Best Gas Pole Saw for Tree Trimming: Reviews & Buying Guide

What becomes of you if you leave the trees in your backyard uncut for several weeks?

Nothing nice, right? Right.

Unfortunately, it does no good other than leave a negative impression on you. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be labeled as “dirty”. Or do you? 🤔. Definitely not!

For this reason, pruning is, therefore, one maintenance practice that homeowners can’t do without [1].

But, the question that comes to mind is, “What tools can I use to prune a tree effectively?”.

Don’t worry; this article will accurately answer your questions.

Trees are usually quite high, hard to reach branches, and cutting their uppermost branches is often difficult.

In fact, I found myself on the floor severally while trying to cut – all because I didn’t use the appropriate tool.

But guess what?!

After a series of ugly experiences with the wrong tools, I began to try out different kinds of saws. And thankfully, I found gas pole saws. Yay!👏

So, the next big question that pops up is, “What’s the best gas pole saw for me?”.

Okay. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as I take you through the various excellent options in the market.

In this guide, I will discuss the best options for pruning tree branches as well as factors to consider before purchasing them.

Our Top Picks Quick Summary: What is the best gas powered pole saw on the market?

Best for Overall Cutting Performance: MAXTRA ‎MAX-02-R
“Maxtra gas pole saw comes with a 42.7cc engine and an 8-inch cutting bar that can handle various tree branches, regardless of the thickness.”
Best for Mid-Sized Yards: Poulan Pro PR28PS
“This pole saw comes with the right cutting blade and engine ideal for cutting and trimming limbs.”
Best Detachable Pole Saw: TrimmerPlus TPP720
“TrimmerPlus comes with a detachable head and pole length that you can convert to a pole saw.”
Best Lightweight Gas Pole Saw: Remington RM25PS
This saw is light and has no engine or motor, making transporting pretty easy.
Best Budget Gas Pole Saw: PROYAMA 260
“Proyama is a great deal for its price. It comes with all the accessories for your trimming needs.

Why Should You Choose a Gas Pole Saw?

If performance and efficiency are your top priorities, getting a gas pole saw would be the ideal solution.

Below are the reasons you should consider buying a gas pole saw.

  • Compared to other pole saws, like electric and cordless, gas pole saws have consistent power delivery.
  • You can use them more extensively, and they are incredibly versatile. It can cut thicker tree branches, be used on any yard size, and cut the wood into thin pieces, etc.
  • They are more powerful and complete tasks faster than any other pole saw type. They come with the necessary power and engine capacity to tackle any cutting duties.
  • Gas pole saws are more comfortable to fill up than cordless pole saws that require charging the battery. Charging can take several hours.
  • Unlike corded electric pole saws, gas pole saws are more convenient to move about. You don’t need to plug them into an outlet before using them, which is highly valuable.
  • They are highly durable and can withstand wear and rigorous use because they are made with heavy-duty materials.
  • Gas pole saws come with long blade lengths that make them ideal for handling any woodcutting task.

5 Best Gas Powered Pole Saws for Convenient Tree Cuts

Here is a review of the best 5 gas pole saws for trimming.

1. MAXTRA ‎MAX-02-R Gas Powered Pole Saw

MAXTRA ‎MAX-02-R Gas Powered Pole Saw

Maxtra is highly admirable for its well-packaged features.

It’s the most efficient on the list of pole saws that I tested, and I’ll tell you why.

The gas pole saw comes with a powerful 42.7cc engine, and the engine capacity makes it ideal for cutting trees with very thick branches. Regardless of the branch thickness, this tool cuts conveniently in one pass.

That’s not all!

It also comes with a 10-inch bar and chain, making it possible to prune my orchard in less than 30 minutes. Fast, right?

Well, not only the bar and chain aided the speed. The shoulder strap assisted me to cut conveniently too.

Also, this pole saw is durably constructed and has anti-vibration to enable you to use the tool for an extended time.

I’m sure you wanna know about the reach, right? Don’t worry; I’ll tell you.

Maxtra has a height reach of about 12 feet, ideal for cutting limbs that are quite high. The pole length is extendable, and you can effectively cut branches in hard-to-reach spots without sweating.

For me, this is one of the best professional gas pole saws around.


