Husqvarna 435e II vs Husqvarna 440e II
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Husqvarna 435e II vs 440e II: Which One’s Best?

Both Husqvarna 440e II and Husqvarna 435e II are two excellent, popular chainsaws from the Swedish brand. They come with cutting-edge features for accurate cuts. More importantly, they have similar lightweight designs and features, making it a bit challenging for users to choose.

While both Husqvarna products are exceptional in improving the overall performance, there are slight differences that exist between the two products. Therefore, I’ve come up with the Husqvarna 435e II vs. Husqvarna 440e II review to compare their features and decide eventually which is the better choice.

FeaturesHusqvarna 435e IIHusqvarna 440e IIMy Choice
EngineThe product comes with a 40.9cc, X-Torq engine with 9000 RPM max. speed to reduce carbon emission and enhance efficiency.440e II comes with the same 40.9cc, X-Torq engine to enhance cutting performance.440e II delivers better performance compared to 435e II. Therefore, it’s my choice.
Fuel Efficiency435e II x-Torq engine minimizes the amount of fuel consumed. The fuel consumption rate is 652g/kWh.440e II has a low fuel consumption rate due to the powerful X-Torq engine. It has a fuel consumption rate of 513g/kWh.I prefer 440e II due to its lower fuel consumption rate.
Power Output435e II delivers a 2.2 HP power output, effective enough to cut through woods seamlessly.The power output of 440e II is 2.4HP, sufficient to make your woodcutting tasks straightforward.440e II is my choice. It delivers a higher power output, meaning you will achieve significantly better cuts.
Chain TensioningThis chainsaw features a side-mounted tensioning system that allows you to make adjustments to the chain for more comfortable use.Comparatively, 440e II lacks the chain tensioning system, which would make chain adjustments complicated.435e II is a better choice due to the adjustable side-mounted chain tensioning system.
WeightThis model weighs 9.2 lbs, which is considered to be lightweight as far as chainsaws are concerned.440e II weighs 9.8 lbs, which also categorizes it as a lightweight machine.435e II is my choice in this regard. It weighs significantly lower than the 440e II.
Bar Lengths435e II comes with a minimum bar length of 16 inches and can be extended up to 18 inches.This model only includes a 16-inch bar length and can’t be used with blade lengths of 18 inches.My choice is 435e II because the bar lengths can be extended.

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