8 Best Miter Gauges for Table Saw (2024 Reviews)

A woodworker knows the value of accurate cuts, which is not possible without a saw. The saw can’t perform well without a miter gauge’s help as it helps to cuts the angles and crosscuts through the wood more accurately. It gives a stable holding position to retain the wood in a spot as you move it into the cut. So, it operates in connection with your table saw within the slot located on the surface.

It’s an invaluable assistant that will let you make angled and crosscuts at exact points. Nowadays, several features combine with the miter gauge to make your work easier, like a protractor that already calibrates, a patented glide lock, adjustable stops, and many more. Also, it will let you set any angle quickly and duplicate it correctly that you might need.

A miter gauge gives a secure platform indeed, but you may get confused with different models on the market and may be unable to pick the perfect miter gauge for your table saw. Providentially, to eliminate your confusion, we gather some excellent miter gauges in this article that has lots of helpful features. To assist you more, we also added a buying guide that you may follow to choose the most suitable one.

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If you are a newbie to use a miter gauge, we suggest you go through the buying factors we added in the last of the article. If you are used to using a miter gauge, then we presented some of the top quality miter gauges with its unique features that you can choose in the following writing.

1. Incra Miter 1000-HD Miter Gauge for Table Saw

  • Material: Steel;
  • Indexing stops: 180-degree angle;
  • Special stops: ±22-1/2-degree;
  • Vernier cursor: 1/10th degree;
  • Fence expansion: 18 to 31 inches.

The Incra miter gauge takes the top position in our list because it is well equipped with control features that will help you make precise lean cuts. Besides, one chief advantage of this miter gauge is, it is cooperative with different saw models. It comes with a unique 180-degree angle lock indexing stop with 1-degree step spacing that will give you a distinct work surface as it has special stops placed at 22.5 degrees.

It also features a smooth adjustable miter bar, telescoping incra-lock, cut-off fence, and 1/10-degree steel vernier scale that can upgrade any woodworking project quality. You can also set the angle correctly to duplicate it when you need it, like ten sides need a cut of 18 degrees or anything like this. Besides, the adjustable telescoping fence can extend from 18 inches to 31 inches.

It’s made of heavy-duty stainless steel and laser-cut components. The mobile flip stop can also be placed wherever on the timber’s length and can be relocated easily without disrupting the project’s location. Overall it’s a good investment for a long term return.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel scale;
  • It has detents at 1-degree step spacing;
  • A mobile flip stop can be re-position;
  • The telescoping fence expands more;
  • The T-Slot channels have removable retaining clip; 
  • Six extension disks accommodate both sides;
  • It has a quick duplicating option of any angle that might needs.


  • The fine teeth can easily be twisted;
  • The telescoping fence is not strong enough.

2. Powertec 71005 Deluxe Table Saw Miter Gauge

  • Positive stops: At 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 degrees;
  • A tip-resistant washer;
  • Miter grooves: 3/8 by 3/4 inches;
  • Material: Heavy-duty cast metal;
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds.

Powertec built this miter gauge, especially for beginners, as it is straightforward to use. It arrives with positive stops at regular miter cut angles, which will help improve accuracy at woodwork. It fits with a variety of table saws, and the price is affordable within your budget. You can make crosscuts at any angle with it at high accuracy.

It has positive stops at all standard angles of 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 degrees for excellent efficiency. It also highlights a large ergonomic handle for control, set screws for the alteration of any piece, and a tip-resistant disk to hold the unit evenly. It is compatible with most popular table saws with standard 3/4 inches by 3/8 inch slots with or without t-slotted miter.

It manufactures a premium quality aluminum head and solid steel miter bar for long term usage and extra durability. Also, it arrives with a tip-resistant washer that runs with a t-slot miter to prevent tipping when the gauge extends.


