Best Jigsaw Blades

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How great your jigsaw will perform depends on how great its blades are. There are a wide variety of jigsaw blades, but one may meet your needs, not all. Not to get fooled by the dealers with their non-standard products, you should have gathered some knowledge before buying it. Before buying, you must consider certain factors, and you are in the right place. Some factors to be considered:

If you have woodwork only, a blade of carbon steel is enough. But for hard materials, you must go for stuff like tungsten carbide, which enhances durability.

Teeth per inch of jigsaw blade determine the cutting speed, and performance. Teeth per inch on a blade varies materials to materials. For wood, a blade with 4 to 6 teeth per inch is enough, while for softer material like plastic 16 to 18 teeth per inch is an ideal range, and for hard metals, you need at least 20 teeth or more.

Two types of the shank are available in the market-T shank and U-shank. T-shaped blades fit almost all the jigsaws around. If you have jigsaws that only accept U-shank, then go for it.

It won't be wise for you not to check the durability of your products before buying it. Tungsten carbide and bi-metals make products more durable.

I think our review will help you to choose best jigsaw blades.

Bosch Jigsaw blade set comes with five different pairs of the blade for different types of materials. This assortment of blades adds function and affordability to your jigsaw blade and saw application needs. This blade set is perfectly compatible with all available Jigsaws, including Bosch, DEWALT, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo, Pontas cable, and craftsman jigsaws. This affordable blade set is an excellent add-on to any toolset. The t-shank design of these blades ensures maximum grip and stability. On top of that, this design helps to decrease breakage eliminating the need to set the screw in the mounting hole. It also offers a plastic case for blade storage.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Reduce breakage
  • Compatibility
  • T-shank design


  • Need much effort for hard tasks

If you always have occasion to deal with a vast array of projects, the DEWALT DW3742c 14-piece set will be a significant gain. This set consists of extensive 7 blades types, which render a versatile and functional accomplishment of your cutting jobs. This blade set not only goes well with all kinds of wood or plastic but also with most types of metal nicely. These blades are 6, 10, 12, 18, and 32 inches. This T-shank blade perfectly fits all Bosch and DEWALT jigsaws. These blades are stacked inside a case for supreme safety. What you may not like about it is that these blades have some bending issues. Otherwise, this blade set must head our list.


  • Affordable
  • Seven blade types
  • Durable


  • Only fits BOSCH and DEWALT Jigsaw

This 30 piece Bosch blade set is best for woodworkers who love fast accomplishments. What is appreciable is that there are availabilities of diverse blades sizes in this set. These blades go will with the both corded and cordless jigsaw. But this blade set does not work with metal. You can only cut through wood with it. Though only on wood it gives you the most efficient and cleanest woodworking experience. It includes a plastic tube as well.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for wood cutting
  • Faster and cleaner cutting
  • Varied blade sizes


  • Cut through metal
  • Not enough durable

Hitachi 725397 satisfies woodworker's needs with its high level of strength and durability. What enables this blade cut through abrasive cement materials is it's being made with carbide tipped tooth. If you get Hitachi 725397, you will feel creative. You can use it in the way you want. This blade is ideal for plexiglass, fiberglass, and fiber cement. For its bing 4-Inch long and having only six teeth per inch, let it deal with softer and thin materials simultaneously. It makes fast and clean cuts with powerful jigsaws.


  • Durable
  • Long warranty offer


  • Expensive

With six different blade types, this 21-piece Bosch blade set takes your cutting to a higher accuracy level. The 21-piece set is apt for all Jigsaws that accept T-shank blades. Remodelers, installers, and general purchase tool-users find this set very convenient. It's T-shank design maximizes grip and stability, and the T144DP minimizes blade bending to ensure a straight cut. This 21-piece set completes with six different blade types: Five T101B clean for wood, five T144DP precision for wood, Two T345XF progressions for all purchase multi-material, five TII8A basics for metal, two T123X progressors for metal, and two T141HMI specials for fiver and plaster. With the progressive tooth pitch, you can get the fastest cuts of both thick and thin materials. This 21-piece set is made from high carbon steel, which gives less bend or twist and not breaking. It also offers a carrying case for safe organization and transportation.


