Best Scroll Saw Blades to Buy in 2024 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

When you want to buy anything, you should take into account many criteria for this product. You should ponder over, justify, and choose to meet your specific needs. But it is not an easy task. It is quite troublesome. Sometimes it won’t be possible for you to go market and judge each feature of each product. Sometimes you will get confused. When you go for a big purchase like a scroll saw blade, you may feel indecisive as various blades are available in the market. But you don’t need to worry. We are here for you. It would be best scroll saw blades if you went through our review. It will help you to understand and decide better to choose.

Factors to Consider When Buying Blades for Scroll Saw

How do you define which scroll saw blade would best suit your cutting necessity?

Well. The following scroll saw buying guidelines would help you, for sure.

Types of Scroll Saw Blades: What blade is best for scroll saw?

Scroll saw blades so versatile in terms of shapes, sizes, and functions that it is possible to write an entire novel on the scroll saws’ versatility. Hence, when you decide to purchase one of these saws, you should first understand the scroll saw types’ vast diversity.

Hence, for your convenience, we have compiled the following scroll saw blades classification list.

1. Standard Tooth Blades

On the standard tooth blade of a scroll saw, the teeth are of similar size and space on an equal distance too.  You will see the wood blades and metal blades in this category, and as the name suggests, these are suitable for particular cutting jobs.

The wood blade comes with a larger tooth size and also has a greater distance between the teeth. The wood blade helps clear the sawdust. On the contrary, the metal blade has less space between the teeth, and the teeth are smaller too.


  • Cuts wood and metal
  • Eliminates sawdust


  • Can’t perform decorative cuts

2. Skip Tooth Blade

The skip tooth blade is almost similar to the standard tooth blade except that every other tooth in the blade is missing. That’s where the name ‘skip tooth’ was entitled to the blade type.  Also, you will see a more expansive space between two teeth of the blade.

The more expansive space (gullet) between the teeth keeps the blade cool for an extended period, which is essential for commercial cutting projects. If you are a beginner in the scrolling saw sector, you will find the skip tooth blade easier to work with initially.


  • Remains cooler for a prolonged period
  • Easy to use


  • The lesser thickness of the teeth

3. Double Tooth Blades

Don’t get fooled by the naming of this saw blade type. There isn’t a double number of teeth in the saw blade. Instead, the spacing between the two sets of teeth doubled, which entitled the saw blade with such naming.

It is similar to the skip tooth blade with double spacing between the teeth. It will deliver you the most precise and accurate finish with incredible smoothness. However, the dual tooth blades operate slowly, which can be defined as its setback.


  • Accurate finish
  • Cutting smoothness


  • Works somewhat slowly

4. Reverse Skip Tooth Blades

Most of this type of scroll saw blades type is similar to the standard skip tooth blade.  However, the exception takes part in the last few bottom inches, where the teeth are pointed upwards. The upward-pointing of the teeth in the last few inches is beneficial to cut plywood.

Also, it prevents quick damage of the blade edge and reduces splintering, which often happens at the bottom of the blade.

You need to clamp the reverse skip tooth blade equipped scroll saw on a clamp to assure that only two to three bottom teeth face upwards.


  • Reduces blade wear and tear
  • Lessens splintering


  • Sometimes the bottom needs trimming before use

5. Spiral Blades

As the name suggests, the spiral blades have twisted teeth on every side of the edge. Since it has teeth in every corner and sides, you can cut and trim wood on every side with the spiral blades. The biggest drawback of the blade is that it cuts roughly and stretches while using them.


  • Cuts on every side
  • Easy to perform quick cuts


  • Rough and inaccurate

6. Precision Ground Blades

This blade is another form of the skip tooth blade type with smaller teeth. The teeth are designed to perform both filing and shaping of the woodblocks. The edges are sharper that increases the accuracy and smoothness of the overall cutting procedure.

However, it is suggested that you remain incredibly cautious while using the precision ground blades since these are often unforgiving and aggressive too.


  • Shaper blade for cutting smoothness
  • Performs both filing and shaping ]


  • A single mistake can be fatal

7. Crown Tooth Blade

The tooth in the blade is arranged like a crown, and there is space between each set of teeth. It is the latest scroll saw blades addition.

