The Best Stihl Chainsaw & Chainsaw Chain for the Money

Are you looking to take action over the tree limbs which are around your house? Or want to cut up firewood? Or trying to maintain the warehouse necessary cuts? All these tasks solutions we have, that is Stihl manufactured chainsaws and chains for the money. Surrounded so many models that have been designed for various applications. 

Although, chainsaws can or cannot be your biggest and most important purchase compared to other manual saws. But featuring something stronger is not better for you? Of course, it is. They can last your years. Stihl, the trusted brand in power tools, featuring something right, specially the chainsaws and their chains concerning you.

Such a wide variety from Stihl can overwhelm you, but we will not let you be so. So we give a head start with hand-picked five Stihl chainsaws and chains for your money below.

Reviews of our Top Stihl Chainsaw & Chainsaw Chain

1. STIHL Chainsaw || Battery Operated, Sound Kids Toy

  • Weight: N/A;
  • Power: N/A;
  • Power source: rechargeable battery;
  • Chain size: 40 cm.

Chainsaw or a kid’s toy, sounds fun? Well, it is the greatest Stihl chainsaw for the money, headed first in our listing. Compared to other Stihl chainsaws for farm and ranch, it is kind of a faster battery-operated tool. So you should not have to wait long like gas-powered ones to use it for further tasks.

This was just what we were looking for. In general, it is for the children’s use, unlike other Stihl chainsaws. It is hard to say, but it fits average aged children, almost very good for 5+ ages. If you have someone of that age, pass it on to see their reaction on a replica chainsaw to cut wood for the fire. Do not expect real power. Rather not inspire the little craftsman to cut down hardwood trees with this one.

It certainly makes noise while pulling the cord does pull out. Yet, the 40 cm long chain will move around the bar.

What we liked

  • Battery-powered;
  • Affordable; 
  • Toy chain rotation;
  • Auto on/off switch.


  • Initiate pull cord makes the motor sound.

2. Stihl 3610 005 0055 || 2 Chainsaw Chains

  • Weight: 12.4 pounds;
  • Power: N/A;
  • Type: Chainsaw chain;
  • Bar size: 16”.

It is a solid Stihl chainsaw chain, packaged two amounts from the manufacturer. If you are counting to fit this on Stihl models like MS- 170, 171 and 180, this Stihl chainsaw chain is the right counterpart. 

Unlike other powerful counterparts, it fits not only on the above-mentioned models, but chainsaws having 16” bar also. Even if the bar size that takes 55 links also. You can already feel how small and light chainsaw it is. Once you bought a chainsaw, check the linking numbers next on the chain bar which stamped from the manufacturer. Though the chain is for each model provided with a 16-inches bar, you can observe some basic differences while fixing this next to the link over the saw. 61pmm3 55 link ⅜ Picco is for smaller and lightweight chainsaw models like MS-170 and 180. On the other hand, .325 cm long chain for MS-290 with a 16-inches bar. 

It is smaller, less aggressive, but the 7/8” x 5/32” diameter round file needs to be sharpened before applying.

What we liked

  • Lightweight;
  • Less aggressive;
  • 2 chains in one packet;
  • Lengthy bar;
  • .043 gauge;
  • Better for pruning, limbing, and chopping.


  • Nothing found.

3. STIHL 63 PM-50 || 14” Picco Micro -Chainsaw Chain

  • Weight: 6.6 pounds;
  • Power: N/A;
  • Type: Micro-chainsaw chain;
  • Bar size: 14”;

Searching chainsaw chains that fit 14” bar attached ones, like Stihl MS-192 and 193? Then, this Stihl chainsaw chain model is the right choice for you.

It made for Stihl chainsaw series 63 PM-50. But you can use it as we mentioned with the stock 14” lengthy bar. From our experience, it may have developed over the bar and chain that comes with MS-180 saws. People it is like a whole split saw from every saw from the Stihl factory,

You can attach it to the original one saw for the smallest brush with a 14” bar. Though it is a setup for bigger brush size chainsaws. You can manage all the tasks you have on a farm and ranch. You need one which is feasible, good value for money and helps in the instant start. People who have purchased a Stihl MS-180 or 192 farm boss, prefer it for all those expected reasons. The best thing, we found simply nothing lower against it.  

