Best Cordless Band Saw for Revolutionary Cut Visibility [Review & Buying Guide]

Who says you need to carry a bulky corded machine to get a deep cut?

Wouldn’t it will be great if there is a much lighter tool with the largest cut capacity.

Yes, it’s possible with a Cordless Band Saw.

Sound’s cheesy?

Well, it really is. The cordless band saw is now considered to be a great money saver for you since the corded ones can cost a fortune. The versatility and effectiveness of the best cordless band saw have made this tool appealing to many.

This might be the key reason for every professional to have one of these in their workshop. With its great flexibility and portability, the cordless saw band has many advantages that are missing in the corded ones or the other types of saws altogether.

Since you are not going to make up your mind over this, let’s find you the most valued cordless band saw that goes with your requirement.

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7 Key Factors to Consider While Buying a Cordless Band Saw

Most of the band saws have got some identical features. But some factors make these products unique. And before making the final decision, you need to check these important factors cautiously to have the best buy.

Applications & versatility

Before buying a band saw, you need to be sure about your needs and analyse your requirements. So that your investment doesn’t go in vain. There are different kinds of band saws, such as Floor, Bench-Top, and Portable. Each of them has differences in their uses.


For heavy-duty purposes, you can rely on these floor type band saws. This is why floor type band saws are the first choice for professionals and industrial users.

These floor band saws come as huge and powerful with its single-phase electricity to keep the power consumption high. However, these are not suitable for home users or DIY purposes.


For both professionals and DIY users, a benchtop band saw is a great option. You can easily mount it up on your stand or work table before sawing. The portability and compact size are too appealing to the consumers.


Portable band saws have a great demand from the buyers because of its small size and lightweight. Besides, its versatility will give you great outcomes while cutting curves or irregularly shaped objects. For overhead uses or to reduce user fatigue, these portable band saws are second to none.

Cutting Power 

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, power is something that you cannot ignore in a band saw. With a powerful band saw, it is pretty easier for you to cut through any kind of materials, even it is thick.

So, if you are looking for a band saw to cut hard, and thick materials like wood or metal, choosing a portable band saw with a powerful motor will be a great option. A powerful band will assist you to have greater precision, torque, speed, and save some of your time as well.

Blade tracking, tension and adjustment

There are different types of blades, built for different applications. So to get the best outcome, you need to be sure about the blade type and it’s TPI (tooth per inches). The right blade with the right band saw will show you effective results.

Motor & Construction

The construction and build quality are important issues as this is a long-term investment in your business. If you’re looking for a portable band saw, then the design and weight should be the first factor to see. The band saw needs to be lightweight yet sturdy.

Then check if the band saw is made of plastic or metal. If most of the band saw’s component is built by plastic, this might not be the right one. You should prefer the ones built with aluminium as it reduces the possibility of wearing and rusting.

The 5 Best Cordless Band Saw Everyone is Raving About in The Town

We have enlisted 5 of the most valued and best cordless band saw of the market that we found efficient. Let’s see what they have got in detail.

1. DEWALT DCS371B Portable Band Saw

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Finding the superior balance in a portable band saw is damn tough.

Luckily DEWALT comes as an army of darkness. Ergonomically designed DEWALT pieces of stuff are unbeatable in maintaining balance.

So, first and foremost, let’s see what this awesome kit actually includes:

  • DCS371 MAX band saw
  • TPI blade
  • blade tracking wrench

More or less, this is all you need to get a clean cut. But yeah, one major disadvantage. This unit is, unfortunately, a bare-tool item. That means you have to spend some other bucks on kinds of stuff like battery and charger.

Probably you haven’t noticed some coolest features:

And no wonder the centered handle position will come first at this list. Actually, this is the main reason for this tool’s superior balance. We also pretty sure this simple yet effective feature plays a great role in more accurate cuts.

Here is our favourite part…….

This gives less user fatigue. Good for you! A LED also seems impressive on giving light on dark work surfaces. Besides these, the dual bearing blade guide roller makes it a reliable option when it comes to longevity. You will be grateful for the ergonomic soft grip back handle, which will give you utmost comfort.


  • Better Blade Tracking
  • Integrated Hang Hook
  • More Accurate Cuts


  • Only bare tool package

2. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band Saw

[amazon box=”B007SNZJS0″]

If you have to carry your band saw to your different job sites, or anywhere you want, you will require such a portable, lightweight and handy band saw like this one.


Whether you are a DIY user or a professional, if you need a dependable cordless band saw, this one by Milwaukee might be a great deal for you. The compact design and the portability are the key reasons for the consumers to choose this particular unit over others.

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 band saw has been designed specifically for single-hand uses, and that includes great balance.

Don’t miss the coolest part…….

Also, this particular unit is comparatively budget-friendly. The band saw features a variable speed trigger that assists you cut many materials, and that increases its application. Besides, the LED light lets you work in low lighting.

This economical, portable band saw is capable of cutting only up to 1 ⅝ inch. So, cutting small pipes or rod will not be an issue, but for handling all the big projects, this might not be a great choice.


