8 Best T-Shank Jigsaw Blades in 2024

Blades are very delicate counterparts with shapes. Speaking of the jigsaw blades comes with huge variety and versatility, resulting in at the end of the tasks. A saying about the worst team can turn as the best as its weakest player. This saying is often similar to the applications and standard level of jigsaws

A top-quality saw without a similar strengthened quality blade is quite meaningless. However, all aftermarket blades are not equal to the entire quality. But in case of jigsaw fitted blades, by more specific, the T shank jigsaw blades are common in many wide-ranging sets, including different levels and cutting specialty. If you have determined to play the game forward, such a set with heavy metal or plastic made is the smartest choice for keeping needed ones altogether.

Whether the jigsaw blades, T shank, and U shank differentiate from each shaped performance, the available choices may spoil your great projects. We have made a well-researched list of 8 T-shank blades. To make it easier as per your need, we have narrowed down each one with special features and what we liked after experiencing these. 

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1. Dewalt DW3742C T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set

Dewalt DW3742C T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set
  • Weight: 8 ounces;
  • Material: HCS/BiM;
  • Blades (Pcs): 14;

When Dewalt is our first choice, the DW3742C series, there should be some certain reasons. However, the Dewalt brand is another name of compatibility while buying any T-shank jigsaw blades or a jigsaw all itself. 

All of the 14-pieces in the pack are compatible with both Bosch and Dewalt jigsaw models. Even if the selected T-shank designed one is old or recent, not a big deal. Blades variety in sizes as much as possible seems rare. 6, 10, 12, 18, 32 teeth per one inch are available, ranging between 6-10 TPI are 4” long. Whether 18/32 TPI is available on 3” long blades, which maintains the thumb rule before fitting these blades on T-shank models. 

The consisting durable blades, by any chance, can damage your hand, because of sharper edges compared to the other good ones. To avoid accidental performances, better operating over tons of metal and hardwoods, wear safety equipment as well.   

What we liked

  • A wide range of teeth per inches;
  • Made for special wood and metal applications;
  • Durable;
  • Comfort grip;
  • Inexpensive.


  • No cons.

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2. Gunpla 15 Pieces Assorted Jigsaw Blades

Gunpla 15 Pieces Assorted Jigsaw Blades
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces;
  • Material: carbon steel;
  • Blades (Pcs): 15.

Assembled 3 jigsaw blade types in 15 pieces, manufactured by Gunpla. Based on T-shank design, such an assembly of 3 types, even from the subtle designs is amazing. Engineered with carbon steel and anti-heat coating, each blade offers the durability and strength for rapid cutting through plywood, even laminating particle boards.

Mentioned about the assembly but with 3 categories. For straight cutting, choose the T144D indicated blades. All these will measure 4” in diameter and 6 TPI. Though the design is ideal for softwood and plywood of 3/16″- 2″. Engineered another categorized blades set is T244D, including the same blade length and TPI as the previous. But it gives a narrow profile for better-curved cuts.

For enjoying a specialized T-shank feature, T118A is capable of ripping thin metal and sheet steel of 1/8 In. thickness. Having 17-20 progressive TPI enhances your driving power in straight cuts. Whether the cutting material is ferrous or non-ferrous, not a big deal. But proper lubricating can enhance its working life.      

What we liked

  • Fits on 90% upgraded T-shank jigsaw blades;
  • Perfect grip;
  • Reasonable;
  • Perfect for hardwood cutting;
  • Both ground and side set.


  • No noticeable cons.

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3. Bosch T101AO3 T-Shank JigSaw Blades

Bosch T101AO3 T-Shank JigSaw Blades
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces;
  • Material: HCS;
  • Blades (Pcs): 5;

Another set of 5 blades in this T-shank design class. Bosch is always manufacturing such bare tools with no compromise in quality. However, once we have experienced it, is one of the nicest jigsaw blades. Apart from the reputation, Bosch T101AO3 is dependable and powerful, though before step on using it, safety equipment is a must to wear. 

All of its 5 pieces out of the factory comes with 20 TPI pointed teeth. The pointed teeth let for ideal rips from the piece side you are facing at. Also, each consists of a narrow profile, ensures no hand fatigue while easy cleaning and curved cuts. While scrolling inside the pieces of which it built for, for instance, wood or metal cutting. It will bring you better experiences than other sets of T-shank jigsaw blades, as we had.

Providing precision and built-in enhanced accuracy with this while chopping plywood, metals, and softwood, is beyond imagination even from the most subtle of designs.  

What we liked

  • Provide clean and smooth curved cuts;
  • Applicable with both sides;
  • Fast and efficient;
  • One can drive through double-sided laminates.


  • HCS construction material. 