  • Delivers a highly accurate crosscut at any angles;
  • Compatible with most of the standard table saw;
  • It works with or without t-slotted miter slots;
  • All stops can make in both right or left direction;
  • A tip-resistant washer prevent tipping;
  • Arrives with a set-screw for easy reconstruction.


  • The t-slot washer screw is not durable enough;
  • The printed numbers and marks are not exact enough.

3. Mayagu Woodworking Miter Gauge Tools

  • Miter grooves: 3/8 by 3/4 inches;
  • Length: 450mm;
  • Rail width: 19 mm;
  • Material: Aluminum.

With this professional table saw miter gauge, you will quickly achieve your corrections and markings in woodworking projects. We think it is the right choice for professional woodworkers and need to make precise cuts. You can use this miter gauge with any table saw measures approximately 9.5mm by 19mm.

The miter gauge can make angular cuts easily because it comes with an angle-adjustment positioning block. The oversized clutch attaches it with the wood steadily and can stay at the desired angle. It is harmonious with most table saws and router tables with standard slots.


  • Professionally design for woodworkers;
  • Accurate and precise measurement ;
  • Oversized grip for easy handling;
  • It can tune to different angle setting according to need;
  • Compatible with any standard size miter bar;
  • The fence length is about 450mm.


  • It won’t fit in a smaller table;
  • It doesn’t have many positive stops.

4. Incra Miter V27 Miter Gauge

  • Positive angle stops: 27;
  • Locking angle stops: 41; 
  • Four extension points for zero play;
  • Increment size: 5-degrees;
  • Special stops: at 22 1/2-degrees.

Incra miter produces some excellent features miter gauge that offers exceptional quality. This model is one of them which offers 27 angle stops for specific total control. This high-performance miter gauge designed to fit any table saw. The exclusive angle lock indexing system and adjustable glide lock miter bar ensure smooth sliding while at work. 

Furthermore, four expansion points are set on both sides of the bar to eliminate movement between the bar and channel. It offers 41 locking angle stops in 5-degree additions over a full 180-degree span. More than that, the flip shop stop provides a repeatable setting to more limited downtime and more potency. 


  • Both plus and minus 60-degree range cuts;
  • Double pivoting flip arms;
  • 27 laser-cut V-stops at all standard angles;
  • Removable T-slot retainer clip;
  • Restricted glide lock with four extension points;
  • Extensive support brace for fitting a wide range of tools;
  • Exclusive stops for optimal versatility.


  • It is somewhat movable for slop in the track;
  • The expansion washers don’t expand much.

5. Fulton Precision Miter Gauge

  • Positive angle stops: 13;
  • Material: Aluminum and steel;
  • The .200 inch thick solid aluminum head;  
  • Flexible plungers on the side of the bar;
  • Weight: 2.81 pounds.

The Fulton precision is a kind of miter gauge that fits with spring-loaded adjustable plungers to easily adjust by using a hex key for perfect fitting into the table saw. It will provide you with the most suitable solution for all crosscutting demands. It’s made of solid aluminum that is .200 inches of thick to hold the heavy wood firmly. 

Another essential feature is the 13 positive stop holes located on either side of the miter gauge at 0 and 6 on either side of the 0-90˚ scales. In contrast, a spring-loaded indexing clip helps to ensure the indicator in the desired angle by slotting into the machined holes. Woodworkers and other professionals mostly use these positive holes.

The miter gauge’s head adjustment is also straightforward as you only need to release the knob handle, twist the head, stretch the string, remove the pin, and then set the angle. A detachable holding disk fits into the bar, preventing it from accidental lifting as you use the gauge.


  • It produces a high-quality crosscutting;
  • Durable and thick head that resists wear and tear;
  • Mostly suitable for woodworking projects;
  • Easy installment, adjust, and removal system;
  • The “T” slot restricts accidental lifting;
  • A spring-loaded adjustable plunger on the bar side;
  • Adjustable plunger for a comfortable fit.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in Vernier cursor;
  • It does not arrive with a fence.

