Best Hybrid Table Saw Review & Buying Guide


Do you just want to know what is the best hybrid table saw? Powermatic PM1000 1791001K is the best hybrid table saw deal for the money. Continue reading to learn why!

A hybrid table saw is one of the most powerful table saws on the market. It is well designed and built to deliver the most efficient results and multiple functionalities. In addition, the construction of a hybrid table saw is durable and relatively easy to use. It works the same way as other table saws, but it has added benefits.

There are many hybrid table saw options and models on the market, but choosing the right one depends on your preferences and work condition. However, we have researched and examined their features and picked the 10 best hybrid table saws. I hope these reviews will help you to choose the right hybrid table saw for your project. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Our Top Picks Comparison Chart

Powermatic PM1000 1791001KDimensions: 36 x 27.5 x 63.8 Inches
Power: 1.75 HP
Rip Capacity: 30 Inches
Weight: 418 Pounds
Warranty: 5 Years
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Jet 708675PKDimensions:
Rip Capacity:
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SawStop PCS31230-TGP252Dimensions:
Rip Capacity:
Check Latest Price
Shop Fox W1837Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 36 Inches
Power: 2 HP
Rip Capacity: 30″ to Right & 15″ to Left
Weight: 260 Pounds
Warranty: 2 Years
Check Latest Price
Shop Fox W1819Dimensions: 67 x 46.5 x 30 Inches
Power: 3 HP
Rip Capacity: 29.5 Inches
Weight: 457 Pounds
Warranty: 2 Years
Check Latest Price
Grizzly Industrial G0771ZDimensions:
Rip Capacity:
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Shop Fox W1888Dimensions:
Rip Capacity:
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LAGUNA TOOLS FusionDimensions:
Rip Capacity:
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Shop Fox W1851Dimensions:
Rip Capacity:
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RIDGID R4512Dimensions:
Rip Capacity:
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How to Choose a Hybrid Table Saw?

You need to consider certain factors to pick the best one for your needs. These factors include:


The horsepower of the saw is one of the most important factors to consider before making a buying decision. You’ll find most hybrid table saws in the market with powers ranging between 1.5 HP and 1.75 HP. This is a basic level of power suitable for casual handymen and home woodworkers. However, people in search of something that will deliver more power for advanced and commercial work should go for hybrid table saws with powers ranging from 1.75 HP and 2.0 HP. To avoid major complications, ensure that the required outlet voltage and space needed are ready. 


When it comes to hybrid table saws, you’ll only find two drive options. 

  • Belt Drive: the fact that a belt drive provides torque and longevity through the use of pulley and belt, many users are going for it. But the only issue here is that the belt requires a periodic replacement and it can be very noisy when at work. 
  • Direct Drive: in this case, the blade is directly connected with the motor.  It requires regular cleaning and collects a lot of dust. 


Different brands offer hybrid table saws with unique built-in safety features and functions. You need to look out for these two important ones: 

  • Safety sensors: some hybrid table saws comes with certain safety sensor. For example, a safety sensor is designed to stop the blade when contact with the body is noticed. This helps to reduce the risk of getting life-threatening injuries. The electrical conductivity detection carried out by this sensor helps it differentiate between a wood (which isn’t a good conductor) and the human body (which is a good conductor). 
  • Translucent guards: you’ll be able to see clearly where the cuts are being made by the blade. It simply improves the table saw safety. With this feature, there’s a high certainty of precise cuts.   


Another important factor to look out for before buying a hybrid table saw is its portability. Hybrid table saws are known to be heavy devices and some are actually very heavy, weighing nothing less than 300 pounds upward. What this means is that the mobility of the saw is going to be a difficult task. Although if you’re that kind of woodworker who works mainly in the workshop, then transporting your saw won’t be a problem. However, if you’re the mobile type of woodworker, then make sure you go for hybrid table saws that weigh nothing more than 240 pounds. 

Riving Knife 

A riving knife helps to lessen the risk of kickback, so it’s important to go for a hybrid table saw with a good quality riving knife. It’s not a new thing that the most common issue and cause of injuries with hybrid table saws are related to kickback. Just like it is in the saw blade, a riving knife should have curves too. It should remain in position even when you try to raise or rotate the blade.

