how to Measure Chainsaw Bar Length?

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If you need to buy a new chainsaw bar or chain, it’s important to find the perfect fit. Here’s how to measure the size of your bar and chain

Chainsaws can easily be used for pruning, re-cutting woods, or other tasks. After all this time it will probably need replacement. Before you buy, know exactly how big each piece is. The wrong length chain may damage a chainsaw or severe a chainsaw operator. Find the right chainsaw measuring bar for you. This is not very difficult and can also save time on hardware. Take the soiled chainsaw out of store and place it at your desk. “Not the most effective method of starting the whole situation”.

Steps to Measuring a Chainsaw Bar

Chain saw bars must be properly measured for the proper replacement bar. In general, chainsaw owners forget these things much more when they buy them at an auction. If the computer manuals are still intact, verify that the specifications are true. The measurement is calculated based primarily upon cutting height, bar length, and the part that came out already.

Are You Replacing Parts on an Older Chainsaw?

I recommend you read this post and replace the bar/chain of your chainsaw with my guide for the best budget chainsaws. New bars can cost anywhere between $50 / bar. The new chainsaw will come with the parts installed. You might even get more chainsaws in the whole package. Please check out this guide. I guess this should be considered as such. I even have an online post on Chainsaws. This list contains 10 top quality chainsaws divided by types: electric, gasoline, or battery-based. I think this is.

Effective Cutting Length (Or Called Length)

A chainsaw bar measurement is known as a “efficient cut length” or “length”. Effective cut lengths are the distance of the blade from the tip to the base where the blade attaches to the chainsaw. The length can be determined using the tape measuring tool starting at a slit and extending up until the tip. Whatever measurement it is, round this number to the closest equal number for whole inches. In other words a tool that measures 18 inches would have rounded up to the smallest even number.

Getting a Replacement Chainsaw Bar

When measuring your chainsaw blades, the length of the blade should be easy to determine. Find the blade of the same measurement and get it right.

How to determine a chainsaw bar groove gauge

If you buy chainsaw bars, Christofora says you may even need knowledge about bar grooves. Tell me the easiest method: A quarter is about.063 cm, a dollar for.059 cm and a nickel for.044″ Another option: Purchase a cheap gauge that helps to determine chain height and chain gauge and file width as well.

How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar(Blade) Step by Step

Removing the blades of the chain of the chainsaw allows you to measure the bar with the precision of a chainsaw. The chainsaw is a relatively simple task with very little effort required. This allows you to inspect the blade and buy a new bar if necessary.

Measuring Your Chain Length

Measuring the chain is slightly more difficult than measuring the bar as it needs three numbers:

Step 1. Remove the chainsaw housing which cover the blade

Take the two nuts screwed to the housing in the middle of the handles. These two bolts cover the shaft of the blade. When you remove nuts, remove housing. Behind the building you can see everything – driving, chain & saw bars are visible.

Loosen the bolts holding the top cover on the body

The number of nuts depends upon the model or manufacture of the saw. To tighten the bolt hold a chainsaw wrench. Secure bolts and screws securely to prevent losing fragile pieces used for the tightening of the box.

How to Measure a Chainsaw Chain Length

It’s harder if we measure the chains than we can measure bars. It isn’t easy to just walk into a store with a chain which fits the blade’s effective length. Chain lengths of 18in cannot be swapped. Chainsaws can be measured using three measures – number of driving pins, pitch and gauge. The best means of measuring chains is:

Step 2. Release some tension to pull the chain from the bar

Find the tension wheels for this chainsaw bar. Use the flathead screwdriver and pull the screw towards the left to reduce the force on the chain and pull it off the groove. Remove a chain from the groove of the wheel until it touches the drive screw.

How To Measure a Chainsaw Bar

Chainsaws are available in uniform lengths, which vary by chain lengths. Sometimes called chainsaw blade, chainsaw bars are metal arms which hold chain and support it in cutting operation. If you buy 16-inch Chain Saws you buy one with 16-inch bars. The chainsaw bars are measured in two ways. Most prevalent is a cutting technique Christofora says: The distance between a tip on the bar and a chainsaw body is where the bar is hidden in the saw blade. To measure effective length of a chainsaw you must multiply odd numbers by fractions.

Remove the chainsaw bar and chain

Holding the clutch covers, locate the two nuts on the right side. Use the same wrench to remove the nuts before pulling the chain link cover. For chainsaws without brakes, lock the position when lifting the cover to prevent difficulty when you put them in place.

Step 4. Check to see if the chainsaw bar needs replace or repair

Re-install the blade when chains are not attached to it. When removing the bar it allows for a look to check whether the bar needs replacement.

Chainsaw Blade Cutter Types

Okay so we can start with a list of the different blade shapes. It determines the strength of the blades cutting and is custom suited depending upon what work is done. These are modern dental cuts; they are explained in an introductory paragraph.

