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7 Best Chainsaws Under 200 Dollars in 2021 [Budget Picks]

Whether it is to trim or prune branches or cut down trees, there is still a growing dependence on chainsaws. But, with the many available brands, models, sizes, prices, you may face difficulties choose the best one for you.

So, before buying a chainsaw, you must know why you need one. On the whole, more expensive chainsaws with a powerful motor, large chain are intended for heavy -cutting jobs. If you are a homeowner and rarely have to do such accomplishment, you can go for the less expensive ones. Besides, not everyone has a budget to buy the expensive one.

Price doesn’t always guarantee quality. It wouldn’t be wise for anyone to think cheap things may exclude the necessary points that you need to accomplish your job. It is a feature that determines quality. So, you should buy your product based on your needs, not on the price. There are chainsaws under 200 dollars around with their share of pros and cons. For homeowners who don’t need to cut down trees but only prune or trim branches, a chainsaw for $200 will be a great deal. What you need to do is to choose the best chainsaw, which meets your needs. But it is not an easy task to pick the right one for you. Here, we provide a comprehensive list of the 7 best chainsaws under $200 that help you make the right decision.

Best Chainsaw Under 200 Dollars – Reviews

1. Husqvarna 952802154 240 Model Chainsaw

With excellent and innovative engineering skills, Husqvarna has taken outdoor power tools to a next level. And it is undeniable when it comes to gas-powered chainsaws. Here, I am going to shed light on its most entry-level chainsaw -Husqvarna 240 2HP and who it fits the most.

If you are to do only pruning, lighter cutting jobs, and hobby work and unwilling to spend much then this model is for you. Because it is an affordable chainsaw with enough power for light cutting jobs that have to be done. It is a 16-inch chainsaw but you can cut logs as big as 20 inches. That means professionals can easily accomplish medium cutting jobs and bring good results out of it though not intended for such tasks.

Sounds convincing, right?

I believe that with my digging into the details you will become more convinced.

Okay, let’s see what Husqvarna 240 offers us.

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw is easy to start and operate for a gas chainsaw. But what you must avoid is pressing the primer bulb too many times. Otherwise, engine flooding will occur. It may take a few endeavors to start. So, follow the instructions; eventually, it will run well.

With a 38.2cc two-cycle engine, it delivers an amazing and powerful performance in your cutting. This motor produces enough power to accomplish your light cutting jobs. This engine can speed up of up to 9000RPM.

Then, it comes with x-torque technology to conform to the compliance set by global environmental regulation. This technology helps to lower fuel consumption and reduce emission levels. It is indeed an environment -friendly chainsaw.

You must give thanks to its air -injection centrifugal air cleaning system. Because it keeps your chainsaw free from all kinds of dust and debris. This also improves engine life.

Plus, it is the choke/stop control system that reduces the risk of engine flooding. Its low- Vib system reduces vibration and lessens your fatigue during operation.

I am sure you find this review helpful. It is a general consensus that this Husqvarna 240 chainsaw justifies your money and effort. Give it a try, you will love it.


  • Powerful
  • X-torque technology
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Air-injection centrifugal
  • Air cleaning system
  • Choke/stop control system


  • Need a handful pulls to start

2. Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc Gas Chainsaw

If what you evaluate is the performance, not the logos or brands, Blue max 6595 18 inches 45cc 2-stroke chainsaw is for you.

Well, let me explain why.

Blue max 6595 chainsaw is cheap, but that doesn’t mean it lacks what you want to execute your task. Its impressive features and cutting power does satisfy homeowners needed for their any residential yard work.

Now let me apprise you of its features and benefits.

Come along!

Blue max is a gas-powered chainsaw. On the whole, a gas-powered chainsaw is powerful, and so is Blue Max 6595. It is unusual for a gas chainsaw to come at an affordable price. But, Blue max makes it happen.

Don’t you want a powerful chainsaw without spending much? Then, this is your obvious solution.

Okay, let’s get back to the details.