Motor design 

Here’s another crucial factor to consider before purchasing. A wedge or V belt design creates more vibration, so go for hybrid table saws with a poly-v drive belt design.

Blade tilt

Make sure the blade tilt of your preferred table saw is considered before buying. A left tilting blade will cause low binding and kickback while making the same cuts during use. 

Dust collection

When it comes to dust control, it is ideal to go for a good dust port other than a blade shroud.

Build Materials and Durability

Apart from the dust collection or other important features mentioned already, you’d love to have a good hybrid table saw with high durability. Such a saw will deliver great cuts for a long time. With proper maintenance, you’d enjoy it for a longer period above its intended lifespan. Always take note of the table saw with a metallic alloy construction. Some of the best materials that guarantee the high durability of your saw include aluminum and steel construction. Note that a cast iron transfers less vibration and it’s more stable. 


For a while now, most buyers think that the price of a product is mostly the representation of its quality. But that’s not always the case anyway. A large number of models on the market at the moment are overpriced with the low build quality. If you look out well, you may find a good product at a reasonable price. Check for brand reliability, highlighted features, user reviews, and the warranty of the product. 

Fence Technology

You’ll normally find the T-square type of fence technology in most hybrid table saws. Thanks to this technology, you’ll enjoy a firmer and better hold on the wood piece you’re working on. Hybrid table saw with extendable or longer fences delivers even better hold and longer cuts. Also, a good fence reduces vibration, movements, and shakes during work. This helps to deliver a more precise cut for your woodworking projects. 

Blade Guard

One of the most important safety technology is the blade guard technology. It helps protect you from any sort of injury and keeps your fingers from a high-speed blade. Hybrid table saws with this kind of safety technology help to keep you safe and reduce any contact with the sharp saw blade. 


Optional additional are basic accessories such as storage, wheels, table extensions, and many more. Basically, q very good model should have all these elements by default. But the truth is that it will cost you more to get a hybrid table saw that comes with some of its features. 

If you’re that kind of woodworker who works mainly in the workshop, then you should be worried about getting a hybrid table saw with wheeled bases. However, if you’re going to be moving the table saw from one worksite to the other then it is advisable to go for the ones with wheeled bases.

Also, woodworkers in search of a large workspace should go for models with spacious tabletops and expandable tables. A hybrid table saw had won people’s hearts with the fact that it is upgradeable with a lot of auxiliary stuff. Just with few upgrades, your newly bought hybrid table saw into the ultimate woodworking heavy-duty machine. Though it’ll definitely cost you more, it’s worth every penny. 

Another important part of every unit is the miter gauge and fence. The first thing you should always check out is the measuring devices because if they are cheap, there’s a high risk of buying a counterfeit machine. Measuring instruments built with plastic should be avoided completely. You’ll definitely get uneven and inaccurate cuts when using measuring instruments made of plastic because they were off easily.

Best Hybrid Table Saw – Reviews

1. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

You may be left staggered by its price tag. But, it worths it. So, if you don’t have a problem with the money, make a quick move and get hold of this product.

It is the further evolution of the PM cabinet table saw. It is to redefine the limits of design, durability and enhance the capability of earlier ones.

Okay, now let’s see what it offers for you.

Powermatic PM1000 table saw maintains quality to contribute significantly to the execution of your jobs. This table saw needs only 115v power to run on. What makes it worth buying for both professional and non-professional woodworkers is its tool-less assembly. Moreover, to maximize user safety, this cabinet table saw comes with a transparent blade guard. It aims to provide accurate cuts, but you need to struggle with heavy-duty cutting jobs. So, it is my view that professionals should get a hybrid table saw with more power. This table saw has a sturdy miter gauge pivot 60 degrees to either side for convenient adjustment. If cleanliness is godliness to you, this table saw should be in your workshop because it has a dust collection nose to reduce your effort to make it clean.

Powermatic PM1000 table saw is a perfect match for its reputation. If what you need is a professional touch in your cutting, this should be in your workshop. You no longer need to struggle on hardwoods as it can breeze through them like a champ.

It comes with a precision-ground cast ironwork surface and a beveled edge for smoother operation. The poly V belt drive system reduces vibration and maximizes your efficiency.


