Best Japanese Flush Cut Saw For Cutting Plugs [Reviews & Buying Guide]

With the rise of several saw brands out there, it’s becoming more complicated for professional woodworkers and hobbyists to purchase the best cutting tool. Since there are different types of saws, a woodworker becomes confused on the right one to choose for their cutting job.

Having spent several days testing handsaws that could make crosscuts, straight cuts, rip cuts, and cut dowels simultaneously, guess what! I found the best Japanese flush cut saws.

If you want a superb and durable handsaw that performs various cuts, here is the best flush cut saw to buy for woodworking needs.

Quick Pick

Best for Overall Performance: Suizan Japanese Pull Saw 9.5-Inch Ryoba Double Edge Handsaw

“This flush cut saw has all the features and cutting capabilities to produce fine and thorough cuts.”

Best for Easy Use: Suizan Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw 7-Inch Double Edge Handsaw

“This handsaw is super easy to use, as the tool is well defined and sturdily built.”

Best for Easy Handling: Gyokucho Ryoba 9 ½ – Inch Double Edge Razor Saw

“This tool makes it easy for the woodworker to work for an extended period without undue fatigue.”

Best Flush Trim Saw: Topman Authentic Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw Flexible Blade

“The handsaw delivers fine cuts and trims, giving your wood projects a more professional result.”

Best Budget Handsaw: Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw

Despite its features, this saw is affordable, and will deliver exceptional cutting performance.”

Best Saw for Sharp Blades: Suizan Japanese Handsaw Pull saw 7-Inch Flush Cut Trim Saw

“With its sharp blades, this tool can make quick and detailed cuts in one pass.”

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Flush Cut Saw

In a marketplace that’s full of different products like flush cut saws, it’s easy to get confused at times. You may choose a product that may or may not be suitable. When you do that, you risk losing money and time.

Since you already know that you need a flush cut saw to create clean, flush/precise cuts and dowels, let’s move to what you should consider before getting one.

Well-balanced Grip

A saw with a well-balanced grip offers you the comfort and safety that you need for improved cutting performance.

A flush cut’s handle could be plastic, wood, or steel. To know if the saw is balanced, take it and feel it in your hands. After that, try to make some cuts. If the weight of the handle and the blade is balanced and comfortable, I suggest you go for it.


A saw’s sharpness partly depends on the number of teeth, also known as TPI. TPI is means Teeth Per Inch, and it is the number of teeth embedded in one-inch length.

The more TPI, the finer the detail of the cut, and the better the straightness and accuracy. If you want to know how sharp a flush cut saw is, you need to wave your fingers over the blade area. If there’s a smudge on your fingers, it means that the blade is sharp.


The thickness of a flush saw varies, but it would help if you got a saw that isn’t too thick. Thick saws won’t work well, and making clean and precise cuts will be somewhat impossible.

I advise that you go for a much thinner saw without compromising on other features for the best result.


Flush cut saws come in various sizes, such as 6 inches, 7 inches, 9.5 inches, etc. It will help if you bought a set of flush saws of different sizes, primarily if you work on various woods.

For instance, a small-sized flushed cut saw is suitable for cutting off extra pieces of wood and trimming edges, but a bad choice for making cuts on thick woods. Therefore, having a set of flush cut saws with different sizes will fit various types of cuts that you will make.

Even Teeth

The evenness of a flush cut saw’s teeth is vital to the finishing of a woodworking task. When buying a flush cut saw, take a look at the teeth to see if they are even. If they are too tiny to notice, you can take a magnifier.

If the teeth are even and of equal length, the blades will produce clean and smooth cuts with no chips.


Flexibility is one crucial factor that you must consider before buying a flush cut saw. Is it too flexible that you can bend easily? Or is it hard that you can’t bend at all?

If it’s too flexible, it will break easily. If it’s hard to bend, reaching compact spaces will be tough.

When you bend a saw at least more than 80 degrees, it should return to its original shape after letting it go. Getting a saw with some degree of flexibility would be fantastic.


Making sure that your flush cut saw aligns in a straight line will impact cutting performance positively.

Take the saw into your hands, observe the tip, down to the bottom, and back to the top. If the blade is aligning evenly, it indicates that the edge is straight.

On the other hand, if you notice lots of pain in the wrist, your result will be crooked cuts.


