10 Best Worm Drive Circular Saw That Makes Crosscutting Easier Than Ever

More torque, longer-lasting, accuracy, and power, great sightlines…….

What else you expect from a saw?

Except for the weight issue, Worm Drive Circular Saw is undoubtedly the life-changer power tool.

Why am I saying this?

Worm drive circular saws are much more durable and efficient power tools compared to other circular saws.

As a woodworker, I can’t deny, without the best power tool, it is quite challenging to accomplish a professional or DIY woodworking job precisely. When the discussion comes to power tools, the best worm drive circular saw will make your life easier, and better woodworking results are confirmed.

But here is the main deal……

Picking an efficient product is tricky. Proper research and extensive knowledge are necessary. So to find out the best circular saw for my next project, I did all the research. And guess what? Found out some cool stuff.

Feeling curious, what was my finding and final observation?

Let’s get this show on the road.

What is the Best Worm Drive Circular Saw?

Worm Drive vs. Hypoid Circular Saw- Are worm drive circular saws better?

Both tools have differences and similarities. And you can achieve different woodworking projects using them. First, let me discuss, what is a worm drive circular saw?

Worm drive circular saws are a useful tool and dangerous too. They have a sharp blade that can be the reason for the dangerous accident.

Firstly, the gear system the basic differences between a worm drive and hypoid circular saw. Hypoid gear is used by hypoid circular saw, while worm drive uses worm gear. Hypoid circular saw creates less noise compared to a worm drive.

Oil changes are mandatory in a worm drive circular saw. But in a hypoid circular saw, oil maintenance is unnecessary because they are confined in the oil bath.

The blade of the worm drive circular saw is made of bronze, and the hypoid saw uses steel-made blade. As a result, the hypoid saws blade is much more durable than the worm drive blade.

In terms of weight………

The worm drive is bulkier than hypoid. This way, when handling heavy-duty tasks, a worm drive circular saw comes in handy. On the other hand, hypoid circular saws are suitable for light working.

Quick question: What is the difference between worm drive and Sidewinder?

Worm drive saws can make accurate bevel cuts in different angles and are suitable for framing, remodeling woodworking tasks. They are an ideal tool for a straight cut too. Hypoid circular saws are not an ideal option for detailed work.

The above are all the basic differences between worm drive and hypoid circular saw.

According to your project requirement, you should buy any of the tools because both are unique in their characteristics and functionality.

Things a Pro Woodworker Look in a Top-performing Worm Drive Saw

I found out; when buying the best worm drive saw, there are a few certain factors the pro woodworkers put most emphasis on.

So, what are those factors? Let’s look below.


Don’t buy an underpowered worm drive circular saw because you will end up with lots of issues. A standard worm drive circular saw comes with a 15 Amp motor with an RPM range of 4500 – 5500. Handling any toughest job will never be an issue with this power.

Cutting Depth

It is significantly essential to know your saws cutting depth. If you want to cut certain materials, 45° – 90° is a good enough cutting depth. Less cutting depth means, cutting some sheet materials will be impossible.

Bevel Capacity

The bevel capacity will let you know the cutting task you can handle. The saw will be more versatile if the capacity is higher. Moreover, preset bevel stops will help you to make your life easier.

Blade Replacement

Undoubtedly, a worm drive circular saw blade would get dull over time, and replacement is necessary. The blade replacement mechanism has to be a time saver. Removing the blade should come with a quick-change system when you are using a saw too frequently.

Saw Construction

The saw construction affects the saw weight that changes the way of handling it. Buy a worm drive circular saw made of magnesium because it is one of the lightest and sturdy materials.

Some worm drive circular saws are constructed with a blend of magnesium and aluminium. This is a good combination as well to ensure the longevity of the tool.

Dust Blower

An accurate cut depends on a clear vision. Dust and debris can easily be blown away by a dust blower, and you will have clear visibility. Moreover, this feature will save cleaning time since all dust and debris will be collected by the dust blower.

