Best Pole Saw: Comprehensive Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to cutting wood, nothing beats having a good chainsaw by your side. However, while these devices are perfect for felling trees and other timber, what about when you want to trim branches and other elements of your property’s foliage?

That’s where a pole saw comes in. Just as the name suggests, these are saws that are attached at the end of a pole for the explicit purpose of trimming and cutting branches and other materials. They are not meant for felling trees, but they are perfect for DIY home or business owners who need to keep growth in check.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the best pole saws in 2023 and see what they have to offer.

Our Top Picks Comparison

Pole Saws
Sun Joe SWJ802E Cordless Electric Pole Saw
Sun Joe SWJ802E
  • Bar Length: 8-Inch
  • Power Type: Electric
Greenworks 20192 Corded Battery Pole Saw
Greenworks 20192
  • Bar Length: 8-Inch
  • Power Type: Battery
MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw
MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw
  • Bar Length: 10-Inch
  • Power Type: Gas

9 Best Pole Saws – Review

1. Remington RM1025SPS Electric Corded Pole Saw

Remington RM1025SPS Electric Corded Pole Saw

Although most people will recognize the Remington brand for personal shavers and grooming kits, the fact is that the company also makes cutting trees as easy as your beard. With this pole saw, you can chop wood in two different ways, making it both reliable and versatile.

This machine is a 2-in-1 design, which means that the chainsaw itself detaches from the pole. This feature is relatively common in pole saws, given the fact that they are essentially just that – a chainsaw attached to a pole with a trigger mechanism.

As far as power and performance go, this unit has a robust eight-amp motor that helps you power through branches and logs with ease. It also comes with a durable 10-inch chain and blade, allowing you to work on a wider variety of wood sizes.

When looking at the pole itself, safety is always an issue since you have a mechanized blade hovering above you while you’re working. Thus, it’s imperative that the locks on the pole are designed so that they can’t slip or disengage easily. In this case, they use flip locks, which are very sturdy and won’t come loose, even when cutting a tree aggressively.

The pole can be extended up to 10 feet without any issues, or shortened as necessary. It’s made of high-quality aluminum for durability, and it will last for the life of the saw.

Another aspect of pole saws that you have to watch out for is the overall weight. Since even 10 pounds can feel particularly heavy after a while, you want to be sure that the saw won’t be too massive to wield effectively. The Remington Pole Saw is 12.4 pounds, which is on the lower end of the spectrum.


2-in-1 pole saw combo
Remove saw to use for cutting wood
Eight-amp electric motor
Durable 10-inch bar and chain
Non Slip grip for stability
Extend and retract with locking mechanisms
Tool-free saw removal
Top hand grip on saw itself
Durable 10-foot aluminum pole
Weighs 12.4 pounds


In rare cases, the trigger may jam in the on position
Oil can leak out of the machine when not in use

2. Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle

Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

One of the more crucial elements you have to pay attention to when picking out a pole saw is the kind of power it offers. There are three primary choices: gas, electric, and battery-operated. There are pros and cons to each, so it’s imperative that you weigh your options before making a final decision.

In this case, the RM2599 Maverick is a gas-powered, yet compact pole saw. It’s not as long or as extensive as the Remington above, nor is it a 2-in-1 model. Most gas-powered units don’t detach from the pole as the motor sits on the bottom, rather than on the saw itself.

The benefit of going with gas is that it can be more reliable than electric or battery-operated. You also get the same freedom of movement since you don’t have to worry about extension cords getting in your way. The trade-off, however, is that gas units are usually louder and heavier. In this case, the Maverick weighs 17.4 pounds.

Although the higher weight can make it more unwieldy, the saw itself is shorter and doesn’t give a lot of kickback. On top of that, there is a top-mounted handle to provide you with extra stability while you work. You can also remove a section of the seven-foot pole to shorten the length of the device if necessary.

Another thing to consider with a gas-powered pole saw is the fact that you have to keep the motor lubricated. This unit comes with an oiler that does this automatically for the blade and chain, although you do have to pay attention to how much is left, as well as the cleanliness and viscosity of it.

Overall, if you prefer more power and freedom, then the Maverick can be an ideal choice.


Gas-powered design
Dual-cycle engine provides more power
Eight-inch bar and chain
Seven-foot pole
Automatic oiler system
Top handle for added stability
Low kickback design for comfort
Removable section in pole 
Weighs 17.5 pounds


Heavier than other models
Loud operation
In rare cases, the engine may choke after a while

3. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping

If you’re familiar with snow products like blowers and heaters, then you’ve probably heard of Snow Joe. Sun Joe is the same company, but these products are designed for Spring and Summer weather, not the dead cold of winter. In this case, we have the base version of the company’s pole saw, the SWJ800E. There are six different models in this series, so you can compare and contrast them to see which one has the features that matter most to you.

