10 Best Hybrid Table Saws to Buy in 2021 [Unbiased Review]

minutes remaining  Updated On February 10, 2021

Woodcutters should do some little research when buying a hybrid table saw for his/her workshop. There are some factors to consider when purchasing a hybrid table saw as it is an expensive investment. The primary purpose of buying a hybrid table saw is to attain an accurate and smooth cut. You should buy a table saw which offers you the right blade, and a powerful motor to cut through any wood without causing any harm. On top of that, a hybrid table saw featuring a good riving knife is worth-buying as it reduces the risk of kickback. Easy adjustment and operation, and a dust control system are other features to be taken care of while buying a hybrid table saw. But it is puzzling for the buyers to choose the best one amongst so many varieties. But we have made it easy for you. We have researched and examined all the features mentioned above and picked the top 10 hybrid table saw. I hope these reviews will help you choose the right hybrid table saw too.

The Shop Fox W1819 table saw is a life-time investment. This table saw successfully maintains customer's trust with its top-level performance. It fascinates both hobbyists and professionals with its perfect design and style. With ruggedly built parts and a rigid quality control program, it assures you of many years of trouble-free service and safe operation.

This table saw is all about quality and performance. Let's become acquainted with its features in detail.

The Shop Fox W1819 is durable. Its table and trunnions are made from cast-iron to lengthen its durability.

Plus, it features a riving knife for quick release. It also prevents the newly-cut workpiece from pinching the black side of the blade and causing kickback.

This table saw is more convenient and supportive concerning other table saw while working on longer workpieces. Because it has a unique T-slot miter with a fence extension.

With a 3Hp motor, it generates enough power to work on heavy-duty jobs. An easy adjustment of your cutting angle to an angle up to 45-degrees makes it worth-choosing. It also includes heavy cast handwheels and a magnetic switch.

Don't mind the price. It worths your money and trust. Be happy with the purchase.


  • Powerful motor
  • Stylish design durable
  • Riving knife for quick release
  • Easy adjustment
  • Heavy cast handwheels and a magnetic switch


  • Poor screws

You may be left staggered by its price tag. But, it worths it. So, if you don't have a problem with the money, make a quick move and get hold of this product. Okay, now let's see what it offers for you.

Powermatic PM1000 table saw maintains quality to contribute significantly to the execution of your jobs. This table saw needs only 115v power to run on. What makes it worth-buying for both professional and non-professional woodworkers is its tool-less assembly. Moreover, to maximize user safety, this cabinet table saw comes with a transparent blade guard. It aims to provide accurate cuts, but you need to struggle with heavy-duty cutting jobs. So, it is my view that professionals should get a hybrid table saw with more power. This table saw has a sturdy miter gauge pivot 60 degrees to either side for convenient adjustment. If cleanliness is godliness to you, this table saw should be in your workshop because it has a dust collection nose to reduce your effort to make it clean.

Powermatic PM1000 table saw is a perfect match to its reputation. If what you need is a professional touch in your cutting, this should be in your workshop. You no longer need to struggle on hardwoods as it can breeze through them like a champ.


  • A perfect dust collection system
  • Miter gauge for smooth cuts


  • Poor-customer service
  • Need to struggle massive cutting job

Bosch 10-inch table saw is the inclusion of all comprehensive aspects of a good hybrid table saw. This table saw is recognizable by its absolute precise cuts and power. Woodworkers-professionals or amateur-feel passionate interest in this table saw for it's portable, and ease of operation. It includes 8inch pneumatic wheels so that you can move it from one job site to another quickly. An innovative collapsible table saw stand is another add-on to its criteria to allow you to adjust the height to meet your needs. It comes with a square lock rip fence to increase cutting efficiency. This hybrid table saw is made up of high-quality materials to make it durable. It's power 4.0 Hp motor also ensures maximum productivity.


  • Precise cuts and absolute power
  • Portable and durable
  • Easy operation
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Innovative table saw stand
  • Maximum productivity


  • One year limited warranty
  • Difficult setup

Versatility and safety go hand in hand with the Sawstop CNS175- TGP 36. With groundbreaking safety features, stability, and mobility, this table saw holds a fascination for all, especially those with a home workshop.

Wanna get your job done with peace of mind, and protect yourself from injury? Then, I do believe only SawStop's patented safety system can render the service.

Okay, let me explain.

This SawStop technology protects you from the table saw injuries through a small electrical signal within the blade. When your skin gets in touch contacts the blade, the signal changes and activates the safety system.

With a 36" professional T-Glide Fence system, you will find it capable of providing smooth operation with precise measurement and sure lockdown without deflection. This Sawstop technology protects you from the table saw injuries through small electrical signals within the blade. An auto-activated safety system makes it more convenient to the users. To close-down the motor power, it offers an auto-activated broke to keep away injuries. This hybrid table saw is large and weighs 341Ibs. It comes with a flexible configuration with up to 52-inch rip capacity as well.

What's not good about this table saw? Right? So, grab your ones.


  • Professional T-Glide Fence system
  • Smooth operation, and precise measurement
  • Keep away injuries


  • Heavier

DEWALT handles nothing but excellent products. The DEW7491RS is another unsurpassed inclusion to the list. Let's see what it has for you.

It features a 15.0A high torque motor, which generates enough power to cut hardwoods easily. It also offers you improved ripping quality. You can easily breeze through plywood, maple, and framing material.

Labor and time-saving adjustments of the fence for precise and accurate cuts are among the most specific features of this hybrid table saw. It guarantees your saw's accuracy and performance. With a miter gauge, it can cross-cut, though not so great.