Large capacity fuel tank
Efficient in cutting
Outstanding construction
Convenient to use for long hours
Well-balanced and ergonomic
Long chain bar


It’s a little heavy.
The user manual is not very detailed.

2. Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw

Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw

Poulan Pro PR28PS is another excellent pole saw for pruning.

Although it doesn’t come with the same engine capacity as the Maxtra, this lightweight gas pole saw has big ups too.

Why is it on this list?

I admire this tool greatly for its ease of starting. It is so easy that a teenager could conveniently start it in one pull.

The machine is simple to prime, and its choke lever, as well as rope, are quite easy to adjust.

Another thing I love about this pole saw is its incredible fuel efficiency. The tool uses an innovative technology known as the SureFire fuel delivery system to minimize fuel that goes into the engine.

Let’s talk about the engine and cutting capacity.

This saw’s powerhouse comprises a 28cc 2-Cycle engine with an 8-inch cutting bar. The engine and cutting bar are efficient to maintain a medium-sized lawn and cut tree branches that aren’t too thick.


It’s effortless to start
Fuel efficient
Easy to use
Possess the right engine capacity for cutting thin branches


It’s not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
Adjusting the chain tensioning is not easy.

3. TrimmerPlus TPP720 Gas Pole Saw

TrimmerPlus TPP720 Gas Pole Saw

If you have tall trees and had difficulties reaching the uppermost branches in the past, you should consider buying this pole.


TrimmerPlus is ideal as it comes with an 11-feet telescopic pole length.

By telescopic, it means you can extend the pole’s length by a few inches. Isn’t that incredible?

Thanks to this pole length, you can reach limbs beyond the reach of regular gas pole saws.

It doesn’t end there.

The gas powered pole saw is also detachable. You can detach the head, and the gas powered pole saw just becomes a regular chainsaw. This comes in handy if you want to cut the limbs into several bits for firewood.

Are there more excellent features? Definitely!

Apart from its detachable design and incredible pole reach, TrimmerPlus is exceptionally light. And this is so because it has no engine motor, making its movement really convenient.

The saw is also easy to lubricate. Since it comes with an automatic oiler, you save energy and time of lubricating the saw blade every time.

Finally, this tool has a good cutting capacity. And thanks to its 8-inch bar and chain, cutting is seamless.


It’s easy to detach and assemble
Straightforward to use
Telescopic pole
Automatic lubrication


Can’t cut thick branches.

4. Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw

Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw

Typically, most gas pole saws are large-sized but not Remington RM25PS [2].

This saw might be compact; however, it packs all the useful features into its small-sized body.

So, what are these features?

Remington RM25PS possesses a 25cc engine that provides enough power to take down stubborn tree limbs. Thanks to this engine, you can trim the trees in your yard quickly.

Also, the tool is lightweight, meaning you won’t feel exhausted while using it. This, ultimately, makes it convenient to carry around (even with the pole) for effective trimming.

What of the saw’s pole?

It measures seven feet and can be extended by a further five. This means you can cut hard-to-reach limbs without breaking a bone.

More importantly, Remington considers the users’ convenience vital. And that’s why this RM25PS comes with an automatic oiler.

You don’t have to bother about lubricating the bar and chain manually. It does so automatically, allowing you to focus on your cutting task.

This is one of the best gas pole saw considering its features and price.


Good for the price
Easy to use and maintain
Straightforward to lubricate
Compact and lightweight


Leak oil when not in use

5. PROYAMA 260 Gas Pole Saw

PROYAMA 260 Gas Pole Saw

I love this gas pole saw because of its portability and low weight. And considering its features and several included accessories, I’d say that Proyama 26cc 5-in-1 is the best gas pole saw for the money.

Why? I’ll tell you

Proyama packs a potent 26cc engine and a super-efficient 12-inch cutting blade for any light pruning task. Thanks to this blade, I was able to trim all the trees in my lawn smoothly.

Additionally, this saw’s extendable pole length is applaudable. You can extend the pole up to 11.4 feet, which is pretty high.

For a relatively short person, this tool helps you reach limbs that are farther up comfortably.

Mind you, Proyama 26cc 5-in-1 is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified, so it’s environmentally and humanly safe to use. Its fuel consumption is, and carbon emissions are low.

Does the saw come with anti-vibration? YES!

It comes with anti-vibration, and it includes a shoulder strap that makes it comfortable to use for long hours.

