dial in the same cut for exceptional repeatability.

Best of all, the XACTASAW Deluxe features a left tilting blade design, an industrial grade 50-inch commercial t-square fence, and an integrated miter gauge for making ultra-precise cuts on the toughest of woodworking materials. No matter the complexity of your woodworking project, this cabinet saw has you covered. This is definitely a world class tool for world class craftsmen, and it is an ideal addition to any woodworking shop whether you are starting out or you’ve been on the job for years.


  • Heavy gauge cast iron trunnions, handwheels, base, and table provide superior stability and vibration dampening.
  • Left tilting blade prevents pieces from becoming trapped in the blade mechanism when cutting at an angle using the fence
  • Integrated locking miter gauge for enhanced precision when making complex angled cuts


  • All cast iron components make this unity heavy and difficult to move around the shop
  • Designed to be bolted in place for regular shop use
  • No integrated safety blade stop system

5.  Delta 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW

The product line “little sister” to the more powerful Delta 36-L552 model, the 36-L352 sports many of the same high end safety and utility features, but in a more compact package with an improved workspace geometry and a 3 horsepower motor rather than the 36-L552’s beefier 5 horsepower motor. It’s still a Delta UniSaw where it counts; this is clearly evident in both the quality of build and the performance level of this professional grade cabinet saw.

The UniSaw 3 HP model still features the dual front cranks for blade height and angle, and both feature locking center pins for making every precise cut easily repeatable. Dust extraction has been improved on the 36-L352 and now provides suction both via the overarm blade guard and via the closed-bevel gauge underneath the blade as well.

Furthermore, the split guard offers a tool-free riving knife that moves freely via a front level control for on-the-fly adjustment. Pawls and splitter guards can also be added to the riving knife without the need for tools as well. Best of all, the 36-L352 includes a 52-inch Biesemeyer Fence System that has an integrated tape and a hairline pointer for consistent and repeatable cuts every time. If you don’t work with wood that needs the additional horsepower of 36-L552, this version of the Delta UniSaw is definitely for you.


  • Bi-level dust extraction for better shop air quality and improved cutting visibility
  • Ultra-precise Biesemeyer Fence System with integrated measuring tape and hairline pointer
  • Cast iron base for added stability and improved vibration dampening.


  • 3 HP motor may not be sufficient for certain types of material
  • Dust extraction system somewhat lacking compared to comparable models
  • Heavy base and cabinet make this difficult to move around the shop without a mobile base kit (not included).

6.  Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

This versatile option from Powermatic doesn’t require a 220 volt outlet to provide sufficient power, making it unique compared to its heftier and more power hungry counterparts. Furthermore, it also features a full 60-degree range of movement for the blade bevel, allowing users to make clean compound miter cuts with minimal effort. Blade height and depth are controlled via the stainless steel wheels on the front and side of the main cabinet assembly, and the riving knife and anti-kickback guards and pawls can all be installed and adjusted without the need for tools.

In addition to its cutting versatility, the PM1000 also features a blade surround and collection hose for dust extraction. This method of collecting dust while the saw is in operation improves both blade visibility and air quality in the shop. Best of all, the 50-inch fence provides exceptional control when ripping lengthy sections of wood, and the extended geometry of the table allows for easier manipulation of longer workpieces.

For the home woodworking craftsmen who can afford the investment, the Powermatic PM1000 is a good fit for woodshops where you don’t want to have to run a 220-volt outlet from the house to the shop. Best of all, the smaller footprint also makes it easier to use in smaller workspaces, freeing up additional tool and bench space.


  • Runs on 115-volt outlet instead of 220-volt
  • 60 degree adjustable bevel with miter gauge
  • Hands free power switch operation


  • Lower horsepower motor than comparable models
  • Base is not cast iron
  • Control wheels and trunnions are not made of cast iron for additional vibration dampening

7.  SawStop PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

The diminutive cousin of the SawStop TGP252, the PCS175 cabinet saw features a smaller footprint, shorter work table, and shorter fence. It also offers roughly half the horsepower of the heavy duty model, but depending on your needs and workspace these differences are not necessarily a disadvantage.

Still featuring the T-Glide Fence System for smooth, safe operation without compromising on precision measurements and secure locking for repeatable cutting, the TGP236 is still an exceptional cabinet saw in its own right Furthermore, the blade height and angle are still fully adjustable via the comfortably large handwheels on the front and side of the cabinet itself.

The differentiating factor is workshop realestate: it takes up nearly 2 square feet less space than its larger, more powerful counterpart, making it ideal for craftsmen with less workspace who don’t need the extra horsepower for cutting heavier hardwood materials. Best of all, it includes SawStops 5 millisecond safety system to protect craftsmen from accidents that can lead to serious and permanent traumatic injuries.

This cabinet saw is an ideal choice for anyone who likes the safety features and precision of the larger TGP252, but cannot dedicate the shop floor space to it. The TGP236 may be smaller, but it is still an excellent investment in a high quality cabinet saw that will provide all the powers and features you need in a smaller footprint.