It would be best if you got a flush cut saw that has a great degree of tension. The saw shouldn’t be too hard to pull, and when it’s pulled, it should be able to return to its original form.

Best Flush Cut Saw for Impressive Crosscuts and Rip Cuts

1. Suizan Japanese Pull Saw 9.5-Inch Ryoba Double Edge Handsaw

You don’t need to know what Japanese woodworking is to understand what the Suizan Japanese Pull saw can offer. These 32-crosscut TPI and 21-crosscut TPI handsaw cuts through the edges of hardwoods and softwood with relative ease.

In essence, you can make straight cuts, rip cuts, and crosscuts with this tool. All you need to do is to flip the sides, and you are good to go.

Excellent and durable two-in-one saws like this handsaw are pretty hard to come by.  The 9.5-inch Ryoba Double Edge handsaw is made with high-grade Japanese steel for long-lasting use. This steel material is resistant to corrosion, making it very durable.

Plus, it’s just 0.02 inches thick. This thickness gave me better control and the needed flexibility to make an accurate cut and reach tight areas for better cuts.

What about replacing the blades? You can get the replacement blades for this saw anywhere in the world without any issue if the current edge gets blunt.

What We Liked

  • Highly durable due to the high-grade steel material
  • Flexible
  • Extremely thin and lightweight
  • Performs both rip cuts and crosscuts efficiently and easily
  • Easy to replace the blades
  • Produces clean and straight cuts

What We Didn’t Like

  • Too thin for bigger hands
  • Takes some time getting used to the double edge

2. Suizan Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw 7-Inch Double Edge Handsaw

If you need a simple, non-power tool to create both simple and complex cuts, look no further than this Suizan Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw.

Suizan is a famous Japanese brand with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing flush cut saws. They manufacture some of the best handsaws the world has ever seen, and the 7-Inch Double Edge handsaw is no different.

This saw’s blade is constructed from high-quality steel for increased durability. Since the saw is just 0.02 thick and weighs 7 pounds, it offers the required flexibility and control to make perfect cuts and precision carving.

Like most Suizan handsaws, this product features two-sided blades – crosscut and rip cut edges. Therefore, you don’t need to get extra blades to make additional grain cuts, and this saves you money.

Also, you can find the replacement blade almost anywhere. The blade is easy to remove, so you won’t experience any hassle interchanging the edge when it wears out.

Overall, my team was impressed with how smooth and precise this handsaw’s cuttings were, making it one of the best Japanese pull saws for flush cuts.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Can perform both crosscuts and rip cuts seamlessly
  • The blade is easy to remove and interchange.
  • Offers a high degree of flexibility and control
  • Delivers flawless cuts

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes, it gets rusty.
  • The handle isn’t very durable.

3. Gyokucho Ryoba 9 ½ – Inch Double Edge Razor Saw

Gyokucho is another famous brand that makes Japanese flush cut saws. This Double Edge Razor saw makes it to our list of best flush cut saws due to its outstanding features and capabilities.

What makes the Ryoba 9 ½ – inch an excellent option? First off, the saw is made of high-quality Japanese steel to enhance longevity. Secondly, it allows you to perform ripping and crosscutting with minimal effort due to its 0.5mm thickness and well-made wooden handle.

With the wooden handle, we  could use the handsaw for several hours without pain or cramps in my hands. Hence, increasing the efficiency of the cuts. If you’ve ever used a handsaw with a poorly constructed handle, my team recommends you get the Ryoba 9 ½ – inch saw.

This is a double edge razor saw, meaning it’s got two kinds of blades – the 21 crosscutting TPI blade and 32 rips cutting TPI blade. These two blades are capable of giving flush cuts on hardwood and softwood.

What We Liked

  • Provides better grip and comfort
  • Comes with double blades for cutting efficiency
  • Flexible to a great extent
  • Produces accurate cuts
  • Sharp blades
  • Convenient to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for cutting PVC pipes
  • Distinguishing between crosscuts and rip cuts edge is hard.

4. Topman Authentic Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw Flexible Blade

Performing cutting dowels, pegs, and trims without the right saw could end up damaging the surface of your wood. With the Topman Authentic Japanese Flush Cut Trim saw, you can perform those cutting tasks alongside wood carving seamlessly and precisely.

I love that this handsaw is made with high-carbon steel, making it extremely durable. This handsaw also is resistant to rust and weather elements, which means you can use the saw for an extended period.

