Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z: Which One’s Best Hybrid Table Saw? [Similarities & Differences]

Table saws like Shop Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z are great options for heavy-duty cutting tasks. They help cut through a lot of wood accurately. Choosing between Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z can be a little confusing, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

These table saws have almost similar features and price range with a few key differences. Before you make a buying decision, you need to be aware of the similarities and differences between these two table saws.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the buying process with detailed insights into these two heavy-duty machines’ features, similarities, and differences. Also, I’ll take you through the cutting experience delivered by both machines as you consider the pros that suit your cutting needs and cons that you can deal away with. Let’s roll!

Shop Fox W1837 Overview

The Shop Fox W1837 is a heavy-duty machine that boasts an open stand. Weighing only 243 lbs, this unit is quite light for easy maneuverability in your workshop. Besides, it comes with a rip capacity that measures about 30 inches to the right and 15 inches to the left.

I was surprised to find out that it comes with a standard-sized blade that’s about 10 inches long for heavy-duty tasks. The kickback pawls deliver optimal user protection, and it comes with an easy-to-change blade guard. I love that the blade is robust and durable enough to cut through thick and bulky wood.

Users only have to push down the levers, and the saw will rise. What more? There’s a powerful 2 HP motor that works with 120V/240 volts. This machine doesn’t vibrate or make disturbing noise during operation, thanks to its solid cast iron construction.

That’s not all! It comes with adjustable built-in caster wheels. The downside is that you might need extra effort on the start button, and I noticed that some end-users find the saw difficult to use on thick wood.


  • Comes with anti-kickback pawls
  • Built to lasts long
  • Delivers precise cut into plywood
  • User-friendly, easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Great build quality
  • Comes with a well-aligned miter gauge
  • Powered by 2hp motor
  • Boasts an adjustable built-in caster wheels
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Some users find it difficult to use on thick wood
  • More effort is required on the start button

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Grizzly G0771Z Overview

The Grizzly G0771Z is a powerful, heavy-duty table saw with a 14Amp, 240V motor that delivers 3450 rotations per minute. For added durability and stability, Grizzly heated the table with solid cast iron. I love that this tool comes with a mirror-like finish.

Another interesting feature of this table saw is that it is equipped with a T-shape that ensures the filter gauge is kept in place. Besides, every woodworker would love the ample working space of this saw. What more? You can use this saw with dado blades that are up to 13/16 inches.

The arbor has 5/8 inches in diameter. Also, there are cast iron trunnions and a 4 inches dust port to conserve dust during operation. Just like the Shop Fox W1837, this machine comes with a 2hp motor that can cut through thick wood accurately and effortlessly.

To be honest, the overall performance of this machine is quite exceptional. It delivers accurate cuts and straight lines. However, if you want to make crosscutting and ripping, you’ll have to get an additional blade. I didn’t like two things about this model. It makes a bit of noise, and it’s a bit slower on the thick oak.


  • Reasonable price
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to mount
  • Reliable brand
  • Powered by a 2hp motor
  • Comes with an accurate daily indicator
  • Customizable T-shaped fence
  • Designed with a mirror-like finish
  • Decent build quality
  • Built to last long
  • Comes with cast iron trunnions
  • Delivers accurate cuts and straight lines
  • High versatility
  • Ample working space


  • It works slow on the thick oak
  • Makes a bit of noise

Similarities of Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z

Just like I said earlier, these two heavy-duty machines have similarities. So, let’s take a look at their similarities.