Since you can put the blade in, you won’t have to think about setting the edges upside down either way. So, it brings a nice peace of mind for workers. The blade is good at cutting Plexiglas and plastics but works a little slower.


  • Suitable for cutting plastics
  • Easy setup


  • Works slowly

Material Thickness and Hardness

As a general rule, thicker materials will ask for larger saw blades, and thinner materials will need smaller scroll saw blades. The saw blades with small teeth are not suitable for cutting thicker materials and will most likely get damaged soon.

Also, the material’s hardness or density will determine which type of saw blade you need to cut them. For instance, a larger teethed blade cuts through denser materials easily. It also blocks a wood burn with less heat production.

Saw Measurement

The saw measurement would also determine its cutting capacity along with the portability. Hence, you need to decide the saw size quickly. The scroll saw blades are rated in different sizes, with the highest size rating being 12.

The higher number of the saw blade means it has lesser TPI (Tooth per inch), and the teeth are bigger. Also, edges with higher TPI and size brings more accuracy in the cutting chores.


You can’t invest in a scroll saw blade that is incompatible with your saw. Hence, checking the blade compatibility with your existing scroll saw is crucial. For instance, a scroll saw will either work with pinned or pinless blade ends.  Also, the type of scroll saw teeth also plays a crucial part in finding the saw’s right compatibility.

Plain end saw blades offer maximum accuracy and smoothness and suit decorative and intricate cuts more.

Scroll Saw Patterns

The pattern of the scroll saw blade refers to its intricacy.  You would like a saw blade with smaller teeth if the saw pattern is more intricate and complicated. Bigger blades will have less satisfactory performance in the intricately patterned cuts since they lack mobility through the tight space. So, you should focus on getting a scroll saw the pattern that is built to work in the tightest corners effortlessly.

Pinned Vs. Pin Less

The saw blades with pin use a hook located at the blade base. The hook tightly connects the blade with the saw. Its biggest benefit is affordability and easiness of use, especially for beginner scroll saw users.

Nonetheless, the pinned saw blade has a thicker teeth capacity with a regular 1/16 thickness. It is a setback for professionals.

The pinless saw blade, on the contrary, benefits users with a low thickness of teeth. Indeed, a standard pin less saw blade comes with 1/64 thickness. Less thickness means it can smoothly go through tight corners. So, it is useful for making intricate cuts.

Blade Exclusivity

The blade exclusivity refers to the use of a specialized blade to cut particular materials. Using the same blade to cut different materials will result in less accuracy and quick wear out of the saw blade. For instance, use a wood blade to cut through wood and not metal and plastic. Similarly, use the metal scroll saw blade to cut metal, not wood.


A scroll saw blade is designed to work with breakneck speed. Hence, it faces wear and tears sooner than other saw blades. It means you need to find a way out to reduce the wearing of the saw blade somehow.

In this respect, it is to see the lubrication system of the scroll saw blade. A saw with better lubrication will enjoy a prolonged lifespan.

Best Scroll Saw Blades – Reviews

1. Flying Dutchman New Spiral Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade

These five dozen scroll saw blades are made in Germany with top-notch quality hardened steel for different sizes of scroll saws. The blade sizes are: #3/0, #2/0, #1, #3, and #5. Hardened steel is used to sharpen it’s cutting energy. These blades have teeth on both sides. They are designed like that to twist and get a smoother cut than regular spiral blades available on the market. Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades are 5″ long and best pinless scroll saw blades. A variety of materials can be cut through by it, but it is most suitable for cutting acrylic, wood, Corian, horn.

Moreover, you don’t need to turn the board while changing the direction in the cut. So if you ever have a problem with your one hand, you can tackle or continue your work with the other hand with comfort.

I have used this blade back; some of these blades may have snapped or crumbled immediately into the first use.

But, don’t worry. The others cut through wood like butter and allow easy transitioning through edges and turns.

You will get the worth of your money. These blades cut through wood like butter and allow easy transitioning through edges and turns.