It’s also easy to set up, thanks to the included accessories. I didn’t find assembling the gas-powered tool difficult.


Easy angled adjustments
EPA certified
Adjustable pole length
Lightweight and portable
Includes several accessories
Easy to start


The included manual is not comprehensive.
It’s not designed for heavy-duty projects.

What to Consider When Buying Gas Pole Saw?

Best Gas Pole Saw

Buying the best gas pole saw isn’t only about cashing on the fanciest one. You need to ensure that it meets all the requirements.

This guide will help you make a more informed decision regarding what gas pole saw to purchase.

Noise Level

Loud sounds can be disturbing and may even damage the ears. And typically, gas pole saws create more noise than most other pole saws while in use due to their big gas-powered engines.

The bigger the engine, the more noise it generates.

Although a modern gas pole saw creates far lesser noise, you should ensure that you select the one that makes minimal noise while in use.

Construction Material

The material used in making a pole saw’s components has a tremendous effect on its overall weight.

If the engine, the head, and the pole are made with heavy materials, maneuverability will be significantly impacted.

So, when choosing a gas pole saw, go for those with light and durable materials. This makes lifting the tool easier.

Shoulder Strap

As I previously mentioned, gas pole saws are pretty heavy due to their massive engines. Consequently, working with them will get your hands weary in the long run. That’s where a shoulder strap comes into the picture.

Shoulder straps are new additions to pole saws that make it possible for users to work for extended hours.

They help to distribute the saw’s weight equally. Hence, it’s crucial to get one with a shoulder strap to prevent exhaustion.

EPA Certification

All power tools that use fuel are certified by the U.S EPA, also known as Environmental Protection Agency.

If a tool is certified by the EPA, it satisfies all requirements as labeled by the agency, making it environmentally safe to use.

So, why should you buy a gas pole saw with EPA certification?

Fuel powers a gas pole saws. And as the fuel burns, it emits carbon, which is dangerous to human health and the environment.

Buying a gas pole saw with EPA certification means that such a tool creates less fumes and has no negative impact on health and the environment.

Power and CC

The power of a gas pole is determined by the gas engine’s rating, also known as CC.

The higher the CC, the bigger the engine size, and the more power it possesses. For example, an engine rated 25cc is less powerful than an engine rated 42cc.

Your choice of a gas pole saw depends on the job.

If you have a medium-sized yard, 25cc will do just fine. However, for large trimming tasks, an engine with a higher rating will suffice.

Pole Length

The pole length is a massive factor that determines the reach of a pole saw. It impacts how high you can go in cutting those distant branches.

Generally, the longer the pole saw, the better the reach. However, a long pole can make handling tough and affect stability, especially if the length is fixed.

Therefore, you should opt for telescopic pole saws, as they allow you to adjust the pole to your desired length easily.

Bar Length

The bar length determines a saw’s cutting thickness.

The longer the bar length, the more it can cut through thicker branches, and the better its cutting efficiency.

Depending on the job, a bar length of 8 inches is more than enough to cut through thick tree branches on most trees. However, you can go for higher ones if you are dealing with too thick branches.

Pole Saw Weight and Balance

A saw’s overall weight affects maneuverability and determines how long you can comfortably hold it.

A gas pole saw that’s too heavy increases the chances of dropping it (albeit mistakenly)). This consequently makes it challenging to complete your task.

Although most gas pole saws are characterized by their heaviness, some gas powered pole saws are heavier than others.

My advice?

Look for a well-balanced saw, a little lightweight, and easier to carry.


What’s the purpose of using a saw if it doesn’t offer optimal maneuverability? How do you get those accurate trims if the saw is bulky and difficult to control?

When in the market for a gas pole saw, you should choose one with a telescopic pole length and a narrower head profile. This makes handling the telescoping pole saw and cutting between branches better.


As previously stated, buying a pole saw isn’t about cashing on the fanciest or the most expensive one.

Most people always think the most expensive equates to the best performance, but it’s not always so.

When buying a gas pole saw, consider your needs and the value the gas powered pole saw will offer. If it checks all the boxes, you should go for it.


Gas pole saws are expensive due to their efficiencies and powers. However, each of them falls within a price bracket.

The price of a gas pole saw is usually determined by its features and performance. The more features it possesses, the pricier it gets.

For this reason, you should go for the product with the right features to cut down on costs.