  • They both have potent motors
  • With a blend of the cabinet table saw and the contactor, they fall into the same category
  • They both use a two-horsepower motor system
  • The two machines can be wired to the 120-volt and 240-volt circuits
  • Both machines have safety features
  • For blade alignment, they are both equipped with a T-slot miter gauge
  • For easy maneuverability, they are lightweight
  • They are priced under $1,000, which is a reasonable price, especially when you consider the efficiency in performance
  • For a clean and dust-free operation, they are fitted with a 4 inches dust port underneath
  • To deliver accurate and smooth hardwood cut, they both use a 10 inches carbide-tipped blade with 40 teeth
  • They come with effortless meters and beveled angles
  • The two table saws feature fence systems with front and rear locking capabilities
  • When equipped with dado blades, these machines can make Dado cuts

Shop Fox W1837 vs Grizzly G0771Z – Comparison Chart

There’s been a recent debate amongst saw enthusiasts about which hybrid table saw is better between Shop Fox W1837 and Grizzly G0771Z. It’s quite tough to decide which is better since both products deliver an incredible performance.

Just like Shop Fox, Grizzly is a reputable brand in the saw industry. G0771Z is a perfect blend of a standard table saw and cabinet style to improve your overall cutting experience. It comes with features, such as 4 dust port, 2 HP motor, adjustable T-shape fence, like the Shop Fox, etc.

Judging by their similarities in features, it’s quite evident that anyone would find it hard to choose between the two. We will cross-examine their features in this Shop Fox W1837 vs. Grizzly G0771Z comparison. The table below contains the differences in the features of the two heavy-duty machines.


Shop Fox W1837

Grizzly G0771Z

My Choice


Shop Fox is powered by a 20A and 2HP motor that runs at an optimal speed of 3,450 RPM for efficient cutting.

Grizzly is powered by a 2HP motor, running at 3,450 RPM to deliver exceptional cutting speed.

I prefer Shop Fox. It comes with a slightly higher power motor, even though both have the same optimal speed.


The 10-inch blade in Shop Fox can cut a maximum of 3.25 inches at 90 degrees and a minimum of 2.25 at 45 degrees.

Grizzly’s 10-inch blade can cut a minimum of 2.25 at 45 degrees and a maximum of 3.25 inches at 90 degrees.

Both blades will give your cuts a professional finish. However, I prefer the cutting blade in Shop Fox, as it’s more flexible and maneuverable.

Dust Control

This table saw model has a 4-inch dust port to keep dust away from your workspace.

This unit comes with a 4-inch dust port to contain the specks of dust during your project.

I prefer the dust port in W1837, as you can attach it to a vacuum cleaner.


This table saw weighs 268 pounds.

This model weighs 286 pounds, which is relatively heavy.

Judging by their weights, I prefer Shop Fox. It weighs significantly less than Grizzly G0771Z (about 14 pounds less).

Ripping Capacity

Shop Fox W1837 has a maximum rip capacity of 30 inches rightward and 15 inches leftward.

The table saw can rip a maximum of 31 inches (right) and 16.1 inches (left).

My choice is Grizzly G0771Z. It has a higher ripping capacity than Shop Fox.

Cost It is cost-effective at just $1,200It is priced above $1,700I prefer Shop Fox because it is more affordable.
TiltingThe Fox w1837 comes with a blade that tilts.The Grizzly G0771Z does not tilt.The Fox w1837 is my choice because it comes with a blade that tilts when making miter cuts.
Safety FeaturesIt comes with anti-kickback pawls.It doesn’t have anti-kickback pawls.Shop Fox is better in terms of safety features.
BaseThis table saw comes with a kickstand and a wheelbase underneath.It doesn’t have a built-in mobile base.I prefer Shop Fox because it comes with a mobile base which makes it easy to maneuver.

Final Verdict

The Grizzly G0771Z comes with great construction, a customizable T-shaped fence, accurate daily indicator, and is quite easy to mount. It does have a built-in mobile base and anti-kickback pawls. The Shop Fox W1837, on the other hand, is quite portable and lightweight. It comes with a tilting blade for making miter and bevel cuts, whereas its counterpart doesn’t tilt.

All in all, the Shop Fox W1837 is the best option in terms of overall performance and affordability. We’ve come to the end of this guide. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know about the similarities and differences between Shop Fox W1837 vs. Grizzly G0771Z.

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