Another excellent bonus with this pole saw is that it uses a high-quality Oregon blade and chain. Oregon is one of the better brands out there, so knowing that it’s on your saw should help you feel better about it overall. Not only that but it also uses an automatic oiler system to ensure that the blade is always running smoothly.

As far as the pole is concerned, it uses a twist telescoping handle. This isn’t as safe as locking mechanisms, but it seems to work fine. To keep your hands both comfortable and ensure that you’re always operating it safely, there is a thick non-slip grip on the handle.

When talking about power, this pole saw is not the best, but it still comes with enough features to ensure that you get your money’s worth. The whole thing weighs only seven pounds, and it’s perfect if you’re into light trimming and hedging.


Robust 6.5-amp motor
Telescoping pole reaches 8.7 feet
Durable eight-inch blade and chain
Operates at 6000 rpm
High-quality Oregon cutting bar
Automatic oiler keeps chain lubricated
Soft grip handle for comfort and stability
Built-in safety switch
Weighs seven pounds


In rare cases, the unit may smoke from burning oil
Telescoping section can feel a bit flimsy

4. Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole

As we mentioned, Sun Joe has multiple models of their pole saw in the 800E series. In this instance, we’re looking at the SWJ802E in particular. Even though this model may look and feel the same as the base unit, some critical differences make it better than most other pole saws out there.

The first distinction that you can make between the 802 and the 800 is that this one can pivot on the head. It turns up to 30 degrees without any tools required, and it ensures that you can cut branches from almost anywhere without any issues. We really appreciate this additional level of customization.

The second thing that makes this saw unique is that it comes in a variety of colors and styles. Although most people wouldn’t think to accessorize their pole saw, Sun Joe gives you the option of picking out a color that speaks to you directly.

Finally, the 802 model can extend up to nine feet, instead of 8.4. This additional 0.6 inches can make a difference depending on your height and where the branch is located on the tree. Coupled with the ability to pivot the head and you have a high-quality pole saw here.

Other features include a 6.5-amp motor, an eight-inch blade and chain with automatic oiler, and a non-slip grip to provide stability when you need it the most.


Robust 6.5-amp motor
Nine-foot telescoping handle
Soft non-slip grip for stability
Adjustable head for convenience
Multiple colors and styles available
Automatic lubrication keeps chain active
High-quality Oregon blade and chain
Eight-inch chainsaw
Weighs 7.9 pounds


In rare cases, the chain might snap
When angled, it might have trouble with thicker branches

5. Greenworks 8-Inch 6.5 Amp Corded Pole Saw

One issue that plagues most pole saws is the fact that you have to keep the whole unit intact when not in use. Unless the machine is a 2-in-1 that allows you to separate the chainsaw from the pole, it can be kind of a pain to try and figure out how and where to store it in the meantime.

Fortunately, Greenworks has provided a much simpler alternative. First of all, you get a thick canvas bag, which allows you to bring the saw with you wherever you go, regardless of the environment (as long as it has electricity). Second, you can break the saw down into smaller parts, which enables you to store it much more effectively.

The pole for this saw is broken into three parts, so you can adjust the length of the machine depending on whether you include the middle piece or not. At full capacity, this saw reaches up to eight feet, which is more than enough for most cutting jobs.

The power and performance of this unit are pretty standard, with a 6.5-amp motor and an eight-inch blade and chain. What we like about the chain, however, is that you can adjust the tightness level by twisting a knob instead of having to do it manually.

Other features include an automatic oiler to keep the saw lubricated, an ergonomic handle for comfort, and a weight of just over 10 pounds.


Robust 6.5-amp motor
Durable eight-inch blade and chain
Quick adjust chain tightening system
Automatic oiler keeps blade lubricated
Three-piece aluminum shaft
Maximum length is eight feet long
Durable carrying bag provided
Soft grip comfort handle
Unit can be broken down for easy carrying
Weighs 10.5 pounds


In rare cases, the tightening system can come loose
Adjusting the length of the saw takes longer

6. Gas Pole Saw, Maxtra 42.7CC 2-Cycle 8.2FT

As we mentioned above, working with pole saws can be a bit unwieldy, depending on how heavy and cumbersome they are. This gas-powered model from Maxtra is the longest and heaviest model on here, so don’t buy it unless you know that you can handle it.

This pole saw is also the strongest and most reliable we’ve seen. The dual-cycle gas motor provides excellent power while also allowing you to work from anywhere. It can tear through most woods with ease, although we do recommend caution if you have the pole fully extended.

At 11.4 feet, this is the longest pole on this list. As such, you have to exercise caution when using the saw because it can be hard to maintain precise control when trying to cut from so far below. Either you should only use the middle piece in an emergency or avoid it altogether.

