Corded vs Cordless Jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the versatile power tools designed with reciprocating blade that’s used to produce various shapes of custom curve cut and beveling cut. Jigsaw first came into existence during mid-20th century primarily designed for intricate cutting of wood.

In today’s world, jigsaws got emerged with more advanced version. This tool is truly recognized by the professionals for its wide range of cutting abilities starting from metal pipes to masonry materials like ceramic, plastic, wood, etc.

There are numerous models of jigsaw available in the market with corded and cordless designs offering different cutting features. This is one of the top-ranked cutting tools which is perfect for both DIYers and professionals as well. 

If you are a beginner or DIYer, you must consider whether to buy corded or cordless jigsaw depending on your purpose of use. In fact, both models are pretty smart to deal with different situations like material’s hardness, out-door or in-door job sites, heavy or light duty, and power supply issue, etc. 

Voltage level varies among the various models considering their heavy or light duty functions. For example, if the materials are harder or heavier, automatically the higher voltage is preferred. 

Nowadays tough cordless power tools have come a long way! So this article discusses their comparative features, which model works best in different situations, both overview.

For cordless jigsaw, average voltage range varies from 12 or 18-volt batteries based on the heavy or light duty features.  

Comparative Features Between Corded and Cordless Jigsaw

If we consider the comparative advantage, both are in advantageous position in terms of mechanism, portability, workability, power supply, convenience, etc. Actually as DIYer or professional, you should have both in your collection so that you can use them as convenient.  

Overview of Corded Jigsaw

Corded jigsaw is considered to be a potential cutting tool used for cutting of hard materials including metal, wood, ceramic, and something even more tougher. Another advantage is its continuous power supply connection.

This tool can have power supply from main power outlet or power generator of 120 volt. This robust tool assembled with an electric motor and reciprocating saw blade is just perfect to continue its cutting task due to uninterrupted power supply. 

It does not cause your hand fatigue for longer time operation due to its light-weight design. However, one demerit of the corded jigsaw is its limited portability as it has to depend on main power leads or generator to have electricity. It can’t function at out-door site just because of electricity issue. In such case generator could be an option but not worthy as it’s too bulky to carry to outreach site. 

Corded jigsaw best fits for workshop or table-top because of its limited cord length. You can run heavy-duty cutting in one shot due to continuous power supply facility. 

corded vs cordless jigsaw

Overview of Cordless Jigsaw

On the contrary to corded jigsaw, cordless model is designed specially keeping in mind its portability and handiness. It’s assembled with heavy-battery pack offering operators more flexibility to perform tasks anywhere, even at any outreach site they want to. Cordless jigsaw is quite potential for curve cuts and holes maintaining higher precision. 

For heavy-duty cutting, cordless jigsaw works best with 18, 24, 36 volt battery pack.

This battery-pack model does not bother with the power supply from the main power leads. This cordless model is widely popular among the tradesmen for its portability feature and convenience. 

As it’s not assembled with the cord, it’s quite safer and handy to operate compared to corded model. Cordless model offers more workplace safety than corded one. Operators are less likely to fall or jaunt from getting tangled with the cord.   

However, cordless jigsaw also is not out of limitations. Due to heavy-battery pack, it’s not convenient to operate for a longer time as it causes extreme hand fatigue.

Another key drawback is its limited power supply depending on the charge level of the battery. Its charges may get drained out any time particularly when it’s used for heavy-duty cutting tasks. Operator has nothing to do but waiting until the battery is sufficiently recharged.  

Cordless jigsaw is perfect choice to operate on ceiling or drywall as there is no risk of being tangled with anything around that could cause trips or falling from step-ladder. 

Choosing Between Corded and Cordless Jigsaw

The following are the summery of considerable factors to have a look at a glance so that you can decide perceptively in which situation which model works best. 


This decision completely depends on what kind of project you are going to deal with and whether it has any limitation to implement in indoor or outdoor location. If your project does need to deal with portability issue, then you must go with cordless model. Else, corded model also could be an excellent choice to accomplish tasks with in a fixed place. 

Heavy or Light Duty 

Corded model specially designed for heavy-duty project while cordless is great for lighter kind of jobs. 


Corded jigsaw is light-weight model while the cordless one is heavier due to its heavy battery pack. Corded model is quite convenient to handle for its light-weight feature while cordless causes extreme hand fatigue for longer time use. 

However, as jigsaw is a robust woodworking power tool, it would be wise to keep both models in your must-have tool box which would allow you to draw either immediately to use depending on your project type and convenience. 

Final Notes

I hope you have realized the fact how advantageous both models of jigsaw are to conveniently perform you tasks. It’s widely recognized as one of the best collection of Must-Have-tool. In fact, both models are brilliant in their own entity. 

When question comes with portability, you just grab the cordless model. Conversely, corded jigsaw is the best for heavy-duty project due to the option of uninterrupted power supply. Finally which model you should go for, it completely depends on your choice.   

As usual, I would expect to have your comment and feedback so that we can have more exchange of knowledge in the coming days. There is no end of learning in the technology world.

There are so many new changes emerging in the power tool industry to best suit with workability and convenience. Keep yourself updated and get associated with professionals, associations, clubs, etc. to accelerate your self-development endeavors. 

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