6. Big Horn 14600 Miter Gauge for Table Saw

  • Material: CNC welded aluminum and steel;
  • Positive stops: from 0 to 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 67.5, 90 degrees;
  • Anodized exterior finishing;
  • Standard ¾-inches x ⅜-inches track;
  • Accuracy: one scale is 1-degree; 
  • Weight: 2.74 pounds.

Those who want only a standard cutting angle for their wood projects can choose this miter gauge at an affordable price. This model features a robust structure and strong lock points at each of the standard angle sizes. It also has easy to handle interface that will be fit for the beginner.

Furthermore, the many stop points simplify controls that make getting started with the Big Horn quick and very easy. The miter gauge’s surface is polished by anodizing and made with CNC machined aluminum and steel for durable performance. The 0° to 90° measuring size with a one-degree accuracy scale gives the precise measurement in any woodworking task.  

Besides, it has a standard 3/4 by 3/8 inches of track that suits most of the table saw work. Also, the locking washer keeps the angles tighter and more substantial than a typical miter gauge. 


  • Straightforward and easy to use;
  • It can fit any standard miter slot;
  • Reinforced locking washer;
  • Positive stops: from 0 to 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 67.5 and 90 degrees;
  • Strong iron and aluminum construction;
  • Reasonable than other similar models.


  • Sometimes it has some calibration problems;
  • Not suitable for frequent usage.

7. Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Miter Gauge System

  1. Angle range: 0 to 90-degree;
  2. Positive stops: from 0 to 10, 22.5, 30, 45 degrees;
  3. Miter bar size: 3/8 by 3/4 inches;
  4. Material: Aluminum and steel;
  5. Weight: 2.72 kg.

With the accuracy of a six-inch lens cursor on its fence, this model of Kreg’s miter gauge is straightforward to install because it equips with a high-visibility red line that allows you to make proper adjustments with comfort. This factory-calibrated gauge can positively stop at 0, 10, 22-1/2, 30, and 45-degrees angle.

The cursor positions on a swing stop sliding tool can glide effortlessly across the fence and have a handle for locking it into place at the right spot. It also has a rounded foot to get the stop out of the way when not in use.

The other feature, including a Vernier cursor with 1/10-degree angle adjustments, provides high performance. Also, the five adjusters on the bar to eliminate movement in the table slot. The micro adjuster allows extra angle alignment to 1/100th degree.


  • The gauge head made in a digital milling machine;
  • Patented swing stop including 24-inch fence section;
  • Accurate lens cursor with a red line;
  • Swing stop sliding mechanism with a locking knob;
  • Vernier cursor with 1/10-degree angle fittings;
  • Five adjusters on the miter bar can eliminate movement.


  • Limited length and cutting angles;
  • The fence is not telescopic.

8. Woodstock D3123 Heavy-Duty Miter Gauge

  • Miter bar size: 3/8 inch by 3/4 inch;
  • 60-degree left and right scale;
  • 5 inches tall chromed handle;
  • Fits both T-slots and standard slots;
  • Weight: 7 lbs.

This heavy-duty miter gauge specially features with a well-machined miter gauge head and a miter bar. The 120-degree scale allows the user to measure the wood in 60-degree both the left or right directions. It is a little heavier because of making by cast metal materials but still be easily lifted and placed on a worktable.

Furthermore, this 18.5 inches long miter gauge is compatible with almost all standard table saws. Its head is made from cast iron and has a black coating. More than that, the head is provided with a 5 inches tall chrome-plated handle. 

The manufacturer maintains the standard dimensions while building this miter gauge with its cross-section measuring 3/4-inch in width and 3/8-inch height. The large lock knob lets your desire wood angle lock in a place to help you repeat the cut.


  • Heavy-duty cast iron frame;
  • It has a 5 inches tall chromed handle;
  • Miter face is the largest and strongest; 
  • The easy-to-read scale measures up to 60-degrees;
  • Both left and right measuring direction;
  • The Chromed handle allows a secure grip.


