An In-Depth Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review: Is It Worth Buying?

As I was cluttering through a myriad of chainsaw review to find one for my home usage during the last Spring, I came across with Husqvarna 435 16-Inch 40.9cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw and was little sceptical seeing the Husqvarna 435 Review.

However, I bought it anyway.

And thank god, I bought it.

Husqvarna 435 is a smaller and lightweight family member of the long legendary product line of Husqvarna and is a versatile chainsaw in most cutting inventory. While its small size and underpowered capacity may not be helpful for large trees, you can quickly get rid of leaves and tree junks from the yard with the Husqvarna 435.

During my usage, it featured a lightweight design and was easy to manoeuvre with just about the right power to perform occasional cuts. However, I found starting a bit tough, mostly when it was warm. So, I could help you with the accurate and authentic Husqvarna 435 chainsaw Review.

I am going to add the technical specifications, best features along with the pros and cons of the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review

HUSQVARNA 435 Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 435 will be an excellent add-on to your saw inventory if you don’t perform heavy-duty cutting jobs frequently. However, make sure you follow the user manual when starting the saw.

Before I move on to its benefits, let’s have a close look at its technical specifications.

Key Technical Specifications of Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

  • Engine capacity: 40.9 cc
  • Power: 2.2 HP
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs.
  • Max blade length: 16 inches
  • Power speed: 9000 rpm
  • Fuel capacity: 5.9 fl.oz.
  • Sound: 102 dB

Key Benefits of Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

Now it is time to profoundly focus on the key benefits that the chainsaw brings along with it for your convenience and usefulness.

Satisfactory Performance

Husqvarna 435 is a smaller chainsaw compared to many bigger ones in the industry and is designed for light cutting jobs.

The chainsaw comes with a 16-inches long and sturdy blade. In practical, it should easily cut through 14-inches log in one go. In fact, the chainsaw will cut through 12-inches long bucking logs in an instant without any problems.

However, the saw is little underpowered and undersized in tackling large logs and thicker tree branches. It can be an ardent issue if you are used to operating large engines. Nonetheless, you will love its quick cutting capacity when it comes to handling small logs.

I found the saw a relatively easy-going option for cutting occasional firewood, bush clearing, and limbing jobs.

Easy to Handle

Another great feature that the user loved about Husqvarna 435 is its easiness in cutting jobs. It has an ergonomic handle that is built for the comfort of users in mind and a common feature of most Husqvarna chainsaws.

The handle has an asymmetrical design with ergonomics, so it feels good to hold with the hand. Also, the soft inlay of the handle feels like a downright luxury item holding. But the easiness of the chainsaw doesn’t end here.

Thankfully, its low vibration technology, titled, Husqvarna’s patented LowVib comes forward to reduce the vibration to the minimal level. So, you get a steady cutting performance with the saw. Moreover, lower vibration means your hand will less likely feel stress and fatigue even when you use the saw for a really long time.

If you want numerical records, here’s a little insight into what the LowVib technology of the chainsaw can do. It has a vibration rating of 3.8 meters/second and 4.2 meters/second, respectively, for front and rear handle.

For power tools, anything less than 5 meters/second is considered low and fatigue-free operation. So, you ardently see how easy it is to use?

Straightforward Staring Option

I was astonished to see how straightforward it was to start the chainsaw motor. Husqvarna 435 chainsaw equips with an air purge switch. It quickly and effectively removes air from the carburettor for an easy start.

What’s more, you get clear instructions within the user manual to know it’s ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ starting feature, which includes a start and stop button. However, one drawback of the motor starting is its difficulties in ‘warm’ condition.

Several users had submitted their issues on how they dealt with the motor start when it was warm. But you can solve the problem with ease, given that you follow the user manual correctly.

Air Filtration

The chainsaw comes with an integrated centrifugal air system developed by Husqvarna. It is helpful to clean the air filter in relatively less time.

The air filtration system gets hold of large debris even before they reach the carburettor and keeps inside neat and clean. So, you won’t have to remove the air filter to clean the inside anymore. You can quickly remove the large debris as you perform the periodical replacement for the advanced air filtration system of the chainsaw.

Also, it takes less time for filter cleaning and replacement. It downright means you can accomplish the cutting jobs without spending much time behind the saw preparation.

Intermediate Power Capacity

Husqvarna 435 is a step up from the company’s entry-level chainsaw Husqvarna 240. So, you get little updates when it comes to the motor power and output capacity.

The heart of the Husqvarna 435 comes with a powerful and sturdy 40.9 cc motor. It has a power output of 2.2HP during the cutting functions. Hence, the chainsaw is quite capable of handling medium-duty cuts.

While the power output may not seem extensive compared to the entry-level saws, it is sufficient to offer you clean and comfortable cuts of medium-sized logs.

Moreover, the chainsaw features an astonishing 9000RPM speed, which is close to the industrial and professional level. It makes sure you get the smoothest and cleanest cuts every time without intimating the professional quality.

Cruise Speed Capacity

A common problem with most chainsaws is they run at the same speed all the time, even when it’s not necessary. It wastes fuels and isn’t efficient either. Husqvarna 435 seems to have addressed the issues and introduced ‘idling speed’ to solve the drawback.

The idling speed ensures increased efficiency and less power consumption at 2900RPM speed when not used for heavy-duty projects.