What about the handle? This was what impressed me the most. The handle isn’t made of just a typical wood. It’s made of Buna Japanese beech, a type of hardwood that guarantees excellent control. Hence, making woodworking much more comfortable.

Since the handsaw weighs less than 3.5 pounds, holding it in the hands won’t pose any issue. You can grasp the flush saw comfortably for hours without feeling any strain.

What’s more? This flush cut saw is versatile, capable of penetrating narrow spaces that standard saws can’t.  It comes with a triple-edge tooth construction blade for smooth, clean, and intricate cuts.

Its versatility, penetration power, long wooden handle, and high degree of flexibility makes it the best flush trim saw on this list.

What We Liked

  • Comes with sharp blades
  • Manufactured from high-quality steel for durability
  • Has comfortable handle grip
  • Affordable
  • Can make cuts where standard saws can’t.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s too flexible
  • Looks small

5. Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw

Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw is another excellent option if you need flexible flush cuts on hardwood and softwood.

This handsaw possesses double-sided blades for making crosscuts and rips cuts on hardwood and softwood conveniently. The thinness and flexibility of the handsaw are outstanding as it provides very clean flush cuts, even on woods with tight spaces.

What about the handle? Like Topman, the handle is made of beech wood, which makes the saw comfortable to hold. Unlike some plastic or steel saw handles that are difficult to use for long hours, this handsaw was different. I used the saw for several hours without experiencing any cramps.

The carbon steel construction makes the saw robust and sturdy, guaranteeing long-term use. You don’t need to worry about the blades getting blunt or rusting.

Since the blade is 0.0012-inch, you have better flexibility and control over your woodcuts, and you don’t need to apply so much pressure when cutting. The saw is perfect for making very thin and accurate cuts.

What We Liked

  • The handle is incredibly easy to grip
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with two blades for more efficient cuts
  • Thin and flexible to reach tight places
  • Ultra-sharp
  • Value for money

What We Didn’t Like

  • The blade can break when used in compact spaces.
  • Sometimes, the teeth may pull slightly to one side.

6. Suizan Japanese Handsaw Pull saw 7-Inch Flush Cut Trim Saw

This is another trim saw on this list and an excellent one at that. Suizan Japanese Flush Cut Trim saw comes with all the features you need to make perfect pull cuts on your woodworking material.

The handsaw is light, and its blade is 0.02 inches thick. It is capable of making those excellent cuts on your wood projects. Though the blade is 7-inch in length, it’s enough to create excellent and intricate cuts.

If you’re making furniture and want accuracy in all your cuttings, I’d recommend this 7-inch saw. With its ultra-thin kerf and 15 TPI, it will deliver not only fast and accurate cuttings but also make sure that no damage is done to the surrounding materials.

Its grip is comfortable and allows you to use the saw for an extended period without hand or arm fatigue. This handsaw is one useful tool that I recommend you add to your tool inventory.

There’s a protective vinyl sleeve to protect the blade from making accidental cuts, which is fantastic. Plus, the vinyl sleeve protects the blade from rusting and wear.

What We Liked

  • Superb sharp blades
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable handle
  • Thick enough to make detailed and accurate cuts
  • Cuts woods easily

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t perform well on hardwood
  • The blade is extremely flexible and might break.

7. Robert Larson 720-3000 Flush Cutting Saw

Robert Larson 720-3000 is one of the most flexible flush cut saws that my team has ever tested. This cutting saw is impeccable for cutting dowels and pegs on a pull stroke.

Its sharpness, comfort, and flexibility are top-notch and incomparable to its counterparts within the price range. Due to its sharp blades, you can use the saw to make good crosscuts and rip cuts on small and relatively large wood projects.

Also, it’s handling is one of the most comfortable out there. This versatile saw is convenient to use and has minimal kerf, making handling even better. All you need to do is apply some pressure, and you’re good to go.

I love the sturdy construction of this saw, as you can use it heavily without worrying about getting damaged. However, my team of experts was slightly unimpressed with the teeth’ unevenness as it left some chips during use.

Overall, this is an excellent tool for the right price. The blade’s strength, sharpness, and flexibility are great qualities that will make you love using this tool.

