Table Saw VS Cabinet Saw: What is the Difference

If you want a perfect finish of any woodworking project, at first you need to select the tools properly. Both the table saw and the cabinet saw are very popular devices for woodworking. Both of them have some advantages and also some disadvantages. So before buying any one of these for your project, you need to know the differences between them clearly. In this article, I will try to give you a clear concept about these two devices.

What is a Table Saw?

Table saw is commonly used in large industries. You can cut thick and large material by using a table saw. So you can do various operations on solid timbers or large sheets by using a table saw. Extension tables can be found as a very useful feature in many table saws. It allows you to extend the working surface when the workpiece is extra large.

Many table saws have a folding arm that is used for crosscut or rip cut on a large material. Almost all table saws contain dust collecting ports. It will help you to collect the dust easily rather than make your workplace dirty.

In a table saw, the blade is always fixed and you have to press your workpiece towards the blade for cutting operation. You can do various types of operations by using a table saw. The most common operations are straight cut, long cut, bevel cut, crosscut, rip cut, and so on.

What is a Cabinet Saw?

Cabinet saw is an enclosed device for cutting which simply looks like a cabinet. This cutting device is very suitable and user friendly for professionals who need to make their project with various materials and various cuts. Cabinet saws can provide very quick cutting operations.

Though cabinet saw is made with heavy materials like cast iron and steel, you can work with the denser elements by using this device. The layout of the arbor and the use of a powerful motor help to reduce the disturbing vibration while working.  Not only that, but all the bearings and pulleys in a cabinet saw are also more robust than the other.

Another advantage of using a cabinet saw is that you can replace the blade very quickly and easily. The portability of a cabinet saw is one of the major advantages. You can collect the dust very easily because of its enclosed shape.

Differences Between Cabinet Saw and Table Saw

Some common features of a table saw and a cabinet saw are mentioned above.This will help you to realize the differences between these two devices. If you want to cut a large workpiece  precisely, both a table saw and a cabinet saw will be very helpful. 

Basically, a cabinet saw is nothing but a special type of table saw with some extra and different features. A table saw has a platform like a table on which the user can put the workpiece for cutting purposes. On the other hand, a cabinet saw is designed like an enclosed cabinet. 

The inner construction of a cabinet saw is quite complex and allows you to do various types of operations on various materials more precisely within a very short time. That’s why professionals like to use a cabinet saw for their project work. 

For heavy construction materials, less vibration occurs while working with a cabinet saw. In the case of a table saw, the amount of vibration during working is more than a cabinet saw. 


Having the right tool for doing an operation will help you to complete your project without any hassle. So before starting any project, make sure that you will be going to use perfect tools for a perfect result. Table saw and cabinet saw are the two most commonly used tools. Though they can serve you almost the same way, there are some differences in their features. This article is all about that. Hopefully, after reading this article your concept is now much clearer and you will be able to select the right tool for your project.

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