6 Best Table Saw Stand with Wheels in 2024

If you are cutting through wood or metal pieces using a saw, you need a sturdy table saw stand. A table saw stand needs to be sturdy that enables it to carry the heaviest of all workpieces. Although a modern table saw, stands are not just durable with sturdy frames but also easy to transport and store.

Moreover, the stand needs to be a universal portable stand that suits all kinds of a table saw work. Another benefit of choosing a portable model is using it on different job sites for cutting tasks.

There are quite several stands, and you may be wondering which would be the most useful table saw stand. Here is a perfect guide that will take you through various details about saw stands with wheels and help you choose your own with a clear understanding.

View Top 6 Table Saw Stand with Wheels, Below

1. Dewalt DW7440RS Table Saw Stand with Wheels

  • Weight: 43.9 pounds;
  • Dimensions: w 9 x L 20 x H 34 inches;
  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds.

Dewalt table saw stand featuring a fold-up design and large rubber wheels, which allows you to experience easy job site mobility. It can manage weights up to 200 pounds and specially designed rolling stands that minimizes the effort of transportation. Additionally, you can use it as an easy loading and unloading cart on the vehicle too.

This table saw stand made from durable tubular steel construction that can stand scratchless for a long time. A retractable soft-grip handle slides out at transport time and allows you to pull the saw behind you comfortably. It keeps the tool’s weight centered near the ground and reduces stress on your arms.

An ideal height will help you keep workpieces under your control for accurate cuts. Moreover, 33 pounds of folding legs and convenient heavy-duty wheels enhance portability and flexibility to carry it in the workplace.

It is ideal for all man-of-all-work, including ranchers, woodworkers, cabinetmakers, installers, and any other professional whose job demands a saw stand. Another useful feature is, it’s easy to assemble means you will be able to reduce downtime. 


  • Heavy-duty aluminum structure; 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry;
  • Foldable legs can keep under the stand;
  • Quick connect stand braces;
  • Heavy-duty kickstand for stability;
  • A retractable soft-grip handle.


  • Not a universal table stand.

2. Powertec MT4009 Rolling Table Saw Stand

  • Weight: 35.3 lbs; 
  • Height: 22.5/8-inch;
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.

The Powertec table saw stand made of solid steel plates and steel tubular body, which is very sturdy and can handle a lot of erosion and damage. It is another top-quality selection with a lightweight folding design that delivers strong work-platform stability and effortless work-stand mobility. 

Secure storage and transportation options makes it an excellent table to carry to different job sites. Overall, this table can support heavy saws that seamlessly bears an impressive 330lbs of earthward force. It also features versatile support bars that allow for easy mounting and securing of the saw.

It has two 8 inch wheels and an automatic locking pin to release the lever quickly. The universal design can fit with a wide variety of different sized table saws from popular or common brands. It can store vertically or horizontally with or without the attached saw. 

Adjustable, tightly gripping rubber-stop feet with lock nuts additionally enhance safety, and a wide handle enhances comfortability. The height is 43-3/8-inch when the stand is folded in a vertical position.


  • Solid steel plates and steel tubular body;
  • A heavy table saw can be mounted;
  • Universal stand;
  • A handy pin-release lever;
  • Tightly gripping rubber-stop feet with locknuts;
  • Two 8-inch rubber wheels.


  • Plastic brackets are easily breakable;
  • Legs are poorly executing.

3. Bosch TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand with Wheels

  • Weight: 52 pounds; 
  • Height: 22-inch;
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

Bosch table saw stands have several incredible features that will make cutting easier for you. You can work for a long time because of its perfect 22-inch height without any form of pressure on your back and other muscles. It has unique technology that makes the process of setting it up and leveling it pretty quickly.

This table saw qualifies as a universal table saw stand. It is quite portable and has a pair of wheels that are 8 inches high with proper treading. The non-pneumatic wheels are quite stable to make it easier to manage on any ground with efficiency. 

This gravity rise table saw stand has a collapsible design, making it easier to store and transport. While it only measures 52 pounds, it can support loads of up to 250 pounds. It is quite strong due to its robust frame and the powder coat finish.

Different types of applications, like woodworking, carpentry, remodeling, and trimming tasks, are suitable for this frame. Tool-free adjustment of the table stand makes it quite versatile.


  • Universal mounting slots support different brands;
  • Gravity rise stand with easy;
  • Two 8-inch treaded wheels;
  • A heavy-duty frame of downward force;
  • Lightweight;
  • Outstanding portability at job sites.


  • Assembling is quite hard;
  • Expensive than other similar models.

4. Skilsaw SPTA70WT-ST Table Saw Stand

  • Weight: 14 pounds; 
  • Dimension: L 25 x W 4 xH 23.9 inches.

This table is exclusively compatible with a specific Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 ten-inch portable worm drive table saw. The stand highlights for tool-less latches to secure the saw to stand quickly. Easy leveling adjustment allows users to level the stand according to their height. The portable stand is lightweight with a folding design for easy setup and transportation in the job site.

