How to Safely Use A Chainsaw Mill?

A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for homeowners and landscapers to maintain the property. It comes in handy to prune and cut tree branches to keep the property neat and clean. However, when you want to work with large lumbers with the chainsaw, getting a standard chainsaw mill will be helpful.

How To Use A Chainsaw Mill

For this, you would want to know how to build a chainsaw mill. Also, you should know how to run a chainsaw mill safely.

Today, our discussion will include how to use a chainsaw mill and the proper safety tips during the chainsaw milling process.

So, let’s get go.

How to Use a Chainsaw Mill

When you plan to make the first straight cut of the lumber with the chainsaw mill, you will have to get a straight reference edge. The proper steps of cutting logs, slabs, and beams are:

1. The slabbing rail of the chainsaw mill needs to be set up correctly. The slabbing or guide rail will allow you to align the cutline with the chainsaw blade properly. The mill of the chainsaw will ride on the slabbing rail. It makes the 1st smooth cut easy and comfortable.

2. When you attach the slabbing rail, make sure that it is longer than the log you will be working on with the mill.

3. Next, use the chainsaw kerf to mount the tiny wedges on it. The wedges need to be installed when you begin the cut.

4. Now position the log into a flat surface and make your 1st cut. The texture might be uneven, and so you need to work carefully on it. Usually, the 1st cut on the log with the chainsaw mill is the toughest one. Hence, please make sure the saw blade is sharp and align it correctly with the log surface.

5. You will have to remove the slabbing rail after you have made the first cut. Then, you will be ready for the next cuts.

6. When you saw logs to prepare beams or cut them into manageable sizes, the 2d cut must be right at the log bottom. Hence, you need to turn the log upside down securely. If the log is too heavy, we recommend taking help from a second hand to flip the log bottom.

7. Then, align the chainsaw mill again with the cutting line. It needs to be parallel with the 1st cut you made on the upper section of the log.

8. Finally, cut either side of the log properly with the chainsaw. These cuts need to be smooth and even.

This way, you can use a chainsaw mill to prepare the logs. Nonetheless, you should not use the lately cut logs directly into furniture making. You must get through seasoning of the wood for it. This way, it would strengthen the furniture more.

Safety Tips While Using a Chainsaw Mill

A chainsaw mill, likewise, all power tools aren’t 100% safe. Although it is most likely to be made with proper safety guidelines, unsafe use might result in injuries. Furthermore, the chainsaw is responsible for different injuries on various parts of human bodies.

Research on the injuries due to lumbers showed that around 250 cases were reported due to mishandling of the log. The chainsaw mill’s inappropriate use resulted in over 3400 head injuries and about 18000 injuries around the feet and leg section.

Hence, it is highly suggested that you follow these safety instructions correctly. It includes-

  • The slabs, beams, and logs are heavyweight. So, when you plan to cut them with the chainsaw, make sure you handle them with care.
  • Milling with the chainsaw is different from using other power tools. As you work with logs and cut through the grains, it produces massive dust. Hence, you must mount a vacuum porthole with the mill to collect the dust. Also, cutting with the wind direction will keep the dust and fumed away from you.
  • Always wear heavy-duty work boots while you operate the chainsaw mill. It will protect your feet and leg from injuries. As logs and slabs are heavyweight, it is crucial to cause severe injuries if it falls in your unprotected legs.
  • We recommend you wear a face mask while working the chainsaw mill. It will protect you from the fumes and dust coming from the sawing session. If you operate a gas-powered chainsaw with the mill, face musk protects you from inhaling the harmful fumes.
  • Since logs or beams are often uneven, they can roll and crush on the ground or at your feet. Therefore, you must position the log securely on a flat surface. If you have back pain, it is suggested that you take help from a neighbor or friend to position the weighty lumber securely.
  • A chainsaw mill produces a loud sound as it cut through the logs. Hence, you must protect your ears from any damage. You might use headphones or hearing protection to safeguard ears from the deafening sound. It will reduce the sound effect and make the cutting session pleasant.
  • Always wear gloves in your hands to avoid figure cuts. It is vital as, unlike pushing small pieces of wood with a push stick, you will have to push the chainsaw blade directly at the log. So, your fingers will come close to the blade.
  • Always use the straight edge to cut through the logs. Also, make sure you wear tight fitted cloth as the whole chainsaw blade will be exposed while you operate it.


A chainsaw mill will make your log cutting sessions comfortable and easy. When you know how to use a chainsaw mill and follow the safety guidelines, the whole process becomes even more interesting. Thus, our detailed instructions on the chainsaw mill manufacturing uses and safety tips will be one heck of an addition to your woodworking career.

Nonetheless, we would look forward to hearing from you if you any suggestions on the chainsaw mill’s safe uses. Lastly, when you are done with the power tool, store it in a secure location so that kids and pets don’t reach it.

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