Extension Length

A pole saw with an extendable length makes your tree trimming super seamless, especially for short tree cutters. Therefore, you should consider purchasing one with a telescopic length.


A product is as good as its warranty. A gas pole saw with long years of warranty lasts longer than a saw with a shorter one.


Although several brands produce gas pole saws, some of them manufacture poorly designed gas powered saws too.

Buying a gas pole saw made by a trusted, and reliable brand assures you of optimal performance and durability.


Not every gas pole saw is easy to maintain, as some cost a fortune.

In choosing a gas pole saw, consider buying one that’s simply designed and inexpensive to maintain. This prolongs the most pole saws’s lifespan.

Power to Weight Ratio

Gas pole saws are weighty and powerful. But if it’s too heavy, working extensively will be hampered.

When selecting a gas pole saw, ensure that the the best gas powered pole saw’s weight equates to the power. They need to be directly proportional so that your hands don’t get weary after a long time.

Safety Features

Gas pole saws are prone to kickbacks, and the risks of getting injured are pretty high. Before buying a gas pole saw, check its safety features.

If the saw lacks an anti-kickback feature, you should avoid purchasing it.

2-Cycle Saw

Although most gas pole saws come with a 2-cycle engine, some possess a 4-cycle engine [3].

2-cycle means you can mix both oil and gasoline in the same fuel tank, unlike 4-cycle saws with separate tanks for oil and gasoline.

2-cycle engines are more fuel-economical than 4-cycle engines but less powerful. Therefore, you need to pick the right one that suits your needs better.

Bar and Chain

Bar and chain impact the saw’s cutting capacity.

Gas pole saws with an easy-to-adjust bar and chain make cutting tasks easier. Unfortunately, not every gas pole saw has that.

Thankfully, most products in this review have an adjustable bar and chains, so you shouldn’t worry. I got you covered!

Links and Teeth

Another thing that affects cutting efficiency is tooth number.

A saw with several teeth makes cutting quicker and more efficient. I suggest purchasing a saw with at least 20 TPI (teeth per inch).

Working Height

Working height refers to a combination of the pole length, your height, and arm length.

To get the working height, you must verify the accurate measurements of all three variables. This will help you determine how high the pole can get when fully extended.

Detachable Saw

Being able to detach a saw and convert it to a full pole chainsaw is a cool feature, but not every gas pole saws allow that.

If you don’t want to restrict a pole saw to pruning limbs, you should consider getting a detachable one.

Anti-Vibration Handle

Gas pole saws create lots of vibration during use, and this makes using them for long hours impossible. But the good thing is, all best gas pole saws in this review come with an anti-vibration handle.

What’s anti-vibration?

In simple terms, it means you’ll experience fewer vibrations when holding the gas saw and use it more conveniently for longer hours.

Oiler and Lubrication

A gas pole saw either has an automatic oiler or a manual oiler.

An automatic oiler is preferred because it lubricates the saw without your input, ensuring that you use it more efficiently.

On the contrary, manual oilers require that you press a specific button to release a certain oil amount to the engine. This can be pretty stressful, especially when in the middle of a cutting job.


Most times, what impacts a product’s durability is the type of material used. Since you use gas pole saws to prune and cut branches often, it’s crucial that their components are made with materials that can withstand pressure and wear.

Therefore, you should avoid pole saws that are made with super-light materials.


Gas pole saws are powered by fuel. As a result, carbon is released into the environment.

For this reason, you should purchase a saw that’s more eco-friendly with low-level carbon emissions.


A portable saw will make carrying more convenient. It also boosts performance and makes pruning more seamless.

Therefore, you should opt for relatively lightweight models.

How to Use a Gas Pole Saw?

Using gas pole saws isn’t really different from using a chainsaw; the only difference is the pole.

They are pretty straightforward to use, and I bet that you will get it right at once.

So here is how to use the tool.

