10 Best Professional Chainsaws in 2024

Used by professionals, chainsaws are a far better choice than the traditional axes. With the horsepower with extended life, an investment on a professional chainsaw for cutting firewood never does go in vain. Usually, it is required in rural areas. The chainsaws, however, are mostly used for cutting firewood. 

The professional chainsaws you are more likely to use may have some pros which you did not know or even cons that you should know as well as consider properly. You can have a distinct guideline in the article. You will get each tool that is loved by the user for its different benefits as well as unique features!

See our Top 10 Professional Chainsaws Below

1. Makita 16″ 42 cc Professional Chainsaw

  • Spring-assisted starter;
  • Tool-less filter;
  • Slide-out baffle;
  • Compact design;
  • Weight only 10.8 lbs;
  • Magnesium housing;
  • High power to weight ratio;
  • 16 inches guide bar;
  • Saw chain;
  • Chain protector;
  • Touch and stop control.

This Makita EA4300F4OB model is one of the top-selling best class mid-sized professional chainsaws that is a better tool for cutting firewood.

The key difference is industrial 2-sided magnesium crankcase rather than aluminium is used. It leads the tool for less weight and more durability. The spring-assisted start along with optimized engine management helps is to avoid force while starting up.

The MPI stores lots of energy from pulling the rope as well as running the saw.

Overall, the easy start-up process and less weight with more durability make the product attractive.


  • Easy to start;
  • Convenient maintenance;
  • More durability;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Easy control;
  • Easy cold starting.


  • Safety not ensured.

2. Makita Brushless Cordless Professional Chain Saw

  • Bare tool;
  • Brushless motor;
  • Different speed trigger;
  • Default LED on/off operation;
  • Auto-power off function;
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries of 18 volt;
  • Lock-off lever.

As Makita is a well-known brand for tools like chainsaws, another reputed professional chainsaw delivered by it is Makita Brushless and cordless chainsaw.

The built-in outer brushless motor direct-drive system ensures a true power efficiency which is as high as 32cc gas chainsaw.

The beneficial feature of it is a different speed trigger (0-3,940 FPM) which reinforces you to operate the way you like. Because of the auto power function, it shuts off on its own when the operation is delayed. It saves battery life.

The power we got comes from two 18 volt LXT lithium-ion batteries without even leaving the 18-volt platform.

The lock-off lever is there to prevent the blade from accidentally engaging.


  • High power efficiency;
  • Easy operation;
  • Accident-proof.


  • Available in only teal colour.

3. EGO Power Plus Professional Chainsaw

  • 6800 RPM speed;
  • Kickback brake;
  • Tension adjustment;
  • Lithium-ion battery;
  • Cordless;
  • 56 volt;
  • Reversible bar;
  • Max cut:14 inches;
  • Guide bar:14 inches;
  • Double guard bar;
  • Low kickback chain.

If you are looking for a tool which can support you with a smooth cut within 1 stroke, go for EGO Power plus CS1400 14-Inch 56-Volt Professional Chainsaw. 

This 14-inch cordless chainsaw can up to 14 inches. You don’t really need to put much effort.

This water-resistant tool has a reversible bar and chain tension adjustment with kickback brake. The double guard bar with narrow-kerf sprocket nose ensures the user safety with injuries. 

It is compatible with all available Ego plus ARC lithium batteries. The battery and charger are not added with the tool.


  • Effortless cut;
  • Water resistance;
  • Ensured safety;
  • Durable.


  • Battery and charger need to be bought separately.

4. Greenworks PRO 16-Inch Brushless Professional Chainsaw

  • Available in 16 and 18 inches;
  • 2A battery and charger added;
  • 4*4 lumber;
  • Brushless powerful motor;
  • 16 inches bar;
  • Metal bucking spikes;
  • Wrap around handle;
  • Electronic chain brake;
  • tensioning;
  • Transparent tank.

For any expert and advanced level users, Greenworks PRO 16-Inch Brushless Professional Chainsaw is a really good choice. It ensures you up to 120 cuts on 4*4 lumber. It even comes with 2 Ah batteries. So no worries for charging.

The motor is powerful and brushless. The wrap-around handle and electronic chain brake ensure safer operation.

