Grizzly G0690 vs Grizzly G1023RL
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Grizzly G0690 vs G1023RL: Which One’s Best?

There have been arguments on different platforms regarding the best product between Grizzly G0690 and G1023RL. Having tested both saws, choosing the best one may be quite challenging.

However, both G0690 and G1023RL are reliable as they originated from the same manufacturer. Besides, they offer similar services as they are known for cutting lightweight trees. They also have the same warranty options and require little effort to assemble for the first time.

I’ve compiled the key features that would allow you to understand the two products better. With this, you can select the best one suitable for your job.

Please take a look at it below.

Key FeaturesGrizzly G0690Grizzly G1023RLMy Choice
Product VoltageGrizzly G0690 has a voltage of 220V, making it to deliver speed and effectively.G1023RL has a voltage of 240V, making it perform its functions to satisfaction.Since the voltage affects these machines’ speed, I’ll choose Grizzly G1023RL for a better cutting experience.
High-Speed RangeThis saw has a high-speed range of 4300 RPM, but the structure is designed to work with a few wood pieces at a time.G1023RL comes with 3450 RPM, and the structure is designed to cut as many pieces of wood as possible within a few minutes.The cutting performance contributes to what makes the job easier and faster. With this, I’ll choose Grizzly G1023RL.
Product WeightG0690 has a product weight of 462 pounds, making it quite challenging to move it from one place to anotherG1023RL is an industrial cabinet table saw with a product weight of 432 pounds. With the smaller weight, users can move this product from any angle.Movement is a crucial factor when you want to engage in a beautiful cutting experience. With this factor, I’ll choose Grizzly G1023RL.
Dado BladeThis product can accept a dado blade that’s up to 13/16 inches.This table saw can also accept an external blade up to the same size of 13/16 inches.Since the two products can accept the dado blade of the same size, I’ll gladly pick G1023RL as per personal choice.
Quick Start OptionGrizzly G0690 comes with a quick-release spreader guard that enables a quick start option.This saw also comes with a quick start option and a simple iron handwheel that allow the machine to start effortlessly.The quick start option is one of the factors that contribute to convenient usage. With this, my pick is G1023RL.

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