  • Choose where you are going to cut from. Observe the height, and then extend the pole so that it meets with the desired reach.
  • Shake the primer or press the fuel pump a few times. I normally press the pump to facilitate quick starting.
  • Pull the choke lever back to allow air to mix with the fuel. This is a popular technique to facilitate quick starting.
  • Remember, you are holding a pole, so you need to maintain a steady position. Grasp the saw properly and pull the starting rope until it jerks. With the techniques already provided, you shouldn’t experience difficulty in starting it.
  • Once it starts, release the throttle trigger by pressing it. You can release it multiple times to warm up the engine. However, don’t use full speed just yet. Start slowly.
  • Now, adjust the pole saw to the desired cutting angle. Move the pole upwards if you want to reach higher. The key here is to keep the saw’s weight under control before making any cut.
  • Start cutting from the top of the branch and work your way downwards. At this point, you can increase the speed of the throttle.
  • After you are done trimming a particular area, bring the pole down and lose the throttle. You can also take some time off to rest.
  • Adjust the chain and release the throttle to continue cutting.

These steps generally describe how to use a regular gas pole saw. However, there may be one or two alterations in design that may require a slightly different set of instructions on how to operate it.

It’s important that you read the accompanying set of instructions to avoid misusing the saw.

Safety Tips While Using a Gas Pole Saw

Using gas pole saws is sometimes risky. And if not careful, it can cause some nasty injuries and possible death.

To prevent work hazards, you need to abide by safety rules.

Below are some safety tips while using a gas pole saw.

  • First off, make sure you go through the manufacturer’s manual, as not all information is generic. Some information is peculiar to specific saw models.
  • Ensure the work area is clean and devoid of debris or anything that could affect efficiency.
  • Wear safety pieces of equipment. Gears like goggles, gloves, ear protectors, boots, and helmets must be on your body to offer optimal protection and safety.
  • Chainsaws are susceptible to kickbacks, and there is every chance that you may experience blades jumping out of the bar and chain. Use chain blades with anti-kickback features to prevent kickbacks.
  • Check for possible blade damages before you start using the pole saw. Additionally, check if all the components are in order.
  • Always be conscious of your environment, especially where you stand while cutting. Check the ground occasionally to avoid getting tipped over by stumps or falling branches.
  • As I already explained, some gas pole saws can be extended to a certain height, right? The thing, however, is that the higher they get, the heavier the saw becomes. And the more difficult it gets to control. You need to take some breaks in between each cut to recover before continuing.
  • Cut slowly but steadily, starting from one limb and moving to the other. Avoid rushing while cutting because the blade can get stuck in the middle of the task. Plus, if rushed, the cuts won’t be the smoothest of all.
  • Cut during the day and in a bright light environment, as gas pole saws don’t come with LEDs.
  • Don’t use chainsaws to cut wet trees, as they can be incredibly slippery. This could render the blade inefficient for subsequent use and cause severe injuries.
  • Should you find yourself in a complicated situation, call for professional help immediately. Also, if the cutting is getting riskier and the limb is near power lines, the safest thing to do is call an expert.

How to Properly Maintain a Gas Pole Saw?

Maintaining a gas pole saw prolongs the saw’s lifespan and ensures that its cutting efficiency is maintained.

The truth is that maintaining a gas pole saw is not as difficult as people think. What you need is some level of discipline and consistency.

To properly maintain a gas pole saw;

  • Keep the machine clean after a job. Brush off all the debris and dirt accumulated on the bar and chain and other components.
  • Replace all the bolts and screws immediately if you notice any of them missing.
  • Always maintain a sharp chain blade to ensure that you cut more precisely and cleanly. If the blade is worn-out, replace it immediately [4].
  • Always keep the fuel tank empty when not in use and store it in a dry place.
  • Replace the fuel and oil tank if leaks occur. It needs to work at an optimum level to enhance efficiency.
  • Keep the air filters clean. You may not be able to clean it after every use, but you can clean it occasionally.
  • Replace the starter rope if it’s worn-out. The starting rope must be in good condition to prevent accidents.
  • Clean the spark plug frequently, as it easily gets dirty.
  • Lastly, keep the pole saw out of the reach of children.

Final Verdict

Pruning trees is pretty easy with the right tool. And the best thing about the pruning tall trees using the right tool is you will have so much FUN doing it.

Did I just hear you ask what my top choice of a gas pole saw is?

Well, my top choice is the Maxtra Gas Pole Saw 42.7cc 2-Cycle Powerful Chainsaw, and here is why.

This gas pole saw packs a powerful engine that can trim branches efficiently and quickly.

Additionally, it comes with an extensive bar length that makes cutting thick branches and tree limbs so easy.

There you have it, folks.

Do you want to purchase the best gas pole saw? Click here!



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