ECHO CS-590 Review: A Superb Heavy-Duty Chainsaw!

Getting a powerful and durable chainsaw that’s designed for heavy-duty tasks is quite challenging. Heavy-duty tasks require chainsaws with quality and durable components, as well as ergonomic handle with low vibration technology, and satisfactory motor efficiency.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options in the market with such capabilities and features.

In my quest to get a quality chainsaw with cutting-edge features and powerful slicing capabilities to cut down huge stumps, I stumbled on Echo CS-590. This only came after testing through several under-performing chainsaws, though.

Seeing this machine, I was a bit skeptical, just like many other first-time users – thanks to previous disappointing experiences using some low-quality chainsaws from other brands. But then, I gave it a try.

Guess what? My gamble paid off!

In this Echo CS-590 review, I will tell you more about this impressive chainsaw and why you should consider it for your heavy-duty tasks.

ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw Review

ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Review Summary

Though relatively unpopular, Echo CS-590 isn’t an entry-level chainsaw for just domestic or regular tasks. The Timber Wolf product, which is designed in Japan, is one of the first few chainsaws that you can use domestically and commercially. It performs light-duty and heavy-duty cutting tasks with ease.

As a relatively new product, one would expect this chainsaw not to compete with top guns, like Husqvarna, in the industry. However, the product cleared my doubts after using it on some stumps. Its cutting capabilities and powerful engine, which went through thick woods, left me more than impressed.

Echo chainsaw is an excellent option and a great alternative to popular brands out there. It has some incredible features like a quick start option, an ergonomic handle, low vibration technology, and a powerful engine that produces enough torque to cut through your large wood, all of which are worthy enough to call it a versatile and durable chainsaw.

Compared to products from other brands, Echo didn’t compromise on essential features. There is an excellent balance between its design, superb cutting speed, power, and value, boosting its overall performance.

Whether you are looking for a chainsaw for light or heavy-duty tasks, Echo will do a good job. This versatile and high-quality chainsaw ensures your cutting job is not only quicker but more convenient and efficient. In fact, Echo is a beast when it comes to efficiency.

However, before diving into the key specifications in this Echo CS-590 review, let me give you an in-depth review of its features.

Features that Make ECHO CS-590 Outstanding

Lightweight and Simplistic Design

One of the first things I noticed while using this chainsaw is how incredibly light it is, even when designed as a machine for heavy-duty tasks. This is quite surprising, but of course, the manufacturer’s intentions are obvious.

Most brands try to create extremely lightweight products so that an average weighted person can use them efficiently. However, they end up having unequal weight distribution, and sometimes, the workload overwhelms the user’s arms; hence, leading to gross inefficiency.

Thankfully, Echo CS-590 is different. The 3.64 lbs chainsaw is nimble. Although it’s not the lightest chainsaw out there, it does well to balance the work’s weight with the user’s arms, which enhances efficiency.

Also, Echo’s simple design is admirable. Many companies that are trying to break into the market often add features that are lacking in other companies’ products for uniqueness. In the end, such additions either affect the performance of the tool or end up being useless.

The manufacturer of this chainsaw avoids unnecessary complications in its design for customers’ convenience, and this is quite commendable. All the features are well laid out.

Convenient Starting Option

If you haven’t started liking Echo already, perhaps its straightforward starting option could change your mind. The easy starting of this machine is quite amazing compared to its competitors. In fact, the starting option of Echo chainsaw is one of the easiest you’ll ever see.

Many users have faced troubles starting their chainsaws when they want to use it, and sometimes, this could be unpleasant. I have been a victim of this disappointing situation and have had not-so-good experiences using chainsaws with difficult starts.

With Echo CS, the experience was completely different. It has a decompression valve that works by releasing pressure from the combustion chamber, and this makes it easier to start the motor when you pull the cord.

The machine also includes an air purge system. This quickly removes air from the butterfly-valve diaphragm carburetor and injects some fuel needed to boost the motor’s starting.

Efficient Power Motor

Echo CS-590 comes with a powerful 59.8cc motor that efficiently cuts through stumps and thick woods. I tested this machine on some of my beams and was impressed by the motor’s efficiency.

