Best Corded Jigsaw Reviews for All with Buying Guide

A jigsaw is one of the most dynamic and versatile power tools in the workshop. First off, it can work on wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic materials with great effectiveness. Also, it is an inexpensive model than the miter saw, and easier to transport than the band. Finally, it can perform straight and intricate cuts that often a circular saw fails to do.

Hence, for any workshop owner, the best corded jigsaw is a staple item. A corded jigsaw will free you from the hassle of continuously changing or charging the battery.  However, with tons of alternatives finding the right corded jigsaw might be tedious for you.

That’s why we have tested over 30+ corded jigsaws and took opinions from experts and professionals to come up with the five promising and useful corded jigsaw reviews for professionals, hobbyists, and DIYers alike.

Also, our inclusion of the buying guide covering all crucial corded jigsaw factors and the FAQ section will assist you in the purchase more.

Why Corded Jigsaw and Its Benefits?

A corded jigsaw is an excellent power tool for workshops. The following points will help you understand the practical benefits of using a corded jigsaw.

  • The corded jigsaws are easy to use and control. So, it is a suitable option for both beginners and professionals.
  • Corded jigsaws are more potent than the cordless or battery-powered jigsaws. So, it can tackle the larger cutting project with ease.
  • Cordless jigsaw needs continuous charging, which can be challenging for many workers. A corded jigsaw frees you for such hassles.
  • A corded jigsaw is frequently built with the safety of the users in mind. These include safety wiring and anti-kickback technology. So, even kids can use the jigsaw under the seniors’ supervision.
  • Most corded jigsaws are compact and lightweight. So, you can easily carry them into different locations for project completion.

Our Top Picks Comparison Chart

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What to Consider When Buying Corded Jigsaw?

We have reviewed five popular and top-performing corded jigsaws presently available in the market. So, it should be easier for you to pick the right one for your woodworking and metalworking purposes. Yet, some people may be confused about selecting the right tool for their work still.

Hence, in this buying guide, we will discuss the critical corded jigsaw factors that one must consider before purchasing the power tool. So, let’s get-go.

Also, if you have already made your mind on what is the best corded jigsaw for you, we recommend you to escape the following points.

Motor Output

Firstly, you will effectively need to consider the motor type and output for the corded jigsaw. Ideally speaking, a soft starting and brushless motor are more preferable since it will last longer than the brushed motor.

Also, check the motor output. Most standard professional jigsaw will deliver between 5.00AMP to 7.00AMP of motor output. Anything above this range is considered heavy-duty and may only be required for the largest cutting projects.

Also, anything less than 5.00AMP output may be a bit weak to handle the tough cutting jobs. However, lower amperage models are the least expensive too.

Speed Rating

The speed rating is either marked by RPM (Rotation per Minute) or SPM (Strokes per Minutes). It broadly refers to the blades completed a rotation in each minute. A higher cycle means the blade will cut quickly, and slow speed has a slow cutting capacity.

Ideally, you will see most corded jigsaws with 0-3500RPM speed capacity. Also, higher RPM is essential to cut hardwood and rugged metals.

Variable Speed

The variable speed control is linked directly with the speed rating. While most jigsaws will offer you anything between 0-3500RPM, you should get a unit with the most variable speed control. The more the variables are, the better the cutting capacity will be.

For instance, PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Jig Saw has seven variable speed control setup. So, you can set the speed at seven different settings to meet the cutting requirement. However, you will get three or five-speed variations in the most corded jigsaws.

Jigsaw Types

Another crucial factor that massively affects the decision-making process is the type of jigsaw you should get. There are two basic types of jigsaws, and their difference lies in the design and blade motion during the cutting jobs.

These two types of jigsaws are:

  • Orbital jigsaw: As the name suggests, the blade moves in an orbital formation for the orbital jigsaw. It is adept at intricate cuts on soft metals and wood. So, you can use the orbital jigsaw blade for circular, curved, and even straight cuts.  It used T-shank or U-shank blades.
  • Straight reciprocating saw: The blade moves with a push and pull motion and is widely used for rip cuts.  Also, artisans use the straight reciprocating saw for detailed works.