  • SawStop 5 millisecond safety system makes this one of the safest cabinet saws ever designed
  • Locking cam fence allows for precision measurements and cutting
  • Dual-action dust collection keeps blade visible and air clean


  • Some craftsmen may find the limited workspace geometry on this cabinet saw confining
  • Runs on 220-volt power rather than 115-volt of most power tools
  • 36-inch fence may not be suitable for long workpieces

8. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

Some craftsmen are looking for a cabinet table saw that has both a small footprint but doesn’t sacrifice performance when it comes to cutting and shaping hardwood. If you are that craftsman, then the Grizzly G0690 was built with you in mind. With a 220-volt 3 horsepower motor, this smaller scale cabinet saw is built to rip and split some serious hardwood with minimal effort.

The table itself is made of heavy cast iron, as are the control wheels for blade depth and angle on the front of the cabinet itself. Unlike many cabinet saws in its class, the G0690 provides up to a 90 degree left tilt bevel, and both blade height and angle can be locked into place for easily repeatable cuts. Better still, the fence is constructed from heavy duty steel, and is cam-locking to keep it stable regardless of vibration or weight of the workpiece.

Best of all, this cabinet saw features a cast iron base and trunnions, eliminating vibration while cutting. Combined with the tool-free riving knife, splitter guard and anti-kickback pawls, this is a formidable cabinet saw that doesn’t take up much floor space in the shop. It’s a great value option for the craftsman who is looking to conserve floor space and still have a powerful, high-quality cabinet table saw in their shop.


  • Smaller footprint makes this an ideal choice for smaller workspace and woodshops
  • Cast iron base, trunnions, and table top minimize vibration while creating exceptional stability
  • Dust removal system functions via 4-foot opening in the table


  • Limited ability to cut long workpiecesDespite its smaller footprint, it is still immensely heavy
  • Mobility kit not included

9.  Powermatic 1792001K PM2000, 3HP 1PH Table Saw

When you need a full size cabinet saw that can handle just about any woodworking job you can throw at it, the Powermatic PM2000 is the one for you. As with all high end cabinet saws, the PM2000 features box-style cast iron trunnions for that refined, precise feel when adjusting the blade angle and height. Front control wheels are user-friendly cast iron hand wheels that feature precision-machined center locking pins for making every cut consistent and repeatable.

To provide the ultimate vibration control and stability, the entire cabinet rests on the heaviest cast iron base in the industry, and all steel cabinet components and the cast-iron tabletop are factories fitted to prevent slippage and rattle. Speaking of the table top, the capacious workspace makes shaping and fitting even the longest workpieces quick and easy thanks to its rock-solid support. Dust collection is accomplished via the blade shroud below the table, and can be connected directly to a shop vac thanks to the standard 4-inch diameter power in the rear section of the cabinet.

Best of all though, the precision fence and locking miter gauge allow you to dial in the exact angles of bevel and compound miter cuts for complex trim and finishing work. You never have to worry about setting up multiple times for the same cut because the PM2000 is designed to let you “set and forget” while you get your multiple precision cuts made without needing to fiddle with the controls every time. While it is large and extremely heavy, this is definitely the tool of a professional woodworker that will provide performance that meets or exceeds even the most demanding tasks in your woodshop.


  • High grade cast iron and steel components
  • Precision fence and miter gauge
  • Large work surface for cutting long workpieces


  • Takes up significant floor space
  • Not designed to be a mobile unit in any way
  • Should only be stored and used on solid concrete flooring or flooring designed to hold its weight

10. DEWALT DWE7490X 10-Inch Job Site Table Saw

Contractors who do a lot of finishing work and interior/exterior trim work know the value of a good portable table saw. DeWalt has built the DWE7490X from the ground up as a stable and safe job site cabinet saw that can be used to make those precision cuts quickly and easily without the need to pre-fabricate materials and then bring them to the job site for final fitting.

Running of 120-volt current, the 15-amp motor makes cutting even pressure treated wood fast and easy. The fence adjusts and locks into place via rack and pinion system, and the guarding system, riving knife, and splitter are tool-free and easy to remove, adjust, and install by hand.

This table saw isn’t going to provide near vibration-free performance, and you have to be extra careful about kickback since the base is not as heavy or weighted like a standard cabinet saw. Provided you are careful and work slowly though, it is possible to replicate the precisions of a heavy duty cabinet saw on the job site using DeWalt’s innovative DWE7490X.


  • Compact and portable at only 87 lbs
  • Folding stand for easier movement and portability
  • Fence telescopes to support up to a 24.5-inch rip capacity


  • Not nearly as powerful as standard cabinet saws
  • Extra care must be taken to avoid kickback and prevent pinching of the blade during use
  • Should only be used on hard level surfaces

Final Verdict

If we were going to choose one saw above all the others for our own woodworking shop, we would choose the Grizzly G0690. It’s got a relatively small footprint, it’s built like a tank, and it’s provides exceptional stability and vibration dampening. For a cabinet table saw in its class, you just can’t beat the value or performance that the Grizzly G0690 provides. Definitely check one out when you start shopping for your cabinet table saw, as it does not disappoint.

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