  • T-shank blade design
  • Fastest cuts of both thick and thin materials
  • Less bend or twist
  • Made from high carbon steel
  • Have a carrying case


  • Dull

The various aspects of these five different blade types ranging from six to twenty-four teeth per inch, make BLACK+DECKER a necessary tool for woodworkers. All kinds of wood, PVC, and even some metals can be cut through with these blade types. This blade set is apt for intricate cutting though you may get not so fast cutting experience. These blades are durable yet affordable. So, you don't need to replace them frequently and save your money for a more extended period.


  • Five blade types
  • Durable and sharp


  • Short

Bosch T101A03 3-piece set is unrivaled in providing precise and accurate cuts even on the intricate ones. This expensive but small blade set is based on the T-shank design. The blades can cut soft multi-layer materials like durable-sides laminate and hardwood or MDF boards. It features pointed teeth to ensure a splinter-free cut. These blades are designed to make smooth and clean cuts on curved ones. Scroll cutting is another distinctive aspect of these blades. Easy insertion and removal of these blades also make this set worth buying.


  • T-shank design
  • Pointed teeth to ensure splinter-free cut
  • Scroll cutting
  • Easy insertion and removal


  • Pricey
  • Not durable
  • Curved blades below the shank may cause some problem

Faster cutting without any deflection makes Lenox 2085F518S grab the buyer's attention despite being a little costly. Along with precise cuts, this blade provides a smooth finish and straight cuts. This blade is ideal for cutting metal. Bi-metal manufacture makes it last longer.


  • Cut without any deflection
  • Precise cut and smooth finish
  • Ideal for metal cutting


  • Expensive

Milwaukee 49-22 blade pack offers two all-purpose blades and three metal blades to meet your needs. The blades are made from durable bimetal. Its T-shank design ensures a clean and smooth cut on hard metal steels. This blade pack goes well with the jigsaws from Milwaukee itself. It's the ease of use, and reasonable prices make buyers fall for it.


  • Durable
  • Easy use
  • Bimetal made
  • Ensure smooth cuts on metal steels
  • Affordable


  • Not written instruction

With this 16piece SKIL blade, you can cut through a variety of materials. Woodworkers who like fast and delicate cutting must own this set. This set is convenient for scroll, fine, and multi-purpose cutting in plastic and composite materials. Besides, the blades provide smooth cutting in soft materials. Drywell and plaster can also be cut through with it. High carbon steel and high-speed steel is used to make it durable, and woodworkers show interest in buying this set for its durability. This set is suitable for all SKIL and other significant brands Jigsaws that accept U-shank design.


  • Enough durable
  • High carbon steel and high-speed steel
  • Convenient and fast cutting


  • Need U-shank for installation

Best Jigsaw Blades Buying Guide

The performance of a jigsaw is almost entirely dependent on the blade of it. The better the blade, the smoother and better will be the cuts. Hence, when you decide to purchase the jigsaw blades, you might want all the possible features in the blade.

But which feature is essential, and which is not for the jigsaw blade? If you want to know them adequately, red-on the following buying guide for the market's best jigsaw blades.

Material to Cut

At first, you need to decide which type of material you would cut with the jigsaw blade. It is essential since each jigsaw blade is designed to cut specific materials. Jigsaws are designed to cut different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.

Meta cutting jigsaws will require the hardest blade with a higher number of teeth. On the contrary, plastic and wood material will need low to medium numbers of teeth. So, you must decide the working material when purchasing the jigsaw blade. If you use a blade for cutting material that it is not designed for, the blade will wear out soon.

Blade Material Type

Once you have decided on the material type you want to cut, focus on the blades' material type. It will determine the blade's capacity to cut different materials. Mostly, jigsaw blades are of three kinds. These types are-

  • High-Carbon Steel Blades

If you want to work with wood mostly and make some intricate and curved cuts, choose the blades made of high-carbon stainless steel. It is flexible and inexpensive too. The affordability means you can purchase the blades in bulk amount.