  • This miter gauge doesn’t have a fence bar; 
  • The protractor plate doesn’t allow brackets.
  • Its protractor top-plate lacks an indexing system.

Buying Guide of a Table Saw Miter Gauge

The miter gauge quality can impact on your workpiece noticeably. Some primary and extra features make the miter gauge run smoothly on the table saw stand. Regarding we discussed the essential elements below that you should follow at the purchase time of miter gauge.

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Bar Adjustment

Not all miter gauges fit with all table saws. What works on one saw may not work on another between their sizes and locking mechanisms. Most of the tables saw have a ¾ or ⅜ inches slots. If any small variation occurs in place and bar size, there may be a lot of movement or slop that produces wrong measures and misleading cuts.

A miter gauge with an adjustable plate within the bar can only let you easily slide the gauge into the slot to get an accurate cut. So we suggest looking for a four to eight or more adjustable bar plate.

Lenght of the Fence

A miter gauge fence can line up the wood when it’s cutting and ensures safety. A right fence with decent stops can provide a more accurate cut. A miter gauge with a right fence typically meets the standard cutting elements. You can find common fences measuring up to 32 inches, but some models can be extendable up to 49 inches.

So, you can adjust the fence length according to your task requirements. Usually, a table saw has its fence system, but miter gauges fencing provides better outlines and safety.

Material and Design

Miter gauge needs to carry the heavy wood piece for a long time; that is why it needs to be durable enough. Metal and thin aluminum materials are performing better for a long time. Besides, these materials have less weight, so shifting is much more comfortable. 

Also, the thicker body can consume vibrations and stay in a place steadily at work. The miter needs to have a smooth surface to move evenly to avoid any crack. Besides, the compact size and design help you to run it smoothly for an extended period. This compact design of miter gauge allows it to fit with the table saw stand with wheelsto use it on different job sites.

Easy Readability

One of the most primary points you should look at carefully at the time of purchase is easy readability. The measuring angle on the scale should be clearly and accurately print to provide a precise measurement. So to get an accurate reading buy the meter gauge that has clear visibility of numbers.


Its adjustment knobs should be effortless to use; otherwise, if it jammed, you need to give pressure and cut your finger. It is better if it can be operated with one hand and run smoothly in the miter stand. Also, if there is a slop, your cuts will be wrong every time.

Besides, if the gauge is too tight, it may cause the wood to become grounded at the blade or jump into it, causing damage to the cut line.

Frequently Asked Questions about Miter Gauge

What is the Best Miter Gauge?

Ans: That will depend on your needs. But this guide unit, which offers the most angels with durable material, is the perfect miter gauge you should choose. 

Why is a Miter Gauge Important?

Ans: A miter gauge is an essential tool for Professional woodworkers or homeowners who want more accurate cuts. Without a meter gauge in your table saw, there might be a high chance of cutting your workpieces at the wrong angle. 

Are Miter Gauges Universal?

Ans: Not all miter gauge is compatible with all table saw. Most of the miter gauges design to be slotted in 3/8 inches by 3/4 inches miter cuts. Also, there are some miter gauges which customized for special table saws.

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Do Table Saw Come With a Miter Gauge?

Ans: High-quality table saw come with a miter gauge, but most of the table saw doesn’t come with the package. The miter gauge’s quality that comes with the table saw is not up to the mark and might need to upgrade the default miter gauge.

To Wrap Up

Buying a miter gauge is pretty complicated because there are many aspects that you need to think about before buy. When picking up a high-quality miter gauge, it is essential to check the above-discussed features for relevant results. However, it is vital to get the item from a reliable manufacturer who already produces a suitable product. 

We hope this article explains everything you can follow to easily pick the most suitable miter gauge that suits your project’s needs. Careful investment in a perfect miter gauge has a significant impact on your woodworking projects’ quality. 

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