Why Is My Chainsaw Smoking? 5 Reasons And Solutions

Chainsaws are bought by individuals in many ways for personal or professional reasons. Typically everybody starts using a chainsaw from beginning to end. Often people have little knowledge of the system’s functions but often encounter problems which cause concern. A common problem causing some people concern is smoking chain saws. When a chain is pulled from a shack you suddenly begin to feel the smoke coming from them. You may think you’re just a fraud, but that doesn’t seem right.

Why Is My Chainsaw Smoking: Locate the Area of smoke

How could you stop a chainsaw if your chainsaw was smoked by someone else? Chainsaw operators often experience smoke problems. During cutting, even when the chainsaw is smoking, the chainsaw will damage its blade. It’s not usual for saws to smoke but if they smoke this will show if a problem is affecting them and it’ll be fixed immediately. We should look for the sources of smoke before we can determine the cause of them. Chainsaw engines and chains can cause smoke.

Why Does My Chainsaw Smoke When Cutting?

If your chainsaw smokes while removing wood you must address the problem before it becomes permanent. Tell me what caused your chainsaw to smoke and I will give you an alternative solution to the problem. It makes a significant distinction between a chain saw and a smoking engine. When the smoke comes from the chains or bars when cutting wood, this will most probably occur from some form of chain friction. We’ll begin with this.

Reasons a Chainsaw Will Smoke

Some reasons for chainsaws smoking include overheating chains or fuel problems. Let’s examine them one-by-one.

How to Fix Chain/Bar That’s Too Hot

The first problem in this case (hotbar) can be easily solved. Cool the temperature? You will need to turn off the chain saw and let this cool a bit. Once your chain has reached cool (keep it cool) you can proceed further by removing your chain. Firstly check the bar oil. All chains have bar oil tanks and it is easy to check its level when opening and checking it. No chainsaws should be used without oil that is essential for their proper functioning.

Improper Oiling and Friction

I’m not sure what’s going to cause your chainsaw to smoke. In chainsawing friction occurs on two levels. The level between the steel and wooden chains and a level between the steel between a chainsaw bar and the chain. When you don’t oil chainsaws correctly, they will create pressure and cause smoke. It will be necessary for you to properly lubricate your chainsaws for less wear. Always ensure checking the oil levels of the bars. It is very important maintenance and you should maintain it.

ii. Chainsaw Produce Smoke When You Use Excessive Oil In The Oil-Gasoline Mixture

The smoke will be released by the time you have the tools and everyone is worried about it. Currently, the problem is fuel. The oil-gasoline combination you used for the chainsaw might differ slightly. Oil your chainsaw. Oil-gas ratios are equally important. When you’re using too little oil the chainsaw can disturb and create smoke. This solution should seem fairly straightforward and simple. The guidebooks show the recommended oil to gasoline ratio. You can see the entire information on the website in case you missed it.

Chainsaw Engine Is Smoking and Overheating

I’m sure there is some kind of oil-gas leak from the motor or in the chainsaw body that could possibly cause this or cause problems. We should also look into this further.


A chainsaw should be sharpened in optimum time for maximum performance. When one uses such devices, it lasts longer. So make sure your gadget has all your necessities at hand. Unsharpened chainsaw chains are the main causes of smoking which can create enormous problems. Know when you can sharpen your chainsaws. The pressure on cutting wood also indicates that it generates wood waste. You should be aware of the signs and start sharpening chainsaws immediately. Sharpen the chains of the chainsaws correctly.

Chainsaw Bar Friction

It may cause a pinch to the chainbar when cutting wood, this pinch can narrow the chain groove causing damage. The chain can narrow down its tracks, creating excessive friction, causing overheating. Check your bars and be careful to notice an enlarged area. The flathead screw driver will open the track, making the chain groove equal to the original groove of all chains.

Issues with the Fuel

If the chainsaw smokes off the engines your problem is worse; the damage could cause a bigger loss. The problem you are having will probably be caused by contamination of fuel. Chainsaw fuel contains fuel from petrol or ethanol. It is possible that the exact amount of the mixture differs between different saws. Also, it should be very helpful to always read the manufacturer’s manual to find an accurate mixture. For new customers, chain-sawing is confusing because the engine oil in the blade lubrifies the bars. Tell me the answer: Oil Bar Lubricates Chains and motor oils burned in the fuel blend.

iii. Tight Chainsaw Chain Could Be The Culprit

This tension can cause chainsaw smoke. It creates friction which warms up the tools resulting in burning smoke. You have to be careful of chain tension because otherwise chain will be weak. It’s important to avoid loose chains in this regard. Using chains that are too tight, the chainsaw will fall off your chainsaw bar. Check your chain tension, raise it up. The tension will be perfect if no drivelink is pulled off the nose of the bars.

Chainsaw Produce Smoke When The Chain Or Bar is Heated Up

If chainsaws are smoked chainsaw bars may have frictions on them too. Friction is always present when you use a chain to operate your saw, when you use a chainsaw bar, metal-to-metal friction, or when you cut wood with chain-to-wood friction. It creates a huge amount of friction if you’re not handling it properly, creating a smokey mess and causing sparks and flames. Many operator’s freaks are afraid that the chainsaw isn’t slapping or burning. The chainsaw features several features that keep it cool as well as reducing the chances of the tool being overheated.

Why my chainsaw is smoking while running?

