Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K: Which One’s Best Compact Circular Saw? [Similarities & Differences]

A circular saw is one of the most common power tools in the woodworking industry today. It is most suitable for making rip cuts, cross cuts, and cutting of masonry, steel, wood, and ceramic tile. If you’re a woodworker or a DIYer looking to add a utilitarian workhorse to your toolkit, the RK3440K and the RK3441K are two perfect circular saws for you.

They are manufactured by Rockwell Tools who specializes in providing a variety of hand tools and power tools for use in the woodworking and construction industries. Likewise, Rockwell RK3440K and RK3441K look almost the same and may be used for the same purpose, but they offer distinct features and possibilities of various cuts. 

To choose the most suitable one for your cutting tasks, it is worth knowing the differences and similarities between these two powerful circular saws. While the RK3441K is popular for its unmatched precision and accuracy, RK3440K is well-known for its exceptional versatility. In this guide, you’ll get to know the differences and common features of these machines so that you can take a side in RK3440K vs RK3441K debates.

Rockwell Versacut RK3440K Overview

The RK3440K is a mini circular saw designed with modern technology to offer a smooth cutting experience to all woodworkers. The first thing I like about this model is the incorporation of Laser Guide Technology. With this, you’re assured that the saw will make the most accurate, smoothest cuts without having to measure the same cut twice. It saves you time and money!

I was surprised to see that the RK3440K comes with Versacut Technology. This is a modern technology that makes it much easier to cut through thicker materials with exceptional precision and power. Besides, this model offers a stunning no-load speed of 3,500 RPM on a 4 Amps power input. 

What more? This unit is equipped with three different kinds of blades to help you cut through a variety of different materials, making the saw highly versatile. A diamond Grit blade helps in cutting through cement board and ceramic tile. A 24T carbide-dipped blade makes it possible to cut through different kinds of wood material, and lastly, a 44T HSS blade assists in cutting through PVC and aluminum. 

In terms of portability, the RK3440K comes with an ultra-compact design which makes it a portable and efficient tool even in tight spaces. That’s not all! There’s a Dust Extraction Adaptor that delivers a dust-free cutting experience at the cutting area. With this, you’ll be able to see the cutting area more clearly as the sawdust is being extracted. 

Furthermore, the Depth Adjustment Lever of this machine is quite user-friendly. Without any stress, you’ll be able to set the indicator to your desired depth and lock the mechanism. For plunge cutting tasks, this model features a Pivoting Metal Guard which offers a supplementary safety mechanism and ease of use.

 Moreover, RK3440K is incredibly durable and built to last long. It’s Full Metal Inner and Outer Guard design enhances overall durability. Besides, the ZeroQuit technology helps to modify this circular saw and makes it more sturdy and robust. 

What I Liked

  • Comes with an ultra-portable design 
  • Quite easy to maneuver 
  • It saves you time and money
  • User-friendly, easy to use 
  • Equipped with a lock-off switch that prevents accidental starting 
  • Full Metal Inner and Outer Guard design enhances its overall durability
  • Offers a supplementary safety mechanism
  • Delivers a dust-free cutting experience at the cutting area
  • It’s a portable and efficient tool even in tight spaces
  • Cuts through thicker materials with exceptional precision and power

What I didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with bevel cut capacity 
  • It gets clogged sometimes

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Rockwell RK3441K Overview

The RK3441K is an exceptional mini circular saw with breathtaking beneficial features. Just like the RK3440K, it features a no-load speed of 3,500 RPM and exceptional cutting capacity for accurate cuts. Firstly, I noticed that it comes with a single blade which is positioned on the left-hand side for cutting through wood. 

This blade positioning delivers a greater level of cut-line visibility which makes it easy to use and maneuver. You’ll be able to make highly accurate cuts as it works efficiently. Besides, the blade is thinner and smaller. This makes room for smoother cutting action and requires little effort, this providing superior performance. 

Thanks to the easy-set depth gauge lever, the setup is effortless and the adjustment is more accessible and easier. The dust collection system delivers a clean and sawdust-free operation in your workshop. What more? This model features a compact design which makes it more portable for easier maneuverability and ease of use during operation.

Other models on the market cause hand fatigue to operators because they are bulky and heavy. But that’s not the case with this outstanding power tool. You’ll work for hours without having any hand fatigue. That’s not all! You’ll like the Slime-Line grip design of this unit. It was designed and built for maximum comfort and control of users. 

Also, it helps to deliver superior stability during operation for more efficient and accurate performance. The RK3441K is capable of doing bevel cuts. It comes with a maximum cutting depth of 1-11/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1-1/8 inches at 45 degrees. If you’re looking to make bevel cuts in your workshop, then this circular saw is for you! When you’re using this tool, you’ll enjoy a comfortable feeling and optimal stability. 

