Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw Review: Is It Worth Buying?

As a professional, you would need to perform rip and bevel cuts, creating rabbets and grooves, joint makings, and kerfing. If you want to perform all these cuts smoothly and accurately, the Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw can be an unbeatable option.

However, coming in an expensive price tag, is Shop Fox W1819 worth the investment? Do you get the right features for the money you pay? And how good is its performance in the real woodcutting field?

Well, I will investigate deep into all these matters in our Shop Fox 1819 review. The heavy-duty table saw setup ensures commercial and professional-grade performance with a powerful motor. Also, it has a durable design to prevent vibration and offers exclusive safety features.

So, if you look for a workhorse like a table saw with promising features, don’t skip the authentic review; otherwise, you may regret it.

Shop Fox W1819 Review

Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw Review

The Shop Fox W1819 table comes with a potent 3HP motor and 29-1/2” rip cutting capacity. Also, the table saw truly justifies what it promises to deliver, which is a rare exception in the woodworking sector.

So, let’s get to see its most worthy features and check whether or not these are justified considering the expensive price tag.

Best Features of Shop Fox W1819

Outstanding Design

The first impression of the W1819 is its stunning and practical design. Honestly speaking, the 1st time I saw the table saw, I was blown away. It has a similar design concept of W1824, which is already a popular model in the market.

Firstly, the base is made of cast iron. So, it is quite sturdy and stable. The sturdiness comes handy in housing all the essential components with proper safety. Furthermore, the stable base means it will vibrate less during the cutting operations. So, you will find accurate and smooth cuts mostly.

Another crucial part of the table saw design is its spacious base. You can quickly cut large lumbers or plywood on the spacious table and perform a myriad of cutting jobs at ease.

It has a T-glade fence that you can adjust to meet the cutting requirements. The T-glade bar promises to cut everything with superior precision and accuracy. Last but not least, its flip-flop design lets you convert the table saw quickly into a workable miter saw with the attached miter fence.

So, you are at liberty to exchange between the functions to accomplish a project soon and swiftly.

Powerful Motor

A professional table saw obviously require a potential motor to accomplish all the heavy-duty cutting applications. Shop Fox has taken care of the motor in particular, which comes as a premium bonus for the users.

It features a 3HP motor with a triple belt design. The triple belt technology is sturdy enough to withstand the harshest usage all day long.

The motor is powerful enough to cut a variety of materials, including hardwood, plywood, lumbers, and many more. Also, you can use a kerf-blade with enhanced thickness to get an even better result.  What’s more, the motor works with almost zero vibration.

While the near-zero vibration ensures a smooth work experience and accurate cuts, its quieter operation is a treat to ears. As the workspace remains silent, you can be more attentive to the cutting projects.

A Handy Blade

The powerful motor is equipped with a handy 10” long blade that lets you cut the most rigid materials without any fuss. What I loved most about the edge is that it is super easy to install. So, even a beginner can quickly set it up and start cutting the wood.

Also, the blade is made of premium material and has abrasiveness to protect wear and tear for a longer time. So, you won’t have to replace it as frequently as some other blades might need. Another benefit of the blade is its ability to deliver lighter cuts.

Finally, you can quickly attach a new blade with the table saw for working on hardwoods, which is a plus point too.

Cutting Capacity and Blade Tilting

The blade is capable of performing 29-1/2” rip cuts repetitively which is a convenient cutting length even for the avid professionals. I particularly liked the fact that you can opt for a larger 49” cutting capacity if need be.

Also, the table saw base is sufficient to accommodate such massive cuts at ease. Nonetheless, you can choose an extension table with supporting legs to perform even larger cuts.

While most users appreciate the rip cutting capacity of the table saw blade, it also features an adequate tilting capacity. It has a 0° to 45° left tiling capacity that allows you to perform some pretty smooth beveled cuts. Also, you can take advantage of the blade tilting for chamfers or compound cuts. You can adjust the beveling of the blade quickly by loosening the lock and position the edge in your desired angle.

At 45°, you can get a maximum 3-1/8” cutting length, and at 45° it is 2-3/16”, which is more than sufficient for accomplishing most woodworking projects. Hence, it needs an applaud from us indeed.

However, I wished the saw had the right tilting capacity too!

Incredible Safety Features

The W1819 table saw is all about uncompromising performance and satisfactory results. Similarly, it takes the safety features to the next level for your protection. The safety features include a blade guard fence, anti-kickback design, and the spreader.

The blade guard assembly keeps you protected even when you are off-guard. It is covered with a polycarbonate shield to protect your fingers from any possible mishaps. Also, the polycarbonate shield is transparent.

So, you can actually see the blade position as you work with the table saw. It helps adjust the blade position according to various cutting projects. You can lift the guard fence to push the workpiece towards the blade.

The guard fence will remain in close contact with the workpiece to ensure safety. Next, the anti-kickback features prevent back kicks, so the workpiece isn’t pushed back.

The Miter Fence

Another important feature that I loved during the Shop Fox W1819 review is its miter saw capacity with the flip flop technology.

The flip flop of the miter fence is suitable for working with longer workpieces. Also, it supports better guarding of the workpiece than the miter gauge. However, the miter gauge and flip flop miter fence work together to offer the best alignment and holding of the wood pieces correctly.

If you want to make multiple cuts with the same width, the flip flop fence comes handy. When you work with longer woodblocks, quickly remove the flip flop fence for working with more liberty. And when you use to perform additional cuts, you can pivot back the fencing too rapidly.