  • Great portability for the cordless compact design
  • Perfect for single-hand use
  • Comes at a great price
  • Ideal for DIY users or home projects.


  • Cutting capacity limited to 1 ⅝ inch
  • Not suitable for thick materials.
  • Less powerful than the corded band saws

3. Makita XBP02Z Cordless Portable Band Saw

[amazon box=”B00LIV0QOU”]

With an ergonomic design and great portability, this one by Makita is proved to be one of the most valued portable band saw of today’s market.

Yeah, that’s true.

Though it might not be the most budget-friendly product of its kind, the performance of this particular unit will give you satisfaction while sawing.

The compact design of this band saw may draw your attention first.

The manufacturer has focused on its design quite a bit to minimize the user’s effort while sawing. Also, the built quality is up to the mark; have to admit they did a tremendous job.

The cutting speed of this unit is comparatively great with its variable speed trigger. And that allows it to cut 275-530 ft./min.

Besides you can cut up to 4-3/4″ which is enough even for most of the big projects. This model features an alert light for over-torque motor protection which prolongs its durability.

We’re not through yet………

Just like a versatile tool, this one can cut both metal and wood and many other materials. So you can take more projects related to cutting different materials without buying another band saw if you own one of these.

Makita XBP02Z comes with a built-in LED light, which aligns with the cutting line and provides great precision while sawing.

Besides, you can use that LED while working in any place if you need extra light. The rubber bumper of this saw will help you avoid any accidents or damages as it protects your materials or the saw itself.


  • High torque motor
  • Compact and portable design
  • Variable speed
  • Ergonomic design for better user experience


  • No battery or charger with the package
  • A little bit pricey
  • Not suitable if you are planning to use it frequently

Disclaimer: This one is mainly designed for cutting metals. So, you will get a better result with metals, compared to others.

4. Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B Compact Band Saw

[amazon box=”B004UJ145M”]

This stuff is actually for those who yearn for a lightweight yet powerful enough to handle most of your projects; then this can be a great deal for you.

Let us say this straight:

The manufacturer has focused on its weight and compaction more than any other factor and tried not to compromise its strength. And I love it.

According to the manufacturer, this one is 60 percent lighter and 40 percent more compact compared to its many competitors in the current market.

You bet it is!

To keep cutting undisturbed, the band saw features a LED light that allows you to cut in any dark area as well as provides precision to your work.

This particular item can cut most of the common materials, and you can operate many applications with it. With a cutting capacity of 2.5 inches, you will be able to cut many thick materials like metals, woods, pipes, rods, etc.

With its amazing portability, sawing will be much easier as you can cut through critical angles or tight spaces.

Besides, the base of the sand saw is made of aluminium, and that reduces any kind of possibility of rusting. To ensure the life of the battery, the manufacturer has added a cell protection feature. Problems like overheating, overloading, or the deep charge will be an issue for you no more.

And you know what disappoints us most?

The battery and charger are not in the package. You will have to buy these tools separately, and this will cost a little more extra buck.


  • Suitable for working in tight spaces or tough angles
  • Aluminium base to reduce rusting
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Electric cell protection for durable battery


  • Battery and charger not available
  • Mounting the blades might seem challenging

5. Ryobi P590 Cordless Portable Band Saw

[amazon box=”B082P84VLY”]

Considering the budget buyers, we have enlisted this Ryobi P590 Band Saw in our top list.

And that’s for obvious reason!

With a weight of only 9 pounds, this one is one of the handiest and easiest to use band saw on our shortlist. Even if you want to move from one Jobsite to another, carrying this with you will not be an issue.

The Ryobi, undoubtedly, has worked a lot with the size to make it more efficient and lighter as well. To cut in tight space or tricky angles, this particular item can perform well enough.

Here is what Ryobi say about this issue:

According to the manufacturer, it can cut all the common materials like wood, plastic, or metals. But we will suggest you use it only for metals, pipes or rods to have prolonged service life.

An integrated pommel handle will give you a premium grip and might not cause any user fatigue as well. The cutting speed of this band saw is 560 surface feet per minute which is well enough in this price range for cutting any common materials. You will get two blades with this portable band saw. But charger or battery will not be available with this unit too. You will have to purchase them separately.

Apart from that, this one might be a great deal for budget buyers or DIY users. This portable budget-friendly band saw comes at a great price.

To ease the overhead storage option, the manufacturer has added a hanging hook with the product.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and portable design
  • Integrated pommel handle


  • Doesn’t come with a battery or charger

Our suggestion: If you are a home user and don’t work too frequently with the saw, then you can rely on this one.

Final Verdict

You have come this far; you must have gained enough knowledge about the best cordless band saw and ready to make the final choice. Make sure your favourite one matches all your requirements.

As for our recommendation on the cordless band saw reviews, Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B Compact Band Saw has been the most preferred one for us among the portable band saw made in use. The effective design and durability have made us say so.

But you know your needs. Then what are you waiting for?

Go for it man!

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