Motor Efficiency

Husqvarna 435 motor also features satisfactory and often futuristic efficiency when it comes to fuel usage. It comes with an integrated and recently updated X-Torq technology.

The X-Torq technology ensures that the motor requires the least gas to maximize the RPM. Also, it reduces carbon emission and boosts non-toxic fume emissions. So, the surrounding is much clear and safer too.

If you are compelled to working in a confined area, the non-toxic emission comes beneficial for you. It is crucial because toxic fumes will hurt your health.

Efficient Cutting Capacity

The 435 Husqvarna chainsaw comes with a 16 inches long chain and bar. So, you get quite a long and wide cutting capacity with the saw. However, as per user-manual and professionals suggestion, the recommended length is between 13″ to 18″.

Thus, with the maximum length, you can handle pretty much all tough cuts.

What’s more, both the guide and chain bar used in the saw is manufactured by Husqvarna. So, these gears are better optimized to use with the chainsaw and will offer you better versatility and durability as well.

The chain has a 17 meter/second speed, which may not be suitable for massive and heavy-duty cuts. But, it is still adequate for small to medium cuts without much of a problem.

Auto Chain Oil Mechanism

Proper and timely lubrication is necessary for the satisfactory use of the chainsaw. The manufacturers have addressed the issue and so added an automatic flow oiler with the chainsaw. The flow oiler is in a fixed condition and helps continuous dripping of oil on the cutting equipment.

Therefore, you won’t have to remember to manually lubricate the saw or open the oiling machine for it. It is a great relief. But the downside is that the oil flow is constant and you can’t adjust it according to your cutting necessity.

Nonetheless, with 240 ml or 8 fluid-ounce oil handing capacity in the tank and a 13ml flow rate for each minute, the lubrication continues for 18-20 minutes. It is an adequate capacity considering the light and medium-duty cutting the chainsaw performs.

I would, however, suggest you refill the oil tank every 10 minutes to prevent oil from running off and stopping the lubrication system.

Outstanding Safety Features

Husqvarna is famous for providing top-notch safety requirements in each of their power tools. This time the manufacturer has taken their safety measurements one step ahead with the Husqvarna 435 by adding all of their premium safety features in the single chainsaw.

Some crucial safety features include:

  • The chainsaw bar and guide has been optimized to reduce the kickback severity to the minimum level.
  • The chainsaw successfully fulfills the demand of ANSI B.175.1 as the standard requirements for all gas run chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw has activated inertia. It comes forward in lowering the injury possibility during the accidental kickbacks.
  • The front and rear hand guards of the chainsaw are built to prevent the saw from getting struck with flying particles and debris. Also, the handguards keep all particles at bay, which otherwise would come in contact with the blade and damage it.
  • When the chain comes accidentally out of the bar, the chain catcher is ready to keep it away from your hand. It prevents injuries greatly.
  • The saw also comes with an integrated muffler. It directs the gas fumes in the opposite direction of the user and lowers the noise level to an optimal state.


When you look at the Husqvarna 435, you will immediately notice it’s all about power, no-frills. The chainsaw has been streamlined to last longer than many people might anticipate.

The stainless steel used to manufacture saw is of premium quality. Also, the blade has been engineered to endure the cutting damages caused by tree branches and rough sides. So, the saw is virtually indestructible and worth every penny spent on it.


Another great benefit for the saw is its superior versatility. In fact, I used the saw for trimming slicing lumber, and it came with flying colors every time.

But that’s not the end.

You can use the power saw even to cut firewood logs. And it will cut through the firewood log like a knife slices pass soft butter. It is a buttery smooth performance indeed. Henceforth, you will love its multipurpose use in cutting, trimming, and shaping jobs.

It’s just an unfortunate thing that it doesn’t come with a pruning tool that could have been icing on the cake.


The last thing I include in the Husqvarna 435 review is its pricing. I decided to put it last since this is the only drawback of the tremendous product. I cannot help admitting that the power saw pricing hadn’t been done competitively.

It is an expensive model for DIY and home workers since it lacks the power of a professional saw. I just hope that the price could come a tad low.

What We Liked About It

  • Easy handling is made possible with the soft rubberized handle with suitable ergonomics.
  • You get a 4-years servicing warranty for the chainsaw with a quick online registration.
  • You can comfortably remove or replace the cylinder cover if necessary.
  • The chainsaw is equipped with a Smart Start mechanism for an easy start and turn down.
  • You can hold onto the power saw for a long time, thanks to its lightweight design.
  • For safety, the brake mechanism has been remodeled and upgraded.
  • It needs the least maintenance due to the advanced air filtration.

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • When the chainsaw is warm, you will find it challenging to start the saw.
  • When you first start the chainsaw, you will need to adjust the carburettor.
  • It is an expensive alternative of Husqvarna 240 despite having similar specs.


So, here’s my view after the in-depth Husqvarna 435 review- it a perfect chainsaw for DIY and homeowners who will occasionally perform large cuts. It cuts small to medium tree branches and trims them in a jiffy.

This may not be ardently the right choice for professionals who mostly deal with larger wood logs and tree branches. Nonetheless, this will be a perfect companion for property owners, given the fact they can afford the price.

Also, its versatility and durability come as a nice bonus for the users.

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