Best Chainsaw for Large Trees

Good chainsaws are not only for felling large trees or waving around the head, like in a horror movie. These have schemed something surrounding a wide variety of tasks. Like its multi-tasking attitude, there are several types of common power sourced chainsaws. Including petrol-driven monsters, mains powered as well electric chainsaws, even cordless battery-powered ones. Cutting giant woods is quite tough, even a simple trimming is not perfectly possible by all cutters, like axes, hatchets, splitters, and more. 

Splitters mean to show the capability of good splitting. In the case of wet woods splitting, it does not work-well despite hydraulic ones. But chainsaws are always handy turning branches into logs, pruning small trees and making firewood. 

Cordless chainsaws have limited portability for doing tree projects near jungles. Whether cordless gasoline or battery-powered ones provides extreme portability. But it is your choice whether you select a chainsaw for large trees. Thus, we have well-researched listings to help you in hell down. Go ahead with a complete buyer’s guide as you may neither find the best one later. 

View 8 Best Chainsaws for Big Trees Below

1. CRAFTSMAN 42cc-18 Chainsaw

  • Weight: 21.9 pounds;
  • Chain length: 18-inches;
  • Engine stroke: 42 cc;
  • Power source:  Gas-powered.

 Long-chain with powerful engine- High output craftsman engine with 18-inch bar & chain included with this gas power chainsaw. 42cc full crank craftsman 2 cycle engine provides superpower. It creates low vibration on the work time. The Premium 18-inch bar and low-kickback chain work fastly with a smooth-cutting experience.  

Lightweight and durable- Its durable chain saw. A polymer chassis is engineered to ensure reliable performance and prolonged use. It’s a lightweight tool with easy controlling methods. 

Balanced with low vibrations- This one has a fab, well-balanced recoil starter for instant pulling the entire system at ease with few vibrations. 

Sharp chain- Best suited to landowners, even to pros with both small and big trees to bring down. The chain is overlong. But despite this, the heavy chainsaw’s sharp chain can bust through most things without wrestling. 

Replacing process- Once you buy and set it with other instruments, it sits very well in your hands. If you want, you can replace the first installed ignition coil and oiler to treat it as a small engine chainsaw.

Adjustable- Need not worry about the adjustment. It comes with an adjustable auto chain oiler with an easy method. This chainsaw maintains the right amount of lubricant on the chain.  A woodworker can use it manually to increase or decrease oil flow

What We Liked

  • Robust construction;
  • Recoil starter;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Few vibrations;
  • Sharp, thick and overlong chain;
  • Replaceable coil and oiler;
  • Air filters;
  • Reasonable price chainsaw;


  • Hefty-priced so that it’s suitable for budget-free users.

2. Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

  • Weight: 10 pounds;
  • Guide bar length: 20-inches;
  • Engine stroke: 2, 59.8cc professional-grade;
  • Misc: Decompression valve.

20-inch chain- Echo CS-590 has got a decent weight to it which is a reliable workhorse. Thus the next perfect chainsaw for large trees that you can buy. With a 20-inches long enough chain bar as well as the same cutting length, capable of slicing thick logs like a flaming knife through butter. 

Heavy power motor- Integrated a 2-stroke 59.8cc professional-grade motor aligns huge forces with itself from the beginning. There remain no big trees and wood cutting projects, that this beast cannot perform well. Also, helps to manage these thick stocks faster than other gasoline chainsaw models in our listing. 

Anty vibrations- Sometimes vibrations of the chainsaw create problems especially since new woodworkers can not adjust to vibration for the first time. This chain saw comes with anti-vibration features so the new users can use it easily.

Needed features- As a plus point, the factory chain and bar on the 590 series is an Oregon Pro. If you want, add some power by matching its bar’s bolt pattern with an adapter. Then convert itself to a rim and set for starting your desired projects without any gasoline or oil flooding issues.   

Though it may prove itself as not starting adequately at first usage. Still, this one is worth your money for its decompression valve, immense power, and speed. 

What We Liked

  • Changeable bar and chain;
  • Decompression valve;
  • Super lightweight than others, yet powerful;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Oiler for lubrication.


  • Troublesome for instant starting.

3. Greenworks CS80L211 Pro Chainsaw

  • Weight: 12.8 pounds;
  • Guide bar length: 16-inches;
  • Misc: 4Ah battery, 15 meters per second chain speed, 80V.

Long-chain- With a long 16-inches (40 cm) Oregon bar as well as chain, Greenworks CS80L211has grabbed its place as 3rd in our listing. 