Make sure the spark plug wire is unplugged

Don’t disassemble the chainsaw when it’s connected by removing the wire from the outlet of the chainsaw if it is not connected.

How To Measure a Chainsaw Chain

Bilala. GettyImage. What would you recommend for a chain saw chain? Is it possible to get one from a dealer? Find the replacement chainsaw manufacturer and the model number. Christofore explains that there is a need for preciseness here. Typically customers come into stores looking for the identical size chain as the chains are.” The chain is different from chainsaw to chainsaw manufacturers in some areas…. The chainsaw chain package contains information indicating the manufacturer or brand. There is no harm in writing or engraving the numbers on the chainsaw bar. These indicate an overall chain pitch, driver numbers and chain links gauge.

Measure the chainsaw pitch

The pitch for this chain measures its distance from the link of its chain and from the place where the arrow is entered. Use wooden rulers for the measurements, measuring the height of three rivets on the chain. Divide the counts to give the chain measurement pitch. Chains can vary in size between a quarter of inches and four digits: 405 inch.

Count the number of drive links

The drive connection is measured fairly accurately. Find the small bump on the chain. Count all the drivers in the chain and calculate your number of drive links.

Chainsaw chain chart table

Typical chain guides are 11 cm x 120 cm and are based on the engine power of the engine. The ideal size should be greater than the width of the trunk. The heavier a chainsail is, the heavier the guide chain and its motor. For nonprofessional use, bar lengths are generally 35 – 50 cm sufficient for most cutting tasks (cutting).

The length of the chainsaw bar

The width of the chainsaw bar or guide depends on the power of your motor and you may even need a shorter guide for an engine with more horsepower. Here’s some useful figures.

Step 2

Tie the sleeves onto a hose to hold the tape in place.

What do the numbers mean on a chainsaw bar?

Consequently, the characteristics of attachment plans in the blades of a chainsaw are critical for selecting the chainssaw bar and are sorted by the last letter of a bar type number such as “K095”. Tell us the reason for this: The manual recommends a number of bars including the 168RNDK095, the chainsaw chain. How are these chainsaw codes coded? 11′′ = 27 x 28 cm. 13′′ = 34cm. 15′′ – 33. 14cm. 35 cm. 15′′ = 38cm. 16 cm 40 cm. 16 cm. 17′′= 42 cm. 17 cm = 44 cm. 19 cm = 47 cm. 17

Alternative method: Use common coins if you don’t have a caliper

In cases where you have no calipers or gauges, it is still possible to measure chain link gauges. Use Coins method to calculate the size. Slide one dollar (0.50 inches), one cent (10.508 inch) or quarters (0.63 inches) to assess chain gauge size. Add pitch, and the drives for the necessary chains.

Find the size of the chain on the chainsaw blade

You’ll find information on the lower side of a chainsaw. Actually on many chainsaw bar models they have stated that you can obviously pick an alternative product to their manufacturer. The length and width of the chain are to have the same number as the chain to replace them. Occasionally such indications are usually not written directly on the guidebar and are found on tools instructions or in the package of the chainsaw chain.

When to replace the chainsaw bar?

The chainsaw bars tend to wear more on the areas used most to cut — typically at the lower edges. The burrs are placed at the bar guides. Always equalize both sides of the file to distinguish worn, i.e. different lengths. The depth of the sliding guides should gradually decrease throughout its life cycle.

How to choose the chainsaw bar

Chainsaw blades differ in design, but they can vary in quality and price depending on how long the chainsaw is being used. What are the manufacturers recommended? The attack plan of a bar or tail should be correct because they need to be matched to the chainsaw.

The cutting length of the chain bar

Chainsaw chains can be customized according to your chainsaw bars length. Alert! The length of the chainsaw bars always represents the cutting length and not the total length of the blades. This should thus be measured by measuring the rim of the machine if possible. The chainsaw guide measures 45 cm; in fact, the whole length of the guide is 55 cm. All the information you have received is included in the chain guides on the chainsaw. You can read our manuals on this website.

Can I use any blade on my chainsaw?

There is surprisingly no blade connection in all the chainsaws which usually matches different chainssaw models of different manufacturers. This is the information required in measuring a chainsaw blade. Chain reference helps you quickly find chain models from similar brands as a guide to chainsaw bars.

What size chain goes on 18 inch chainsaw bar?

Oregon Chainsaw chain for Stihl Chainsaw. 18″ bars, Long 74 Drivelinks. 325 pitches, 0.063 gauges.

How long is the bar on a Stihl chainsaw?

STIHL guides can reach 57 lbs. (found on our tree-stretching poles).

Can you put a 16 inch bar on a 14 inch chainsaw?

Different bars sizes The Poulan Chainsaw has bar sizes of 12-16 inches. However, bigger bars can often not produce best cutting performances.

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