I’m sorry to say this, but the RK3441K does not come with a laser guide. However, you’ll enjoy a well-maintained line of sight because it comes with an organized body design, a left-handed blade design, and a parallel edge guide. In terms of durability, you can be assured of the highest quality and durability, thanks to Rockwell’s ZeroQuit technology. 

What I liked

  • Capable of doing bevel cuts 
  • More affordable option 
  • Mostly ideal for overhead cutting tasks 
  • In a single pass, it can cut through 2×4s 
  • Quite easy to maneuver in the workshop 
  • Provides a comfortable feeling and optimal stability
  • Delivers superior resilience during operation for more efficient and accurate performance
  • Designed and built for maximum comfort and control 
  • User-friendly, easy setup
  • Delivers a clean and sawdust-free operation
  • Exceptional cutting capacity for accurate cuts
  • Best suitable for cutting through woods 
  • Exceptional cutting capacity for accurate cuts

What I didn’t Like 

  • Only suitable for cutting wooden materials 
  • Doesn’t come with a laser guide

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Similarities of Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K

Even though they both have different designs, they still have some similarities. 

  • They both have a spinning blade that is powered by a motor to deliver a smooth cross-cutting experience on wooden materials. 
  • They both have the common Rockwell oversized grips which make it more comfortable to hold onto the saw during a cutting operation 
  • Both circular saws have a 10 ft cord that helps to connect the motor to the 120V power supply 
  • The two power tools produce a maximum no-load speed of 3,500 RPM despite the disparity in the amperage of their motors. These circular saws are powerful enough to handle any cutting take on wooden materials. 
  • They are not suited for heavy-duty cutting tasks. As a result, they can only be used for light-cutting applications. 
  • The two circular saws are designed with Rockwell’s ZeroQuit technology which makes them more durable and reliable.

Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K– Comparison Chart

Many woodworkers have asked if Rockwell RK3440K and RK3441K are the same since they both have similar designs. Honestly, I was once confused about this in my quest for a lightweight cutting tool. However, after testing, I realized that both machines aren’t typically the same.

Both Rockwell products boost the overall quality of cutting projects and make it easy to use them. For the features, both excel greatly and come with safety mechanisms to prevent kickbacks. All these tend to confuse us – woodworkers.

To make this clear, I’ve come up with this Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K comparison to examine their features and conclude which one is the better choice.


Rockwell RK3440K

Rockwell RK3441K

My Choice

Powerful Motor

RK3440K comes with a 4 amp, running at a speed of 3500 RPM to cut through materials effectively.

Comparatively, this Rockwell product has a 5 amp motor, running at a speed of 3500 RPM.

I prefer Rockwell RK3441K because it offers higher power, making it more efficient.


This product weighs 4 lbs, making it one of the lightest circular saws available.

On the other hand, RK3441K weighs 5 lbs.

Rockwell RK3440K is my choice because it’s lighter than RK3441k, though it has a lower power motor.

Laser technology

The Rockwell saw comes with laser guide technology that makes cutting super accurate.

RK3441K lacks laser guide technology.

Rockwell RK3440K is better because it has laser guide technology, resulting in better cuts. Therefore, it is my choice.

Plunge Cutting

You can’t use this Versacut without plunging the blading unit.

This Rockwell unit doesn’t require you to press down the blade housing to expose the blade. In other words, you can use the saw without plunging.

I prefer Rockwell RK3441K because it’s more flexible and allows the usage of the saw without plunging.

Cutting Blades

This product comes with three ⅜ cutting blades. Additionally, the blades can give a deep cut of 1-1/16″ inches. However, the saw can’t make bevel cuts.

This model comes with 4 ½ sized-blades that cut wood and other materials in one pass. Furthermore, the saw can make a deep cut of 1-11/16″ and bevel cuts.

I will choose Rockwell RK3441K. Its blades are larger than that of RK3440K, resulting in quicker and more efficient cuts. The saw can also make bevel cuts, which the RK3440K cannot.
Number of BladesThis model comes with three different bladesThere’s only one blade available (4½ inches in diameter)I prefer the RK3440K because it is more versatile.
Cuts ThroughIt can cut through tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, and flooring.It is only suitable for cutting through wood material.I choose the RK3440K because it cuts through a variety of different materials.
Maximum Bevel CapacityNot available45 degreesThe RK3441K is more preferable because can make bevel cuts.

Closing Thoughts

Both the RK3440K and the RK3441K are well designed and built to deliver an accurate and smooth cutting experience. The selection that you’ll be making between them comes down to the requirements of your cutting task. The RK3440K is most suited for professional woodworkers looking for something that can cut through a variety of different materials.

However, you’ll find the RK3441K useful if your cutting task only consists of cutting through wooden materials. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know which is better between RK3440K vs RK3441K. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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