9 Best Concrete Saws in 2024 [Review & Buying Guide]

A power tool that you need to cut through hard, solid materials like concrete, stone, or asphalt is a concrete saw. Cutting hard materials is a bit more demanding than a simple woodworking task. And if you have the right tool, you can win the battle. But, at first, you should understand your needs; why you need one? Whether you need a concrete saw for a professional job or improving your back patio. Knowing the answer to this question is necessary before buying a concrete saw.

So, one should do in-depth research before buying the best concrete saw as there are a vast array of concrete saws around. Picking up the wrong one can cause disaster. It is also a widely-accepted fact that a well-informed person can make a wise decision. Our review is to inform you of the necessary facts of concrete saws that help you choose the best one for you.

Best Concrete Saw – Reviews

1. Husqvarna 967181002 K760 II 14-inch Gas Cut-Off Saw

Concrete saws are constant companions of construction workers. If you are in the construction business for long, you have already known professional concrete saws are heavy and vibratory. So, such features eventually will take their tolls though they may offer a lot of power. What if I help you find a concrete saw that is powerful while being lightweight and less vibratory?

Husqvarna is a big shot in the power tool making industry. With its innovative technology, Husqvarna makes its tools stand in the crowd.

Here, I am going to acquaint you with its amazing concrete saw- Husqvarna 967181002 K760 II 14inch gas cut-off saw. This saw is lightweight, offers lots of power and low vibration.

Okay, now take a closer look at its features.

With a robust five horsepower motor, it generates enough power to cut through several constructing materials with ease. Its two-stroke engine offers more speed and torque. And it is the X-torq engine technology that attracts buyers most. This feature reduces fuel consumption by about 20% and engine emission by up to 75% and, therefore, helps justify the expenses.

This concrete saw is lightweight. It is also cordless. Because of it’s being cordless, it is a great deal for outdoor contractors. Husqvarna’s Dura starter and easy start technology are what make customers fall for it. Dura starter means easy servicing. It is a low-maintenance tool.

Active air filtration and a dust-sealed starter to enhance the life of the engine while a low-vibration unit not to make you feel exhausted.

However, what may frustrate its admirers is the requirement of the right mix of fuel before starting the first time though you get to start it quickly from then on.


  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Easy movement
  • Infinite power
  • Active air filtration
  • Low vibrations


  • Expensive

2. Makita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Power Cutter

A Makita innovation…

The EK7651H is the world’s first 4-stroke power cutter that has made history in the line-up of concrete solutions.

The 4-stroke EK7651H provides you more facilities than that of 2-stroke. It simplifies your operation. It is strong and quiet.

So, now, let’s know a bit more about in detail.

Makita EK7651H comes with a four-stroke engine to free you from the worry of engine failure due to improper mix. Along with minimizing your hazards of proper oil and gas mixing at 1 to 50 oil gas ratio, which is a constant ratio for saws with a two-stroke engine, it also saves you from unwanted injury and accidents that may cause by wrong fuel mixture. What is more, it creates low noise and lets you operate quietly compared to other models in this size range. It features a 5-stage foam-paper-nylon filtration system to steer clear of the dust and extend its life.

But, you may require some time to start it up and need to spend more money to have it. What is worth mentioning is that it provides powerful performance with the four-stroke engine.


  • 4-stroke engine
  • Free from proper oil mixing hazard
  • Low noise


  • Expensive
  • Slow start

3. Evolution DISCCUT1 12″ Disc Cutter

Evolution Disc cutter is an electronic model concrete saw. You will find it as an ideal alternative to high maintenance, gas-powered saws. So, if you want to reduce your exposure to hazards such as harmful fumes and high maintenance, Evolution Disccuti is a good deal.

As it is an electric model, there are no fumes. So, you can work even in enclosed areas. Moreover, it allows you to cut a considerable amount of money i:e your cost of operation over time.

This concrete saw worths for what it costs. It is a beast. It is more than enough for the homeowner. I suggest you buy this rather than rent.

