Best Table Saw Fence Review & Buying Guide

If you are curious about whether or not you can replace the fence on your table saw that you currently own, then you are in luck. Table fences are definitely for sale and they are made by numerous companies.

A fence for a table saw is important to have, as it ensures that each cut that you perform is straight and accurate. Great fences for table saws should be made of decent quality so that they last for a handful of years through hundreds of different uses. Fences for table saws also come with useful features such as measurements marked on its face and magnifying windows so that precise measurements can be more simple to adjust.

Table Saw Fence Buying Guide

But not all fences for tables saws are built the same, so in this review, we will look at five great fences for tables saws for you to consider. They each have traits that are great to have in addition to traits that can use some work. The companies that make these fences, in particular, include Delta, Vega, Bosch and Shop Fox. At the end of our review, we will choose the best saw table fence for your investment.

For hundreds of thousands of shop and woodworkers in the country, they get tremendous use of a stationary table saw. Made for cutting wood, metal and other materials, it serves a great purpose cutting certain objects into distinct and intricate shapes. One main component of the table saw, however, is a table saw fence.

The table saw fence serves the primary purpose of acting as a guide of sorts, allowing the user to make cuts that are not just accurate, but are very safe and leave the smallest probabilities of injury as possible.

The fence is primarily there to be sure that the wood or metal that you are cutting is completely adjacent to the blade. It can also help from preventing kickback, making it a feature that is also safe for woodworkers to have along with their table saw.

Table saw fences are made in varying qualities, and it is possible that you might buy a table saw with a fence that leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality. Thankfully, you can replace the fence that your table saw came with, should you choose to buy a newer and/or better one.

When looking for a new fence for your table saw, here are some important things that you should consider:


There are two common materials that can be made into fences for table saws: Plastic and aluminum. While plastic fences exist for their affordability, you would rather choose an aluminum fence for multiple reasons.

Firstly, aluminum fences are sure to last longer than plastic fences. Because your table saw will give wear and tear to the fence, you would like a fence that will not degrade over time.

When a plastic fence wears down over time, it can crack, bend, or have its appearance altered in another way. When this happens, you will not be able to use it as a straight edge anymore, with meager accuracy results.

Aluminum will not bend or break, and it is often made as a lightweight material so that you can easily use it as a fence, just like you would use a fence that is made of plastic.


Another important factor in a table saw fences is their design. One common design for entry-level table saws utilizes easy sliding and clamping mechanisms. These mechanisms are put in place so that the fence can easily sit on a table surface, and can also be clamped at the lip of a table that you would be using.

This design, however, can be rather frustrating, as the saw can easily jar while you are adjusting. After every cut of wood, you might end up having to adjust the fence so that the next piece of wood can accommodate properly.

A better design that you can consider is known as the pinion rip fence. The fence in this design rests on a toothed rail and is adjusted by using a gear. This design makes adjustments quick and easy, and will not become misaligned with every rip or cut. If you have a decent, mid-range table saw, then we definitely recommend a fence design of this kind.


Tables saws that include rip fences also should have what is known as positioning scales. Almost every rip fence should have one of these scales, as they allow you to simply measure the wood or metal object that you are ripping; just like a ruler. Like other parts of the fence, the scale is equally as important when it comes to measuring your wood or metal.

The scale should have markings on it that are easy to read and are noticeable by just about any worker. There are some fences that should also come with a magnifying window so that you can make precise measurements in greater detail than before.

If your table saw’s fence does not come with a positioning scale, then you will have to measure every piece that you but manually with another measuring tool that you own.

Can I Use My Table Saw Without A Fence?

The short answer is yes; you can use your table saw with no fence. The problem is that considering how much you might be paying for lumber, you will need accuracy with the right table saw, and you won’t have the best accuracy if you do not have a fence. If your golf fence on your table saw breaks or doesn’t work well anymore, we suggest that you get a new fence as soon as possible. Fences undoubtedly will make your job easier, when it comes to lining up and measuring your cuts.

5 Best Table Saw Fences – Reviews

1. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

The first of our table saw fences is from Vega. This fence system, in particular, is geared to work with a number of different table saws. Overall, this fence system weighs 34 pounds total. With this fence, you have a 50-inch rip capacity to the right and an 8-inch rip capacity to the left.

This fence is made of durable steel construction, which is a metal that is similar to aluminum, as you might already know, but it is heavier. On the bright side, you can be assured that it will not go anywhere; it’s a very resilient and sturdy piece of equipment.

The fence is fairly easy to install and assemble. This fence system is designed to lock parallel to the saw blade so that you are able to make clean and accurate rip cuts without trouble. As long as you follow the instruction manual, you should not have any problems installing this table system.

There are also slotted brackets in form of the fence system to permit horizontal and vertical settings in addition to jacking plates. This is to help you adjust and level the fence’s rails. They work very fluidly and we don’t feel they are too loose or tight.

The one thing to point out is that the packaging of this fence system is not that good. There are no filler or dividers inside the box to keep each part safe, so all the parts bounce around inside the box as it ships. Not good at all.


  • Is made of thick metal.
  • Is simple to install.
  • Rails can be easily adjusted.
  • Rails can be easily adjusted.
  • Works with many different table saws.


  • Packaging is unsafe for parts.

2. DELTA 36-T30 T2 30-Inch Fence

Delta is a well-known brand in the woodworking industry. Their fence they have provided for us is sleek-looking and definitely doesn’t appear to be chintzy. This fence weighs nearly 30 pounds exactly. Delta comes with many useful extras, including a steel guide tube, a scale, support rails for the front and back, and of course, mounting hardware for easy installations on your table saw.