  • Manufactured with topnotch hardened steel
  • Comes with different sizes
  • Durable


  • Face difficulty to set up because it is pinless

2. SKIL 80181 Scroll Saw Blade

SKIL 80181 Scroll Saw Blade Set is perfectly suitable for cutting wood and plastics. Woodworkers idealize this saw for its precise and easy cutting of intricate shape.

It includes 18 blades: six with 15 teeth per inch, six with 15.5 per with teeth, and the remaining 20 teeth per inch. It is made from premium steel to lengthen its life.

Skill scroll blades are for the professional craftsman. What you must admire is that skill comes with both pinned and plain style blades. So, whatever type of scroll saw you have, it meets your needs.


  • Sharp and precise cut
  • Made up of premium steel
  • Different kinds of blade


  • Broke easily

3. Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Six Dozen Scroll Saw Blades

The Ultra reverse blade pack is another product from Flying Dutchman. These blades are 5″ in length and pinless. Every woodworker wants to get a sharp and smooth cut at the same time. These are also designed for this purpose. This blade pack is manufactured in Germany with top-grade high-quality hardened steel. It is designed in a way that every tooth is reversed to prevent splintering on the underside of the project. Because of its Ultra reverse system, it is sold like a hot cake.

The blade pack consists of six dozen of 5 different Sizes blades.

Flying Dutchman blades cut sharper and straighter, last longer, and guarantee you less sanding time. And this blade pack is also no exception. These blades stagger you with their cutting quality and speed.

Every third tooth of these blades is reversed to give you a cleaner cut.

Most scroll saw blades only cut on the downstroke. But Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades can cut on the upstroke as well. Each stroke passes on both the front and backside of your material and ultimately you will have a smoother cut all around.

Indeed, a nice variety pack with the most common sizes.


  • Smooth cut
  • Made from hardened steel


  • Difficult setup

4. OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade

Olson’s PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade is the finest and sharpest saw amidst the woodworkers. You will become speechless, for sure, to see it’s having the capability of most accurate cutting.

I had better say it is a must-have for accurate cutting. PGt blades outshine all other blades with razor-sharp teeth. You will get faster, smoother, and more accurate cuts in both straight and radius cuts. Due to its unique tooth geometry and widely spaced gullets, you will get minimum burning.

This saw gives a top-notch performance, especially in hardwoods besides all the other materials. That’s why we enlist this as best scroll saw blades for hardwood. It includes two long-lasting teeth. It can also be removed and installed easily.

Made of carbon steel, Olson saw blade assures you of maximum strength and durability. These blades are the perfect fit for scroll saws that take plain end blades.


  • High-quality materials
  • The sharpest and finest one
  • The long-lasting blade gives high performance


  • Little bit expensive

5. OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blade

Manufactured in the USA, this Blade pack is from good materials. This product is easy to use and install. It can cut hard/softwood and plastic. These blades are suitable for a machine that requires a 5″ pinned blade. And it is the best pinned scroll saw blades. This pack has 18 blades; six each of FR42401 Sc41101 and SC41201.

If your blades cause frequent breakage, don’t think this is the problem with the blade itself; it is operator error. Just proper your tension and speed.

I also face this problem at first: But after a little more experience, I discover what the problem and then fix it, and after then, it keeps going on.

For the price, these are great also.


  • Durable
  • Smooth and precise cut
  • Easy installation and handling


  • Only fits machines that use 5-inch blades

6. SKIL 80182 Plain End Scroll Saw Blade

The SKIL 80182 plain end set is the best of the bunch. This set completes 36 blades, (12) with 28 teeth per inch, (12) with 11.5 teeth per inch, and 12 with 9.5 teeth per inch. These blades are made from premium-grade steel to ensure a longer life. A vast range of materials can be cut through it.

These blades can be a perfect fit for fine sawing work of all woods, plastics, and non-ferrous metals. This blade pack ensures sharp and accurate cutting. It is designed for the professional.

Professional love to have this blade pack for its capability of cutting intricate shapes with ease.

This blade set fits most major brand scroll saws, and also fits your budget. Each blade is precision sharpened to cut intricate shapes easily.


