Shop Fox W1851 Review: An Excellent Cabinet Table Saw with Unique Features

The rate at which technology has improved can’t be overemphasized.  As a result, there are lots of cabinet saws available for use out there. However, according to research, only a few products are reliable. This means that you need to be wary of the cutting tools that you settle for.

After efforts to get a high-quality cabinet saw, I finally found one – the Shop Fox W1851 cabinet table saw, which functions to my taste. 

Although, assembling this saw for the first time may be quite frustrating if you don’t read the manual. However, what it provides is one of a kind.

I’d recommend the Shop Fox W1851 cabinet table saw to woodworkers looking for a new cutting-edge technology that can deliver superior performance.

I’ve come up with this Shop Fox W1851 review to tell you more about this cabinet saw.

Shop Fox W1851 Cabinet Table Saw Review

Shop Fox W1851 Review

Review Summary

Shop Fox W1851 is a hybrid table saw that comes with innovative designs. It has a built-in dust collection that could allow a smooth job and have an incredible working experience. This cutting tool also comes with a cabinet frame that makes cutting easy and effective.

While using Shop Fox W1851, it gave me a lot of moments to remember. Thankfully, it comes with an anti-kickback mechanism that protects the blade from sun-ray. With this option, I could secure my blade to last for a long time without repair.

Assembling Shop Fox W1851 requires reading the manual carefully. I never knew it could be an issue until I found the assembly process difficult. This means that you’ll have to read the manual before coupling.

This cabinet saw is a single-faced machine that could satisfy any woodworker on the field. The arbor speed is 3850 rpm, making every cutting process more comfortable. With these features, you can complete many cutting works in a few minutes and get a smooth job done.

For a beginner, however, you have to navigate your wood to the blade and perform each cut gently. A professional user can easily place the wood in a location that can create a fantastic cutting option.

Shop Fox W1851 has a 34″ length table saw that makes it easy to cut lightweight wood without break-up. Moreover, the original table saw size with extension is 27″ x 55″, and you can control the wood from a rough cut during the operation. Also, it has a Poly-V serpentine belt that reduces noise during the process.

Take a look at the in-depth features below.

Features That Make Shop Fox W1851 Outstanding

I’ve come up with a detailed description of Shop Fox W1851 for you to understand its performance better. Here are what makes this cutting tool outstanding:

Aluminum Rip Fence

Shop Fox W1851 comes with an aluminum rip fence protection method, allowing the user to witness a standard cutting operation. Also, the rip fence is lowered and placed in a position that could ensure the blade guard. This means that the blade-saw is protected from sunray.

Also, this makes the blade require just a little maintenance. Unlike the competitor’s product that is exposed to the sun, Shop Fox W1851 is different.

Cutting is made easier due to the blade tilt that can move between 0 and 40 degrees, respectively.

Iron Meter Gauge

The iron meter gauge is made to ensure a smooth cutting experience. This option allows the woodworker to adjust the wood to meet their requirements. They have several benefits, and it’s not limited to only wood adjustment. You can as well use it for excellent cutting.

I was impressed by the great meter gauge, as it was easy to navigate, unlike other products. Also, you will get the full details on how to use this gauge in the device manual.

If you need one of the convenient innovations to make your job stand out, Shop Fox W1851 the right choice.

Superior Performance

With an arbor speed of 3850 rpm and a dado width of 13/16″, Shop Fox W1851 delivers an accurate woodcut.

You’d be pleased to use this saw as it offers real and superior performance with repeatability.

It also has an innovative blade saw that delivers a top-notch cut. Furthermore, this cabinet saw has an extension wing and a riving knife to support the edge saw.

You’ll undoubtedly enjoy this tool as it also comes with a voltage range of 110 volts.

Product Warranty

I’m sure this is one of the first things to put into consideration when buying a product. Some manufacturers may restrict users from enjoying the product warranty. In this case, look for the brand that offers at least one year warranty on any product you purchase.

Thankfully, Shop Fox W1851 has a 2-year warranty that covers any damage within the duration. Meanwhile, this cabinet saw product warranty does not include any blade slash and massive damage.

Anti-Kickback Support

The Anti-Kickback support mechanism is designed to prevent new woodcuts from pinching the backside of the blade. Also, it enhances cutting and creates a space for the riving knife and spread to perform their function well.

With this, you can cut much firewood without blade disturbance and break-off. If the blade doesn’t cut through the pieces, the anti-kickback mechanism should be applied. The primary aim of this feature is to prevent the blade from external influence.

Solid Construction

Another feature that makes any tool worth buying is its construction. Shop Fox W1851 is designed with quality construction that allows the product to last for an extended period.

Although it does not come with a caster, it is pre-wired with 220 volts that enable the motor to run effectively. With this option, you can easily make an accurate cut consistently. Also, the body doesn’t get damaged or fade away quickly.

Easy Smart Start

This is another wonderful feature, as evident in the Shop Fox W1851 reviews. If you’re looking to buy a cabinet saw that’s reliable and easy to use, this is the right one.

Shop Fox W1851 comes with a simple-designed handle that makes you navigate to the switch at your convenience.

You don’t have to wait to read the manual or instructions before understanding how to start this machine.

The weight is 410 pounds, and the dimension is 38 x 68 x 47.75 inches, making it easier to move from one place to another.

Quality Control Option

Shop Fox W1851 is created with a ruggedly built part that ensures quality control options. You can also use your hand to place the wood in the right position. While doing this, you should ensure that the surface and the blade align with the wood for a good cut.

Additionally, the iron table and the extension wing is relatively straightforward to control. You don’t have to inform the third party to help with the movement. This is why you need to check any product before making your order.

Notable Key Specifications

  • Product Power Speed: 3850 rpm
  • Product Blade Tilt: 0-45 degree from left
  • Product Rip Capacity: 30″ 12″, left and right respectively
  • Product dado Width: 13/16 Width
  • Rip fence: Dual-position extruded aluminum
  • Amps Voltage range: 110V/220V
  • Table size: 27″ 55″ extension respectively

What We Liked

  • Shop Fox W1851 is designed to reduce the noise level during operation.
  • Has an exemplary safety and anti-kickback mechanism to support the product’s blade.
  • It comes with a dust port that ensures a fantastic cutting experience.
  • You can solve any issues by following the guides in the manual.
  • It is constructed with a solid metal frame that keeps the blade stable for greater accuracy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • If you want to use this product effectively, you need to buy the conversion kit separately.
  • The function is limited to lightweight operations.

Final Verdict

Shop Fox W1851 cabinet table saw has more than enough features that’d improve your cutting-edge skills and experience.

Many professionals use new technology to foster their workload, and this cabinet saw is one of the best options.

A power speed of 3850 rpm allows the cabinet saw to deliver quality jobs without delay. Also, it is flexible, easy to use, and suitable for both beginners and professionals.

With this Shop Fox W1851 review, I’m sure you’ve got enough reasons to place your order.

Since you wouldn’t want to miss this offer, this is the right time to decide and take that step.

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