Teeth Number and Angles

A large number of toothed blades for a specific diameter is good for making clean cuts.

The worm drive saw with a higher number of teeth will cost you more, while less toothed worm drive saws are inexpensive. The cutting quality of a worm drive saw gets affected by the teeth number.

Simultaneously, the cut quality relies on the teeth angle as well. For example, neutral and negative angles alignment will assist you in getting a straight cut.

Safety Features

I can’t deny there is plenty of a worm drive circular saw advantage.

But let’s not forget……

Worm drive saws blade is too sharp and powerful. Missing a single second of attention in operation can lead you to a dangerous situation.

Rafter hook and blade break are 2 safety features that come in handy when operating a worm drive saw.

Who makes the best worm drive circular saw?

Whenever we buy a power tool, we always look for a product from the brand.

Get it?

Learning about the top-rated manufacturer will help you pick the best product since top-ranked manufacturers never compromise quality.


Skilsaw started their journey in the power tool industry in 1924. After the invention of the circular saw by Edmond Michael, the manufacturing process of the worm drive circular saw has geared up. The company had understood that the DIY market would grow over time. So, they started manufacturing tools for both professionals and homeowners.


Formed in 1922 and they introduced the world to the radial arm power saw. He was looking for an opportunity to speed up productivity without labour cost.

After then, DEWALT started expanding their business in the USA, and now they are one of the most trustworthy power tool manufacturers in the world. Many industrial and construction sites are using power tools manufactured by DEWALT.


After the First World War, Milwaukee started its journey. Henry Ford was looking for a powerful drill for his production lines, and a young guy named A.H. Peterson to the challenge to manufacture it.

Later, A.H. Peterson and Albert F. Seibert jointly founded a company named A.H. Peterson. Unfortunately, it stopped after a year, and in 1924, the company is reinvented with the name Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation by Seibert.

10 Best Worm Drive Circular Saw Reviews with Comparison

Before finalizing the list, I looked at the key factors such as design, motor capacity, beveling, construction, dust blower, safety features, etc. Then made the comparison and landed on the below list. And the best part, they are all practically tested.

All you have to do is……..

Scroll down and read reviews of the selected worm drive circular saw with detailed features, pros, and cons. Select your preferred item.

1. SKILLSAW Worm Drive Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Dual copper wirings
  • 15-Amp motor
  • Soft-grip ergonomic handle
  • Anti-snag lower guard

With various features and lightweight characteristics, the SKILLSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw is designed to deliver an efficient result for larger projects.

You bet it is!

With a combination of all brilliant features, ripping through different-sized lumber becomes comfortable on any given day.

A powerful 15 Amp motor and maximum 5,300 RPM speed allow you to accomplish a task within the shortest possible time. As a result, with minimal effort, larger projects will be done. Moreover, delivering a smoother cut is the promise of this worm drive saw.

Dual copper windings in the motor increase copper surface area by 40% to keep the motor cool. This feature lets you work with the saw avoiding the overheating issue. The handle design is ergonomic as well as it has a soft grip.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

At 90°, the maximum cutting capacity is 2” – 3/8”. With the help of its on-tool multi-function wrench, changing and maintaining the saw is much easier. A 24-tooth carbide-tipped SKILSAW blade is available with the tool that delivers a smoother cut every time.

You may notice……

Grinding and the repetitive cut are quite stressful with a normal worm drive saw.

Lightweight feature, soft-grip handle, the powerful motor makes any given tough jobs breeze. When the tool is not in use, protection is confirmed with the anti-snag lower guard. Moreover, it blocks snagging when cutting thinner materials.

What we liked most:

  • Delivers smooth cutting operation for both larger and smaller pieces.
  • Constructed with magnesium minimizes makes it a lightweight saw.
  • Overall balanced saw

What could be better:

  • Cord length is less.