The motor made quick cuts on each beam with relative ease. The engine produced enough torque to cut stumps smoothly. Also, it didn’t pose any threat to my arms and maintained a balance with the workload.

Excellent Cutting Blades

This chainsaw can come with an 18-inch, 20-inch, or 24-inch long, sharp blade that easily cuts through long logs on the go and without any problems. While using the machine, cutting through large logs and tree branches was really convenient, and it made the task much quicker.

Compared with some other chainsaws, cutting with Echo is more rapid.

The 20-inch blade bar is the standard on the machine, which is way above the regular average (14-inches and 18 inches).

The diverse cutting blades also make this product versatile, meaning you can use the chainsaw to cut large logs, trim or slice lumber, fell trees, etc.

Cutting with Echo CS 590 was straightforward and superfast for me. I recommend the 24-inch long blades if you want to handle huge logs.

Ergonomic Handle

One thing that makes cutting with this chainsaw easy is its ergonomic plastic handle. This is built for users’ comfort and to avoid handling complications.

The handle is built with a low vibration feature. While this feature doesn’t eliminate vibrations utterly, it does a fantastic job keeping them at bay. My hands and arms didn’t feel exhausted while using, even after doing several cuttings.

It has extra padding that makes gripping easier and more comfortable, even after long hours of use.

Oil Mechanism

As far as cutting machines like chainsaws are concerned, proper lubrication is crucial for high-performance. Thankfully, the manufacturer equipped the chainsaw with an automatic oiler. This helps to keep the machine oiled through a clutch-driven mechanism.

The oiler keeps the chain lubricated and the blade smooth and efficient. As long as you keep topping the oil reservoir, friction is less likely going to occur.

The best thing about the automatic oiler is that you don’t have to lubricate the machine or open the oiler manually. It does the job automatically, which speaks comfort.

The oil filter is easy to change. All you need to do is to take the filter off, clean, and replace.

Large Fuel Capacity

The last thing that you would want to experience while cutting through logs is running out of fuel or having to top it up. Often, this is due to the small storage capacity of the fuel tank.

Thankfully, you won’t experience that kind of issue with Echo CS-590. The chainsaw comes with a large 21.8-liter fuel tank that’s large enough to get you through long hours of cutting.

Guaranteed Safety

Echo comes with a comprehensive and well-written operator’s manual guide for less seasoned users. This does not only guarantee the safety of the user when using the machine but ensures that operating the device is more efficient.

ECHO CS-590 Gas Chainsaw Specifications

  • Oil storage: 10.2 oz
  • Weight: 3.64 lbs
  • Engine Power: 59.8 cc
  • Carburetor: Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm
  • Ignition System: Digital
  • Fuel Capacity: 21.8
  • Bar Lengths: 18, 20, 24
  • Type of Handle: Plastic

What We Liked

  • The ergonomic plastic handle made handling this chainsaw more convenient.
  • There are five-year residential and one-year commercial warranties on the product.
  • It’s fuel-efficient and lasts longer.
  • The lightweight design and low vibration ensure you use the chainsaw for an extended period.
  • Echo CS has diverse cutting blades to ease your workload.
  • The chainsaw is easy to start the motor.
  • It includes a well-detailed user manual to improve performance and guarantee safety.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s relatively expensive.
  • Getting the machine to start for the first time can be difficult.
  • You can’t adjust the oil flow when needed since the machine automatically lubricates itself.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, Echo CS-590 is great to work through your large stumps and trees conveniently. The chainsaw is designed to make cutting much more straightforward and efficient. In fact, it’s output and overall performance leaves users more than impressed.

Echo CS-590’s lightweight design and ergonomic handle with low vibration ensure that your arms and hands are not stressed while making those long and deep cuts. More importantly, the powerful motor and excellent cutting blades will expedite your tasks with relative ease.

That’s a wrap on Echo CS-590 reviews. Having discussed the chainsaw’s features in detail, it is safe to say that the machine would make an excellent choice for your cutting projects.

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