Ryobi Brushless Jigsaw Vs Orbital Jigsaw: What Is the Difference?

Ryobi has many jigsaws in their collection. Their orbital jigsaw, model number p523 from Ryobi one+ has been very popular till they launched a brushless jigsaw recently. The p524 is an upgrade to the previous model. There are some similarities and dissimilarities between these two jigsaws. 

Even after using both, for some reason, some users still recommend the old jigsaw against the new brushless jigsaw. On the other hand, some prefer the goodness of using a brushless tool and stocks to the brushless jigsaw. So, today we are going to focus on the differences between these two and highlight the disadvantages of these two models. So that, you can have a clear knowledge and settle on one easily. 

Differences Between Brushless and Orbital Jigsaw

Here, we will talk about the basic features we look for in any jigsaw. The differences of those basic features for these two models are discussed briefly. This should help you distinct these two models. 


Ryobi orbital jigsaw, p523 makes 1100 to 3000 SPM. This speed has been pretty impressive back then. This cordless jigsaw even out power any general corded jigsaw in terms of speed. 

Ryobi p524 brushless jigsaw has an even larger range for speed. It can draw as low as 800 SPM and the highest speed is 3350 SPM. unbelievable, isn’t it? 


The Brushless jigsaw weighs only 4 lbs and the orbital jigsaw is 4.4 lbs. So, the brushless jigsaw gives better ergonomics. It is more comfortable to hold and causes less strain on the hand. You can use it longer in professional terms compared to the old orbital jigsaw from Ryobi. 

Brushless Jig Saw


We all know how expensive a brushless power tool can be. Brushless jigsaw p524 costs more than twice the price of the traditional orbital jigsaw, p53. Both these tools come bare, without any battery or charger. So, if you already don’t own any Ryobi battery and charger, then those will increase the cost for the jigsaw. 

Durability and Power

There is a reason behind the high price of the brushless jigsaw. It is highly powerful, durable, and lasts long. On the other hand, a general motor will increase the tool weight but won’t last as much as a brushless motor does. 


The p524 jigsaw has the variable speed switch closer to the handle. This is problematic as it always gets in touch with the thumb. Mostly, this switch is not used while the machine is running on in a particular job. So, locating this switch somewhere else would be nice. 

The p523 jigsaw reduces the blade length when the plate is angled for an angle cut. Practically, this problem wears the blade off to a particular place. Thankfully, this model comes with a blade saver feature. This feature enables the jigsaw to use the unused part of a blade. So, this reduction of blade length should not be an issue. 


Now, let’s talk about the features that are not changed in the upgrade version. The previously popular p523 jigsaw was renowned due to its handy features. Those are also incorporated into the latest p524 jigsaw. 


Both jigsaws draw a 1-inch stroke on a wooden surface. That is why both these machines are very good to work in tight angles and corners. These are easy to maneuver. 

Cutting Angle

The base plate of both machines can rotate at 0 and 45 degrees on both sides. So, you can make angled cuts on both sides whenever needed. 

Orbital Jigsaw

Orbital Speed

You can choose the speed from the 4-speed setting dial. This applies to both designs of the jigsaw. Please note, the faster the saw is, the rougher the cut will be. To have a clean-cut, you must use the lower speed options. 

Key Features

These jigsaws illuminate the work area for better vision and accuracy. You can attach a standard dust blower on both these jigsaws. Besides, the ‘lock on’ switch works on both of these as well. You will get a wood-cutting blade on these jigsaws. 

These machines will not run right out of the box. You must have a Ryobi one+ series battery and a suitable charger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jigsaw Used for? 

Unlike other types of saws, the jigsaw has a super-thin blade. So, it can make intricate cuts, curve and circular cuts, and turn in tight corners very easily. This is why this saw is used for-to make complex cuts on rough surfaces. 

Why Does My Jigsaw not Cut Straight?

Jigsaws are not meant to make clean and straight cuts. This is the first thing you should acknowledge. But making a straight cut is still possible. You just have to clamp down your work piece-say a wooden board tightly. Then use the jigsaw with both hands to keep it steady. It needs a lot of patience and practice to make straight cuts using a jigsaw. 

What is the Advantage of Orbital Jigsaw?

Orbital jigsaw makes an orbital motion to cut out thick and hardwoods. Compared to standard action jigsaw, the orbital motion is more effective to make faster and cleaner cuts on the hardwood. It comes with variable speed. So, you have better control over the cuts it makes. 

Do Brushless Tool Last Longer?

Brushless tools make no friction. So, there is no heat production or wear and tear. Besides, there is no compromise in power generation. So, yes, brushless tools last longer and worth the price. 

Final Verdict 

I loved the efficiency of the p524 jigsaw and the reasonable price of the p523 jigsaw. Other than that, both jigsaws are just fine and quite similar except for the speed range. 

If you work with variable speed setting a lot, then the latest brushless model for a jigsaw is just for you. Other than that, the orbital jigsaw is just fine to do regular jobs for DIYers, beginners, and homeowners. 

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