Thermal Protection

One of the most common and annoying problems of working with larger table saws is that these tend to get heated soon. So, you would have to stop the cutting works frequently and wait till the motor and blade cools off slowly.

Shop Fox has kept this negativity in mind to build the W1819 table saw. So, they have a magnetic switch that ensures thermal overload protection. Hence, the device is workable for an extended period to accomplish continuous rip cuts.

Arbor Size and Speed

The W1817 table saw has a 5/8” arbor size. While it may not be the largest arbor around the corner, it is a standard size. So, you won’t be intimidated by working with the standard arbor size. Next comes the arbor speed, which is considered sufficient too.

At 4300RPM speed rating, it serves the blade with enough speed to complete the projects swiftly and smoothly too.

Easy Bevel and Height Adjustment

I am a fan of noticing small details more for any power tools since these truly speak of the care taken to manufacturer the machine. And I was impressed with the little details of the W1819 table saw that includes the super-easy adjustment of the height and bevel.

Thankfully, the blade and table height adjustment is completed with a single handle. The handle is made of sturdy cast iron to facilitate you a durable height and bevel adjustment. Also, it has a gauge miter to make all the adjustments pin-point accurate.

Last but not least, the handle is ergonomic to operate, which makes it a genuinely noticeable feature of the popular table saw the product. It is ardently things like these that make the W1819 table saw the first choice for most professionals.

Dust Collection

When you work with such a large and substantial table saw to cut some of the largest woodblocks, it is pretty apparent that the woodcuts will create a lot of dust. The dust accumulation can obstruct your viewing capacity of the wood piece.

Also, severe dust formation can cause allergic issues to workers and make the entire workplace a dirty and messy one. Since none of these is a pretty sign, you would want a sound dust collection system for such a good-quality table saw.

Luckily, the W1819 table saw provides a 4” long dust collection porthole that is adjustable with industrial vacuums. The best thing is that the dust collection porthole is ardently compatible with the cheapest vacuum cleaners also.

So, you can quickly collect all the dust and keep the workplace neat and clean. It will also increase your work intensity.


  • Total weight: 539 pounds
  • Product dimension: 67 x 46.5 x 30 inches
  • Power: Corded-electric
  • Motor: 3HP
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Rip Cuts: 29-1/2”
  • Table size: 27” X40-1/4”
  • Arbor: 5/8”

What We Liked About W1819

  • The table saw unit comes with a handy design and sturdy work base for all types of woodcutting projects.
  • The base is stable and won’t vibrate even while working in the top speed and accomplishing heavy-duty cutting jobs.
  • It is equipped with a powerful motor and durable blade that can cut through hardwoods at ease.
  • The unit has a crossover between contractor and cabinet saw type to meet the advantages of both the world.
  • The legs support is stable too, and the cast iron construction won’t wear out anytime soon.
  • The table saw ensures all safety requirements according to the US LAW Safety Features.
  • All the rip and bevel cuts are pin-point accurate and smooth.

What We Didn’t Like About W1819

  • The assembly procedure is time-consuming and challenging. Also, it needs fine-tuning.
  • The on/off switch is a bit small for the likings of many people.
  • Sometimes, the shipment may come damaged.

Overall Impressions

The W1819 table saw is a tool built for professionals. It has a spacious and stable work base for heavy-duty jobs. Also, the cast iron construction ensures lasting service.

What’s more, it has promising safety features to protect you from any off-guard situations. Also, you can quickly adjust the bevel angles and table height with pin-point precision, thanks to the ergonomic handle and miter gauge.

If I have to put the price tag with all these benefits, I have to admit, and it is an affordable investment for workshops. Also, experts are happy with the pricing and recommended the unit highly. You will love its easy-to-work feature and long-lasting service, which makes the investment worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In which voltage W1819 runs?

The large W1819 table saw runs in a 220V power outlet. Since it is a standard power output in the USA, you won’t have to make any adjustments for the table saw.

Does the unit have a plug-in, or do I need to use wire to connect it power outlet?

The standard packaging comes with a plug that you can use to connect the machine with the 220V power outlet. However, if you wish, you can also opt for a wired connection.

How do I connect the 4” dust collection port with the duct hose?

Duct hose is used widely in vacuuming projects in the industrial area. You can use masking tape to connect the duct hose with the 4” dust collection porthole and vacuum the dust for clean surroundings.

Who Should Buy Shop Fox W1819?

Shop Fox W1819 is made for professionals. If you are used to working with large timbers and heavy-duty cutting jobs, the W1819 table saw will be your best companion. Nonetheless, it comes with a staggering price and is only meant for professional workshop applications and not for DIY or hobbyists.

Benefits of Having Shop Fox W1819?

  • Quick flip flop functionality between the table saw, and miter saw.
  • It comes with a sturdy and large workspace for working with large materials.
  • Its every constructional side has been designed with durability in mind.
  • It can quickly cut through the toughest wood without any fuss.
  • The W1819 table saw runs with a standard 220V voltage for easy adaptability.


The Shop Fox W1819 table saw is a stunning machine built for premium cutting and trimming projects. Hence, the Shop Fox W1819 review found it a recommendable power tool for professionals. If you have the budget, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose the unit.

Once you go through the detailed installation, the W1819 table saw will serve you for years. So, it is a happy buy for all.

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