Blade Type and Construction

It is the blade of the jigsaw that will accomplish all the cuts. So, the type of blade and its construction material needs a key consideration. Also, you need to count for the blade length and numbers of the tooth on the edge.

The blade length will determine its cutting capacity. The lengthier the blade, the higher the cutting capacity of the jigsaw will be. However, we discourage purchasing a too-long blade since it can get broken easily.

Also, the blade material needs to be sturdy enough to withstand abrasion and damages. You can seek for the tungsten or steel made blades.  But the most durable blade material is diamond, which is used for working with the toughest metals.

Lastly, think about the number of teeth per inches (TPI) of the blade.  A TPI of 20-30 is suitable for working with plywood and soft metals. But if you want to work with hard metals, choosing a TPI over 35 will be useful.

Cord Length

Since you will buy a corded jigsaw, the cord length plays a crucial factor here. The cord length will determine how far the jigsaw can reach from its power outlet. Ideally, 10 feet to 15 feet cords are sufficient to cover a workshop at ease.

Portability and Convenience

If you work in different projects in different locations, getting a lightweight and easily portable jigsaw will be helpful. You should consider a jigsaw portable if it weighs less than 10 pounds. Also, the handle should feel ergonomics to stop work fatigue.

Best Corded Jigsaw – Reviews

Corded jigsaws are available in a different size, shapes, power output, and cutting capacity. Take a look at the most convenient and practical jigsaws with cord extension to meet your woodworking and metalworking shops.

1. Bosch JS470E Corded Jigsaw

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The Bosch JS470E is an ideal jigsaw for those who want to pinpoint accuracy and smoothness in every cutting job they perform.  The jigsaw features four orbital –action settings. So, you can choose different blade strokes to perform a variety of cuts.

So, whether it is the most demanding and aggressive cuts or the regular ones, everything is performed with a single tool. It saves time and hassle since you won’t have to switch for different tools for various cuts anymore.

The next practical feature of the corded jigsaw is its tool-less blade adjustment. So, you can change the blades quickly with ease. Also, it has a lock-button with an ambidextrous facility. So, whether you are ardently a lefty or a right-handed, the locking has made super-easy.

Furthermore, the blade features an ejection lever for the quick insertion of the blade. It cooperates with the variable speed to offer the smoothest cuts ASAP.

The motor runs at 7AMP speed to provide a sufficient 500-3100SMP with variable control. So, you can choose between fast-paced and slow cutting options. Also, the motor is cleverly placed on a die-cast iron base.

The base and lock-on button come handy for steady and flawless operation. With such steadiness, the corded jigsaw also features low-vibration and plunging mechanism for achieving the most accurate cutting results.

Last but not least, at 10.1 pounds weight, this jigsaw is easy to move, and the ergonomic handle makes portability a breeze too.

Key Specifications:

  • Strokes: 500-3100SPM
  • Motor: 7.00AMP
  • Weight: 10.1 pounds
  • Capacity (wood): 5-7/8”


  • Versatile power saw to work on wood, steel, and aluminum metal.
  • Variable speed control and convenient lock-on button.
  • The handlebar is ergonomic, and the overall weight is light too.
  • The lock-on button and die-cast base provide superior steadiness.


  • Lacks LED guided bar
  • Hefty pricing


The Bosch JS470E is made for professional usage. You will love its accuracy and smoothness at work, along with its convenience.

2. DEWALT DW331K Jigsaw

[amazon box=”B0007XXHHI”]

If you are promptly seeking for the best compact corded jigsaw with uncompromising performance, the DeWalt DW331K would definitely top the list. At 6.4 pounds weight, this jigsaw won’t ask for extreme pressure to transport to any locations.

Also, the powerful 6.5AMP motor delivers sufficient variable speed to cut through maximum materials in a blinking of eyes. Indeed, its 500-3100SPM variable rate is designed to work with both robust and soft materials.

The speed adjustment is quick, which cooperates with the tool-free blade change. These together offer you a fast cutting experience.  Furthermore, the orbital-action has four settings to execute fast, rough and aggressive cuts across all kinds of materials.

