8 Best Lightweight Chainsaws in 2024

Need a new chainsaw, but don’t want a too big one? Then you have clicked the right page right now. At present, lightweight chainsaws are available in a wide range. However, people struggle to choose among the common 3 types of entry leveled ones. Like electric vs gas vs battery-powered ones.

Even the fight for branded ones too. Of course, mini chainsaws are perfect for cutting down tree branches and small trees. Compared to typical manual handsaws, they do not trouble your arms and are very quick. Be it for any hobbyists or beginners and professional use.But how? Through our professional entry-level chainsaws listing.

See Top 8 Lightweight Chainsaws Reviews, Below

Are you ready to save your searching time for lightweight chainsaws through the below listing?

1. Greenworks 2000219 || 12-Inch Cordless Entry Level Chainsaw

  • Weight: 6 pounds;
  • Bar length: 12”;
  • Type: Battery- G Max 2/4 Ah.

Greenworks 12-inches entry level chainsaw gives a head start, manufactured as a 20262 model in our listing. It runs on a 40 Volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So, neither do you have to wait a long time to charge your chainsaw battery or wait for cutting in multiple positions.

This lightweight chainsaw is free of disturbing gas fumes and jumps to rapid actions being quiet. Because of its weight, the 6 pounds not only provides 75 cuts on 4×4 lumbers but ensures compatibility with the battery also. Whether the 12” steel bar and chain with tool-less chain offering the highest cutting performance at ease. If you want to cut the lumbers with minimal kickback, you can avail of it with a ⅜ inch chain pitch.

The Featuring auto-oiler allows oil to bars and chains too, to use it to an optimum level. Also, have a clear view of the fuel tank’s oil level and ensure the same durability at different angles.

Great battery life as per one’s need and a portable weight is worth money, as you can find many more features while using this one.

What we liked

  • Most lightweight;
  • Long battery life;
  • Small yet powerful;
  • Automatic oiler;
  • The battery delivers fade-free power.


  • Nothing found.

2. BLACK+DECKER (LCS1020B) || 10-Inch Cordless Entry Level Chainsaw

  • Weight: 7.2 pounds;
  • Bar length: 10”;
  • Type: 3Ah lithium-ion battery, cordless.

Our second finest entry level chainsaw we have experienced this year. Features a 10” premium low kickback bar and is powered by a cordless 20-volt rechargeable battery, yet lightweight. Isn’t it surprising? Of course, it is.

This lightweight chainsaw is a breeze to use around the home depot, garden, and workshop without any fatigue issues. If you work with it all day long, the battery will not disappoint you at all because the lithium-ion battery is enough to support the top-three brand’s chainsaw battery all by itself. 

Trust us, and we have also experienced the same. Even with this model battery, you can integrate with other B+D’s cordless power tools. Yet, some additional features surprised us too, like the user-friendly oiling system.

An attached window is there for a transparent view of the fluid level. Besides, the tool-free chain tensioner worked very well.

The ergonomic handle will let you feel the smoothness. But you can’t immerse it in any type of liquids.

What we liked

  • Silently work;
  • Affordable;
  • Comfortable to hold;
  • Long-life battery;
  • Easy tool-free tensioning.


  • No auto-oiler;
  • The battery pack costs extra.

3. Oregon CS1500 || 18 in. Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

  • Weight: 12.9 pounds;
  • Bar length: 18”;
  • Type: 15 AMP, electric corded.

Let’s talk about our experience with this electric-powered, corded lightweight chainsaw. It is one of the best aftermarket electric chainsaws, quite powerful. The main function that may separate it from others, is its self-sharpening system. Means, it can sharp its integrated blade while operating or maneuvering over the limbs. 

Instead, we sounded something dual, like both gas and electric powered chainsaw flow in one entry level chainsaw. It would wish to be both types since it is not. Its compatible functions are in-built for heavy-duty works.

However, the corded feature limits its mobility all around the workshop. But do not worry. It is an excellent solution to cut-off branches with low vibration, worth mentioning than the weight-class.

If you don’t have user experience, remember to regular tension. Neither the oiler may stop working for a while.

What we liked

  • Self-sharpening;
  • 18” long bar;
  • No batteries or fuel;
  • Over-molt comfortable handle;
  • Instant start;
  • Low vibration.


  • Kind of heavy-duty tool;
  • Forget tensioning can turn the chain loose.

4. DEWALT DCCS620P1 || Compact Cordless Chainsaw

  • Weight: 8.8 pounds;
  • Bar length: 14”;
  • Type: 2 Ah lithium-ion battery, cordless.

Many of our readers are ready-to-go for a lightweight chainsaw, as the saws are more compatible, useful, and affordable as their weight. Is it the same case for you? Then, we are presenting the DEWALT DCCS620P1 for you.

