Comparison Between Cold Saw and Band Saw

Tools are an essential element in our life. We use different types of devices for completing our job as fast as possible. Cold saw and band saw are used for various purposes.

These two tools are different in use. Before starting, we need to know the details of these two tools. Here I will describe the usage, pros, cons, etc., about the cold saw and band saw.

Cold Saw Vs. Band Saw

Here, we are discussing between the cold saw and band saw comparison. Though these two saw are similar, there is some significant difference between the cold saw and band saw. The comparison e is given below:

Cold Saw

A cold saw is a kind of circular saw used for cutting metal. This saw uses a toothed blade, which transfers the heat into the chips created by cutting. As a result, the blade and material remain cool.

We can easily understand the importance of cold saw with advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages are given below:

Advantages of Cold Saw

The advantage of using a cold saw is to produce high speed and burr-free, accurate cuts. For this purpose, it offers variable blade speed and adjustable feed rates.

This automated, enclosed cold saw is suitable for production runs and repetitive projects. Tolerance and finish are essential for this type of project.

If the cold saw is fast, sharp-bladed, it has the advantages of eliminating burrs, sparks, discoloration, or dust.

We can use the cold saw for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Also, it is used for both straight and angled cuts.

The cold saw can cut heavier and tolerant metal more efficiently.

Disadvantages of Cold Saw

Despite being a convenient tool, it is not suitable for anything that has a length under 0.125”.

Also, being extremely powerful, it creates rougher edges.

Anything with an outer diameter under 0.125” and a small inner diameter will heavily suffer from this.

The rough edges created by using a cold saw may even close the tubes.

By design, cold saw blades are hardened and heat treated.

This extra rigidity also makes them brittle. They become less resistant to shock.

A simple issue of loose clamping or miscalculated feed rate might damage the saw teeth by creating extra vibration.

Also, cold saws can have lost production, resulting in higher costs due to quite a high kerf loss.

Cold saws are not strong enough to cut the most challenging metals out there.

It might cut most of them; it should be used for metals stronger than the blade itself.

Band Saw

A band saw is used for woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering. This tool consists of a continuous band of stretched toothed metal. The band saw may cut a variety of materials.

Generally, people who work in the workshop use a bandsaw. According to work, the blade can be changed. We can use thick-cut due to their ability.

We can use a portable band saw, which is battery operated because it is beneficial to work outside the workshop. We can understand the importance of the advantages and disadvantages which is given below:

Advantages of Band Saw

Though the band saw has no restriction for a specific cut, there are several models for cutting different materials.

The band saw has top-quality blades with blade tracking adjustment and other advanced features with dual bearing blade guide rollers.

The band saw is used for a curved cut like a jigsaw also.

The reduction of wastage is a primary advantage for the band saw. As a band saw has a smaller kerf, so the results come as reducing wastage.

The band saw has narrow blades. On the other hand, wider blades eat much more material, which makes a lot of wastage.

Disadvantages of Band Saw

As a band saw has a circular blade, it is limited to size pieces for cutting.

We can use the band saw for a simple cut.

When we use a regular glass cutter, the band saw operates faster for cutting strips and simple shapes.

Though the band saw versatile material works, it is not versatile to woodworkers because of cutting capability.

Sometimes the band saw does not provide a smooth finish as a table saw. As a result, we need to require additional finishing for rough edges.


According to the comparison between the cold saw and band saw, we can use the tools as required. We can also consider cost-effectiveness depending on the application that we are looking for.

The primary price of a cold saw is higher than a band saw. But the cold saw has some advantages, which is cost beneficial. We can re-sharpen the blade of a cold saw. On the other hand, the blade of a band saw can be discarded when it goes wrong.

However, if we use the wrong application tools, it wouldn’t be helpful for us to minimize the cost. That’s why before using the tools, we need to know details about the tools.

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