Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades: Which One Accurate for You

Reciprocating saw is a very essential power tool for work. The main function of it is to cut any materials like wood, iron, steel, hard plastics, etc. You can use it both for the house and your outdoor wood and other work projects. Basically saw are used for big wooden and contraction projects.

Different types of reciprocating saw blades are available in the market. when I was a new worker I become confused sometimes think about how to choose them for my program. In this article, I will describe 5 reciprocating saw blades that help you a lot. 

Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades

Do you know about different types of saw Blade?  If you are an experienced woodworker you this matter. But just in case you then you should have an idea about the types of different saw blades. In this section, you will get an idea of this factor.

Demolition Blade

Demolition Blade

Most of the time I used a demolition blade for my project. Because it is one of the best blades.  For destruction and redesigning work, this blade is sufficient to slice through practically all materials. This is the best blade because you can use it n different materials like wood, metal and so on.

Demolition blade works well both heavy and regular work. It can work between 6 to 11 TPI range. At this stage is can work smoothly without creating any abnormal situation. This blade works very fast that makes your project easier. On the market, you will get different types of materials demonstration blades.  Based on your work you can choose anyone for your work. 

Bi-Metal Blades

Bi-Metal Blades

This blade is also very popular and useful. These cutting edges are comprised of high-carbon steel just as different metals to give more strength, adaptability, and sturdiness to the whole sharp edge’s length. Thus, these sharp edges are frequently more warmth safe and ready to bear the mileage of appeal applications.

Bi-metal sharp edges are quite often more than their standard high-carbon steel partners. This permits them to be utilized for more, in any event, when they are put to everyday use. This life span has made this kind of edge a top choice for proficient and modern applications.

Combination Blade

Combination Blade

User can you combination blade on different work. They can use both hard and softwood. And also this blade is good for riping, cutting cross, plywood board. It is called a combination blade because it has different types of teeth together and 4 are ATB. 

This type of blade is suitable for those who do not want to change the blade and saw and want the work done quickly perfection. If you are a professional worker do not use a combination blade. Good finishing of work comes hardly on this blade. After all, If you want to use combination blades try to use armormax mix saw cutting edge with non-stick covering diminishes grinding that give you a smooth finish of work. 

High-Carbon Steel Blade

This blade is a very available blade on the market. For almost all hardware shapes you will find out the high carbon steel blade.  This blade is a very reasonable price so most of the person can afford it. You can easily cut softwood, plastic and particleboard with the high carbon steel blade.

This blade is also known as HCS. Do you know high carbon steel blade is the most flexible blade, for this reason, you can use this kind of blade without breaking risk.  Due to the blade material, it stays sharp for a long time and teeth do not become dull easily.

Diamond Blade

Diamond Blade

Do you have an idea about the diamond blade? It is the most expensive reciprocating saw blade on the market. A diamond blade is a very strong blade due to the materials of it. These edges utilize an exceptional rough slicing measure that permits them to adequately cut through everything from glass and pottery to brickwork and concrete.

Due to the high price, only highly professional people use a diamond blade. If you do not experience never try to use this blade for the first time. 


Which blade you are using is a very important one for your project. Choosing the wrong reciprocating saw blade can be lead to loss of work. So have a good idea about this. I hope through this article you know much information about 5 types of blade. Success in any endeavor requires accurate information and hard work.

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