Though the stand doesn’t come with wheels, it is easy to transport. It is one of the most well-designed and portable tables saw stands that only weigh 14 pounds, and the durable all-steel design would deliver an impressive service life. It even stands on any uneven surfaces and does its job like professional equipment.

If you are looking for a stand for your worm drive table saw, we recommend picking up the SPTA70WT stand.


  • A slim and slick design;
  • Easily adjustable level;
  • Exclusively designed for particular saw; 
  • Folding design and tool-less latches;
  • Durable all-steel figure;
  • Effortless portability.


  • It isn’t compatible with other saws.
  • It doesn’t come with a wheel.

5. Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand

  • Weight: 57 pounds; 
  • Height: 34 1/2-inch;
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.

Rousseau 2780 table saw stand is perfect for the smaller portable table saws. It doesn’t fit all kinds of table saws except some popular small table saws like Bosch CTS1031, Dewalt DWE 7480, DW745, Makita 2703, Skil SPT70WT. It is one of the best table saw stands that has so many useful features to make it diverse.

It comes with a fully adjustable T-square fence and micro-adjust types of equipment that will give you precise and accurate cuts when using a portable table saw. Unlike a regular table saw stand, it comes with an extension.

Moreover, this 57-pounds weight saw stand can improve rip cut capacity up to 27-inches. The stand also features a 34-inch working height that is high enough for ordinary people. So, you don’t have to bow down while you are working on it. The quickly foldable option makes it easier to transport and compact storage. 

Additionally, it is made of high-quality steel and also added powder-coated finish with professional-grade laminate to enhance longevity. The stand is handy for the DIYers and as well as the professionals.


  • T-style locking fence;
  • Expand rip capacity up to 27-inch;
  • Compatible with small portable saws;
  • Micro-adjust assembly;
  • Perfect 34-1/2-inch working height.


  • Don’t have wheels;
  • It only fits with a few smaller table saws.

6. Dewalt DWE74911 Table Saw Stand With Wheels

  • Weight: 31.5 pounds;
  • Dimensions: H 29.9×L 29.5×W 8.6-inches;
  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds.

We all know that Dewalt leads to a vital role in the tool-making industry. They don’t stop by making just the saws; they also make a versatile line of a table saw stands. From those stands, the DWE74911 rolling table saw stand is one of its designs for easy setup and excellent stability. 

The lightweight body enhances mobility and portability. It lineaments a durable steel frame that stands scratchless for a long time. It can fit various models like DWE7490X, DWE7491RS, DWE7499GD, DWE7480, DW745, and others. 

Additionally, this specially designed rubber wheels under the rolling frame stand to minimize the effort of transportation and loading and unloading into and out of the vehicle makes it more accessible. Any carpenter, farmer, or cabinetmaker can get it to receive a fabulous woodworking experience.


  • Made from durable steel;
  • Easy to install and break down;
  • It can use for easy loading and unloading;
  • Rolling stand design makes transport easy;
  • Lightweight 5-pounds design.


  • Not universal table saw;
  • Easily get cracked.

Basic Points to Consider When Buying a Saw Stand with Wheels

We know it’s difficult to choose when there are so many different tables saw stands on the market, which may be an uphill task. However, we have made the process much more comfortable, and at the end of this guide, you should be able to find your wanted table saw stand with wheels. 

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You will look at different features and facilities of the table saw stands, but first of all, let’s acknowledge some basics you should know before purchasing a new stand.


Always try to purchase a universal table saw, which allows you to work comfortably with different types of table saws. Especially if you are confused, which saw will suit your table saw, then go for the standard universal one.


Portability is one of the significant features a modern table saw stand should have. A portable table can be helpful for those who work in a variable workplace. A table saw stand with wheels is easy to carry from job site to site. Any trim carpenter, farmer, or cabinetmaker is highly benefited by the portability of a saw stand as they need to work in different projects. 


Lightweight is the key to a portable table saw stand that will help you move it quickly. Every saw stand has a particular limit to carry.

Different table saws on the market can carry different weights and cannot place them on the same stand. Before buying a stand, take your saw weight and buy the stand that can take up that much weight of your saw machine.


To work comfortably, we need to adjust the table saw stand height and our height. All the saw stand’s height is not the same. An excess tall stand is not comfortable for a short man. On the other hand, working with a small stand for a long time can be harmful to your back. So, pick up the stand with height adjustment capability., which is suitable for your height. 

Material And Design

Nowadays, so many materials are used to make a stand for the table saw. Not all of the material is trustable and durable. Some of them are clumsy and can’t keep your saw upright. Even some saw stands quickly get rust over time. 

So, always choose aluminum and steel; these are two sturdy materials that can deliver a high-quality table saw stand. Also, they can hold enormous pressure. It is also reasonable to go with a compact design, making it easier to carry and store it.


A perfect table saw stand with wheels is the ultimate savior of your time and health. After reading all the above stand reviews, you can now pick up a top-quality stand for your saw. So, don’t waste time searching for more. 

We believe that one of the tables saw stands from our list would benefit your workstation in multiple different ways. But at the time of purchase, always take keen attention to the material used for the production of your table saw stand to determine its strength and longevity. Also, it must be portable to carry different projects.

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