Moreover, the adjustable orbital-action supports accuracy and control for better quality during the cutting applications.

The corded jigsaw blade system also features an innovative flush cutting mechanism to perform flush cuts. The bevel adjustment is possible from 0° to 45° with the included bevel dents for accuracy. Then, there is the metal blade construction for added endurance.

The casing is also made from metal to enhance the overall durability. On the other side, the rubber grip features ergonomic and extra-large design. So, you can hold the device with ease and experience less fatigue.

And as you work with wood, mild steel, or aluminum, the integrated dust blower keeps the working area dust free. It increases visibility during the applications to promote accuracy and safety.

Key Specifications:

  • Strokes: 500-3100SPM
  • Motor: 6.50AMP
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Capacity (wood): 5-7/8”


  • Key-less blade and bevel adjustment with superior accuracy
  • Fatigue-free use ensures comfort during extended usage
  • Reduced vibration and sturdy base helps to achieve accuracy
  • Lightweight construction with rubber grip handles for easy portability.


  • Accepts only T-shank blades
  • No LED light for visibility


The corded jigsaw comes in a compact size and handy variation to perform the most stringent cuts at ease. Also, you get the trustworthy and legendary experience of DeWalt with the power tool.

3. Makita 4329K Jigsaw

[amazon box=”B000XULXEO”]

This compact and medium-duty jigsaw comes from Makita, who has a fantastic reputation to manufacturer the best always. So, you can trust on the built quality and reliable delivery from the Makita 4329K Jigsaw.

At 3.9 AMP motor, this may not be an ideal option to work on tough metals and hardwoods. Yet, it facilitates a 500-3000SPM speed variable that is sufficient to perform most cutting jobs, if not all.

The orbital-action permits three position adjustments to meet the necessity of different cutting jobs. Also, you can control the variable speed with the integrated speed control dial. So, you can quickly opt for the right place, set it, and off you go for the cutting jobs.

The lock button on the other side allows quick and accurate cuts under all circumstances. You can also change and adjust the blade quickly, thanks to the onboard hex wrench.

Additionally, the Makita Jigsaw also brings precision and accuracy into play for each cutting jobs. It has a counterweight balancing mechanism for added comfort and less vibration to ensure such exceptional accuracy.

The corded jigsaw also has dual beveling capacity. You can perform 90° straight beveling cuts and up to 45° angled cuts on the left side. Lastly, at 4.18 pounds, this is the lightest corded jigsaw in our review list. So, you can take it anywhere for cutting purposes.

Hence, we had little doubt about putting it in the list as the best corded jigsaw under $100.

Key Specifications:

  • Strokes: 500-3000SPM
  • Motor: 3.50AMP
  • Weight: 4.18 pounds
  • Length: 8-7/8”


  • Integrated dust blower and LED light to maximize cutting visibility.
  • The lightweight jigsaw delivers solid cutting performance.
  • One of the most affordable yet high-performing jigsaws presently.
  • Less vibration and fatigue-free operation with the counterweight design.


  • May not be an ideal option for heavy-duty projects.
  • The blade adjustment is a bit lengthy.


Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, Makita 4329K offers maximum comfort and delivers unbeatable performance for all.


[amazon box=”B00OZEUL7Y”]

This PCE345 Jigsaw is another affordable alternative for the best corded jigsaw presently available in the market.  Besides the reasonable pricing, the jigsaw promises to provide the smoothest and easiest cutting experiences for all.

The jigsaw delivers sufficient power with a 6.00AMP operated motor. It is enough to cut through almost all types of wood and soft metals. Also, its 0-3200SPM speed dial is adjustable in seven various positions. So, the improved speed control brings more accurate results with the least distortions.

There is also orbital-action at four different settings that make working on various materials even more effortless. Next comes the lock-on switch to hold the speed setting in the same position unless you move it consciously. So, there’s no question of inaccuracy with the Porter-Cable jigsaw on an operation.

The lock-on switch also helps to reduce fatigue. Then there is the over-mold handle and oversized front of the jigsaw. All these account for comfortable and fatigue-free operation even during the extended uses.