During the run, the chainsaw will cause a fire if there is an imbalance between oil and gasoline. In this scenario oil amounts are higher within the mixture giving over power to the chainsaw, thus producing smoke during cuts.

Check your chain tension (e.g. tightness)

Secondly, you need to inspect the tension in the chain. When chain tension is too strong then bar-chain friction will get too intense. We also wrote an extremely thorough article showing the way to measure chain tension using two simple tests. This is available in the article.

Chainsaw Air Filter Blocked or Clogged Up

Chainsaws work very heavily in dirty conditions. This means your chainsaw filtration system is able to provide protection from dust contaminant on your car. Your filter surface slowly accumulates dust until it gets clogged. When there is minimal or zero cooling air in engines, this will result in excessive heat or even smoking. Just change the air filter for a new one. Alternatively, you might simply remove the sawdust from your chainsaw and use compressed air to clean it before removing the dust.

Black Exhaust Smoke Wrong Fuel to Oil Ratio

If there are odors in your exhaust that can be caused by the improper oil to fuel ratio use it as fuel. Almost every modern chainsaw uses a 1:1 ratio of gasoline to oil. When too little oil is added it smokes. It was quite straightforward. Drain the tank and fill your car at 1/50 ratio.

Chainsaw Can Produce Smoke Due To Dirty Air Filter

Air filters mainly control the flow of air within the chainsaw. If cutting wood, the wood particles are trapped in the air filters preventing airflow. In addition, air can not be moved through chain-saws, heating our tools. Air filters may ruin tools and, especially, cylinders in chainseed. When an air filter is damaged, it must always be handled very carefully. When operating battery-operated chainsaws this will affect chainsaw effectiveness. If the filter doesn’t work, the chainsaw heats up and produces smoke.

Why is my chainsaw not cutting?

There’s a reason your chainsaw won’t cut. A common problem is chainsaw chains are not tightly attached or stretched. Neither chains are too tight. Another explanation could be your chainsaw has not been properly maintained. Uncut chainsaw chains may also cause your chainsaw to perform poorly. Don’t neglect cleaning chainsaws. Oil them.

Will A Blunt Or Dull Chainsaw Smoke?

The chainsaw produces fine sawdust if you cut against grain; the grain will then be replaced with ash that produces smoke. Even in the case of the lubrication or the perfect tension on chainsaws, you face the issue. Also, chainsaws can produce uneven cutting results.

viii. Carburetor Needle Can Be a Reason for This Smoke

Then if you have carburetor needle plugged in and see if everything is going perfectly. Check the tension in the carburetor immediately. If vapor leaks or needles are perforated they could lead to smoke. Replace carbureters before chainsaws become hot!

Things that Don’t Cause Smoke

Okay, I wanted also to list the items which don’ t cause chainsaw smoke. In reading comments on a number of websites, I have encountered several common misconceptions about chain saw smoke. These things may seem plausible, but in reality none of these will get your smoke off your chainsaw.

Why my chainsaw is producing white smoke?

The main reasons chainsaws generate white smoke can be the lack of quality fuel or ineffective ratio of the oil / gas mixture. You have to have high fuel quality to avoid such problems. Check that the fuel contains no impurities. Read the User Manuals and choose the correct ratio between Oil & Gas in order to prevent issues.

What Should I Do if My Chainsaw Overheats?

As previously mentioned, chainsaw overheating can be a cause. Causes include leaking filters or chains being too tight or not having enough oil/gas in the tank.

Chainsaw Chain Not Getting Enough Lubricant

Usually the smoke from the chain is low to nothing and the chain bars may not reach them. Then the diagnosis begins.

Green wood (e.g. steam)

It is true because green lumber will steam and look like smoke. But the problem really does occur when the bars/chains are hot. I think it goes back to overheating, and green wood has nothing to do with chainsaw fire.

Why An Electric Chainsaw Smoke?

Imagine you’ve been cutting wood in your yard and you love your job, but suddenly your machine produces smoke? Take your time, relax and be certain the chainsaw is working. If there’s a particular symptom listed on the above list then it is logical to follow the correct steps in solving the problem. But, if nothing is wrong, there is something else that produces smoke. For example, electrical chainsaws often produce smoke from electrical failure. Then it could cause vapor when used too much for a quick start-up.

What Can Happen If I Run My Chainsaw Without Bar Oil?

No oil means less friction resulting in heat. This can damage or cause bar damage. Keep your tools clean as they will wear out easily.

Why Is Your Chainsaw Smoking White While Cutting?

The smoke that comes out of a chainsaw may have varying color variations. The black color indicates the filter’s blocked airflow and white smoke shows the condensation in chainsaw. The blue fire from the chainsaw indicates the engine may have been flooded. If a chainsaw smokes then check its smoke colors.

Will My Chainsaw Cut Even If It Is Hot?

Chainsaw stops cutting if hot. Apparently the problem is related to gas flow. Or, a chainsaw could start to heat up if it stopped cutting due primarily to limited gasflow towards the engine or spark plug. Then, you could add an electric motor. The old models faced many similar problems. When you’re having problems, replacing spark plugs can help with the problem and you may want more results.

Why The Carburetor Of My Chainsaw Is Smoking?

If a turbo carburetor lacks air it produces an increase in fuel and causes black smoke. Clogged air filters block the airflow and prevent carburetors from breathing enough air.

FAQs about Chainsaw Smoking

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