Husqvarna 440E vs 440E II: Which One’s Best?

Husqvarna 440E and Husqvarna 440e II are two popular chainsaws from the Husqvarna 440 series. Both products come with unique functions and capabilities. Above all, they have a similar lightweight design, making choosing the best chainsaw a bit tough for users.

Both Husqvarna chainsaws are beasts in making excellent and convenient cuts; hence, boosting overall performance.

Their stark resemblance makes the decision tougher. Therefore, I’ve come up with the Husqvarna 440E vs. Husqvarna 440e II comparison to help you pick the better chainsaw.

FeaturesHusqvarna 440EHusqvarna 440E IIMy Choice
EngineThis model features a powerful 40.9cc X-Torq engine and a maximum speed capacity of 9000RPM for increased slicing performance.440e II also comes with a 40.9cc X-Torq engine for all-round efficiency. It runs at a maximum speed of 9000RPM for quick cuts.I prefer 440 E II since you can tune down the speed. This is good for very light tasks like pruning.
Bar LengthsHusqvarna 440E comes with a minimum 16-inch bar length and an 18-inch bar length maximum.This model includes a 16-inch to 18-inch bar chain, capable of slicing through relatively large woods.My choice is 440E. Aside from having the 16-inch bar chain, it has a tool-less chain tension that can cut through fairly thick stumps and perform light-duty tasks like pruning excellently.
Fuel ConsumptionThe fuel consumption rate of this chainsaw is low due to Husqvarna’s trademark X-Torq engine. The fuel tank’s capacity is 2.6 ounce with 2-cycle fuel.440e II also has a low fuel consumption rate. The X-Torq engine minimizes fuel usage, which reduces carbon emissions.I prefer Husqvarna 440 E due to its slightly lower fuel consumption rate.
Construction440E is a lightweight chainsaw with specific and clearly defined features.The structure of this model is simplistic, delivering all-round cutting performance.I prefer 440E because its features are more clearly defined than 440e II.
Noise and Vibration LevelsThis Husqvarna product comes with Low Vibration Technology to reduce the noise and vibration level.Low Vibration Technology is also incorporated into this mode, keeping noise and vibration levels at bay for extended use.Both products reduce the noise and vibration levels to the minimum for prolonged use, but the 440 E minimizes more.
Chain TensioningThis model features a tool-less chain tensioning. With this, you won’t have to take any extra gear with you.Unfortunately, 440e II lacks tool-less chain tensioning. Instead, it includes a T-wrench.Husqvarna 440E is my choice in this regard. A tool-less chain tensioning eliminates extra burdens while using the chainsaw, leading to more efficiency.

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