Its compact design will rather suthe you, yet its little hog 12” bar competes with the biggest huskies at ease in the entry-level chainsaw category. It got the most attention from us for its- pre-sharpened chain with a 0.50 gauge—also, a comfortable rubber handle, a tool-free chain tensioning, and a bar tightening knob.

At 20V, the brushless motor avails an excellent balance of silence and strength. Even we were able to cut off a tree in 16” diameter with 25.2 feet/second chain speed.

You can use its battery in more powerful tools like 6AMP and up, without fast draining and damaging your battery. So do not worry while using it for outdoor cutting applications and construction because your family would not get noticed due to this silent piece.

What we liked

  • Bar clamping force;
  • High-efficiency brushless motor;
  • Capable 12” bar and chain;
  • Auto-oiling mechanism.


  • Nothing found.

5. Husqvarna 967256101 II 16-Inch Lightweight Electric Chainsaw

  • Weight: 9.8 pounds;
  • Bar length: 16”;
  • Type: gas-powered.

Our one of the most favorite and lifetime guaranteed lightweight, empowered by gas chainsaw. You will find not every entry level chainsaw is empowered by electricity. Instead of them, gas-powered ones offer the best features, including input power, portability, replacement fuel, and are easier to carry.

You cannot opt-out of them for several drawbacks like gas fume extraction, loud and require more maintenance.

It has got a 2-stroke 40.9 CC husky engine, competing with other 16” length bar lightweight chainsaws. The engine idles at 2900 RPM, gives more rip capacity about a tree 5” in diameter. So you can still drive it quite deep into the woods, isn’t it?

 It has not schemed into something that screams much, rather than proper working. Its slightest higher horsepower 2.4 and larger fuel tank are capable of chopping firewood in the next year. Even it makes your operation comfy with an anti-vibration mechanism. But as a downside, it may not consist of the tool-free tensioning from the manufacturer.

What we liked

  • Long bar;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Air filter;
  • Ideal for homeowners.


  • Easy to flood engine;
  • Chain oil should purchase separately;
  • Expensive.

6. Earthwise CS33014 || 14 in. Corded Electric Lightweight Chainsaw

  • Weight: 7.3 pounds;
  • Bar length: 14”;
  • Type: 9 AMP electric corded.

With its 14” bar and 9 AMP motor, the Earthwise CS33014 is one of the most sturdy corded electric lightweight chainsaws on the market. One can even change the bar with a 16” and 12 AMP motor as per his need. Its main claim to reputation is its built-in oil reservoir, which helps in continuous chain lubrication with proper oiling.

While using this entry level chainsaw, the compact design makes it easy to carry out little and medium jobs. A powerful handle yet helps in regular comfy clamping to operate around the house tasks. As well as trimming trees, clearing brushes and fallen limbs and other near-at-hand jobs.

Featuring an easy external chain tensioning system and 11 m/s chain speed is capable of cutting such things. A double-insulated cord lets you carry this one around the site with a tensioner hook. Also, a safety start button will re-ensure your security while operating.

What we liked

  • Easy-to-store;
  • Auto-oiler;
  • Bar and chain cover;
  • Perfect chain speed;
  • Compact yet powerful;
  • Oil level window;
  • Inexpensive.


  • No chain break.

7. EGO Power+ CS1400 || 14-Inch Cordless Entry Level Chainsaw

  • Weight: 8.3 pounds;
  • Bar length: 14”;
  • Type: 2.5 Ah rechargeable battery, cordless.

If you are searching for something powerful beyond belief, this lightweight chainsaw is a great solution.

It not only exceeds the power of gas but integrates most high-end 56V ARC battery technology also. This high-end technology includes intelligent power management, innovative design, a revolutionary cooling system to deliver incredible performance.

Also, the battery is compatible with all EGO POWER+ tools. So select your tool, click on the battery and get to work; simple, isn’t it?

Unlike others, its brushless motor extends the tool’s life and the run time. Also, it provides smooth cuts, for instance, up to 130 cuts at 6800 RPM. Without creating any cutting issues, one can exchange the 2.5 Ah battery with a universal 5 Ah battery. Once installed, you can cut upside down without the gas flooded problem. 

For what else is it worth to us? This version has the same economic handle as the 16” model has, except for the size of the chain and the arm.   

What we liked

  • Fastest cutting speed;
  • Quiet while operating;
  • More powered;
  • Easy to store and clean.


  • Thinner bar and chain.

8. Poulan Pro PR4016 || 16 in. Gas Chainsaw

  • Weight: 13 pounds;
  • Bar length: 16”;
  • Type: gasoline-powered.