Durable motor and battery- Featuring a long-lasting brushless motor that may charge up faster with its integrated 4 Ah battery out of the box. 

Safety Factors- For instancean entire gamut of safety equipment, a brake guard, a kind of hand protector ensures security when you pull it back to an instant start. 

Fast charging with a good battery- A big enough 80 Volt G-max, known as a Li-Ion battery, empowers the engine to keep sawing for around 60 minutes. Also, it helps to have a proper charge within 30 minutes. Sounds like a beast chainsaw for large trees, right?

Heavy-duty- Yes, we agree too. In fact, you can cut around 50-60 board feet with its intermittent tricks. The chainsaw tactic for even cutting larger trees is taking the time and drive along with no force. This may cause an overheating of the battery. But it would be best if you kept it cool around 10 minutes before it goes for recharging itself. We bet, the medium-sized chainsaw is better than nothing for milling as an occasional hobby or taking it for pro-level jobs.

What We Liked

  • Easily swappable battery;
  • Excellent performance;
  • Fitted chain;
  • Good run time.


  • Nothing found yet because most of the users are happy to use it.

4. Oregon Self-Sharpening Chainsaw for Large Trees

  • Weight: 12 pounds;
  • Chain Length: 16-inches;
  • Battery: 4 Ah;
  • Misc: 40V Max Cordless Tool, self-sharpening system on the saw, one standard charger volume: 2743.874 in³.

Cordless- Battery- Powered chainsaws are the next best unit to gas chainsaws for big trees in the cordless category. Whether gasoline ones bring some hassles to the outset by mixing fuel and maintaining a carburetor engine. But the battery-powered ones, especially the Li-Ion empowered workhorses to deliver about all of the conveniences per your need.

Power battery- As well, the super lithium-ion technology combines torque and speed, with no-fade power, and increases the battery and chain lifespan. Anyways, it does not need to accomplish the toughest task with struggle. If you do, the overload protection function will shut down itself without harming or pushing you back.

The battery is kind of starting decently. So you can cut 400 stocks about 2 or 3 inches using a one-time charged 4Ah battery at ease. 

Super sharp- Are you thinking of the sharpness? Is it gone? Nope, the most amazing feature lies in the sharpening method.

16-inch long chain- It is worth your money and its title like that. Its 16” long chain holds a lever. While you pull the lever, the chain gets razor-sharp by itself, even perfectly within 3 seconds. Whether the chain tensioner also lets super quick chain adjustment while you are on speedy cutting firewood mood.   

What We Liked

  • Self-sharpening system;
  • Lithium-ion technology;
  • Tackle the toughest jobs;
  • Overload defender;
  • Included battery and charger;
  • Well-balanced.


  • Expensive.

5. Makita EA6100PRGG Chainsaw for Big Trees

  • Weight: 13.2 pounds;
  • Guide bar length: 20-inches;
  • Engine Stroke: 2, 61 CC;
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 27 oz;
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 16 oz;
  • Misc:  3/8″ chain pitch, .50 gauge chain, spring-assisted starter.

Popular and trusted brand- Searching for a medium-sized all-around useful chainsaw, especially for felling large trees? Here we go with Makita EA6100PRGG, as a smart choice. All along, it boasts a function out of the factory, known as a spring-assisted mechanism.

Superpower chainsaw- It stores energy inside the tool. In practice, it means making itself for quick starting with optimized engine management and providing less force. 

Low emissions of fuel- Featuring a stratified air scavenging motor with 4.6 HP. Comes up with overall improved fuel efficiency. It also ensures lower emissions during operations to have at least a clear view of the tree’s cutting line. Including a strong cartridge air filter system, helps to do so and extend air filter life. Neither can you damage the hands or the wood piece due to heavy smoke.

Smart mechanism- An engineered touch and stop single-lever mechanism, always ready to shut off the entire emergency case mechanism, whether you leave and go. The machine is nothing but damn awesome to keep clean. Simply step down a button and rotate. Do not forget to take this advantage once work is done.

The magnesium– Constructed body, as well we know housing, makes it handy unlike cast iron or steel-made ones. Its overall well-balanced construction durability even at the fastest acceleration, about 13,800 RPM. Only put in a skip-tooth chain, on the accelerator, then go to town.

What We Liked

  • Spring-assisted starter;
  • Heavy-duty air filter;
  • Durable;
  • Lightweight compared to tasks;
  • Single lever operation;
  • Simple cleaning method;
  • Advanced vibration dampening system.