It works better and smarter with an automatic oiler, which includes side adjust chain tensioning and transparent oil tank.

The tool and battery warranty is there to protect you with your investment.


  • Up to 120 cuts;
  • Effortless cutting;
  • Quicker operation ;
  • Longer life;
  • Safe;
  • Protection of investment.


  • Not easy for beginners.

5. EGO Power+ CS1604 Professional Chainsaw

  • 16 inches length;
  • 56 volt;
  • 5.0 Ah battery added;
  • Lithium-ion;
  • Cordless;
  • Speed:6800 RPM;
  • Chain kickback;
  • Tension adjustment;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Max cut: 16 inches;
  • Double guard bar;
  • Narrow-kerf sprocket nose;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • Reversible bar;
  • .043 inches gauge chain;
  • ⅜ inch low pro pitch;
  • CUL listed.

Ego power plus is a well-known brand for tools, especially chainsaws. This product of the brand is another masterpiece which is undoubtedly a better choice for cutting firewood.

5.0 Ah, a battery with a charger is provided, which is more than enough to prove its power and strength. Its water resistance makes it different.

Besides, you are going to get A 5-year back-up from the company. So hurry up and grab the tool.


  • Smooth cut;
  • No noise;
  • No-fuss; 
  • No fumes;
  • Stronger performance.


  • May not be durable.

6. Worx Cordless Professional Chainsaw

  • Cordless;
  • 20-volt power share;
  • Auto chain tension;
  • Auto chain lubrication;
  • 6.2 lbs weight;
  • 12.5 feet per second chain speed;
  • Oil level indicator;
  • Batteries added on jaw saws.

The Cordless PowerShare cut smoother and faster. Auto tool-free tension system confirms the correct tension and the auto chain lubrication supports to extend the life of the tool. It even ensures smooth and efficient cuts.

The weight is as light as a 2-litre bottle of drink. You can work longer with less stress. This is the only cordless tool platform that uses the same battery to power up both 20 volt and 40-volt tools.

You will get a smooth saw experience with a faster chain speed of 12.5 ft/s. So the power level is higher.


  • Faster and cleaner cut;
  • Less muss;
  • Less fuss;
  • Correct tension ensured;
  • Smoother and efficient cut;
  • Extended life;
  • So compact and lightweight;
  • Same battery usage;
  • Faster chain speed.


  • Safety not ensured.

7. Husqvarna 18 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

  • 18 inch -.058 inch gauge;
  • Gas-powered;
  • 2 cycle engine with inertia;
  • Chainsaw bar cover;
  • 2.6 ounce 2 cycle fuel;
  • Automatic chain oiler;
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning system;
  • Quick-release air filter;
  • X torque;
  • 3.60 horsepower;
  • Assembly required;
  • Weight 12.80 pounds.

The Husqvarna 460 rancher gas chainsaw is a lifesaver for advanced level saw users. This gas chain is so efficient that it is called an all-rounder saw.

There are two-cycle engines with an inertia activated chain brake included to ensure proper safety. 2.6-ounce two-cycle fuel included. A steady supply of bar delivered by automatic chain oiler, which leads to productive use.

The quick-release air filter supports easy cleaning and easy replacement of the air filter. The X-torque feature reduces toxic emissions.

You can use Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, chainsaw gloves as well as a helmet for your precaution.


  • All-rounder saw;
  • Safe;
  • Effective use;
  • Quicker chain adjustment;
  • Easy cleaning; 
  • Easy replacement of air freshener;
  • Reduces emission.


  • Bar and chain oil needed to purchase separately;
  • Heavyweight;
  • Expensive.

8. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Professional Gas Chainsaw

  • Oxypower engine technology;
  • Pull starting system;
  • 20 inches;
  • 50 cc 2 cycles;
  • Gas-backup;
  • Purge bulb;
  • User-friendly combined choke.

The most unique feature of this product is oxy power engine technology which is absent in most of the tools. The extra power is available for virtually any task. It ensures up to 70% less emission and less fuel consumption.

The effortless pull starting system reduces pull force up to 30%. The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle.

The purge bulb provides the carburettor with fuel to ensure a safe start-up.