  • A perfect dust collection system
  • Miter gauge for smooth cuts


  • Poor-customer service
  • Need to struggle massive cutting job

2. Jet 708675PK 10″ Deluxe XACTA Saw

Wanna experience what a table saw can do, get hold of Jet 708675 without any further delay. To you wonder, the quality and features it offers will exceed your expectations.

The XACTA is incredibly easy and safe to use. It provides you stability and nearly vibration-free operation. Even after years of use, it remains smooth and ensures accuracy.

Let’s get to know it in detail.

Its quick-release riving knife features ensure a hassle-free change of the riving knife. It also lessens the binding or kickback risks. The push-button arbor’s lack also is to make the rapid blade change easy. It also helps the operator to be safe and efficient.

Thanks to its upgraded poly-v-belt drive system. It is because this system makes sure the maximum power transfer you push through at it.

The XACTA also comes with an excellent dust management system. You can reduce the sawdust with a vacuum system. So, you will no longer have to use a breath mask. This saw is also left-tilt. That means the blade and the fence are in an uneven position.

So, when cutting bevels, the scrap falls directly into the table, which prevents your workpiece from becoming trapped between the fence and the blade.

The XACTA features a magnetic on/off switch to keep you from the dangerous power fluctuations and sudden restarting after a power failure.

You can keep all your necessities within your arm’s reach. Along with a built-in storage drawer, it also includes an ar-board fence and miter gauge storage.

It comes with a 24*42″ cast-iron table. So you got enough work surface to accomplish your large jobs. And under the table, there is a cast-iron-trunnion-the reason for its greater capability and performance.

However, it may seem a bit overpriced. But I don’t think so. In my opinion, I couldn’t get so much more convenient and accurate saw for the money. I am in this industry for 15 years now.

So if you are still thinking of buying this, stop thinking and buy it now.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Great stability
  • Nearly vibration-free operation
  • Hassle-free change of the riving knife
  • Excellent sawdust management
  • Enough workspace for a large job


  • Expensive

3. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw

The SawStop 3hp professional cabinet saw is nothing but tells about excellence. From the vertical elevation to dust collection, the SawStop cabinet saw is ins and out a performer.

But on top of everything, its safety system, I believe, is optimum. Working with power tools is not easy. Accidents tend to happen.

Even the professionals also cannot avoid injury while working with the machine. Don’t get scared. If you have this SawStop cabinet saw, you can be at your peace. Whenever your skin comes in touch with the spinning blade, it stops in less than five milliseconds and drops below the table. Thus it minimizes your possibility of your getting injured. Also, the control box houses, the on-off switch, on-board computer constantly check all the systems to keep you safe.

It features a heavy-gauge steel-made T-glide fence and rail. And so you will get reliably square cutting for years even without mere deflection.

The saw is easy and smooth to adjust. Thanks to its gas piston elevation. Besides, the trunnion and arbor ensure its strength and stability.

It also comes with the included dust collection blade guard. It ensures 99% of dust collection.

Buy and enjoy the excellence of your wood cutting.


  • Maximum dust collection
  • Topnotch safety system
  • Reliably square cut
  • Easy adjustment
  • Stability


  • Not found

4. Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch Hybrid Table Saw

The shop fox W1837 open stand hybrid table saw is a worth-buying table saw for any woodworkers. It features the weight and size of contractor saws. It is also packed with all the features of Cabinet saws. In brief, so is to say, you will get all the benefits of both contractor saws and cabinet saws. And that is why, I believe, The shop for W1837 is enough to make other woodworkers jealous.

In line with the shop fox professional cabinet saws, this W1837 table saw features a quick-change blade guard with anti-kickback pawls. The blade guard is transparent. It allows the operator to watch the blade cut the workplace white cutting. And it also helps you be aware of any accidental contacts. The anti-kickback pawls are also to secure your further safety. These pawls allow the workpiece to travel in only one definition. But, if the workpiece moves backward, the pawls will dig into the workpiece to stop it.

The W1837 comes with a handy built-in kickstand operated mobile base. This table is also lightweight. So, you can move it from your home to your device location.

The trunnion of the W1837 is mount to the cabinet, and this is to give you maximum achievement. The robust cast iron trunnions help absorb vibration. This is also to help you make proper blade-to fence and miter slot alignment and make blade height and angle adjustments easy.

With a dust chute with a 4-inch port, you can keep your work area clean. And with its 2 HP motor, you can easily rip through hardwoods or cut dadoes.