  • Nothing found.

6. Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw for Big Trees

  • Weight: 10.10 pounds;
  • Guide bar length: 18-inches;
  • Engine Stroke: 2, 42.2 CC;
  • Misc: i-30 starter, Included engine oil.

Vibration control- This mid-sized Echo CS-400, going it is user-friendly. You will never experience negative effects by vibrations while operating with it for such a medium energy housing. Its well-balanced movement also provides awesome accuracy, despite having a weight-to-ratio chainsaw for big trees felling or cutting projects. 

Anti-slip handle- However, the non-rubberized but anti-slip handle is capable of lifting itself and holding in your hand. 

Exclusive features- The easy taxing in usage time is a breeze. The more breezy thing is its chain catcher. It lets you position well in your hand or on the bench while. Also, reacts well when you are on full ripping mode. Featuring insiders, for instance, powerful lever, valve, and more makes it very simple to adjust the oil mixer and open up the fuel tank cap. You can play the switch or tension the chain for resting. 

A simple tug takes you underway. The i-30 starting function is compatible with at least a 20-inches bar from our experience, to go deeper into every tough project by storing energy. 

What We Liked

  • Suitable for limbing or cross-cutting trees;
  • Lightweight, yet powerful;
  • Air filtering;
  • Oil mixer for 40:1 ratio;
  • Balance budget gasoline chain saw.


  • Refurbished model.

7. Makita UC3551A Chainsaw for Large Trees

  • Weight: 14.87 pounds;
  • Guide bar length: 14-inches;
  • Chain speed: 2900 FPM;
  • Misc: auto chain oiler, tool-less blade, view window large metal spike bar.

Multiple power- Shared a lot of user experience and features about both battery-powered and gas-powered chainsaws. Jumping to the next electric-corded ones this time. It is Makita UC3551A, a 14-inches electric-corded chainsaw for large trees. It is maintenance-free and operates with safety equipment delivered in the toolbox. 

Smart sharp blade- Elastic the last operation wear, it comes with a tool-less blade. All convenient operations credit goes to this function. 

Large trigger- As well as the chain adjustment and large trigger. Switch the trigger on the left side, for soft and smooth start-up instead of hard pulling. 

Auto chain- Even the engineered auto-chain oiler lubricates the chain. It helps in such heavy continuous cutting jobs, also by smoothing the starter. 

Smart features- An attached transparent window views the oil level. Its built-in current limiter reduces power and warns you while the motor gets overloaded before burning out. Whether its electric chain brake increases performance, as well as trimming productivity. Hold the ergonomic rubberized grip and go ahead for sawing. 

What We Liked

  • Tool-less blade;
  • Automatic chain oiler with oil level viewer;
  • Current limiter;
  • Ergonomic rubber grip;
  • Metal spike bumper for chain retention;
  • Optimizing on 12” models.


  • Heavy for an electric.

8. Husqvarna 966997203 T435 Chainsaw for Large Trees

  • Weight: 7.5 pounds;
  • Guide bar length: 14-inches;
  • Engine stroke: 2 or 4, 35 CC;
  • Misc: recoiler, clutch release, x-force bar, and x-cut chain.

Multiple-use with heavy motor- Suppose you are less than a tree guy but looking for one which serves a multi-purpose gasoline powerhouse on the ground. Then Husqvarna 966997203 T435, in short, T435, is an optimizing chainsaw for your money, we guess. Well, most of the engineered functions are as great as other models. Unlike traditional chainsaws, it concludes with different features for handling cutting and trimming projects with its small 35CC motor. 

Stoke engine- Rather preferable in your sawmill, for the mid-size bar about only 14” to save on weight. The amazing fact is, it works well with both 2 and 4 stroke engines, which split itself from genuine models, having compatibility with only one stroke. But before starting, add a stabilizer. Also, pour some non-ethanol gasoline for no further trouble issues.

Storage- As well the regular gasoline and oil mixture is perfect for applying even after winter storage. It is a strong type of alcohol that the rubber and plastic crab counterparts cannot manage.    

Anti vibrations- Though it does not come with a buck back chain stop, its in-built clutch release effectively controls it. It even helps to stop in emergency needs and clear chain jams for continuous running. As long as possible, use the sharp chain with an engineered anti-vibration mechanism to tear wood on the ground, rather than driving into the trees.  

What We Liked

  • Sidechain tensioning;
  • Compatible with both 2 and 4 stroke small engines;
  • Delivers lower fuel consumption;
  • x-force bar and x-cut chain.


