Makita 5007F Circular Saw Review (Why We Love It & You Should Too)

Months ago, I was searching for an affordable circular saw that I could use for some light to medium cuts, and I came across the Makita 5007F circular saw. Although the circular saw came at a relatively low price tag, it offered great endurance in the professional job site and had sufficient power to tackle most woodcutting jobs.

So, I wanted to do a Makita 5007F review to help my fellow woodworkers with a clear idea of the circular saw so that they can make the decision.

During my usage, I found that the saw was incredibly easy to use and featured a superior performance vs. price ratio. Naturally, it enjoys excellent popularity among artisans, including woodworkers, masonries, builders, and many more. However, the saw lacked blade breaks, which is a concerning matter for safety.

So, with an array of features and some minor disadvantages, does the Makita 5007F make the right choice for your woodworking inventory?

Let’s see.

Makita 5007F Circular Saw Review

Makita 5007F Circular Saw

Makita 5007F combines power and agility to meet the requirements of professional framers and offer the smoothest cutting experience for everyone- from DIY workers to experienced professionals. Also, the circular saw has an admirable balance at the job site.


  • Length: 12.”
  • Weight: 11.1 pounds
  • Speed: 5800 RPM
  • AMP(s): 15
  • Blade: 7-1/4”
  • Arbor: 5/8”
  • Power Source: Electric & corded
  • Voltage: 120V

Best Features of Makita 5007F Circular Saw

So, let’s dive deep into finding the best features of the 5007F and see how beneficial these are for users’ convenience, without much ado.

Extreme Power

Makita 5007F has kept power at its heart and sports a fine 15AMPs motor. The best part about the circular saw that it accommodates such incredible power within its compact size.

The motor used in the circular saw is inductive. The inductive engine is famous for its consistency and so delivers the saw blade a constant torque. The continuous delivery of necessary torque enables the saw blade cut through almost every material without choking or stalling. So, it can cut ceramic tiles, wood boards, and many more items with buttery smoothness.

More Than Sufficient Speed

Now, this correlation between the powerful motor and sufficient no-load speed of Makita 5007F is pretty apparent. Since it comes with a 15AMPs motor, users usually expect professional-grade cutting speed from the circular saw.

And Makita hasn’t disappointed, did they ever?

Well, you will get 5800 RPMs no-load speed with a 5007F circular saw, which makes every cutting, shaping, and trimming task in the job site super-easy and silky. The 5800RPM rate is not only impressive but also very high speed even for a professional circular saw.

This speed is more than sufficient to tackle most materials with a desired smooth during the cuts. However, the only setback of Makita 5007F is that the speed is fixed. So, the lack of variable speeds may, at times, seem like a big shortcoming.

Also, high speed means you will require sanding the materials after cuts for preferred smoothness.

Broader Applications

Makita 5007F circular saw is engineered to perform a variety of cutting jobs on various materials with its incredible speed and power. Its high-speed optimization enables the circular saw to conduct a broader range of cutting and framing applications.

You can use the circular saw to frame walls, roofs, siding, and floors. It is made possible, thanks to the saws’ ability to cut and shape plywood, regular wood board, OSB, PSL, LVL, and so on. Naturally, every woodworker, masonries, carpenters, construction workers, and builders find it an ideal tool for them.

So, the Makita 5007F circular saw is one of the best in its class for every type of works. Impressive!

Cutting Capacity

The versatility of the circular saw from Makita incorporates brilliantly with its wider cutting capacities. It efficiently performs linear or straight cuts as well as bevel cuts.

The circular saw has a maximum bevel or angle cutting capacity ranging from 0° to 45° on either side. Thus, the dual beveling capacity enables users to cut on either side, depending on their cutting comfort and requirements.

At 45° angle, the circular saw can cut up to 1-3/4″ which is entirely satisfactory. Nonetheless, the bevel locking options and exact angles are not defined. So, this can be tricky at times, especially during the first few days.

Besides the bevel cuts, the circular saw is also capable of perpendicular cuts at 90°. At 90° linear cuts, it comes with a 2-3/8″ cutting depth. It is quite sufficient to perform almost all regular and standard cuts and trimming tasks.

Easy to Use

Makita has made the circular saw with the easiness of use in mind. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced worker, you will find operating the circular saw super easy.

The easiness starts with the large markings on the saw for convenient bevel and cutting depth scales. With larger markings, the numbers are easily readable. It, thus, helps you adjust the bevel and cutting depth without much fuss.

Similarly, the motor housing is designed flat that is useful to change the saw blade quickly and easily. There is also a shaft lock mechanism to replace and lock the blade without any risks. Furthermore, the shaft lock is located in a convenient place.

All these results in a breathtakingly easy-to-use circular saw that users love.