  • 70% less emissions;
  • 20% less fuel consumption;
  • Reduce pull force to 30%;
  • Reduce wear ;
  • Combi tool maintenance;
  • Easy start with fewer pulls;
  • Protected;
  • Reduce the risk of damage;
  • Reduced risk of engine flooding.


  • Advanced users may not like it.

9. Husqvarna Professional Gas Chainsaw

  • 16 inch;
  • X-cut chain;
  • X-force chainsaw bar;
  • 40.9 cc gas chainsaw;
  • Guide bar and chain;
  • 2900 rpm speed;
  • 2 cycle engine with inertia activated brake;
  • Chainsaw bar cover;
  • Automatic chain oiler;
  • Simple chain tensioning system;
  • Quick-release air filter;
  • X-torque;
  • lightweight.

This is another allrounder chainsaw ideal for home use. Homeowners would find it perfect for them with the new x-cut chain and x-force chainsaw bar.

This 40.99 cc 16-inch gas-powered chainsaw with guide bar and chain is a powerful tool for cutting firewoods.

The quick-release air filter facilitates easy cleaning and easy replacement.


  • Lightweight and efficient;
  • Ideal for homeowners;
  • Simple to use;
  • Constant supply of bar and chain oil;
  • Quick chain adjustment;
  • Easy cleaning and replacement;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Reduce emission.


  • Bar and chain oil needed to purchase separately;
  • Not ideal for industrial use;
  • Available only in orange colour.

10. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Professional Chainsaw

  • 2.0 Ah battery and charger added;
  • 12-inch chain length;
  • Electric start-up;
  • Cordless;
  • Gasless;
  • No oil.

One of the top appreciated products in recent years is Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Professional Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood. The chain length is 12 inches which are handy enough.

It has an electric start with no gas, no oil. Even it needs almost no maintenance. It powers 40+ tools. It has 10% less vibration and less noise compared to gas saws. 


  • 40+ tools powered up at a time;
  • 10% less noise;
  • 10% less vibration.


  • Not that much efficient.

Buying Guide

Strength and Size

Sometimes professional individuals do not like to affect heavyweight devices. So choose the lighter one as it is easy to hold and use.

Besides, it might be best if you considered the powerful force also you’d have to cut a thick branch almost effortlessly. During this case, a more powerful tool is required. If needed, ask the specialized ones to point out to you the proper way.

Read more: 6 Best Chainsaw Tachometers You Can Choose


Usually, for new users, ease of use is the topmost crucial concern. You wouldn’t’ve like to deal with a tool much if you don’t know how to use it properly, right?

Besides, experienced users don’t like to operate a tool which works in a complex way. It’s better to read the guidelines before starting work.

Safety and Maintenance.

You won’t like to injure yourself. However, your kid playing backyard may injure himself together with your tool if it’s unsecured. So safety cover over the jaws of a chainsaw may be a must.

Also, always use the right protective equipment while working with chainsaws. If needed, purchase a fool protection kit separately.

As a chainsaw is used most often in rural areas, so maintenance is important . check that the air cleaner and fuel pump are smoothly accessible. it’ll reinforce you to stiffen the chain to possess a far better experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Chainsaw Does Professional Loggers Use?

The answer depends. It actually varies from person to person. Usually, professionals like to go for Husqvarna 18 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw or other Husqvarna chainsaws. But now -a -days many use Makita.

What Is the Standard Size Chainsaw for Professional Use?

For a more moderate work, you can use chainsaws from 16 to 18 inches long cutting bars. 

For a casual purpose chainsaw, this is a loving choice. Homeowners and even professionals can easily use it for cutting thick logs.

How Can the Professionals Fix a Chainsaw Size?

The basic guideline for selecting the dimensions of the saw indicates that the chainsaw must be 2 inches longer than the density of the branch of the tree being cut.

For example: if the branch of the tree is of 13 inches, then the chainsaw size should be a minimum of 115 inches.


Mostly the professionals like to use tools with more advanced features. For cutting firewood, you need to keep in mind about the strength, the power, durability and extended life.

However, this article tends to choose your favorite professional chainsaw out of many more tools to cut firewood.

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