Husqvarna 440 vs Husqvarna 440E
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Husqvarna 440 vs 440E: Which One’s Best?

Husqvarna 440 and Husqvarna 440E are two popular chainsaws in today’s world. Both tools have similar features but differ in terms of speed, durability, and efficiency. Overall, they are flexible, easy to use, and come with a lightweight design, thereby making cuttings faster.

Also, they are relatively easy to maintain. However, they perform best when used to moderate or cut lightweight.

Both chainsaws are indeed a great power tool for small-scale jobs. Their similarities, however, make it tougher to choose the better chainsaw.

To help woodworkers, I’ve come up with the Husqvarna 440 vs. Husqvarna 440E comparison and notable facts to help you make the best decision.

With this, you’ll be able to pick the chainsaw with better performance, speed level, flexibility, and lots more.

FeaturesHusqvarna 440Husqvarna 440EMy Choice
Compact DesignHusqvarna 440 features a compact design measuring 18.4 x 12.3 x 11 inches in size, with 15.2 pounds.This model has a beautiful design with similar inches of 18.4 x 12.3 x 11 inches and 15.1 pounds.I prefer Husqvarna 440 since it’s slightly weightier, making it more effective and with a quality engine.
Engine TypeThe engine style type is X-Torq, while the engine capacity measures 40.9cc.The engine style type of Husqvarna 440E also features the same X-Torq technology system for smooth and accurate.Since the two chainsaws have the same engine type, I’d instead go for 440 for better performance.
Emissions FactorThis chainsaw produces fewer exhaust emissions. As it is not suitable for large jobs, it has few vibrations.440E is known to produce fewer emissions as well but a bit louder compared to Husqvarna 440.I prefer Husqvarna 440 because it produces fewer emissions.
Fuel Ratio TypeThis model comes with fuel tanks that consume little fuel, and the fuel ratio type is 50:1 oil to fuel.This tool has low fuel consumption but limited fuel space in some cases.Both models have low fuel consumption ratios, but 440E tends to consume more. My choice is, therefore, Husqvarna 440.
Chain DisturbanceFrom experience, 440 is not associated with any chain disturbance.Husqvarna 440E has a little chain problem, which results in chain tensioning.440 chainsaw is my choice. It eliminates extra burdens that could lead to chain tensioning.

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