  • Good with wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals
  • More blade types
  • Budget-friendly


  • May not get a longer life

7. Flying Dutchman Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade

This Flying Dutchman blade pack comes with five different styles of blades, not with different sizes. This pack includes one dozen of each UR5, SR5, PS5, P5, and NS3 blades in a handy, reusable pouch. Each of the blades allows you to get a different level of cutting from forceful to smooth on a wide range of materials from wood to acrylic.

UR5- an al around scroll saw. Give you aggressive with a smooth cut.

SR5- a skip tooth blade with reverse teeth. With it, you need minimum cleanup.

PS5- perfect for thicker blades.

P5- a regular one. Perfect for wood, bone, Corian, acrylic.

NSS3- the great one. It ensures a smoother cut edge than a regular spiral.

These blades are easy to maneuver and leave a sharper and more finished -cutting edge with no burning.

These blades are guaranteed to leave a sharp edge on the cut. This set is made in Germany and from top-grade high-quality steel.


  • Different pattern
  • Can cut a wide range of materials
  • Leave a sharp edge
  • Top grade high-quality steel


  • Not found

8. Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade

Flying Dutchman Scroll saw blades had achieved popularity among woodworkers for their accomplishment skill, reasonable price, and long life. This Ultra Reverse Five dozen scroll saw blade pack from Flying Dutchman is no exception. With different sizes of reverse tooth blades, you will get smooth cuts even on hardwood materials. Every third tooth of these blades places reversed so that you can get a splinter-free cutting. On top of that, they ensure both aggressive and smooth cuts at the same time. These blades are 5″ long and pinless and leave sharp edge cuts. Top-grade high-quality hardened steel manufactured makes this pack durable.

Moreover, these blades are thin, which allows you to fit them in a much smaller pilot hole. And this is why you get more precision in your cutting.

Plus, these blades are strong and sharp, and at the same time, they ensure you of giving a consistent and reliable cut with little or no tear-out.

If you are yet to use scroll blades for your saw, these flying Dutchmen Ultra reverse five dozen blades will be a great place to start.


  • Faster and smooth cuts
  • Splinter-free cut
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Need to clean while operating

9. BOSCH SS5-15PL Plain End Scroll Blade

Woodworkers accelerate their cutting performance with Bosch’s tools. It is said that Bosch’s products never betray your trust in getting the accomplishment of your woodwork. Bosch SS5-15PL Plain End Scroll blade pack is one of them.

You will get Five blades in this package.

These blades are great for deburring and chamfering opening to pr-drilled holes and electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors.

It is manufactured with grade steel to ensure it’s a long life. These blades provide faster and smoother cuts for a long time. This blade pack is ideal for professionals as it is strongly recommended for sawing of all woods, plastics, non-ferrous metals. Blades are precision sharpened for easy cutting of intricate shapes. It’s in our list because of being best scroll saw blades for straight cuts.

Bosch set a low price for this pack, and I believe their pricing is perfect. Though these blades don’t last so long, they do a great job when new. That’s why I won’t mind buying this blade pack again and again.


  • Longer life
  • Smoother and faster cut
  • Fit for sawing all woods, plastic, and non-ferrous metals
  • Affordable


  • Not found

10. Delta Power Equipment Corporation 40-521-Precision Ground Sharp Scroll Saw Blades

Delta 40-519 precision blade set offers you a fast cut with dual-direction teeth. With every upward and downward stroke, you will get straighter and more fast cut, though you may feel less control than you would like to have.

Moreover, these blades are pinless, and the teeth are set in both directions with a Raker tooth inserted.

Its raker teeth provide clean and accurate cuts with both square sides and corners without burning.

Unfortunately, it may not cut so well because of its having relatively fewer teeth per inch. These blades are good, but you may find them not so perfect for cutting hardwood over 1/2 inch thick. As their blade doesn’t come with a variety pack, and not for all, you have to be very careful while buying.


  • Straighter and faster cuts
  • Dual-direction teeth
  • Raker teeth to get a clean and accurate cut


  • One size per pack

Final Verdict

Now that you have read our reviewed best scroll saw blades and their buying guide with classification, it is time to pick the scrolling cuts’ right blade.

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