  • Only for splitting groundwood;
  • Hefty-priced.

Best Chainsaw for Cutting Trees Buyer’s Guide

Anti-vibration Mechanism

What are the significant factors worth checking out while shopping for a chainsaw for big trees? Newbies or hobbyists will figure out the chain bar along with the chain is good enough to drive or not. Whether, the pros will inspect more, for example, the anti-vibration system, internal combustion engine, and mains powered ones.

If we consider an anti-vibrator, it helps to work well by lowering noise. Whether some advanced chainsaws are featuring now total soundlessness or complete anti-vibrator for no noise. It is important to add a tranquil tool for unnecessary vibration. Neither over the long term leads to injuries like HAVS.

Maintenance and Accessories 

Whether we talk about mains powered chainsaws (corded-electric) or the internal combustion of gas-powered ones, even more, cordless ones, maintenance is important. Even if you use a battery power chainsaw you need to maintain it properly. The more you drive through during operations, the more the chain and engine get oily by the oil reservoir or auto-oiler. Though the mentioned functions are available, one has a jam cleaner and view window for notifying yourself about the oiling level. Instead, by tensioning the chain in between usage to keep it sharp. 

If you regularly keep the chainsaw clean, it will render better durability and accurate services for a long time. Also, make sure that the air filter is clear. 

Safety Equipment

Have you ever experienced the chainsaw thrown back towards you? If not yet, we wish you will never have. The drastic can happen if its tip touches something that it should not have or drive through. Get the jam cleaner added one while buying a chainsaw for large trees.

Also, there may remain chainsaw kickback protection or chain brake. Both equipped functions working vary on the chainsaw sizes. One detects the saw’s sharp chain movement. Another stops the chainsaw when it flies up more.

Another equipped safety feature is the chain catcher. It not only catches the chain but protects your hand’s fingers from being damaged also. Else, it is obvious that you should wear safety equipment on yourself before beginning cutting projects.  


What Length Is Standard for Cutting a Big Tree with a Chainsaw? 

A wide range of aftermarket chainsaws is available for cutting a large tree or climbing the branches. Whether it depends on your height, handgrip capability, and the thickness of woods or trees. If you are looking for the standard size as per your need, then follow some basic guides. 

It is a rule of thumb that the chainsaw should have compatibility to cut more than 2-inches thickness as it comes up with. This means the saw should have 2″ longer than the tree thickness. For instance, the 20″ length bar or blade effectively fell 18″ thick trees or drive through the same length of wood.  

Is It Possible to Split Wet Wood with a Chainsaw?

It is quite dull than splitting dry wood at a faster speed. However, any effective chain can split wet wood as well as dry logs. In fact, when this thought is peeping into your mind, the chain is ready to wet. Not with the water, only with the lubricating oil. 

The lubricator is initial, avoiding the machine overheating during performances. As well as helps to start and run through minimal friction with the wooden piece. However, you knee down to split wet woods, and overall mechanisms will make no big differences rather speeding the process down.

Is It Good to Use an All-around Chainsaw for Large Trees?

If we ask, what are the common chainsaw cutting techniques? You may count on felling, horizontal bore cut, bottom cut and trimming, and more. An all-around chainsaw is capable of doing all such a backyard multitude of tasks. 

Including the lightweight jobs, heavy-duty and mid-level jobs are as long as possible with it. Because the robust construction is similar to pro-graded saws. Though it’s slightly dull in delivering speedy cuts. We think all-around chainsaws are good enough. You may have a try.

At the Bottom Line 

All of the above big tree cutters are valuable and available as best aftermarket chainsaws. If you want, relax and spend some time after these in the supermarket. Either you can trust our description instead of spending time. Because we have tested each one and focused on these one’s performances, build quality, and user-friendliness.

Just in case the user needs a chainsaw emergency but the budget is under 200 dollars. So need not be a worry. CRAFTSMAN 42cc-18 Chainsaw is one of the best gas chainsaws and is the best choice for you. Not only budget but also craftsman chainsaw comes with a long saw chain with superpower good for large to small trees. 

If you have a good amount of budget and want a professional chainsaw Echo CS-590 Chainsaw will be best for you.  Need multiple power option chainsaws? Makita-UC3551A chain saw will be best. Makita is a popular brand you can trust their tool without worry. You can easily trim big or smaller trees through this chain saw. 

When you choose a chainsaw aware of your budget, necessity and try to follow trends with popular brands. All the best for your brand new chainsaw. 

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