10 Best Sliding Miter Saws for Homeowner 2024

No workshop will end without a decent sliding miter saw. These saws will permit you to make a variety of cuts. You can even utilize it to cut more extensive bits of wood and different kinds of materials contrasted with the non-sliding saws.

Equip yourself with this type of saw and you will have the option to handle even the most difficult task. With it, you will have additional rail components, similar to the sliding saw. This material permits the cut head and sharp edges to move sideways in a stable and straight easily.

View Top 10 Sliding Miter Saws for Homeowner Reviews, Below

1. TACKLIFE Sliding Miter Saw for Homeowner

  • Power Source: electric powered;
  • Speed: 3800 RPM;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Miter Scale: -45°/-22.5°/0°/+22.5°/+45°;
  • Wattage: 1700 watts;
  • Weight: 55 pounds.

The convenience of the tacklife sliding miter saw is huge in the light of truth. It is being fueled with a large portion of the basic highlights suitable to satisfy the clients with quality. It refreshes and drives that tag as well.

This is attached to the engine of 1700W. It has 3800 rpm readings. It has become unbelievable enough for toughness. This is especially true in the double slant cutting range. This permits us to change the head with fuel with the smooth work of the saw emitting. The residue collection gadget for the collection of 70 percent of the residue.

This miter saw is at a low price with all the valuable highlights. This makes the shawl a medium for which a person’s needs require it to be considered as a standout among others.

What We Like

  • The simple to utilize the structure of is satisfying;
  • A permits one for light cutting purposes;
  • It’s a prepared product with less exertion in adjusting;
  • Resources for long-term cutting power.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A few sections may tumble off;
  • The handle is a weak structure.

2. Hitachi C12RSH2 Sliding Miter Saw with Laser Marker

  • Power Source: Ac/dc;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Weight: 59 pounds;
  • 0-45 degrees to the left for flexibility;
  • Wattage: 1520 watts;

Introducing the Hitachi C12RSH2 model is the new 12-inch miter saw for the homeowner. It is accompanied by a lion’s share of interesting trademark points. This ensures the item is stuck in the market.

The sliding framework is the minimum one-gad with the power of a miter saw head to slide along a stationary rail. The miter saw edge is controlled with its versatility up to 57b degrees on the right edge. It comes with a productive sliding compound wall suitable for making vertical crowns, it is an indispensable device for decorating.

The saw appears as a way to execute the death penalty. And the effectiveness of the cut is surprising considering the highlights of his trunk. Looking at these, accordingly, it seems unique to experts. And to take initiative to cut each family unit minor from the medium.

What We Like

  • The saw is a perfect product at its cost;
  • The laser is highly efficient;
  • It’s hard to do anything other than set up and get started;
  • Useful for family unit situated cuts.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plastic on the inside of the handle can be closed whenever it is commonly used.

3. DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Miter Saw

  • Features: Miter saw, Carbide Blade, User guide;
  • Speed: 800 RPM;
  • Power Source: Ac/dc;
  • Weight: 56 pounds.

The DEWALT DWS779 miter saw is effective for a home to utilize today. It accompanies an amazing 15-amp engine that can deliver 3,800 rpm at fast, accurate cuts. This model has a remarkable limitation. It can cut into 90 degrees alone up to 2×16 boards into pieces. It implies the crown shape is inside its compass.

 It similarly comes with a conventional residue storage framework. That is assessed to achieve a 75% speed of distributed dust that improves air quality and reduces the cleaning you have to do.

It has a notoriety for going for exceptionally long periods of time without any mechanical issues. However, it’s consistently ideal for ensuring the potential chance of something far-reaching happening. This model weighs about 70 pounds, so for this, you need a strong seat and no helper to help lift it.

As it is, the unimaginable miter you need can finish any possible work, you will be happy to showcase this current model.

What We Like

  • Powerful engine;
  • Excellent guarantee;
  • An incredible residue collection system.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy.

4. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD Sliding Glide Miter Saw

  • Blade Length: 12 inches;
  • Power Source: Electric Powered;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Shape: Round;
  • Weight: 65 Pounds.

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD can be another incredible choice. The event that you are searching for electrical equipment provides a wide range of choices. You can also locate various sliding meter equipment from there.

In the event that you are looking for a premium option. As its name suggests, it has a cut with a sharp edge. That is 12 inches wide which makes probably the biggest choice. It uses an incredible 15MP electric engine to control this cutting edge for normal cutting.

You get the perfect cut when using this meter shot. It has 60 teeth. An incredible thing about it is that. It comes with an all-inclusive base structure that limits the client to 14 creeps.

What We Like

  • Adjustable;
  • Cutting capacity up to 14 inches;
  • Dual bevel angle method;
  • Perfect build quality.

What We Didn’t Like

  • None.

5. SKIL 3821-01 Sliding Miter Saw with Laser

  • Blade size: 12 inches;
  • Power: 15 amp;
  • RPM: 4500;
  • R Miter: 45 degrees;
  • L Miter: 45 degrees;
  • Weight: 46 pounds.

SKIL 3821-01 is a combination of a 15MP customizable speed engine with 4500rpm with a laser cutline operating framework. This means you can get absolutely perfect cuts in the assortment of materials. It even has a table extender on every side. So it can encourage larger parts. This is an amazing and accurate miter saw for a homeowner.

It considers a wider assortment of materials. More slow motion can be utilized for delicate materials and faster cutting. Although it could deal with a few funnels and plastic cuts, in the end, there was a desire to cut the wood into pieces.

It’s great for both new clients and experts as a laser manager. It can assist anyone in getting close to the desired result with every cut.

The laser is sometimes hard to see when you work in bright light. This is a bit expensive. It is something that anyone can utilize and reliably gives great results.

What We Like

  • A powerful quick engine can deal with a variety of materials;
  • Can slice with some light materials due to customizable speed;
  • Useful for experienced and beginner users.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive;
  • Still on the heavy side so hard to move.

6. Genesis GMS1015LC Sliding Miter Saw with Laser Guide

  • 10-inch cutting blade;
  • 15 amp electric motor;
  • Power Source: AC;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Warranty card;
  • User manual;
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries required (included);
  • 9 miter stops.

Intensity is a brand of materials that are known to be reasonable and respectful of options. In this article, the reference miter is equally valid for sliding saws.

The Genesis GMS1015LC sliding miter saw is available in the marketplace. This is the least expensive option in this article. And after saying and finishing everything, you are tolerantly effective from this miter saw. It delivers fast with a 15MP electronic engine.

It controls the cutting edge of 10 inches which is very nice at a given cost. When you get a 2-year guarantee with it, the quality of the combination is not too bad. You can get a 60 carbide cut sharp edge in this observation. That can last quite a while without any stretched part. This saw comes with a total of 9m stops to control accuracy.

What We Like

  • Extremely strong;
  • Well-built of heavy-duty and tough material;
  • Highly recommended for woodwork;
  • Portable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Clamping design needs improvement.

7. Metabo HPTC10FCGS Compound Miter Saw

  • Power Source: Electric Powered;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Bevel range: 0°-45˚;
  • Blade Length: 10 inches;
  • Miter angle range: 0°-52;
  • Weight: 24.5 pounds.

If you’re a factual impact tools client, you probably won’t find a gadget on the market to spend a cash critique on. The Metabo HPTC10FCGS compound miter saw is a moderate and lightweight system. Making it perfect for someone who doesn’t have a dedicated space for a force device like a sliding miter. To make it easier for a person to move it quickly inside the home.