Blue max boasts of a 45cc motor and 18″bar and chain that help you breeze through even more extensive and thicker trees and pruning branches.

It boasts of a 45cc motor and an 18″ bar and chain that helps you cut through even more extensive and thicker trees and pruning branches.

It features an Anti-Vibe handle not to make a loud noise, and therefore reduce your fatigue. Along with an auto-oiler to keep the bar well oiled, it also features a CDI ignition and convenient on/off switch.

Though not like the high brand’s chainsaw like Makita or Husqvarna, it worths a try.


  • High RPM
  • Low vibration
  • Chain brake
  • Auto-oiler
  • Quick-stop features
  • One-year warranty


  • Poor quality material

3. Zombi ZCS12017 16-Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw

Coming with plenty of convenient features, the Zombi ZCS12017 chainsaw is still in budget. So, if your yard needs very little time, or money, or effort to look after, then this chainsaw is perfect for you. Moreover, it is also a fact that one doesn’t need the giant ones that cost much for a low -maintenance yard. Right?

I suggest you buy a Zombi ZCS chainsaw. Here, you don’t need to empty your pocket in the process if you choose it. This chainsaw comes in at $200 or under.

This Zombi chainsaw is a basic chainsaw that can handle all your yard work. But, if you plan on mostly clearing dead trees, it will be like icing on the cake for you. On the whole, deadwood is a bit harder and more brittle than live woods. So they are tough to handle. But when it comes to breezing through wood it is an absolute beast. Thanks to its 13 amp motor that enables it to cut through the deadwood easily.

Let’s know a bit more about this tool.

Zombie ZCS12017 is also a time -saving chainsaw. It features a tool-less chain tensioner. Besides, you don’t need to spend hours to assemble it. For it is all set in arrival. What you need to do is to add oil and switch this on and get cutting.

Apart from these, this chainsaw is comfortable up use. Its lightweight rubber molded handle maximizes your comfortable to use.

Safety comes first while using power tools, and Zombi also doesn’t compromise with your safety. It includes a lock button and a front handguard to ensure your complete safety.

Isn’t it a worthwhile investment for a low -maintenance yard?

I highly recommend it.


  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Auto-tensioner
  • Auto-lubrication Oregon bar and chain


  • Not worthy

4. Greenworks CS40L210 14 In. Cordless Chainsaw

If you have trees on your property, you must take good care of them. Otherwise, unusual or misshapen growth can happen. So, regular maintenance should not be overlooked to make them healthy, productive, and pretty. The chainsaw can be an inseparable companion in your maintenance tasks. But, before buying one, you must understand your needs. Understanding what kinds of jobs you want to do with your chainsaw will save you from destroying your wallet and choosing the wrong one.

For light to mid-range tasks, battery-powered chainsaws are great. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and need no to minimal maintenance.

Without further ado, here, I am going to acquaint you with the most popular battery-powered chainsaw for light to mid-range tasks.

Greenworks 14inch 40V cordless chainsaw is excellent for doing mid-range tasks. With its impressive power, it can do something more than prune or trim branches. What makes this chainsaw reliable is its 40v battery. This battery can hold a charge for about an hour for something intense and about two hours for a simple job. What is great about this battery is that it takes about one hour to get charged, and it is the thing for which I like and recommend it most. It weighs about 9.8 Ibs making it an excellent chainsaw for home use. Due to it’s lightweight, you can’t get exhausted handling it. It is the automatic oiler that keeps oiling its bar and the chain to keep it in top-notch condition.

However, it has one disadvantage you may get priced off. It leaks oil when not running. But it is avoidable. What you need to avoid this problem is to run it until it is out of the bar oil or keep a piece of cardboard under it when not running.

Give it a try.


  • Affordable
  • Immense power
  • Battery charged quickly
  • Ideal for simple to mid-range job
  • Lightweight


  • Not noteworthy

5. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

When it comes to making power tools, Black+DECKER is peerless. And, you will find the best combination of value and quality in their chainsaws. Their LCS1020 cordless electric chainsaw offers you a set of benefits that satisfy your home-based needs. You will enjoy the benefits at a very reasonable price. You can get hold of this chainsaw at $200or under.