2. MAKITA 5477NB 7 Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Wallet-friendly budget
  • Heat-treated gear system
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Long power cord

The MAKITA 5477NB 7 – ¼” circular Saw is a decently priced saw that comes at an affordable price.

But that’s not the reason it took my attention…..

That’s actually because of the efficient outcome. The powerful 15 Amp motor is promised to increase the productivity of your project. This is a powerful hypoid saw that works great for both professionals and serious DIY users.

Its gear system is heat-treated, making it an overheating-proof saw and increasing the tool’s lifespan. Simultaneously, its gear parts become tougher because of this feature, which offers more trustworthy cutting action.

Now let’s dive into the bevel range facts.

0° – 51° is the bevel range of the saw, and at 45°, it has a positive stop. When using this tool in a perpendicular position, its cutting depth is 2-3/8 inches. Moreover, 13/4 inches is the cutting depth at 45° angle.

You will find the blade on the tool’s left side.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, this may seem quite unusual for a right-handed user. The truth is this design all enhance the visibility when cutting a wood piece. And a right-handed user can conveniently work with it. Additionally, an ergonomically designed handle will perfectly fit in your hand. And the handle will never slip or slide when using due to the rubber covered handle.

Here is the best part……

Changing the blade of the saw is also hassle-free. Replacing the blade is easy and time-saving with the push-button spindle lock. Plugging the device in a crawled power source is quite easy because it has a 10 ft. long power cord. The base plate is made of aluminium, which gives it a rust-proof characteristic.

What we liked most:

  • It doesn’t get overheat, which confirms the longer lifespan of the tool.
  • The rubberized handle fits on the grip comfortably.
  • Hassle-free blade changing process.

What could be better:

  • A bit heavy compared to its competitor

3. MAKITA XSRO1Z Brushless Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Electric brake
  • Built-in tether notch
  • Large bevel range
  • Magnesium base and blade guard

Let’s introduce you to the MAKITA XSRO1Z Brushless Circular Saw, a combination of all outstanding features.

Believe me or not…….

At a single charge, it offers 5,100 RPM (maximum), and its run-time is 50% longer than regular worm drive saws. This is a unique feature that you will not find in any other worm drive saw at its price range.

It comes with an extra-wide hook that is an added safety feature. During its idle time, the tool remains secured. Also, automatic speed change adjusts speed and torque for optimum performance. This saw is extremely well balanced and handles exceptionally well.

The battery is full of safety features. And guess what?

Communication between the batteries and tools happen smoothly due to overload protection. The long lifespan of the battery is ensured as over-discharge protects the tool from operating when battery capacity is low. And overheat protection monitors battery temperature, stopping the tool before the battery is damaged.

Working with the tool in larger projects will never be stressful. Thanks to its lightweight feature since you will never feel hand fatigue while performing for a long period. The brushless motor cuts 3X material in a single pass with a large 2-9/16” cutting capacity at 90°.

All in all, it’s lightweight, it feels good in your hand, it’s SAFE. With the electronic brake, it’s much safer than any other corded versions. It holds a great charge and is very well built.

What we liked most:

  • Brilliant tracking
  • Excellent guard movement
  • Saves battery from overloading, over-discharging, and overheating problem.

What could be better:

  • Unavailability of the vacuum attachment

4. Makita 5377MG Hypoid Saw

Key Features:

  • Heat-treated hypoid steel gears.
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Well-balanced
  • Easy to read markings

The Makita 5377MG Hypoid Saw is a rear hypoid so far.


That’s because the Magnesium-made components are used to build it. A regular hypoid saw consists of bronze-alloy gears, but this saw as heat-treated hypoid steel gears. It delivers optimum performance with well-balanced weight, longevity, and user-friendly feature.

One thing is pretty sure…….

The cutting capacity of the tool will impress you. Large cutting capacity (2-3/8” at 90°) with a maximum bevel capacity of 51.5° and at 22.5°/45°/51.5° you will find the positive stops. Carbide tipped framing blade cuts 50% quicker and served 2 times more compared to other saws.