What We Liked

  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect and comfortable wooden handle
  • Sharp blades
  • Highly flexible
  • Sturdy construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • The teeth are uneven
  • Not suitable for extensive projects

8. Hachiemon Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw Double Edge Handsaw

If you are looking for a handsaw for wood carving, I suggest you go for the Hachiemon Ryoba Pull Smsaw.

When it comes to efficiency, comfort, and providing high-grade saws for wood carving, you can’t doubt the Hachiemon brand. For several years, this brand has been consistent in producing excellent and durable flush cut saws.

This double edge handsaw is capable of cutting across and along the grain of your wood projects with precision. Plus, the saw can smoothen the surface of your wood via the “Morotegake” technique.

The saw also has sharp teeth and uses minimal effort to cut through any material. With just one pull stroke, you can make several cuts seamlessly.

My team got a satisfactory result when it used this saw on hardwood or softwood. It cut through woods sharply and with relative ease.

I was also satisfied with its how ergonomic handle. It felt comfortable in the hands, and I didn’t experience any strain even from prolonged use.

What We Liked

  • Thick enough for making excellent cuts
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable handle

What We Didn’t Like

  • Hard to replace the blades if worn out.
  • May not be durable

9. DeWALT DWHT20541 Flush-Cut Pull Saw

When you hear the DeWALT brand, two things come to mind – durability and quality performance. DeWALT DWHT20541 flush cut saw does not compromise on that.

This flexible pull saw makes impeccable flush and smooth cuts with one pull stroke. The saw comes with a double-sided blade for making both crosscuts and rips cuts, which enhances efficiency.

It comes with 23 TPI, enough to go through hardwood. And since its handle is made of wood, you won’t find it difficult to handle the saw while using it on your wood projects.

I tested this saw on wood grain, and it somewhat produced accurate cuts, which was rather unimpressive, although I had already made several precise cuts before that. However, the blade was sharp enough to cut through quickly, which is a plus.

Just like Hachiemon, my team was quite disappointed that the DeWALT pull saw had no replacement blades. Since it has a limited lifetime warranty, you may not be able to use this saw for more than a couple of years, especially if the edges get blunt.

What We Liked

  • The saw is convenient to use
  • Versatile
  • The blade is flexible
  • The blade is easy to remove
  • Highly durable
  • Incredibly sharp

What We Didn’t Like

  • There’s no replacement blade
  • Produces less accurate cuts when used for an extended period

10. Cuz-D SFS-85 Circular Multipurpose Straight Flush Cut

This saw’s durability and construction are great as it combines the design of a circular saw with a table saw. For professional woodworkers, this is one saw my team of experts highly recommends.

It comes with all the features and functions that will give you an excellent cutting performance.

The revolutionary design of the flush cut saw is designed to last for a very long period. Its construction is magnesium alloy, which prolongs the life of the saw. Additionally, it enables the user to use the saw all day long without any fatigue.

In terms of cutting capability, this flush cut saw enables you to perform up to 90-degree deep cutting and up to 65-degree bevel cutting. It has a maximum cut depth of 3 1/8 – inches. In a single pass, this flush cut saw slices through materials seamlessly. The cutting depth also ensures that there’s no damage done to the material.

While using it, it didn’t produce any chip, and the cutting was smooth and intricate.

I was more than pleased to see that a flush cut saw has a dust extractor. This extra feature ensures that the table is completely free from unwanted specks of dust generated during cutting.

What We Liked

  • Multipurpose flush cutting tool
  • Comes with a powerful motor for more cutting efficiency
  • Ergonomic handle that rotates and locks
  • Dust extractor
  • Fantastic cutting speed
  • Highly accurate

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for a beginner or a DIYer
  • Expensive
  • Heavy for a flush cut saw.

Final Verdict

If you intend to get the best cuts, I suggest you get a flush cut saw. Using the best flush cut saw will leave you with better-finished projects, and will help make more precise and straighter cuts.

My team of experts was most satisfied with the overall performance of the Suizan Japanese Pull Saw 9.5-Inch Ryoba Double Edge Handsaw, which ultimately makes it my choice as the best flush cut saw.

This saw is made with durable, high-grade steel material. Also, it can make straight cuts, rip cuts, and crosscuts without any hassle.

It chops off extra pieces, and cut those tenons and dowels effortlessly, leaving you with a more professional looking result.

Want to have the most intricate and straight cuts on your wood projects? Click here to purchase now!

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