This concrete saw is easy to use and start. Just hold the button and trigger to start the motor. Thus, this saw saves both your time and energy.

Apart from that, due to its spindle lock mechanism, you can replace your blades easily for different blades on different materials or projects. It also makes your blade replacement quick and simple. With a 4″ maximum cutting depth, it works like a champ.

With this robust and versatile electric disc cutter, you can easily cut through concrete, even tough reinforced concrete, stone, brick, paving, and other materials. What assists you get the accurate cutting in both horizontal and vertical modes are its ergonomic soft_grip, mid-position, front, and rear support handles.

What compels us to keep it out of the top two is it’s less portability. As it is a corded one, you can not use it wherever you want without the source of electric power.


  • Electric motor
  • Blade replacement
  • Less harmful fume
  • Economical
  • Less maintenance


  • Less portable
  • Corded

4. Hitachi CM4SB2 Dry-Cut Masonry Circular Saw

Though Hitachi CM45B2 is overpriced for occasional DIY users, many of them beat the drum for it due to its small size and user-friendly nature. But, it is an ideal one for the professionals who want a workhorse.

It is small and handy. And it also ensures minimum vibration and low-noise and keeps your machine from dust and debris.

What’s not it offer? Right?

Okay, now let’s know about its features in detail.

Hitachi CM4SB2 is an efficient circular saw designed for cutting tile, granite, concrete, brick, and similar materials. To cut through the materials, it features a hefty 11.6 Amp moto that produces a no-load speed of 11500 Rpm.

It has a sealed armature coil to protect dust and debris from getting into the essential parts of the machine and help to minimize vibration. This feature makes this tool an ideal one for dry cutting applications.

Plus, it’s a metal-sealed ball bearing guard against damage that may happen to the motor due to high temperatures and vibration, and help you get better performance and durability.

You can not cut through vast slabs of concrete but can make smooth cuts in tight spaces due to its short base edge_to_blade distance.

It also includes an elastomer covered handle to give you comfort while handling.

So, if you don’t mind the price, it can be an indispensable tool for you.

I highly recommended it to you.


  • Low vibration
  • User-friendly


  • Not very powerful
  • Expensive

5. SKILSAW SPT79-00 Medusaw Worm Drive Saw for Concrete

Accuracy, durability, more torque, and power are what define a worm drive saw. And, who doesn’t want to achieve accuracy in cutting concrete? Right?

If you want to get accurate cuts every time, a worm drive saw will be a good deal for you.

Usually, worm drive saws are expensive and big in size. Because of their giant size, it is quite difficult to use in narrow spaces.

But, here I am going to introduce you to a worm drive saw which is narrow.

Yes, you guessed right.

I am talking about SKILSAW SPT79-00 15 Amp Medusaw Worm Drive Concrete saw.

The SKILSAW SPT79-00 is a worm drive circular saw. It is narrow and allows users to get into more confined spaces than a direct-drive circular saw. The longer distance between the blade and the handle helps you extend your reach while cutting. As it is electric, it needs low maintenance. Its wet-dry management system is to deliver cleaner cuts.

This MEUSAW worm drive saw makes your cutting jobs easier and simpler. It not only works great on create but also on granite. A worm drive saw has larger teeth. This feature helps the operator manage load with high shock, and this MEDUSAW is not an exception. On top of that, it includes the best-in-class 15Amp dual-field motor to cool the motor, and this eventually extends tool life.

What is more convenient about this model is that despite it’s electric, you are safe to use water with it due to its GFCI protection system. However, I must say, the wet dust management system works better, as the dry dust management system may leave a lot of dust behind. What may dishearten you is that it can only work with 7″ blades.


  • Wet/dry dust management system
  • Electric
  • GFCI protection system
  • Low maintenance


  • Not so effective dry dust management
  • Small blade

6. XtremepowerUS Electric 14″ Disc Cutter Circular Saw Concrete Saw

Buy XtremepowerUS concrete saw and be happy with the purchase.

Why am I saying this?

Okay, let’s get to know.