When working with it, you will never make mistakes with the measurements. The ruler markings are easy to read, and the oversized number is highly visible. This saw has enough power to go through anything, and Any carbide blade will cut thin steel such as corrugated roofing sheets. Go slow, and the blade will last longer but be prepared to toss the blade out after a while.

The levers are large, delivering fast and easy single-hand adjustments: this way, woodworker’s efficiency increases.

And similarly, cutting performance is enhanced with the “M” shaped tooth design. In the end, the cut will be clean and smooth, for sure.

It is designed to handle a variety of tasks such as framing walls, floors, and roofs. The handle is rubberized and offers comfort when used in larger projects. Easy and appropriate blade change is possible with the attached blade wrench.

What we liked most:

  • Beginners-friendly worm drive saw
  • No hand or arm fatigue when longer use
  • Promised to deliver long time service

What could be better:

  • Unavailability of the dust-collection port.

5. SKILSAW SPT77W-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • 15 Amp motor runs at 5,300 RPM
  • Magnesium constructed
  • Efficient
  • Reliable motor
  • Longer projects mean a longer time period.

But carrying a worm drive saw for a long time isn’t a cup of tea. You know what I mean, right?

But the good news, this worm drive circular saw’s weight is only 14.2 lbs; working for an extended period will be a breeze. It is constructed with magnesium and consists of a standard worm drive gearing system. The sufficient torque and power of this worm drive let you cut the hardest material with ease.

It is designed with a 15 A dual field motor.

It doesn’t get overheated due to a long time working. Its highest capacity of cutting is 2-3/8” at 90° angle. The shoe plate is manufactured using thick aluminium. It has the weight and the torque to easily hold a straight line, even when free handing.

A well-positioned handle makes the tool easier to operate. Besides, you will not pass a sleepless night due to fatigue in your hands or arms for a long time user of this tool. In terms of performance, it will definitely satisfy you, undoubtedly.

So, what’s the summary?

It is an ideal tool for larger projects because of the amazingly smooth control; blade position is well-balanced, lightweight. The blade safety shield operates smoothly. It is promised to deliver a smooth and straight cut according to your need.

What we liked most:

  • Free from overheat problem
  • Sturdy enough to deliver long time service
  • On-tool multi-functional wrench makes the blade changing process easy

What could be better:

  • No major cons are available

6. SKILSAW SPT70V 16-5/16” Worm Drive Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Extraordinary maneuverability
  • Bevel stops 0°, 45°
  • Electric brake
  • Consistent performance

You will hardly find a circular saw that has a 16-5/16″ blade.

Surprisingly, The SKILSAW SPT70V 16-5/16” Worm Drive Circular Saw has a 16- 5/16” 32 teeth blade that is ready to perform in larger projects just after unboxing. 6-1/4” maximum cutting depth is the highest one in its class. Also, its 1″ round arbor provides support to this extensive-sized blade.

This corded saw delivers brilliant performance even in the cooler temperature because of the 15 Amp worm drive dual field motor. When necessary, changing the gear oil can easily be done since it has a port in it.

The beast is very lightweight, no doubt.

All essential components, such as the foot, the housing of the gear, and motor, are magnesium-made. Table construction will satisfy you most since it is sturdily constructed. 2 Handle placement points make for easy use.

It contains a 1″- 1/2 dust collection port. This way, the dust will be collected in the collection port when cutting any wood pieces, and the surrounding will remain clean. After the projects, cleaning will be so simple. Using the nice long cord, you can get access to a power source conveniently.

When the discussion comes about consistency, no other circular saw can beat it.

It is its habit to deliver accurate cuts every time. Installing the saw on any flat surface is easy due to the reduced weight characteristic. The saw is designed to make your tough cutting task easier.