Regarding usefulness, this 10-inch cutting edge model delivers a 15-AMP engine and a ground-braking 5,000 rpm. The miter point can be balanced between zero and 52 degrees when the single slant ranges. It can be balanced anywhere in the range of zero and 45 degrees. The best part is the allowed thumb-activated positive stops. You can quickly change between cuts for faster work processes.

It similarly includes a large table for improved reliability and a bad practice classing structure. The model was that the cut edge outside the container may not be completely secure. Thus, check the gear continuously before starting to utilize it.

What We Like

  • User-friendly;
  • Lightweight;
  • Horsepower motor;
  • Flexibility;
  • Provide clean and accurate bevel cuts.

What We Didn’t Like

  • None.

8. DEWALT Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)

  • Weight: 56 lbs;
  • Speed: 3,800 RPM;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Power Source: Electric Powered;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Wattage: 1675;
  • Size: 12 inches.

By featuring the correct cut without retrieving, the DEWALT DWS780 is developed strongly. It has a new XPS cross-cut layout structure with an advanced ultra-splendid LED light, which permits the client to see the sharp edge of course. It will interact with the material by casting a shadow like a laser. This incredible, 15-amp, 3800 rpm instrument, machine cast alloys, fences, a trend structure, and rough tempered steel detent plates. It captures the thorough requests of the workplace

The double diagonal structure plays a high-permeability scale. It changes smooth edges, tilting from zero to 49 degrees. These are 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45, and 49 degrees positive stops in the left head with detent, supersede.

It has an incredible point of change and runs perfectly and smoothly. We prefer accurate checks and XPS stable LEDs that are used to cut edge shades.

What We Like

  • Exact miter system;
  • XPS LED alignment system;
  • Convenient rope;
  • Smooth, accurate cuts.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No pressure.

9. Makita LS1219L Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

  • Power Source: Electric Powered;
  • Weight: 75 lbs;
  • Speed: 3,200 RPM;
  • Voltage: 240 volts;
  • Size: 12 inches.

Directly outside the container, the Makita LS1216L begins to deliver the appropriate, lot of cutting execution. It has a licensed retractable guard post structure to improve the vertical cutting range. Also, the largest crown size cutting limit.

Ground brake 15-AMP fine start, straight gearbox engine never slips. And the belt doesn’t stop like a saw. Electronic speed control maintains a steady speed under load for smooth, top-notch cutting.

This slide combination meter machine slides in a certain way and easily slides to deal with a carpenter’s business. The huge 12-inch edge makes large size cuts easy and the laser is a great source. Easy to change and format and incredible quality for ratio estimation.

What We Like

  • 15.0 amp direct-drive engine;
  • Licensed 4-steel rail sliding system;
  • Compact model;
  • Licensed retractable back gatekeeper.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No suspicion.

10. Delta 26-2250 Sliding Cruzer Miter Saw

  • Blade Length: 12 inches;
  • Quality of material;
  • Voltage: 120 volts;
  • Wattage: 1800 watts;
  • Weight: 57 pounds.

The Delta 26-2250 sliding miter saw is an ideal cutting item for DIY enterprises. It has a groundbreaking 14 amp engine. That slides through wood with incredible speed, perfection, and precision. The engine runs at an impressive 5500 rpm and is good with the most miter saw stands.

 It is suitable for people who work as carpenters for any house. It provides a huge amount of power. It has the largest cross cutting capacity in any sliding miter shaft. You can change the front angle, because of the guiding framework you can set the machine near the divider. It has a smooth clear layout of the guide arms.

That is difficult to change not only like the various saws we explored, but also has tolerable remnants. In any case, it doesn’t accompany numerous security highlights, so keep that in mind.

What We Like

  • Impeccable visibility;
  • High-quality cutting tool;
  • Affordable price.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy equipment.

Buying Guide Considerations

Considering exactly what you need before buying a miter saw is consistently a higher choice so that you can ideally observe your specific situation.