Shop Fox also guarantees you many years of trouble-free service.

The shop fox also has an interchangeable riving knife to protect you from the non-through cutting operation. Buy this table now and have fun with your work.


  • Quick Change blade guard
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • A handy mobile base
  • Lightweight
  • Easy adjustments


  • No cons

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5. Shop Fox W1819 10-Inch Table Saw

The Shop Fox W1819 table saw is a lifetime investment. This table saw successfully maintains customer’s trust with its top-level performance. It fascinates both hobbyists and professionals with its perfect design and style. With ruggedly built parts and a rigid quality control program, it assures you of many years of trouble-free service and safe operation.

This table saw is all about quality and performance. Let’s become acquainted with its features in detail.

The Shop Fox W1819 is durable. Its table and trunnions are made from cast-iron to lengthen its durability.

Plus, it features a riving knife for quick release. It also prevents the newly-cut workpiece from pinching the black side of the blade and causing kickback.

This table saw is more convenient and supportive concerning other table saw while working on longer workpieces. Because it has a unique T-slot miter with a fence extension.

With a 3Hp motor, it generates enough power to work on heavy-duty jobs. An easy adjustment of your cutting angle to an angle up to 45-degrees makes it worth-choosing. It also includes heavy cast handwheels and a magnetic switch.

Don’t mind the price. It worths your money and trust. Be happy with the purchase.


  • Powerful motor
  • Stylish design durable
  • Riving knife for quick release
  • Easy adjustment
  • Heavy cast handwheels and a magnetic switch


  • Poor screws

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6. Grizzly Industrial G0771Z 10-Inch Hybrid Table Saw

If you have a Grizzly G0771Z hybrid table saw, you will experience a powerful blend of contractor-style table saws and cabinet-style table saws.

This table saw has plenty of power like the cabinet saw and still balances its weight like the contractor- saw. It weighs an exact 286 Ibs. So, it is light enough to move around. With its 2 Hp motor, you can rip through hardwoods or cut dadoes. It is also easy for your budget. Plus, it is pre-wired, and you can run on an ordinary household 120V, 20A circuit. The table saw features a confined cabinet with a 4″ dust port. This dust port is joined into the cabinet, and it is to maximize dust celebration.

What is worth mentioning is that Grizzly has combined some of the best features of other table saws.

If Grizzly G0771Z is at your hard now, you guess the right. Yes, I am talking about its fence. Its fence is the amalgam of an easy tilt-off and simple and adjustable T-shape shop fox classic fence and rock-solid front locking shop fox original fence and t-slots of the shop fox Alum-classic fence.

With its innovative quick-release blade guard and riving knife system, you can change the blade in seconds. Plus, it comes with a written manual. You can assemble it in under an hour. It also helps you maintain your saw so easily.

Besides, it offers you a 1-year warranty which also covers parts. Rest assured. You will get the defect-free machine from the factory.


  • Combination of the best features of a contractor of a cabinet table saw
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of power
  • Affordable
  • Maximum Dust collection
  • Quick Release blade guard riving knife
  • Written manual


  • Only 1 -year warranty

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7. Shop Fox W1888 10-Inch Hybrid Table Saw

The shop fox W1888 can be a great addition to your workshop. It comes with some innovative features which are common on more expensive ones. But lucky you!

You can get all the benefits yet at a considerably low price.

Isn’t it ice on the cake for you?

Let’s see what makes it stands out in a crowd.

It features a fully enclosed blade guard with a separate dust port. So, it is easy to keep your work area clean.

Plus, an an-easy-glide, two-position fence system is to quickly change for narrow ripping.

It also comes with a quick-release spreader/ riving knife which ensures fast and simple blade changes.

The table, the trunnions, and also the blade adjustments handwheels are made up of heavy-duty cast iron. The motor is 2HP and pre-used for 110V. But, you can convert it to 220V, if you want.

But, it is heavy. So, suggest you buy a mobile base. I believe you will have fun working with this saw.


  • Affordable
  • Enclosed blade guard
  • A separate dust port
  • Fast and simple blade changes


  • No cons

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You may experience difficulty in accomplishing complex jobs with the 1.75HP motor that LAGUNA Tools Fusion provides. But, this hybrid table saw is perfect for those professionals who only need to work light-duty jobs. It has also come with more stability to help beginners. Though you may need to empty your pocket, it must give you the best bang for your buck.