What we liked most:

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Suitable for professional-grade projects
  • The blade stops working when not in use

What could be better:

  • The blade becomes dull over time

7. DEWALT DWS535B Worm Drive

Key Features:

  • Bevel capacity: 0°-53°
  • Possible stops at 22.5° and 45°
  • Nice wide rafter hook
  • Tough cord protection mechanism

Woodworker yarn for additional balance and power when accomplishing a woodworking task.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Not really; finding this rare combination is as difficult as it sounds. But luckily, I found something closer to my expectation.

What am I talking about?

The DEWALT DWS535B Worm Drive will fulfill the requirement of both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Let’s look at the other features of this 7-1/4” circular saw that makes it a suitable fit for your jobs.

With a 110/120 V AC power source, the tool finishes larger woodworking projects efficiently. It is possible because of the powerful 15 Amp motor that rotates at 4,800 RPM (maximum) under no-load conditions. Self-lubricating ball and roller bearings are the 2 features that increase the longevity of the tool.

But the beauty of this saw is……

Adjusting the blade of the worm drive between 0°-53° according to your preference is a breeze. Also, at 22.5° and 45°, there are 2 possible stops. This means flexibility is guaranteed with the tool.

The tool remains folded flat in contrast to the tool body in its free time as it comes with a nice wide rafter hook. Moreover, a Tough cord protection system protects the tool from cord jerks. Furthermore, the magnesium body and footplate make the device lightweight.

Many owners are impressed with the cutting power of the tool. Without any hassle, the tool cuts pieces of plywood. Design and construction are appreciable, accurate cutting depth, easy to use, sturdy base, and many other features make it one of the best worm drive circular saws available in the market.

What we liked most:

  • The saw stops working automatically when you release the trigger since it has an electric brake system.
  • Made of durable materials
  • Combination of balance and power

What could be better:

  • No safety switch

8. BOSCH CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Carbide-tipped blade
  • Sturdy construction
  • Magnesium footplate
  • Versatile

Does your project requirement is to cut wood pieces in different angles and depths? And are you looking for a worm drive circular saw that is much efficient in fulfilling your every requirement?

Look no further and buy the BOSCH CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw. This versatile saw can finish small to heavy-duty tasks proficiently.

The footplate and guard are made of magnesium to let you work with the tool without any trouble. It is sturdily constructed and easily carryable. Also, the device doesn’t require much maintenance. You will never face any problem using this tool. The tool can easily be operated with a single flip in the locking mechanism and triggers.

Now it’s time to the other side of the saw…

If you are looking for a worm drive for heavy-duty tasks, choose this model. Although a sidewinder will also deliver the same result, you will not get power and balance similar to this device in a sidewinder. The maximum bevel capacity is 53°, and it can cut the different thicknesses of plywood.

Remodeling a home requires precision because you can’t do remodeling from time to time.

This tool has a 7- 1/4 inch diameter carbide-tipped blade. Thus, accurate cutting will never be an issue with the tool when making frames and doing angle cuts.

Being a lightweight saw, you can carry it quite comfortably in your workplace. This reliable worm drive circular saw will allow you to complete any woodworking cutting jobs without any problem.

What we liked most:

  • Easy to use
  • Much maintenance is unnecessary
  • Suitable for small to heavy-duty task

What could be better:

  • Unavailability of laser guide

9. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Magnesium SAWAQUATCH Worm Drive Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • Magnesium and aluminium housing
  • Accurate cutting depth

The SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw has beast-like power and is equipped with a 10 ¼ inch blade. It speeds up the cutting project since it can cut 4X at one go.

Don’t think that it doesn’t offer precise and accurate cutting.

In fact, you will impress with its accurate performance. At 90° angle, the maximum cutting capacity is 3-11/16 inches and 2-3/4 inches at 45°. The blade is a great combination for ripping and crosscutting into almost any wood. Its blade orientation is left-handed and can be used by right-handed woodworkers as well.

All brilliant features will be a waste if it doesn’t contain a rafter hook in it.

