Rockwell RK3440K vs Rockwell RK3441K
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Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K: Which One’s Best?

Many woodworkers have asked if Rockwell RK3440K and RK3441K are the same since they both have similar designs. Honestly, I was once confused about this in my quest for a lightweight cutting tool. However, after testing, I realized that both machines aren’t typically the same.

Both Rockwell products boost the overall quality of cutting projects and make it easy to use them. For the features, both excel greatly and come with safety mechanisms to prevent kickbacks. All these tend to confuse us – woodworkers.

To make this clear, I’ve come up with this Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K comparison to examine their features and conclude which one is the better choice.


Rockwell RK3440K

Rockwell RK3441K

My Choice

Powerful Motor

RK3440K comes with a 4 amp, running at a speed of 3500 RPM to cut through materials effectively.

Comparatively, this Rockwell product has a 5 amp motor, running at a speed of 3500 RPM.

I prefer Rockwell RK3441K because it offers higher power, making it more efficient.


This product weighs 4 lbs, making it one of the lightest circular saws available.

On the other hand, RK3441K weighs 5 lbs.

Rockwell RK3440K is my choice because it’s lighter than RK3441k, though it has a lower power motor.

Laser technology

The Rockwell saw comes with laser guide technology that makes cutting super accurate.

RK3441K lacks laser guide technology.

Rockwell RK3440K is better because it has laser guide technology, resulting in better cuts. Therefore, it is my choice.

Plunge Cutting

You can’t use this Versacut without plunging the blading unit.

This Rockwell unit doesn’t require you to press down the blade housing to expose the blade. In other words, you can use the saw without plunging.

I prefer Rockwell RK3441K because it’s more flexible and allows the usage of the saw without plunging.

Cutting Blades

This product comes with three ⅜ cutting blades. Additionally, the blades can give a deep cut of 1-1/16″ inches. However, the saw can’t make bevel cuts.

This model comes with 4 ½ sized-blades that cut wood and other materials in one pass. Furthermore, the saw can make a deep cut of 1-11/16″ and bevel cuts.

I will choose Rockwell RK3441K. Its blades are larger than that of RK3440K, resulting in quicker and more efficient cuts. The saw can also make bevel cuts, which the RK3440K cannot.

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