Track Saw Uses: What Is A Track Saw Used For?

Ever had to work on a wood piece on your own? If you have, then you must already be familiar with the challenges involved. One of the tools that can lift a big weight off a woodworker’s shoulders is the track saw. It is one of the most effective machines in cutting different items.

track saw is used for making long and accurate cuts on wood and other materials of the same origin. It is essentially used for cutting large slabs of objects into smaller ones. Besides, it can create several kinds of piercings flawlessly.

Want to find out what is a track saw used for? We have answers to all your questions. Scroll down to find out more!

What Is a Track Saw?

A track saw is a heavy-duty machine used to create long and precise cuts on objects of different materials. It is also known as a plunge saw. Although a track saw can be used on a couple of materials, it is most frequently used on wood.

If you consider the mode of operation, a track saw works quite as a table saw. To make a cut using it, you have to place its rail across the object or material. With the help of the track, you will be able to locate the direction of cutting. Finally, all you have to do is move along that direction and cut the piece.

Uses of a Track Saw

A track saw has diverse applications. Here are some of the most common uses.

Creating Precise Cuts

A track saw’s primary purpose is to create sharp, accurate cuts. It isn’t easy to find a device that is able to provide such precision. It will not only make your cutting easy but also impeccable.


A track saw is most commonly used on wood. DIYers and woodworkers often use it to cut down large slabs of wood into smaller, perfectly shaped segments. Woodwork requires highly efficient machines, and this qualifies as one.

Providing Stability

We have already mentioned how the rail of a track saw provides direction. This trail is a bit greasy in nature. Hence, it keeps the workspace stable and prevents the primary device from sliding off.

Cutting Different Materials

While wood is the main cutting material for a track saw, there are some other materials you can use it on too. Some of the noteworthy ones are hardboard, plywood, particleboard, etc.

Advantages of a Track Saw

Now that you know about the uses of a track saw- check out some of these advantages.


Portability is the most significant advantage of track saws. You can easily move it from place to place and even travel with it.


It is not easy to make clear and precise cuts with a regular saw. But with a track saw, you can make the most accurate cuts possible.


You can easily cut large segments of material using a track saw. It is not only suitable for straight cuts but also crossway cuts.


There is a pre-installed dust collection system present in every track saw. Besides, it has a hood too. All this helps to keep the working area neat and clean.


Compared to most other varieties of saws, a track saw is much safer to maintain and use.

Track Saw vs. Circular Saw

People often compare a track saw with a circular saw. While they both can be used for similar purposes, they have some mentionable differences.

A track saw cuts much more direction-wise compared to a circular saw. Its rail allows it to do so. It is also much more convenient to set up and use.

When the machine is moved sideways, a circular saw provides a casual cut that some users prefer. On the other hand, a track saw eliminates any possibility of sideway casualties from occurring.

Another point of consideration is cleanliness. It is much easier to maintain the workspace’s cleanliness with a track saw since it has an in-built dust collecting system. Using a track saw is the better option if you are working in a small and congested area.

The two more differences between the two machines are portability and area of application. Both track and circular saws are quite transportable.

However, circular saws are much more portable than track saws because of their design. Again, they can also be used on harder materials, while track saws are used mainly on wood and similar materials.

Track Saw vs. Table Saw

You can compare a track saw and a table saw based on the different areas of use. What you are using these machines for can largely influence their performance aspects.

Portability is what places a track saw in a higher ground here. It is simply much easier to carry a track saw than a table saw. For its compact size, it also occupies less space. If you are someone who moves around with your tools, this is a huge benefit for you.

But if you want to make a series of cuts on an object, it is better to use a table saw. It is a reasonably stable machine that will allow you to have more control over the procedure. You can get your work done without moving it too much. It is powerful and apt for professional use. Besides, it is also better for more delicate materials.

When it comes to precision, a track saw is much more efficient than a table saw. It is because of its trail. However, this trail is what causes users to take a longer time to set it up.

Final Words

Track saws are quite practical and can be used for many purposes, as you can clearly tell from our discussion above. Now that you know what is a track saw used for, you can use it to the fullest of its potential.

Make sure you refer to our article and other similar ones before buying or using a track saw. All the best!

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