The good news is that it covers a rafter hook. For its size, it is powerful and lightweight too. The power cord should definitely be longer.

A blend of magnesium and aluminium is used to manufacture the tool. And the footplate is made of magnesium. Durable materials confirm that you can use them for many years. At the same time, it is not a heavy tool, and you will not sweat on a hot day to carry it to different places.

Additionally, the tool doesn’t create much sound compared to other circular saws. It means concentrating on the job will be stress-free. Want to take your cutting capacity to the next level? Buy this worm drive circular saw.

What we liked most:

  • 15 Amp dual-field motor offers massive power
  • Offers many years of service
  • Smoother operation is confirmed

What could be better:

  • High price tag

10. Milwaukee 6477-20 Worm Drive Circular Saw

Key Features:

  • Bevel capacity is high at 51.5°
  • 4,400 RPM
  • High-class Oil Site Glass
  • High torque

The Milwaukee 6477-20 Worm Drive Circular Saw is the final item of this list but not the least product. It comes from a renowned brand Milwaukee, and they have a reputation for manufacturing quality products. And this saw is also no exception.

It is easy to handle and operate that a beginner will not face any trouble. Altogether, a practiced user will also feel comfortable to work with it. The tool focuses on delivering professional-grade cutting output.

Make sense?

The 7 ¼” saw is powered by a 15 Amp motor that runs for a maximum no-load speed of 4400 RPM. 51.5° of bevel capacity is similar to all other premium-quality circular saws. Durability is high because of the magnesium made housing and lightweight as well.

One unique feature that makes it different from all other circular saws is the oil slate glass. This feature lets its user check the level of the oil with ease. Due to its hardened steel worm gearing, it offers maximum torque when performing the task of hardened materials.

What we liked most:

  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Easy oil level checking
  • A stand is available

What we liked most:

  • The bevel stop is unavailable

What special maintenance does a worm drive saw require?

Got the answer of who makes the best-corded circular saw?


Now let’s move on to the most crucial part, maintaining!

Learning about maintaining a worm drive circular saw will help you stay safe and secure. Below are a few useful tips to protect you from harm.

Power Source Checking

After accomplishing work with a worm drive circular saw, make sure the cord is free from fault. Still not sure how to use a worm drive circular saw?

If you own a corded device, thoroughly check the cord for any leaks, burns, or cuts. Ensure checking the whole power cord to avoid any potential danger. Consider changing the cord if you find any issue with it. Never think of using it if there is any damage to the cord.

On the other hand, for the cordless model, ensure checking the battery before using. Smooth fitting of the battery in the device will ensure expected performance. If the battery doesn’t fit comfortably in the battery slot, don’t run the machine.

Inspecting the Moving Components

A lot of dust gets created by a worm drive circular saw. Due to that, moving parts of this tool can get obstructed when working with it. Before cutting any material, take a glance at the external parts. The blade needs to rotate freely. If you force the saw to operate forcefully, it can damage the components.

Assessing the Grip

The handle is an essential part of a worm drive circular saw. The tool makes a precise cut since the handle guides it. Moreover, the handle keeps your hand free from different hazards.

Worm drive circular saws vibrate continuously. This can make the handle loosen because it is attached to the tool using a screw. Before starting work, give the handle a forceful strike or shake to check if it is ok. Repair the handle if you experience any problems.

Final Verdict

The worm drive circular saw is a value-adding device in a woodworking project and meets every professional woodworker’s need.

It surely is!

I covered a good chunk of the facts of my research in this article. Though I reviewed some of my shortlisted items, Makita worm drive saw is still my favorite. This worm drive circular saw is powerful, operates quietly, handling is easy, and delivers accurate results.

Also, due to their easy-to-handle feature, a beginner also can get a professional-grade finish with minimal effort. So, you can give it a try if it’s suits your job type & budget.

So, I guess it’s time to say goodbye. Have a nice day ya’ll!

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