Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review: A Chainsaw Designed for Flawless Cut

Did you notice, Swedish origined Husqvarna has recently captured the chainsaw industry-and even the power tool world- by storm?

Wondering are these really worth the money or is it just hype?

Well, I think I am at a better position to say this question to show both sides of the coin (As I own one of Husqvarna 460). And I have to admit; except a few gimmicks, for the price tag, this will be a great shot.

And this Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review is all about the good, the bad and the ugly of this power tool. This is because the internet is flooded with the review intended to attract attention, publicity, or stunt, which makes it difficult to make a decision.

I’ve been there and thought to share my experience, what I like most, and flaws of this tool. So let’s get to work.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review

Husqvarna 18 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

With a pretty steep price tag, Husqvarna is a brand that prides itself on manufacturing a robust all-round chainsaw using a powerful engine and activated chain brake for safety- and Husqvarna 460 chainsaw is a solid reflection of this.

But let me say this straight:

The Husqvarna rancher 460 has a little concerned with its customer service support, but we’re still digging it as a powerful and versatile tool. Let’s dig a little deeper.

For whom husqvarna 460 is designed for?

The 18″ ergonomic Rancher 460 is specially engineered for the landowners/homeowner and part-time user or DIYer who need a heavy-duty responsive unit to do various types of cutting chores.

Are husqvarna chainsaws any good?

It’s pretty much a versatile tool which allows you to go for various cutting includes:

  • Tree felling
  • Limbing
  • Bucking
  • Pruning
  • Yard cleanups
  • Harvesting of firewood
  • Cutting firebreaks in wildland

But don’t go for a massive big project like for cutting ice and making ice sculpture with this tool.

Build quality, Materials & Aesthetic

Just look at the husqvarna 460 rancher parts!

You will realize the ranger has been designed with a handful of high-quality components. Prosumer-grade saw, does a fantastic job at that level. With a 3.6 Hp motor, the unit is powerful enough to make your cutting jobs easier than ever.

As you can see the orange bar cover give it a vibrant look. Full metal body makes it robust and sturdy. The 2 cycle fuel is more than enough to do trimming task effortlessly. The gauge measurement is 18 in. – .058 in.

What is the difference between Husqvarna 460 and 460 Rancher?

As far as I notice, Ranger creates less fatigue and have a better ergonomic handle. The patented X-Torq Engine of husqvarna, this cutter beast offer lower fuel consumption. At the same time, the user will see the reduced exhaust emission levels.

Power source

First of all, it’s a gas-powered chainsaw. And we all know, a gas-powered chainsaw is best for more power. And this is backed by a two-cycle engine.

What a combination!

2-cycle one is hell powerful than electric alternatives. Beyond that, using gasoline means longer blades so that you go for thick tree trunks easily.

What about Horsepower?

The 3.60 horsepower is actually pretty awesome. Meanwhile, the x-torque did a good job of reduces emissions and fuel consumption. Maximum power speed is 9000 rpm.

Included components

It’s time to reveal what’s inside the box.

  • Bar cover
  • 2. 6 ounces 2 cycle fuel

But here is the only problem: The Bar and chain oil are not included with the package; you have to buy it purchase.

Sound, Noise and Vibration

Though we love gas-powered chainsaw, unfortunately, they usually create annoying noise. And I would say comparing to rest of the other brand; the noise is still tolerable and maintains environmental regulations. Have a look at the chart:

  • Sound power level at (LWA): 114 dB (A)
  • Sound pressure level at user’s ear: 104 dB (A)
  • Sound power level: 112 dB (A) (measured)

Another important thing is the vibration issue. Here is the measurement:

  • For front handle: 3.8 m/s² Equivalent vibration level
  • For rear handle: 6.9 m/s² Equivalent vibration level

Price and Warranty

For features like durable nose, optimized profile, and bearing system, such a great tool under 500 bucks is surely a good shot.

What about Husqvarna warranty service cover?

Well, they guarantee the function of their chainsaws. Apart from this, the defective part in material or workmanship design is repaired or even replaced by the Husqvarna during the warranty period.

Here is my little suggestion:

If you want to make a warranty claim, stop using the tool immediately. If possible, go for servicing with the complete set.

Features That Make It Unique From the Rest of the Others:

  • Centrifugal air cleaning system: Undoubtedly air cleaning system of this chainsaw is the best feature which helps in sucking dust and debris particles. The purpose is to reach the air filter and improve engine life.
  • Lowvib system: As you have already known, this power tool doesn’t create much vibration. This could be possible for the lowvib anti-vibration system. This smartly applied system will automatically reduce vibration levels so that you can enjoy smooth chainsaw operation.
  • Automatic chain oiler: The oiler is automated and ensures a constant supply of lubrication on bar and chain for more flexible use. In the meantime, side-mounted chain tensioning system of the saw will let you make quick chain adjustments as per your need.
  • Smart Start®: Above everything, Smart Start® starter is the coolest part which helps the saw to start quickly without taking a lot of sweat.
  • Inertia-activated chain brake: This awesome chain brake makes one of the safest chainsaws out there. This will minimize the likelihood of injury due to kickback.