What we liked

  • Suits 14” bar chainsaws;
  • Setup for bigger brushes;
  • Better attachment for MS-180, 192, and 193.


  • Found nothing.

4. Stihl 61PMM355 || 16″ Picco Micro Oilomatic Saw Chain

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds;
  • Power: N/A;
  • Type: micro oilomatic chainsaw chain; 
  • Bar size: 16”.

Looking for something schemed like Picco chains, the smaller chainsaw chain. Though Stihl supplies perfect chains for every application. Even every power-class and each chainsaw they produce from the factory.

This Stihl 61PMM355 is one of the most rugged first-class quality categorized Picco chains. This type of Stihl chainsaw chain is worth your money by producing no kinda vibration while accomplishing your jobs. Potential buyers, who often value a high-level of utility and turned low kickback tendency along with precise cutting performance, it is for them. Neither chain cuts, nor throw chips similar to a factory original. It comes with at least 3 spare chains in one pack, isn’t it cool, huh? 

Featuring .034 gauge and 55 driving links let you install on MS-210. Also, it pairs with original chainsaws 16-inches bar counterparts. Tension not, you will find it to keep on hand for each as always pre-sharpened ones. Even if you are using it for a longer time and become old.  

What we liked

  • Suits 16-inches bar;
  • .034 gauge means a Picco chain;
  • Perfect for smaller brushes;
  • Anti-vibration chainsaw chain;
  • 55 drive links;
  • Easy to install.


  • Odd packaging.

5. STIHL 26RM3-81 || 20″ Oilomatic Rapid Micro Saw Chain

  • Weight: 1.4 pounds;
  • Power: N/A
  • Type: oilomatic micro saw chain;
  • Bar size: 20”.

Leaking our today’s last chosen oilomatic rapid micro saw chain from Stihl chainsaw series 26RM3-81. Though it is the last one but not least. 

Well, this lightweight saw chain is a better replacement with your old ones. But it is appropriate for a big bar sized brush, like a 20-inches-long. Sounds powerful, right? Even if anyone tries to set it up on lightweight chainsaws, they will find it quite a universal use. As well as for wood carving and best for occasional users. By and far, skilled or user experienced persons prefer it for its durability, ease of use, and the lightweight dimension by itself from the factory.

Featuring those reasons is enough to enforce you to buy it as soon as possible. If you want a better replacement for your older big models chainsaw for farm and ranch. 

What we liked

  • Suits 20 inches bar Stihl models;
  • Durable;
  • Universal use;
  • Easy to install;
  • Gives low kickback.


  • Nothing found.

How to Select a Stihl Chainsaw and Its Chain for Farm and Ranch?

Power source

The first opt-out factor for a chainsaw. Suppose, you are a potential buyer and going to determine what applications you will use it regularly and further. But what will happen if you consider the chainsaw size only? It is not fair and not justified. Since the job site and size is not the first factor to consider, we narrowed down the research for a power source.

For instance, if you need a Stihl chainsaw for living tasks, you must choose the farm or ranch chainsaws from the manufacturer. Instead of it, you have bought a homeowner or battery or electric-corded one from the same brand.

Now, what will happen? You may not directly jump to the operation with the bought one. Though Stihl in general produces such several types of chainsaws. But you have to be very careful selecting the best aftermarket Stihl chainsaw and chain for supporting your determined tasks.

Chainsaw Chains

The exact chainsaw leads to clear all differences. For instance, Picco chainsaw chains are for small brushed chainsaws and big chains are for bigger ones as it depends on the most on your job size.

Stihl produces its chainsaws along with combined chains being pre-stretched from the factory. Means to assist in eliminating wide chain stretching while the break-in period comes. However, farm and ranch and homeowner chainsaws have designed to support operations with a low kickback and anti-vibration chains. So you do not have to play a guessing game. 

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You can consider carbide chains standard if you remain dirty while working in your dirty workspace. Because they tend to stay sharp up to 5 times longer. 

Guide Bar

The power of a chainsaw, in particular, determines by the professionals’ “box stores”. It is kind of a suggestion, but not true by and far. A long guide bar might look very impressive.