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4. Craftsman CMAJ1SET13 T Shank Jigsaw Blades

Craftsman CMAJ1SET13 T Shank Jigsaw Blades
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces;
  • Material: steel;
  • Blades (Pcs): 13.

Designed for the pros, such as contractors, and regular multi-purpose handymen. Such users come across various applications on the job. Some of the jobs are quite regular, as well as metal and wood cutting or for making small pieces of kindling from dry woods. 

The Craftsman T shank blades series CMAJ1SET13 is another kind of set whenever needed for your versatile maneuvers. What is included in the tool box? 6 different blade categories ranging 5 x precision wood cutting blades, 2 x multi-material blades, 1 x metal-cutting basic blades, 1 x progressor metal cutting blades, 4 x fiber and plaster. All portable including in one heavy case.

All offer superior grips with a variety of applications from clean fiber, wood, plasters. Though it is not a universal blade, it fits all jigsaws which have T-shank blades acceptance, regardless of the brand.

What we liked

  • Superior grip and stability;
  • No bending problem during fast operations;
  • High carbon steel construction;
  • Prefers most straight cuts.


  • Bending issue.

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5. Workpro 36-Piece T-Shank Woodworking Jigsaw Blades

Workpro 36-Piece T-Shank Woodworking Jigsaw Blades
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces;
  • Material: HCS;
  • Blades (Pcs): 36.

Looking for a T-shank designed huge amount blade set, regardless of major brands? Well, you can have this smart set from Workpro, which will be worth your money too. For the special workers, prefer those, who have only multi-purpose wood cutting issues throughout their day.

Intricate cuts on woods, including scroll level blades are perfect. You may have a little try with these for your perfect piece making. 12 each of the assorted blades of 36 pieces are good fits on reputed branded ones. As well as T101D (4”, 6TPI) and T101BR (4”, 10 TPI) for clean wood, T144D (4”, 6TPI) for rapid action. 

The most efficient feature is all of the blades coatings, with chrome vanadium. High carbon steel is good enough without any bending problem while speeding woodcutting or metallic ones. Whether the coating material is awesome to give a proper finish looks at each blade side or either. 

What we liked

  • No wear-out issues;
  • Easy storage heavy box;
  • CRV steel constructed;
  • Super easy to switch blades.


  • No cons.

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6. Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank Blade Set

Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank Blade Set
  • Weight: 0.81 ounces;
  • Material: Bi-metal;
  • Blades (Pcs): 5;

If you have found a jigsaw by Milwaukee in the shop, convenient to use their blades, specially, the 49-22-1178 series because of its 5 Pcs in one pack superior performance. The outlook and engineered features are a good fit for recent jigsaw T-shank designs. 

Having perfect optimization, the shape of 9/32 in. Width of the jigsaw itself, is a super durable blade from the beginning. As it delivers the same precision and enhanced accuracy for regular cutting projects. If you have an old model to fit T-shank blades in it, without any doubt go ahead with these. Though for a comfortable grip, try to fit on upgraded ones.  

Manufactured in Switzerland, the high-speed steel or Bi-metal construction material increases its entire lifespan, even if you start with rapid actions. So, it may become a good alternative for your old ones like we have found. 

What we liked

  • Pretty easy to install;
  • Perfect for both metal and wood cutting;
  • Durability with BiM construction.


  • Expensive.

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7. Black+Decker 75-626 Universal Shank Jigsaw Blade Set

Black+Decker 75-626 Universal Shank Jigsaw Blade Set
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces;
  • Material: HCS;
  • Blades (Pcs): 24.

Suppose, you get 24 multi-size high carbon steel T-shank jigsaw blades with maximum TPI? Even at cheap bucks? It is fun, right? Well, many of the users, even the pros at first may be in shock about the affordability and the amount. Trust us, we were in the same shock, but got this beautiful blade set for bringing experiences thoroughly. 

Unlike other models, not only you can drive through both soft and solid wood plates, but also suitable for making aluminum pieces. However, these assorted blades are capable of bringing more certain intricacies in your work. Though it is difficult to find fast speed by maintaining the tool’s quality, our good speedy woodworking experience was not bad. Even more power can assist you while cutting yourself some delicacy. 

In case of beginners, it is good enough that it is there for developing both wood and metal rip projects. Whether the metal is aluminum with ferrous or non-ferrous, does not matter yet. Remember to clean either side of the blades for no-soon-rust issues. 

What we liked

  • Fits on U-shank jigsaws too;
  • Powerful and durable;
  • Scrolling blade system;
  • 3 categorized blades.


  • Slow delivery.

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8. Cozzmts 20PCS T Shank Versatile Cutting Jigsaw Blades

Cozzmts 20PCS T Shank Versatile Cutting Jigsaw Blades
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces;
  • Material: HCS;
  • Blades (Pcs): 20.