XtremepowerUS concrete saw offers safer cutting, easy operation, maximum productivity. One thing I must include is that despite giving you so much, it is fairly cheap. That’s why even a homeowner can have it.

You may have doubts. How could this tool be that good?

Okay, an in-depth analysis will clear up your doubts.

The circular saw is powerful and has a superior power to weight ratio with exceptionally low vibration. This confirmed power to weight ratio helps maximize productivity.

Xtreme powerUS concrete saw has come with a double protection switch to confirm your safety. This double protection is to prevent the accidental opening of the mathine.

On top of that, the water line feeds water to the blade to decrease the dust,and therefore increases blade performance and life.

I believe that you are convinced now.

Isn’t it a great buy?

What do you say?


  • Maximum productivity
  • Electric
  • Wet-dry dust management system
  • Powerful


  • Require nose connector

7. Husqvarna K4000 Power Cutter Saw

An expensive power tool is supposed to have all the essential features, but Husqvarna K400 is not. That means you have to pay much to own it but won’t get all the convenient features to get your job done nicely. It is electric and powerful, yet not able to cut as fast as a gas saw would. It weighs 17 pounds. With such power and weight, it should have featured a set rear wheel, but it lacks it, making it more difficult to use. What is more inconvenient is that as it doesn’t include blade, you have to spend a lot of money to buy a blade for your new saw. However, it does simplify blade changes with quick locking of the spindle and a large outlet in the blade guard.


  • Electric
  • Powerful


  • No rear wheels included
  • Very expensive
  • No blade included

8. Makita 4100NHX1 4-3/8″ Masonry Saw

Great at repairing concrete cracks!

Oh, don’t worry.

It is not only for repairing concrete cracks. It is an ideal cutting solution for a range of applications like stone, tile, and concrete.

You get amazed at what this little wonder can do for you!

It is smooth as butter. You can cut through hard backers board with ease. You can also level the high spots with uneven concrete.

The saw from Makita weighs only 6.5 Ibs what makes it very portable and compact. It’s 9.6 amp motor has enough power to cut through concrete quickly with minimum effort. This saw is also easy to maintain and use.

This saw is perfect for a small 4-inch blade and comes with two 4″ inch diamond blades with turbo rim. These blades make constant contact with the material for a smoother cut and finish. Besides, the 4-inch blades make it easier to maneuver also.

Plus, it includes a lock-off button, and a flat rear side motor housing to change the blade easily.


  • Portable
  • Quite powerful


  • Only fit small 4″ blade

9. DEWALT DCS690X2 Cut-Off Saw Kit

An amazing cut-off saw with a couple of drawbacks! Maybe I make you feel overwhelmed. Right?

Oh, don’t get me wrong.

It is a powerful concrete saw. It cuts well. It is lightweight and easy to use also.

Aren’t those criteria good?

Let’s know a bit more about it.

DEWALT DCS690X2 has a 5-position rotatable guard for approach angle selection to give optional visibility and accessibility when cutting in confined spaces. And this feature creates a good reputation among users.

You would definitely love this saw as you don’t have to deal with the dust and gas. DEWALT also provides this saw extra protection against harsh Jobsite conditions, and this is what gives your tool a long life. Its brushless motor provides up to 6,500 rpm that is a good speed. It can be a game-changer for your masonry projects.

But you cannot neglect some of its flaws because of its power. It is also pretty overpriced. It features a unique style blade that only Dewalt manufactures. So, if you need to replace it, it will be a real pain for you as you don’t find it at your local home improvement store.

So, if you don’t mind the price and unavailability of the blade, you can go for it.

Still, it is an amazing saw to me for my masonry projects. It has made a big difference in my works.


  • Cordless
  • Powerful


  • Expensive
  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Difficult blade replacement

What to Consider When You Buy a Concrete Chainsaw?

No doubt, purchasing a concrete saw is a big investment by all means.  So, when you decide to get a new concrete saw for construction sites or home maintenance, you need to be careful. It has tons of options, which will make the selection tougher for you.