DWE7491RS includes a stand with wheels to make it move to a different workplace. Also, This hybrid saw weighs 90 pounds. An efficient dust collection system helps you clean your workshop without consuming extra time.

Its storage is easy and needs a very compact space as you can fold up legs. Easy installment and removal of the blade guard are its other convenient features. For the user's safety, it features an automatic power switch that goes off if anything mishappens.


  • Rolling stand design for easy setup and break down
  • Dust port collection
  • Portable
  • Easy installation
  • Powerful enough to cut thick woods
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Unparalleled miter slot

You may experience difficulty in accomplishing complex jobs with the 1.75HP motor that LAGUNA Tools Fusion provides. But, this hybrid table saw is perfect for those professionals who only need to work light-duty jobs. It has also come with more stability to help beginners. Though you may need to empty your pocket, it must give you the best bang for your buck.

It comes with a dustless cabinet design, Zero clearance throat plate, arbor tilt micro-adjustment, and 2-pole arbor rising to give a fine-tuning and smooth finish to your jobs.

Let's discover what amazing features it has.

LAGUNA Tools Fusion includes a mobility kit to make its movement easy from one place to another. Its square design simplifies blade change and helps to make better contract points on the cast.

With trunnions mounted on the saw's frame, it ensures the tabletop remains flat. And therefore, it guarantees stability.

It has a riving knife and a safety blade guard to make it safe for users and improve your cutting quality. This hybrid table saw has a dustless cabinet design as well.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly


  • Not suitable for complex assignments
  • Poor quality materials

If you are impatient and want to get your job done in the blink of an eye, RIDGID P4512 is not suitable. You need to make a great effort to make precise cuts. Also, you will find it's assembling very hard and time-consuming. But if you need an affordable yet entirely capable of doing your weekend DIY jobs, this RIDGID hybrid table saw is an excellent option for you.

I don't get how it gets only 3.6 stars. Because what I experience is somewhat different from these reviews. It is a nice table saw. What you need is to give extra effort to set it up. I believe you will agree with me after knowing the facts about it.

Okay, let's starts now.

With its flat level surface, the RIDGID R 4512 assures you of trouble-free cutting. It's fence slides well. Also, it has extra-large glides to offer precise and smooth adjustments along the rail. It is a durable table saw. And it is high-quality iron what makes it durable. This cast iron table is also to lessen its vibration. In its price range, it offers more, right?

On top of that, it comes with a blade guard to prevent you from injuries considering the user's safety. Though you need to struggle to get an accurate cut, it will give smooth finishes. That is the reason why you should choose it.


  • Affordable
  • Blade guard protects you from injuries
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable


  • Difficult assembly
  • Need to struggle to get precise cut

With many safety features and conveniences, Shop Fox W1851 stands out from all the others. It features cabinet mounted trunnions that helps you adjust the table and fence to the blade parallelly. The trunnions mount to the cabinet also ensure superior performance. The trunnions are from cast iron that ensures proper blade to fence and miter slot alignment and blade height and angle adjustments. Plus, the trunnions are to absorb vibration. You can tilt the blade to the left from anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees. The Shop Fox masters in cutting bends, compound miter, or chamfers.

An innovative transparent polycarbonate blade guard is to see the blade cut the workpiece during operation. It also protects your hands from kickback. The efficient dust collection port is another add-on.

It features a dual-position extruded aluminum rip fence to ensure top-notch accomplishment of your cutting jobs. Moreover, the dual position rip fence ensures safe-running a variety of stock thickness.

It offers a transparent polycarbonate guard, and quick-release blade guards, and a riving knife to contribute you getting accurate, and precise cutting every time.


  • 410Ibs
  • Modern design
  • Dual-position rip fence
  • Transparent polycarbonate guard


  • Warranty varies at customers service

The Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw provides you with a high degree of precision along with some fantastic versatile features to reach the desired level of accomplishment. It has a 3HP motor that generates the necessary power to cut through hardwood. Both professional and amateur woodcutters admire this table saw for its cost-effectiveness. Besides, it is manufactured from high-quality cast iron to make it last longer. This cabinet table saw is designed in a way that it can withstand pressure easily without facing any damage. It's stylish look also amazes you. Though it's assembling is time-consuming, once you fix it right, you will get excellent performance. It features a riving knife to ensure and increase the precision of your cut.


  • Cast-effective
  • Riving knife
  • Precise cut
  • Can cut through thick wood and hardwood


  • Difficult to assemble and move around

All the advantages that the Rockwell RK7241S table saw offer you surely outweigh the costs involved. Now let me cut the chase.

Rockwell 7241S provides you the most rip capacity and extra-wide cuts in its class. Thanks to its 30-inch foldout fence. It also provides the most significant depth of cut, unlike other 10-inch table saws. It can make a maximum of 3-9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 2-9/16 inches at 45degrees.

What improves the precision and accuracy of cuts is its laser-cut line indicator. This laser indicator is adjusted to the blade tilt to show precisely where the blade will cut the material.

It comes with integrated wheels and an extended leg used as a pull handle that makes it easy to roll with all other included accessories stored on secure storage from one job site to the next.

Additional included accessories are- rip fence, miter gauge, push stick, riving knife, dust bag, and blade wrenches. With the 15amp of power, it can handle large projects efficiently.

However, some encounter a few problems using this tool. The fence is somewhat not stable and needs to take great caution after each movement. Adjusting the level of the blade is also a challenge. Despite having a few drawbacks, Rockwell RK7241S outranks others in its class.


  • Portability
  • Easy storage
  • Easy transportation
  • Laser-cut line indicator
  • Precise cut
  • Extra-wide cuts and rip capacity


  • Poor miter gauge
  • Flimsy fence
  • Two years limited warranty