Another value set in our listing from Cozzmots. Though providing versatile cutting by T-shank jigsaw blades set of 20 pieces, may not fit well regardless of branded old jigsaws.

In this case, an innovative design overall 20 Pieces of blades of each one 1.3 mm thickness around 4” length, performs great, whether you turn for metal, PVC, wood and plaster. Among the set, 4 Pcs stainless steel constructed blades for wood and thick metals, 4 SS progressors for multi-material, 4 for metals, 4 for plastics, and 4 for plaster or PVC. 

Featuring 4 stainless steel made progressor tooth pitches is something unique in this class. The teeth near to the T-shanks are quite smaller than other toothed blades. However, by reducing the blade strains, let itself speed cuts. All included in a nice touch-up heavy case intends to switch blades in between jobs. 

What we liked

  • 5 blade types;
  • Progressive tooth pitch;
  • Reasonable;
  • Durable both carbon and stainless steel;
  • Compatible with popular to unpopular brands.


  • Quick wear out problem.

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How to Select a T Shank Jigsaw Blade?

Blade Type

What characteristics do you look forward to selecting a set of T shank jigsaw blades? Blades types firstly considered in this class, right? Different blades, manufactured with different materials as per one’s requirement, makes this factor more difficult while shopping for a T shank jigsaw blades set. In general, popular blades are available with tungsten, bi-metal, carbide, Carbon, and steel. But you have to select the durable one if your budget may not put limitations.

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Tungsten carbide: Have higher tolerance power of heat and temperature. In particular, most useful for chopping SS, ceramics, and fiberglass.

High carbon steel: the most popular material made blades available in curved designs. Flexible and inexpensive, especially for woodworks. 

Bi-metal: A perfect combination of carbon and high-speed steel. Offering higher anti-heat features, works well with both metal and hardwood.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

If the TPI means Tooth Per Inch is popular with you, we hope you can understand how helpful it is. However, some hold up to 32 TPI, for instance, Dewalt DW3742C T shank blades of 14 pieces. Whether some hold less than 6 TPI, like Craftsman CMAJ1SET13. As well allows rough and speed cuts at ease. 

Less than 10 TPI, smart for applying on wood cutting projects only. Ranging 16 to 18 or more than that amount of teeth per inch intends for progressive and finer cuts in soft or hard metals with woods at the same time.

Materials to Cut

Another most crucial factor we consider though. Whenever it is about to shop for the T-shank jigsaw blade, depending on the materials ripping, as per your first requirement. Regardless of regular users and pros, newbies unable to find a work-well type for their seasonal cutting projects. 

For wood: high carbon steel made or similar constructed models.

For heavy metals: tungsten carbide blades ranging from 20-24 TPI.

For plastic: either a tungsten carbide, or bi-metal blade suits the best for better durability. 

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T-shank or U-shank Jigsaw Blade, Which is Worth Most?

U shank or T shank Jigsaw blades, now become the most ideal and popular in this jigsaw equipment industry. Being standard, capable of making your work easier by switching blades from the regarding set. Two of these standard blade designs are different. 

T shank jigsaw blades fit most jigsaws which have in-built tool-less mechanisms. As well, it makes easy swapping blades according to cutting materials faster. Whether blades which have U-shape at the top, fit on others, except for the tool-less machinery system jigsaws. 

Are Shanked Jigsaw Blades Universal?

Once jigsaw’s certain U-shaped blades were standard and popular as universal blades. Which does not clarify that all manufactured ones are universal. Depending on the shanks, which is the most comfortable counterpart, different machines accept different ones. 

While searching for the varieties and compatibility with our jigsaw blades, we found T shank blades which are the best suit for the jigsaws available on the shelves today. Because most of the powered tools have integrated with tool-free blade clamps. As well, the T shank designed ones get fixed into the clamps with their top T-shaped tang.

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Can a Down-Cut Jigsaw Blade be an Alternative?

Before answering, we love to give a short brief about down cut jigsaw blades. A jigsaw blade with reversed teeth to provide similar clean cuts on each downstroke on the material’s head. Most of these are high carbon steel. Its overall blasting strengthens means to increase durability and reduce breaks.

Not every, but these assorted ones are very useful for clean cuts. May become an alternative of jigsaw blades for straight and clean cuts, like T101D. 

Wrap Up

You should not spend your worthy bucks on new blades through every day. As well, many best aftermarket T-shank jigsaw blades are available. Once you go for buying one, all may overwhelm you. If your concern is good enough before buying one, it will help most. Concluding our buyer’s guide on this subject will help you more. 

All that is remaining, keep in mind the info and get the right product. 

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