Safety Features of Husqvarna 460

It’s really good news that this Ranger chainsaws have multiple safety features just to protect you from injury. I am not saying, these features aren’t guaranteed to shield you from harm.

But still, the best practice is to place some precaution. And Husqvarna does exactly the same. Here are some safety features of the tool:

  • A plam release trigger
  • Chain brake
  • Bucking spikes upfront

What I liked most about this unit

  • This Rugged chainsaw is sturdy and strong
  • Great comfortable hand grip
  • Improved engine life
  • Reduced gasoline emissions

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Husqvarna 460 isn’t actually designed for skilled pruner and trimmer. If your plan is to buy for a lawn or yard cleanup, this one is more than enough for meet your need. This is one of the husqvarna 460 chainsaw problems or limitation, whatever you say.

Another downside is the husqvarna 460 rancher weight. Weigh about 13 pounds; this is not an easy one to hold for a longer period of time.

What size chain does a Husqvarna 460 Rancher take?

Rancher 460 is a big and power chainsaw for the money so far. It could be a great purchase out on the competition due to its bonus chain.

The extra 3 WoodlandPRO Chain Loops of this unit are unique, which offers you a fast and smooth cut. With 24” bar and chain, you can cut larger logs and branches effortlessly.

This easy to start and well-balanced rancher could be a good match for those who want a more extended bar for their cutting needs.

Besides, when it comes to making a fence by the trees, the Rancher 460 could be a great help.

How Do You Start A Husqvarna 460 Rancher?

So far, Husqvarna Rancher has a little bit unique starting process. Before you start it let me remind you; air, gas, and spark are the main element of combination which must require while starting it.

Otherwise, you could face difficulties while starting a cold engine or hot engine either. For your convenience, I have some very simple and easy steps that will help you to start the Husqvarna 460 facilely.

  • First of all, switch on the chain brake
  • If a rancher has decompression control, then press and switch on the control
  • Now push the purge bulb until the fuel gets bubble types
  • If your bulb is empty, it may take 4-5 pushes
  • Switch on the Husqvarna 460 now
  • Pull the recoil for 2-3 times, more if needed
  • When you hear the pop sound, the rancher is getting the start process
  • Now you have to push the chock to run position
  • Again pull the recoil for 2 times
  • That’s it you can move it at any tree or wooden object now.

Remember for starting the hot engine; you don’t need to press the chock, other processes are the same.

Safety And Maintenance Tips Of Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts:

Maintenance tips of Husqvarna chainsaw parts:

The maintenance is quite significant to ensure its flawless functionality. Below we will try to share some essential maintenance tips of Husqvarna chainsaw parts.

  • The Husqvarna chainsaw parts need regular cleaning.
  • It is significant to check the components of throttle control to make sure it works flawlessly.
  • Clean the chain brake and ensure it works safely.
  • Check and confirm that the lubrication hole in the bar is not clogged.
  • Make sure that the bar groove is clean.
  • Use enough oil in the bar and chain of the Husqvarna chainsaw parts.
  • Check the tension and condition of the chain while sharpening.
  • Check nuts, screws, cables, and connections are secure enough.
  • Ensure that there are no fuel leaks in fuel lines or tanks.
  • The last one but not least, read the Husqvarna 460 rancher manual before anything else.

Safety tips while using Husqvarna chainsaw

  • Wear a helmet with earmuffs.
  • Ensure that you are covering yourself with a forestry shirt.
  • When you move to another position, do not rotate the chain.
  • Wear safety glasses and trousers.
  • You should wear gloves and boots.
  • When you are working, ensure that there is no one within 10 feet.

How Many Cc’s Is A Husqvarna 460 Rancher?

CC is the measurement which reflects the engine which tells us the engine cylinder volume.

You may notice, Husqvarna rancher series comes with the CC of 450, 455, 460, and more. Concerning how many ccs is a Husqvarna 460 rancher, it has 60.3cc power.

Also, it defines the power and speed of your rancher or chain saw, and other engines enable machines. More cc means more powerful rancher. For example, Husqvarna 450 rancher has 50.2 cc, and 460 ranchers have 60.3 ccs. This means you can run 460 ranchers faster than 450 ranchers.

The Bottom Line………

I would rather say Husqvarna 460 is the tool that will make your life optimized.

What Makes This Rancher Stands Out?

This is definitely a world class saw that will give you the confidence to handle your projects confidently as you know you got a powerful weapon at your hand.  Well I have to wrap up this husqvarna chainsaw 460 rancher review and Considering all of these, we can say that yes, these tool worth the money.


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