The outlook quite ensures that it will work better than others. But it can lead to a negative impact on the beginners or hobbyist’s desired tasks to get done. Because they will use it in occasional applications and will get bored while they face the handling problem during operating their pieces.

Even longer bar requires more power to move the chainsaw over the pieces to take shape. So you need a good combination with the powerhead and a long bar (if you need it quite seriously).

Homeowner saws hold 12-16 inches guide bars. As well the others like farm/ranch saws and professional saws hold several lengths on the side of the chainsaw’s chain. Have you chosen which one you require to meet your demand?

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Safety Tips

We wish you first happy and safe sawing, before briefing about safety tips. Well, Stihl manufactures the sharpest chainsaws and chains, though they come with multi-layers of Engtex®. The protective apparel stays sharp while using it for further 5 times in a month. Such multi-layers are kind of cut-redundant material moderated, creating clog on a gas-powered chainsaw to stop the chain.  

Moreover, there you can avail of such protective equipment from Stihl. Such as protective forestry boots, head and face protection, good grip gloves, and so on. As usual, we request to further consult the producers manual, for secure operating guidelines. 


Why Buy Stihl?

From the early 20th century, Stihl was producing significant chainsaws. Though Andreas Stihl is not the father of this well-established brand, he made lavish improvements upon it in 1926. Guess what? He patented the electric-corded chainsaw. By the time, Stihl introduced another cordless one, gas-powered chainsaws in 1929. It became useful for those who remain much more time in the construction fields and logging. 

Even if you are a local customer for Stihl, it is better to know about their service and products in your area from the authorized dealer. Because Stihl supposes to provide local outfits more personal with care. If you are about to buy a good gas-powered chainsaw, we bet you will not find the best one from other brands. Hope you can understand why Stihl holds a better position about chainsaws for the money.

Types of Production from Stihl Manufacturer?

You may have lots of choices to choose among several types of chainsaws according to your project size. You also have your pick of the litter from a variety of brands. But Stihl produces a wide range, specifying your tasks and job sites. Such as-


While you do something for your livelihood, like logging, farming, clearing land, and of course something at construction sites, you need a definite powerful chainsaw and chain. You can rely on Stihl’s professional chainsaw category which is worth your money.

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Farm and Ranch

Suppose, your home is a farm and ranch. You have demand for such workhorse chainsaws, to do such works related to your warehouse. Stihl generates such handy chainsaws for your ranch and farm, to work without straining your arms for a longer time. It is obvious from the manufacturer that you can use it sharp 5 times longer.


Homeowner chainsaws are for occasional home around job lovers. It is kind of a professional-grade chainsaw that can get around your house. So you can accomplish your light jobs as long as bigger jobs too.


Stihl understands your demand for the portability of a chainsaw. So Stihl produces its best categorized gas-powered chainsaws rather than other reputed brands. Many pros and consumers refer to these powered and lightweight chainsaws.


Do you need a chainsaw which allows you to move your tool from here to there during hard work? Then you should buy a battery-powered chainsaw. Stihl produces better battery-powered chainsaws to meet your demand. You will find it awesome as it is quiet and produces no fumes at the job site.


If you keep going with your chainsaw for extended periods, then you should buy an electric-corded Stihl chainsaw. We should thanks to such one for no emissions, yet being powerful.


Yet, every chainsaw and chain cannot do the same jobs, Stihl understands that. So they have created a little ranged in-tree saws for tree-related tasks. Or, something you need to chop limbs from mounted trees by the ladder to climb up. Innovated perfect balanced chainsaws ease your one-handed work and lightweight though.

Compared to Chains, is Stihl Produce Better than Oregon?

Are Oregon chains as better as Stihl? The same question comes to most of the consumers ‘ minds. We believe that Stihl chains are a little bit hard to install and operate, but they have much stretching power than Oregon. Even if you grind chains, we think Stihl can make a way to go. Also, Stihl chains seem to be thicker, yet hold an edge longer. Whether Oregon is only softer to set up.

Wrap Up

Finding the correct saw which can meet your demands may not be a guessing game. We have guided the basic things which will help much to buy a chainsaw, with a better understanding of Stihl which produces powerful designed features at present.

You can compare them with aftermarket chainsaws, also remember the guidance too. Stay safe and happy sawing.

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