Last gas-powered lightweight and entry level in our listing. People consider the Poulan brand as the subsidiary of Husqvarna because it has the same foothold as the Husqvarna chainsaws, aimed to be light yet powerful.

This one is close to that mark, worth mentioning that it flies into others. You can feel a nightmare while it is about the instant start. The engine can overheat quite in the flow. You have to wait for a while to let it be cool to get it going. If you deny doing so, the motor can burst and the oil may get overflooded as well. 

If you follow the maintenance rules, the Poulan Pro PR4016 is easy to get going tool. You should reward yourself with a solid backyard saw, which has some in-built materials in itself.

As a major improvement, we take advantage of less noise and exhaustion. So you can find it handy while carrying and performing with the Oxypower technology. Efficient fuel consumption makes sure a reduced level of harmful emissions.

What we liked

  • Low noise and exhaust;
  • Durable;
  • Portable;
  • Easy-to-use purge bulb;
  • Super clean air filter;
  • Minimal user fatigue.


  • Heaviest saw;
  • Overheats at ease.

Buyer’s Guide

Power Source

When you have targeted on your way to buy an entry level chainsaw for the first time, the part worth checking is the fuel source or input power source. For a long time, we have noticed lightweight chainsaws empowered with 3-fuel sources. Such as-

Gas-powered: these are the finest portable chainsaws. You can apply it for as long as you want with the mixed fuel ratio. However, it is a little bit messy when it gives-off gas fumes.

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Battery-powered, cordless: well, this type is so quiet while you need a lot more work. Also, it offers generous mobility.

Corded-electric: the best thing, you never have to refuel it from the purchasing time. But the corded function is a bad limitation from the manufacturer.

Chain Oiler 

A rule of thumb about chainsaws ensures that a regular lubricated chain avoids from being overheated fast. Also, it keeps far from being fall-off the guide bar.

Whether a chain tensioning system ensures the blade should not slip off, by the simple dial. At present, many lightweight chainsaws do the oiling by itself, with an attached mechanism. Ensure from the buy in-store that the saw has an in-built auto-oiling system from the manufacturer. 

Bar Length

If you are not a beginner, you must know which stationary wind around the chainsaws’ chain. The bar length is kind of loosely correlated, like a chainsaw’s price and quality. Without suspense, expensive offers quite better applications with features.

As usual, the bar length compromising as per needs is not a good deal for you. Because it determines the width of cuts. We found almost all lightweight chainsaws come up with at least 10” to 16” lengthy bars themselves.

Safety Features

The above-listed ones are lightweight, which does not mean they cannot injure you. Well, for your security while carrying them or operating, follow the rigid manual instructions. Always wear PPE including gloves, goggles, chaps, ear muffs and solid toed-boots. Do not forget to lubricate the oiler. Best of use, never hold it if the handle is much slippery. 


Why Should You Buy an Entry Level Chainsaw?

From the informative gallery, the first chainsaw was patented in 1905. Guess what? We are now using numerous categorized high-end technology-based chainsaws.

The first invented chainsaw only intended to cut-off giant redwoods. But today’s lightweight ones are even applying in a wide variety of tasks, for instance, trimming and limbing. More chainsaw worthy tasks are-

  • Chopping up logs
  • Clearing heavy brushes
  • Cutting branches around the house and 
  • Ice fishing.

It is not that much of a precision instrument like the recip saw and the table saw; if you have none of the above jobs on hand, there is no need to buy a little hog.

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Which Type of Lightweight Chainsaw Suits Your Requirement?

There remain 3 types of best aftermarket lightweight chainsaws of different sizes. Likewise-

  • Gas-powered
  • Electric corded and 
  • Battery-powered, cordless.

The types are very different according to the input power taking capabilities. But we suggest battery-powered, cordless ones for beginners. Because they handle light jobs with a rechargeable power source.

If you have a better user experience, you know what meets your needs. As well the electric and gas-powered ones suit professional’s requirements.

How Small Should You Go For?

A lightweight chainsaw manufactured with the smallest length chain bar, at least 10-inches. Of course, the maximum length is 16-inches. Such limitation of a chainsaw called “guide bar length”. It refers to the metal made blade, obviously holds the chain. You should go for choosing the bar length according to your project size-

  • 14”-16” for cutting down small trees, splitting firewood, and slicing up logs.
  • 10”-12” for cutting off smaller tree logs and removing tree branches.
  • 6”-8” for clearing bushes and pruning limbs.
  • Hope you have a small but clear idea about the size you should go for.

Final Thoughts

We tried our level best to provide follow-ups about every single lightweight or entry level chainsaws above. None of the listed ones is nothing to criticize about, though we have to remember both goods and bads lie in one coin. 

You should select an excellent lightweight chainsaw as a professional, if you are or a beginner, by following our buyer’s guide.

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