What a good value! right?

Black +Decker ‘s tools stand the test of time, and their LCS1020 cordless chainsaw is no exception. It helps you feel admired by its endeavor and performance.

Let’s take a gander at this product.

LCS1020 is designed to assign simple and light to medium tasks. This chainsaw is small, portable, and lightweight. It is also easy to operate and maintain.

Want to know what is more in it?

Okay, I am getting in deeper with the details.

This chainsaw is powered by a 20v lithium-ion battery which lengthens its run-time. So, you don’t need to worry about postponing in the middle of your projects. Because lithium-ion batteries maintain a charge for a long period. You can get 150 cuts per charge easily.

It’s being cordless makes its maneuverability extra easy. So, now you are free from the hassles of bringing the extension cord to get your power.

While a gas-powered chainsaw is a bit tricky, our LCS 1020cordless chainsaw is comparatively easy to start. Moreover, it does not produce much noise like the gas-powered chainsaw. So, this chainsaw can be your indispensable tool if you are to do the home-based task and don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

LCS 1020 comes with a 10″ premium low kickback bar and chain from Oregon. This add-on helps you feel less vibration while working with the saw. This eventually helps you get smooth and clean cuts.

Again, thanks to its auto-oiling system that keeps the blade well-lubricated all the time. You don’t need to get involved, the chainsaw does it automatically through the use of a primer.

What’s more, it includes a tool-free blade tension system to adjust it quickly. Plus, its all-round handle warrants a resolute and convenient grip.

Isn’t this chainsaw impressive?

It was worth a try.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Tool-less tension system


  • Transitory battery life

6. WORX WG320 Cordless Electric Chainsaw

While working with a chainsaw, you do feel a bit intimidated as chainsaws are the most dangerous power tool. They tend to kickback causing severe injuries. But don’t worry. Now you can smile in relief.

Why you may wonder, is it so?

Because WORX has introduced a chainsaw that is the safest saw around. And, it is none other than WORX WG320 20 v power share cordless 6inch jaw saw chainsaw with auto tension.

It has come with a unique scissor cut action that eliminates kickback. Besides, a protective housing around the bar is for improved safety.

WORX WG320 Jawsaw is an excellent alternative to the traditional chainsaw if all you need is to prune fruit trees and reach branches that are 7 feet above the ground. And, it is because it has comes with an extension pole. This feature makes your pruning easier and safer.

Another convenient feature of the jaw saw is that it is lightweight. It weighs only 7.9Ibs with the battery attached, making its maneuver easy around overhead branches.

It also comes with an automatic chain oiler with an oil level indicator to enhance the life of the saw. With this auto-tension feature, you will get the most efficient and smooth cut every time.

The only chainsaw made for cutting directly on the ground; leaving the log right than on the pavement, and get to work is WORX WG320.


  • Extension pole
  • Productive branches 7feet that are above the ground
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator


  • Not found

7. Poulan Pro PR421818 in. 42cc Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro has a 42cc 2 cycle engine that makes it capable of doing medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees. It is quite light for a gas chainsaw. It weighs only 13.25. So, its handling is easy. Besides, it comes with a rear handle and reduced vibration handle that lessen operator fatigue. On the whole, the gas chainsaw needs a pull-start, a tiresome method. But, with an Effortless Pull Starting system, now you can start a chainsaw with 40 %less pulling. Last but not the least, its Oxy power technology offers maximum fuel efficiency.

It has become an unreliable chainsaw due to its poor manufacturing and bulky design. In my opinion, this model should go for some improvement. It takes much time to get started, and without hearing protection, it is impossible to work with it. You also find the switch and the case are cheaply made.


  • Powerful 42cc 2-cycle engine
  • Maximum fuel efficiency


  • Not for heavy-duty jobs
  • Poor manufacturing
  • Bulky-design
  • It takes much time to start

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