Blade Quality

The blade quality is the central part of all circular saws. If the blade is of inferior quality and lacks durability, the immense power and speed will be useless. Makita has taken this fact into serious consideration and so geared the circular saw with a high-quality carbide-tipped blade.

The carbide-tipped blade has a 7-1/4″ length and comprises of 40 sharp teeth. The stealthy cuts will cut wood as smoothly as sharks rip through fleshes. So, you can expect some pretty fast and smooth cuts almost on every occasion.

Apart from the smoothness, the Makita 5007F circular saw also features extreme endurance during challenging conditions. So, it will easily rip through nail-embedded wood like butter.

Furthermore, the Makita 5007F circular saw blade equips with strategically set heat vents. It dissipates the heat faster and smoothly for enhanced cutting capacity. Also, even heat dissipation means you can work longer with the circular saw, which is a big plus point for professionals.

Durable Baseplate

Since the Makita 5007F circular saw features extreme power and incredible speed, it needs to be durable. Otherwise, it would easily break down or get damaged.

Makita has considered it and so engineered the circular saw baseplate with a sturdy aluminum base. What’s more, the aluminum base plate is made of heavy aluminum and is flat. So, it promises long-lasting and durable servicing under all circumstances.

Also, a flat and heavyweight base means the saw will be less likely to vibrate during cutting and shaping works. It is a plus point for users to achieve desired cutting smoothness.

The stability also ensures that you will get the most accurate cuts with the Makita 5007F circular saw. Yet, a quick sanding is always recommendable.

Safety Requirements

It is always risky to work with a power tool, especially if it lacks proper safety requirements. Well, this is not the case with the Makita 5007F circular saw.

It features almost all possible safety you would want in a professional sawing tool. First off, the blade is protected with both upper and lower guards. When you perform straight cuts, the upper blade guard will protect your fingers from injuries.

On the contrary, the lower blade guard protects you during the bevel cuts. Furthermore, the blade guard adjustment is made easy and convenient for comfortable usage.

LED Light

When you work in dime light or darker places, the bright LED of the Makita 5007F comes forward. Moreover, you will get two LED lights to brighten ten working areas for maximum cutting visibility.

Also, you can choose to switch on and off both or one light separately to meet job-site requirements and your eyesight preference.

Dust Blower

When you work with the Makita 5007F circular saw, its powerful motor and fast cutting capacity will create a lot of dust during the cutting tasks. If you don’t remove the dust immediately, it may cause you allergic symptoms and hinder the eyesight.

Thankfully, the powerful dust blower wipes out the maximum dust from the workplace and keeps it neat and clean.

Accessories You Will Get

Makita 5007F circular saw comes in two different variants to meet everyone’s requirements. The first variant includes the circular saw only. On the contrary, the second option offers a circular saw with 10 various blades.

However, even the base version also comes with a 7-1/4″ tipped carbide-made blade. So, you are at liberty to choose from the variants depending on your budget and requirements.


You might wonder that Makita 5007F comes with expensive pricing since it offers professional graded features such as 15AMPs motor, 5800RPM, bevel adjustment, and so on. Interestingly, the pricing of the circular saw sits right in the opposite direction of your thought.

In fact, the circular saw is competitively priced and offers affordability to most users.

What We Liked About It:

  • You can use the circular saw in alternative voltage with the AC/DC switch.
  • The motor has an efficient and quick cooling capacity thanks to its baffle system and advanced centrifugal fan mechanism.
  • The motor has double insulation for added security.
  • The ball bearings are engineered to meet long-lasting servicing requirements.
  • The heavy gauge aluminum made baseplate ensures durability even during challenging conditions.
  • It weighs only 11.1 pounds, and so is super-easy to carry in different workplaces.
  • The shaft lock is located conveniently for easy blade replacement.
  • The dust blower comes built-in and keeps the cutting line neat and clean.
  • Two LED light offers maximum cutting line visibility.

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • No variable speed control mechanism
  • Lacks electric brake
  • The ergonomics might have been improved slightly

Who Should Use Makita 5007F?

Makita 5007F circular saw offers affordable pricing without sacrificing essential features. In fact, the circular saw has some incredible features compared to its inexpensive pricing. It also has a clean cutting capacity.

Nonetheless, it lacks a variable speed adjustment. So, it will best fit for those who mostly work with a similar type of materials which doesn’t require different speeds for cuts.


The Makita 5007F review found that a circular saw is a useful tool for everyone. It works brilliantly on wood boards, plywood, LVL, PLS, and many more materials. Also, its 5800RPM no-load speed and updated motor come with superior cutting accuracy and smoothness.

Furthermore, you get the circular saw for really inexpensive pricing, which is perfect for beginners to kick off their crafting careers. Additionally, professionals will also love its accuracy and safety requirements, along with stability.

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