The Power of Miter Saw

15-amps are almost normal for most top tweaks, however, great ones would approve of a model with a little less the power. Like most things, the more impressive the engine, the crisper it will be. There is probably no compelling reason to spend more money on a more impressive engine than the one you plan to use for light work only. Buying one that you can safely carry is equally amazing for solving your problems.

Sharp Edge Size

The saw is made solely for the purpose of recognizing the shape of a sharp edge. When you pick a saw, you’re stuck using the shape of its sharp edge. The larger and smaller size you are trying to use will not fit. Sliding miter saws come in one of these four choices: 7 to 1/2in, 8 to 1/2in, 10in and 12in. There are some differences and exceptions. You should check regularly to the size of the cutting edge.

Larger edges can cut into more pieces and generally cut quicker.  As it turns out, greater isn’t in every case better. It takes up more space and can break simpler. You should save larger cutting edges when not in use. All things considered, there is really nothing but a huge difference in sizes. The sharp edge of the miter is significantly greater than the plan size. Along this line, do not invest excessive amounts of this material yard.

Strength the Miter Saw

Everyone has to be strong. Whatever it is, it often comes with a tradeoff. As we mentioned recently, hard saws are generally heavier and less compact. Strength saws are similarly regularly increasingly expensive. So this can be a problem if you are on a strict spending plan. Ultimately, it really depends on how much you utilize to do on a regular basis and how much you plan to spend.

You are just going to utilize this one very rarely, you probably won’t bother with one that is too powerful. However, if you expect to utilize it consistently, you will probably determine the cash rather than the long term by observing the increasing cost.


Depending on the item you are utilizing, you may need to adjust your exactness. Clearly, more exactness is better in each case. However, increasingly precise models are regularly progressively expensive and an improved level of exactness probably won’t have to depend on what you are doing. Gives more exactness cuts in addition to the ones with laser guides.

Collection of Residues

Most tools additionally have a residual authority that downplays the airborne residue. It may keep you from taking extra action on the rest. And it helps keep your workshop clean. The rest of the free flight can quickly cover everything without exception. We even found remnants to look for its method in different rooms!

Clearly, these should be cleaned frequently and their degree of adequacy should be transferred. Residual cuts and blowers are similarly very normal. And it can assist to move cleanly from the cutting area. Still, washing the dust doesn’t do too much for cleaning. Rather it does the opposite in general. Blowers will keep your workpiece clean, they will send the residue to the far end of your workshop and to your lungs.

Safety Features

Laser management is not exceptional and can greatly help with exactness. However, choosing a model with a laser is usually not important, especially if you do not need to take a lot of precision.

Include the most extra sliding and flip wall by providing some additional help for tall and long materials. Double slants are extra normal. In general, the more a saw highlights, the higher their price. While more highlights isn’t really a scary thing, you’ll just keep cash-off buying a model that has the highlights you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#  What is the Difference Between a Compound and a Sliding Miter Saw?

The basic difference between is rail and rail above the sliding saw. These rails permit you to slide back and forth as you cut. It can do what a mixing miter can do. This makes it much easier to cut dense materials like fence posts

Q# How Many Boards Can a 10-Sliding Miter Cut?

A 10-inch edged saw makes the right-point cut overboard 5 1/2 inches wide, double by six is enough for wood. A similar 10-inch saw will cut a two by four at the 45-degree edge. It similarly made the 12-inch conversion, which has a final cut of about 7 to 1/2 inch, wide enough for a two-by-eight.


You can locate the sliding miter saw for your needs off-road to realize what you are looking for. There are a significant number of different items present here, however, now you have equipped enough data to settle on the basis of a wise decision. There’s a lot to see, starting with structure, development, and size wellness highlights.

Regardless of whether you are a DIYer, an expert, and a property homeowner who needs to build great cannons at home, there is a sliding miter saw available.

We have probably visited the best items available now and all you have to do is make a decision based on your trends. Which one you notice above the list, you have confirmed a major purchase.

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