These blades will become dull soon.  But, the bulk purchase in an affordable budget balances the blades limited durability.

  • Tungsten Blades

The tungsten blades are the sturdiest and most solid of all jigsaw blades. It is highly resistant to heat and abrasion and so more durable than other jigsaw blade types. The tungsten blades are different since these don't have the conventional teeth.

Instead, it works like a grit paper and uses tungsten's strength and hardness to cut through materials. The carbide grit attached to the tungsten blade is exceptionally durable. You can use the blade to cut fiberglass, steel metal, and ceramic.

  • Bi-Metal Blades

The bi-metal blades feature high-speed metal teeth along with the carbon steel structure.  The carbon steel structure enhances flexibility without limiting durability. Hence, you can use for curved cuts quickly.

Also, metal teeth mean it is less likely to become dull soon. Also, the bi-metal blades are indeed incredibly durable all-round. You can opt for these blades to cut both wood and metal.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI):

The number of teeth per inches on the jigsaw blade will actually determine its cutting speed, smoothness, and overall performance. Also, you must know that the TPI decides the blades' capacity to cut different materials.

For Wood

Since wood is softer than metals, you need lower TPI blades for these materials. Generally, 4 to 6 teeth per inch are suitable to work with most wood materials. It will provide you sufficient cutting speed along with the smoothness you want.

However, you can even opt for the 4 to 6 TPI to cut some even softer wood.

For Plastic

Higher teeth count means better cutting smoothness and performance. Hence, when you work with sturdier materials, you need to increase the blade's TPI. Similarly, you need a higher TPI for plastics than wood because plastic is harder than wood.

Although experts suggest getting a jigsaw blade for cutting plastics with 16-18 TPI, even 10-12TPI blades will work fine.

For Metal

Honestly speaking, jigsaws don't offer satisfactory cuts on metals. Nonetheless, if you want to cut metals with the jigsaw blades anyway, focus on getting a higher TPI blade. When you cut metals, the blade must move slower with a higher TPI count.

It is recommended that you get a jigsaw blade with at least 20TPI to cut metals.

Shank Type (T Vs. U Shape Shank)

The blade's shank is that part that will attach with the jigsaw and securely lock it for working on different materials.  You will find two types of shank type for the jigsaw blades.


The 'U' of the shank refers to the word universal. So, it is a universal shank for the blades. However, it doesn't fit all the jigsaws.  Instead, the u-shank name came from the U-shape of the shank. It has cut out top.

Earlier, most jigsaws used the u-shank lock, but its use has declined with the jigsaw design's advancement.


As we have adequately mentioned previously, T-shank locks are used mostly by modern jigsaw manufacturers. Also, most jigsaws these days are compatible with the t-shank blades. It facilitates a tool-less blade changing.

Blade Size

The size of the jigsaw blade determines how thick or thin material it can cut. Generally speaking, you need to get the blade size 1 inch longer than the usual thickness of the cutting material.  Longer blades are hard to bend and mighty.

So, longer blades suit working with the sturdy material prominently.

Tooth Type

The tooth of the jigsaw blades is usually of two kinds, milled and ground. The milled teeth are bluntly structured. So, it performs rough and quick cuts with the least smoothness. Their best advantage is their longevity compared to the ground tooth type.

On the other side, if you want precise and more acceptable cuts and don't mind the cutting slowness, get the ground tooth type. Also, it will facilitate sharper cuts.

Tooth Layout

You will get the jigsaw blades tooth layout in four different variations. These are side, taper, wavy, and reverse.

Reverse tooth layout works fine on those materials that splint during the cuts. For straight and sharp cuts, choose the wavy teeth layout. If you want fined edges but don't mind cutting with slowness, the taper teeth will best help you. Finally, the side tooth layout is suitable for rough but quick cuts.

Durability and Warranty

Finally, consider the warranty you will get the jigsaw blade. Ideally, most manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty for any manufacturing defects on the jigsaw blades. However, some high-end and expensive jigsaw blades will offer you a 2-years warranty.

So, don't miss the warranty and durability part of the blades for jigsaws.

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