It comes with a dustless cabinet design, Zero clearance throat plate, arbor tilt micro-adjustment, and 2-pole arbor rising to give a fine-tuning and smooth finish to your jobs.

Let’s discover what amazing features it has.

LAGUNA Tools Fusion includes a mobility kit to make its movement easy from one place to another. Its square design simplifies blade change and helps to make better contract points on the cast.

With trunnions mounted on the saw’s frame, it ensures the tabletop remains flat. And therefore, it guarantees stability.

It has a riving knife and a safety blade guard to make it safe for users and improve your cutting quality. This hybrid table saw has a dustless cabinet design as well.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly


  • Not suitable for complex assignments
  • Poor quality materials

9. Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw

With many safety features and conveniences, Shop Fox W1851 stands out from all the others. It features cabinet mounted trunnions that helps you adjust the table and fence to the blade parallelly. The trunnions mount to the cabinet also ensure superior performance. The trunnions are from cast iron that ensures proper blade to fence and miter slot alignment and blade height and angle adjustments. Plus, the trunnions are to absorb vibration. You can tilt the blade to the left from anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees. The Shop Fox masters in cutting bends, compound miter, or chamfers.

An innovative transparent polycarbonate blade guard is to see the blade cut the workpiece during operation. It also protects your hands from kickback. The efficient dust collection port is another add-on.

It features a dual-position extruded aluminum rip fence to ensure top-notch accomplishment of your cutting jobs. Moreover, the dual position rip fence ensures safe-running a variety of stock thickness.

It offers a transparent polycarbonate guard, and quick-release blade guards, and a riving knife to contribute you getting accurate, and precise cutting every time.


  • 410Ibs
  • Modern design
  • Dual-position rip fence
  • Transparent polycarbonate guard


  • Warranty varies at customers service

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10. RIDGID R4512 10-Inch Table Saw

If you are impatient and want to get your job done in the blink of an eye, RIDGID P4512 is not suitable. You need to make a great effort to make precise cuts. Also, you will find it’s assembling very hard and time-consuming. But if you need an affordable yet entirely capable of doing your weekend DIY jobs, this RIDGID hybrid table saw is an excellent option for you.

I don’t get how it gets only 3.6 stars. Because what I experience is somewhat different from these reviews. It is a nice table saw. What you need is to give extra effort to set it up. I believe you will agree with me after knowing the facts about it.

Okay, let’s starts now.

With its flat level surface, the RIDGID R 4512 assures you of trouble-free cutting. It’s fence slides well. Also, it has extra-large glides to offer precise and smooth adjustments along the rail. It is a durable table saw. And it is high-quality iron what makes it durable. This cast iron table is also to lessen its vibration. In its price range, it offers more, right?

On top of that, it comes with a blade guard to prevent you from injuries considering the user’s safety. Though you need to struggle to get an accurate cut, it will give smooth finishes. That is the reason why you should choose it.


  • Affordable
  • Blade guard protects you from injuries
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable


  • Difficult assembly
  • Need to struggle to get a precise cut

Final Verdict

You have already had a general review of the table saws.

And I believe it will help you make the right choice. But still, it is difficult for some as while one is a good fit for the beginners, the other is for the professionals; or you may find one that doesn’t suit your needs, but others may exceed your expectations, considering price, mobility, stability, efficiency.

In my opinion, Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw is the best for beginners in all aspects. It is durable and stable. On safety grounds, it is no match. It doesn’t require tools to assemble. It gives maximum accurate cuts. Get hold of this table, and have a professional touch in your cutting.

FAQs on Hybrid Table Saw

How Are Hybrid Table Saws Different?

The table below is a comparison chart that contains the differences between hybrid, contractor, cabinet table saw based on considerable features. 

Criteria Hybrid Table SawContractor Table Saw Cabinet Table Saw
PortabilityMostly heavyMuch more portableHeavier 
Useful FeaturesSome models come with reasonable useful features Comes with limited useful featuresComes with numerous useful features 
Price RangeSome models are costlyFairly costlyCostly
MaintenanceRequires moderate maintenance costRequires less maintenance costRequires more maintenance cost
Functionality Much easierUser-friendlyEasier to use 

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