Therefore, we have explored the concrete saw closely and enlisted the top factors to consider while buying the concrete saw. These are listed below for users’ convenience.

Types of Concrete Saw

You will primarily see two kinds of concrete saws, which are differentiated based on their working procedure. These two types of concrete saws are-

  • Walk-Behind Saws

If you have to accomplish any high-demanding sawing task, getting the walk-behind concrete saw will benefit you the most.  This saw is found mostly in construction sites and road maintenance. The unit handles such challenging jobs with its potent motor and engine.

These units are mostly heavyweight and are not made for small workshops. As they propel themselves, you will need to walk behind them only to observe and make sure everything is going well.  The only drawback of getting the walk-behind concrete saws is its hefty price tag.

  • Handheld Concrete Saws

The handheld concrete saw has a chainsaw appearance, while it features a table saw like a round-shaped blade to cut through materials. The saws are lightweight and, thus, portable. It means you can quickly maneuver them around the workplace.

It is designed to cut only horizontally. You can use the handheld saw to remove damaged concrete, the portion of brick walls, and creating holes in the walls. Also, the round-shape handheld saw serves in a similar way as the table saw does. You can use it for cutting granite countertops or slabs.

Depth of Cut

The cutting depth is the next important consideration when you go to buy a concrete saw.  Since you will use the concrete saw in various projects, the cutting depth needs to handle different materials and depth of cut too.

Also, the cutting depth of the saw is linked with its blade length too. All the saws reviewed here can equip a blade length from 14 inches to 18 inches. You can quickly perform cuts with 5″ thickness to 6″ thickness with these blades.

However, getting a blade with dual-cutting depth will benefit you if you want an even more thickness to cover. For instance, Husqvarna Gas Power Cutter has a cutting thickness of 14 inches in our list.

Dry or Wet Cut

The wet or dry cutting capacity of the concrete saw is another essential consideration.  You will need to select the concrete saw blade accordingly, too.

For instance, you will have to get a carbide or diamond tripled blade to work with the dry concrete saws. The diamond blade grinds through the material instead of piercing through it and causes less sawdust production. It keeps the workspace cleaner.

When you get a wet concrete saw, make sure its reservoir is large enough to accommodate the water or lubrication system. Also, you might look for a hose connecting adapter for the wet saws.  People prefer using wet concrete saws since concrete is known for producing extreme sawdust, which the wetness keeps in a lower state.

Chainsaws or Disc Cutters

 You need to opt for the chainsaws only when you need a deeper cut at 14″ or more thickness.  Also, chainsaws are primarily used to remove slabs or damaged portions of the walls and not for construction sites.

On the contrary, people prefer using disc cutters for their accuracy. You will love working with disc cutters for relief joints and flush cuts with precision.

Electric or Gas

The choice is pretty simple here. If you want extreme power to handle the most high-demanding projects, get a gas-powered concrete saw. Its only setback is the noise and fume, which limits its usability in concealed areas.

If you want a quieter and less powerful saw to operate small and medium projects, grab an electric saw now. It has less potency but delivers smoother cuts too.

Two-Strokes or Four-Stroke Engines

You must understand that the number of strokes of the engine has nothing to do with the concrete saw’s actual power. Instead, it refers to the way the engine combusts fuel or energy. Two-stroke engines are compact and found mostly in the handheld concrete saws.

The four-stroke engines, on the contrary, are larger and have more moving parts. So, they lack portability and need frequent maintenance as well. You will see the four-stroke engines mostly in the walk-behind concrete saws.

Arbor Size

It refers to the actual size of the hole where you will attach the blade.  Larger arbor sizes can accept both large and small blades with proper busing. The smaller arbor size will accommodate only smaller blades. But bushing is not recommended since the edge might move abruptly if it lacks a snug-fitting.


The portability of the concrete saw is a complex consideration. Handheld concrete saws are portable but lack the power to accomplish high-demanding projects. On the other side, walk-behind saws are powerful but lack portability.

So, we leave the decision in our court to choose between two concrete saw types for portability.

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