You can also count on the key-less blade adjustment and replacement for completing all the cutting jobs with the quickest possible time. So, you will enjoy the boosted productivity along with the reduced downtime.

Therefore, the corded jigsaw has a perfect balance between performance, budget, efficiency, and easiness at work for professionals and DIYers alike.

Key Specifications:

  • Strokes: 0-3200SPM
  • Motor: 6.00AMP
  • Weight: 6.00 pounds
  • Speed settings: 7 positions


  • It has seven-speed variations for a widespread cutting variation on different materials.
  • The blade changing is tool-less that reduces the downtime and increases productivity.
  • The jigsaw performs multi-dimensional cuts  on different materials
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners alike.


  • The bevel cutting options are limited
  • Lacks LED light for visibility


If you want a compact and powerful corded jigsaw at reasonable pricing, the PCE345 jigsaw will be highly recommendable for you.


[amazon box=”B00OJ72LHK”]

This time, for our best corded jigsaw review, we have picked the BDEJS600C Jigsaw, which promises exemplary cutting functionality for all. Also, it is one of the lowest-priced jigsaws ready for professional applications with all possible features.

The jigsaw comes with a powerful 5.00AMP motor and features 0-3000SPM of cutting speed capacity. Also, it has four-position settings for the orbital-action. The variable speed and four orbital positionings cooperate together to work on different materials.

What’s more, the cutting power allows you to cut all the materials quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. You can adjust the variable speed with the lock-on switch for the preferred rate. Also, there is an option to set the bevel cut angle anywhere between 0° to 45°. As you perform the bevel cuts, its adjustable shoe ensures enhanced stability for you.

The jigsaw also features a lately improved and tested Wire Guard system. It increases the visibility of the workpiece, which further ensures surprising accuracy every time you work with the jigsaw. Additionally, the beveling shoe permits you to perform angel cuts in both directions.

Likewise, all standard corded jigsaws in our list, this one also has a tool-less blade replacement and bevel adjustment. So, it is a time-saving feature.

Finally, the jigsaw weighs only 4.6 pounds. So, you can effectively and easily take it to any woodworking or metal cutting projects. The ergonomic handle also supports comfortable portability.

Key Specifications:

  • Strokes: 0-3000SPM
  • Motor: 5.00 AMP
  • Weight: 4.60 pounds
  • Bevel capacity: 0°-45° dual side


  • Wire Guard increases workpiece visibility and reduces work time.
  • The pricing is reasonable, and it still delivers unbeatable performance.
  • The jigsaw supports dual bevel cutting capacity and exceptional accuracy.
  • It is lightweight and so ensures easy portability all the time.


  • Not so good at metal cutting.
  • The base needs improvement in the sturdiness.


We recommend the BDEJS600C Jigsaw for professionals and hobbyists who want accuracy and quick-cutting performance. Also, its affordable pricing is ideal for beginners.

Safety Tips When Using a Corded Jigsaw

  • Before you start using the corded jigsaw, take some time to familiarize yourself with the different parts and controls of the saw. Always go through the user manual for an in-depth understanding of the jigsaw.
  • We recommend you wear all the protective gear before working with the jigsaw. It includes gloves, safety goggles, and a face mask. However, some people think that wearing gloves may increase the risk of injury.
  • You should check the jigsaw wiring and power outlet connection condition regularly. It is crucial to avoid any electric shocks during the works. Also, it is recommended that you use an RGB circuit breaker for the jigsaw operation.
  • A jigsaw blade may wear out soon. So, regularly check for the sharpness and replace it when it is necessary. However, you can also seek for sharpening tool to sharpen the blade.
  • Always keep the surroundings clean. You can attach a dust bag with the dust collection porthole to accumulate the cutting particles for a clean workspace.


Whether you are ardently a hobbyist or professional craftsman, getting a corded jigsaw will ease out your workload. You can perform intricate cuts, straight cuts, or even the curved ones with the jigsaw. Hence, our five best corded jigsaws will increase your productivity and creativity.

These corded jigsaws are available in reasonable pricing and are lightweight too. So, you can carry them anywhere and complete the cutting projects quickly. Also, their durability is of top-class that indeed ensures peace of mind for the users.

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