Best Miter Saw Blade Review

Without blades, saws do not work, simple as that. The best miter saw blades should be capable of more than just cutting wood the way you want to, but they should also be strong, resilient, heat-resistant and more so that you won’t have to buy another blade for a long, long time. Some blades can live up to the hype, but others do not.

In this review, we will show you to five of the best miter saw blades that you can buy for the year 2023. These saw blades come from companies like Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi, and Forrest. They all have great features and also one or two nitpicks that you should definitely know about. Which is the best miter saw blade of 2023? Find out at the end of our review.

Top 5 Best Miter Saw Blades – Reviews

1. DEWALT DW3128P5 80-Tooth 12 in.

DeWalt brings us two miter saw blades for this review; the first one here is made of tungsten carbide. This is actually a pack of two, with one blade containing 32 teeth and the other containing 80. They are for general purpose and fine finish cutting, respectively. Both have rims of the trademark yellow that is donned by most DeWalt products.

The blade with 32 teeth is one that has the least teeth in this review. If for whatever reason, you want to make cuts that are rough instead of fine, you have that option, definitely.

Each of this DeWalt miter saw blades features a thin kerf to further accentuate a thing cut that looks as if a laser went right through your wood.

The tungsten carbide that these blades are made of are meant to last a long time. Furthermore, the blades are said to shake or vibrate else while in use, which makes your job much easier.

Both of these blades are backed with a smart warranty. This is not like buying an entire miter saw, but DeWalt’s attractive warranty plan of three years still stands.

What we do not like about these blades is that they tend to get dull rather fast. No, DeWalt is not immune to lack of quality in their products, but these blades, in particular, should reflect their quality of work. Even with the tungsten carbide, the tips will round and dull out faster than you would like.


  • Comes in a pack of two.
  • Can reduce vibration.
  • Can make rougher cuts.
  • Is made of tungsten-carbide.


  • Blade gets dull fast.

2. Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro

Makita are the makers of this next miter saw blade. This blade is 10 inches in diameter and contains a total of 80 teeth, making for cuts that are razor thin. This blade has a nice, vintage look to it with a mirror like finish, which is meant to be the telling of a storied and reputable company that Makita is known for being.

This miter saw blade sports an “ultra-thin” kerf of .091 inches to make only the finest of cuts. It can cut plywood, softwood, and hardwood with ease without any splintering or roughness involved.

Each tip on this blade is made of carbide, capable of helping the blade cut wood easier and with less effort. This blade is completely hardened and fastened with tensioned steel saw blades so that no cuts are crooked, and are rather in perfectly straight lines.

Finally, the purchase of this miter saw blade comes with a unique few-month warranty. You get an extra month tacked onto a limited-year warranty, just to be sure that the blade works and doesn’t come with any defects. While it does sound more appealing than the average warranty, it does not make much of a difference.

The one flaw that this blade has it that it makes a high-pitched sound when you use it to cut wood. This is odd, and it most likely has to do with the five holes inside the blade. No other miter saw blades whine like this one, or have five holes like Makita’s do.


  • Comes with perfect warranty.
  • Is a nice looking blade.
  • Can cut all kinds of wood.


  • Is noisy to use.

3. Hitachi 725206 72-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped

Hitachi has its share of quality power tools and supplies, and sometimes they have made products that were real winners in past reviews. This miter saw blade of theirs is made of tungsten carbide. This blade has 72 teeth, which is made to make some very fine cuts.

This is a plain looking blade that doesn’t try to be flashy. It is made of tungsten-carbide so that it can last as long as possible. Expect this blade to be used in hundreds of projects before you have to retire it.

You can use this miter saw blade to make smooth cuts no matter if they are straight or for decorative purposes. You can use this blade to cut bamboo, hardwood, softwood, veneers, and laminates. This blade has .098 inch kerf, which will result in ultrathin cuts now and again.

The warranty for this miter saw blade is pretty underwhelming; it is only good for 30 days. We recommend that you test it out very early on to make sure that nothing goes wrong with it. It would be very disappointing for tips to fall off of it on day 31.