This fence is made of steel, and it easily glides so that it can keep up with any fast-paced work that you are looking to do in your garage or shop. This fence makes it easy for you to rip and square cuts not just quickly, but accurately at that.

The face of this fence is made of aluminum, and it attaches to steel iron and tubing so that the parts you move are light, and the parts that are bolted in the table saw are strong and indestructible.

Featured on this fence is a three-point T-square locking system that can help to precisely measure cuts down to the 64th of an inch, which is near microscopic. If you prioritize in making the most accurate of cuts, it is a good idea to use this locking system to your advantage.

The fence clamps to the front tube and rear rails of the saw so that it safely slides up and down. When using jigs and feather boards, you can also enjoy added read hold down support.

With the purchase of this fence system, you get a few-year warranty from Delta. For fences for table saws, they’re not always expected, but if you see one, they are always welcome. If something goes wrong with this fencing system, and it is the manufacturer at fault, you can get a free fence system delivered right to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, the only way we can recommend this fence to you is if you own a newer table saw. If you own a rather old saw but still insist on using it, it might be hard to get it to work with this fence in particular.


  • Is made of thick metal.
  • Is simple to install.
  • Rails can be easily adjusted.
  • Comes with precision locking.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Might not work with older table saws.

3. Shop Fox W1410 Fence

The first of two table saw fences from Shop Fox is rather simple and made of black-finished steel. This set as a whole weighs around 38 pounds.

This fence fits with table saws that are 27 inches in length. If you have a table that is that size, this set is sure to work effortlessly. If will fit on tables that are made by some of the most popular brands in the industry.

This fence works well whether you are left or right-handed. The fine position knobs are located each on opposite sides of the fence so that you choose the handle that better works for you.

This fence is rather a cinch to install, locking down firmly on both ends for the utmost accuracy. The fence moves on ball-bearing guides so that the ball bearings are the only thing that slides and adjust.

You really need to watch out for this fence, however. It is sharp, and its sharp corners and edges are exposed, in addition to its long, protruding handle. While walking pass or around your table saw with this fence, you could get a cut, puncture or stab with either of these harmful features.


  • Is made of thick metal.
  • Is simple to install.
  • Rails can be easily adjusted.
  • Comes with precision locking.
  • Suitable for left or right-handed people.


  • Sharp corners can be harmful.

4. Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence

This second table saw fence from shop Fox is considered a premium product. It is much pricier than the previous table saw fence, but it is certainly capable of doing more for table saw owners. This fence weighs a whopping 56 pounds, making it the heaviest fence in this review thus far.

Shop Fox is made of a mix of steel and aluminum parts. This fence is sure to give you your money’s worth with years of use and enjoyment. Each and every part is designed to be resilient, sturdy and long-lasting.

The self-adhesive measuring tape allows you to measure without the need of a second-hand tool or ruler. It is a tape that is easy to read and measure without having to second-guess every decision.

Positioning has never been easier, thanks to the built-in magnifying cursor. If you need a tool to help you get the perfect cut every time, you can count on this table saw fence to give you what you need.

This fence will fit onto almost any table saw, thanks to the front locking mechanic and innovative torsion box design. There is no real locking mechanic, nor do you need one, and the fence is incredibly secure and stable.

You likely do not have the budget for a nice fence like this, but if you do, you will certainly enjoy it. We admit, however, that many workers can still get by with a more affordable table saw fence. Furthermore, this is a heavy fence, and while it might not matter, apart from installation, carrying it can make it more of a hassle.


  • Has onboard measuring tape.
  • Has on-board magnifying cursor.
  • Is made of thick metal.
  • Rails can be easily adjusted.
  • Comes with precision locking.


  • Costs a lot of money.
  • Is very heavy.

5. Bosch Parts 2610950148 Rip Fence Assembly

Bosch is a name that you would recognize more in power tools, but they also make some pretty decent shop accessories. This fence, in particular, is supposed to be a replacement part for saw tables that are also made by Bosch.

This is a pretty basic saw table fence that is made of metal. The features on this fence are very basic, and it doesn’t really come with anything unique or interesting. Its primary goals are to provide a straight and accurate cut with your table saw, and nothing much more.

This is fairly easy to install the fence that clamps on both sides of the table. It works decently as any basic Bosch table saw fence would, and the connections are professionally secure.

Unfortunately, this is considered a replacement part for a Bosch table saw that you might already own. These fences are proprietary products that are exclusive to Bosch only. If you own a Bosch table saw, then you have nothing to worry about. If not, then you should not waste your time any further.

On the bright side, if you just want a rip fence that is new and that works, this is the lowest you are likely to pay for a new fence, should you own a table saw from Bosch. You may not get the precision locking from other fence systems in this review, but you can get all those features by other means.


  • Is made of thick metal.
  • Rails can be easily adjusted.
  • Is affordable.


  • Only works with Bosch table saws.

Final Verdict

The best fence for tables saws is none other than the DELTA 36-T30 T2 30-Inch Fence.

There is a reason why Delta is one of the most recognizable names in the workshop industry. Their products are of high quality, and they have grown a very strong reputation throughout the years. There are thousands of shop owners that have spent most of their lives working with Delta tools and products because of how reliable they are.

The 36-T30 is a fence that, while is of a premium price, it is definitely worth every penny. The clamps, the T-square, and all the other features that come with this fence work to perfection. We also like how this fence feels compared to other fences in this review. It feels professional and strong, and yet doesn’t feel resistant towards what you want it to do.

There is one thing to keep in mind, however, and it is that if you choose to buy this fence, you should make sure that the table saw you own is relatively new, as it is only compatible with new table saws only. With both this fence system and a new table saw, you should have a wonderful and productive decade or so ahead of you.

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