In addition to the brief warranty period, the saw is just too thin to be anything substantial. When you handle this blade, you will notice it wobble, and it can also warp when exposed to heat. We would be super careful with this miter saw blade if this is the one that you want to buy.


  • Is made of tungsten-carbide.
  • Can cut all kinds of wood.


  • Is very thin.
  • Has a short warranty period.

4. Forrest CM10806105 Chopmaster 10-Inch

Arguably the least-known brand in this review, Forrest is also throwing their hat in the ring with their miter saw blade. They have a special name for their miter saw blade known as the “Chopmaster”. It is identical to Makita’s blade, with 80 total teeth and a diameter of 10 inches.

The Chopmaster is meant to be a premium-grade blade that is touted as 40 percent stronger than the typical saw blade. It also claims to have a 300-percent longer life between sharpenings.

This is a blade for wood mitering and cross-cutting and can work well on hardwood and softwood. The wood is left with a professional and smooth cut as if the piece of wood had been sanded. The tips are arranged with one FT tip following every 4 ATB tips.

Surprisingly, this is a very quiet blade to operate. When it spins from the miter saw, it sounds very unfamiliar at first, and that quietness carries over when you start to cut wood.

Overall, this is a heavier miter saw blade than most, weighing over two pounds, but that is for a good reason. The steel plate allows for stability so that nothing happens to the blade as you are working.

There is no warranty, but any owner who isn’t satisfied with their blade can get a full refund within the first 40-days of ownership.

The caveat to this miter saw blade is the price. They are really touting this saw blade to be one of the best, and the price should reflect that. This is a great blade, however. It performs much differently from the other blades thus far, and that includes the longevity, noise range and ability to finish the wood like a buffer. Do you really need it, though? It ultimately depends on what you need a miter saw blade for.


  • Cross-cutting allowed.
  • Leaves wood smooth and polished.
  • Can cut all kinds of wood.
  • Is a very quiet blade.
  • Is very stable.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.


  • Is very expensive.

5. DEWALT DWAFV31278 Flexvolt 78T, 12″

Last but not least is DeWalt’s second miter saw blade. It is also a 12-inch diameter blade, but there is only one 78-tooth blade included. It is also known for making fine cuts. While the two-pack of blades from DeWalt previously serve different purposes, this blade is known as a multi-purpose blade.

The tips are made of a submicron grade carbide, and they are very tough. It will take a while before you need to sharpen this blade. The thin kerf also helps to promote smooth and precise cuts each and every time.

There are five curved slots inside of this blade, and the reason for them being there is to help the cuts become smoother. They also play a part in keeping the blade from rumbling as you use it to cut wood.

There is not a type of wood that this blade cannot cut. You can use it for cutting oak, plywood, pine, melamine, and molding. It can cut both hardwood and softwood in a snap.

Like the other DeWalt miter saw blades, this blade comes with perfect warranty and one year of free service. For a miter saw blade that is somewhat affordable, this is a very long time to check for defects.

Like Makita’s miter saw blade, however, this one is also loud and whiny as you are cutting wood. It can be obnoxious to the point that you do not want to annoy anyone else nearby with it. Perhaps it works fine with DeWalt miter saws, but we did not test them using one.


  • Can reduce vibration.
  • Can cut all kinds of wood.
  • Is very stable.


  • Is noisy to use.

Final Verdict

The best miter saw blade is Forrest CM10806105 Chopmaster 10-Inch 80 Tooth ATBR Miter and Radial Saw.

If you have the money to buy this blade, get it. Simple as that. We have tried it out and we can honestly say that it is worth the price. It is a stable blade that doesn’t wear as fast over time, and while it is heavy for a saw blade, it is also resilient. The blade is quiet and doesn’t react to heat in abnormal ways, making it a straight cutter and very safe to use. None of us had any complaints about this blade, and we have good faith that you won’t either.

If you cannot afford to buy this miter saw blade, then we suggest the DEWALT DWAFV31278 Flexvolt 78T Miter Saw Blade, 12″. Surprisingly, this is a cheaper blade, but it also works well with making straight and accurate cuts into wood. It is a noisy blade, so that is definitely one thing to take into account.

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