As with all gas-powered pole saws, this one comes with a top-mounted handle so that you can manage it easier. It also has an automatic lubrication system with an oil-level indicator built on the side. To make the motor run even better, it also uses an air filter.

With most gas tools, you have to prime the choke before you can get the machine started. However, with this saw, it comes with a two-position choke that ensures that you can start it in both warm or cold weather without any delay.

Other features include a muffler shield for protection, a 10-inch blade, and chain with tool-free adjustment, and the whole thing weighs 21 pounds.


Gas-powered model
Dual-stage motor for durability
Extends up to 11.4 feet
Top handle for stability while cutting
Pole breaks down for transport
10-inch blade and chain
Reduced vibration for less fatigue
Air filter included in motor extends life
Automatic oiler keeps chain lubricated
Two-position choke for hot or cold starts
Muffler shield provided for safety
Shoulder strap included
Weighs 21 pounds


Heavier than other units
At full length, it can be hard to control

7. Poulan Pro 967044201 40V Pole Saw

As we mentioned, the power source for your pole saw is a critical deciding factor for making a final decision. In this case, we have a cordless unit from Poulan Pro. This saw allows you to work unencumbered by wires or cords, meaning that you have complete flexibility and control.

At 40 volts, this battery is much more powerful than most. Usually, cordless tools operate around 20 volts, so this one is much better than that. It uses an eight-inch blade and chain to chop down trees and branches, and it also has an angled head to reach around the branches more easily.

A self-tensioning system ensures that the chain stays tight and in place for the duration of your work, and an automatic oiler keeps everything lubricated and working well. There is also an oil-level indicator on the side so that you can know when it needs to be refilled or changed.


Cordless pole saw
Eight-inch blade and chain
Operates at 40 volts for more power
Push-button start for convenience
Quiet operation
Ergonomic for comfort and stability
Angled head for easier branch cutting
Automatic oiler keeps chain lubricated
Self-tensioning mechanism
Extends up to eight feet
Oil level indicator for convenience
Weighs 11.8 pounds


Limited battery life when used constantly
Heavier than other cordless models

8. Greenworks PRO 10-Inch 80V Cordless Pole Saw

When picking a cordless pole saw, you have to be aware of the benefits and limitations of such a unique power source. On the one hand, you can go anywhere, and you never have to worry about fumes, power cords, or excessive noise.

On the other side, however, you do have to worry about running out of battery juice, which can be a significant problem (particularly if you don’t have a spare). Not only that, but you don’t get as much power because there isn’t as much energy driving the device.

Fortunately, this pole saw from Greenworks leans toward the more powerful side of things, thus ensuring that you can cut to your heart’s content. It has a long 10-inch blade and chain from Oregon brand, and it charges in much less time than you might think.

At 12.8 pounds, this isn’t the lightest pole saw we’ve seen, but it’s still manageable and effective at chopping down those branches. To make things even easier, the head is angled.


Heavier than other cordless models
Brushless motor for longer life
Angled head reaches around branches
10-inch blade and chain
Soft grip ergonomic handle
Automatic oiler for convenience
Oil level indicator
Extends up to eight feet
Battery and charger included
Easy to tighten and adjust chain
Less vibration reduces fatigue
Quiet operation
Charges quickly and efficiently
Weighs 12.8 pounds


Top heavy pole can be hard to carry after a while
Not designed for thick branches and woods

9. Earthwise CVPS43010 2-in-1 Corded Convertible Chainsaw – Pole Saw

We kicked off this list with a 2-in-1 pole saw, so it only fits that we end on that note as well. This model from Earthwise is a bit more reliable than the Black + Decker unit though, so pay attention to the specs and make your own decision.

When it comes to power and performance, this pole saw has a robust motor, and it weighs less than 10 pounds. You will be amazed by how light it is and how well it cuts. Helping it along is the fact that you can adjust the angle of cutting based on your needs. With five different angle options, this is much more customizable than any other saw we’ve seen.

Safety is another priority for this machine. It comes with a plastic chainsaw cover that you can slip on and off as you put the saw into storage. It also breaks down so that you can you store it much more easily.

Other features of this saw include a shoulder strap to help you manage the size, an automatic oiler system, and a soft grip handle for comfort and convenience.


Powerful seven-amp motor
2-in-1 design
Removable chainsaw from pole
10-inch Oregon blade and chain
Pole extends up to eight feet
Adjustable pivoting head with five settings
Automatic oiler provides lubrication
Blade cover included for safety
Saw breaks down for easy storage and transport
Soft grip handle
Tool-free chain adjustment and tightening
Shoulder strap to reduce fatigue
Weighs 9.25 pounds


In rare cases, the motor may overheat and shut off unexpectedly
Some components are not as durable as others

Factors to Consider for the Best Pole Saw Purchase

A pole saw is an essential tool for any homeowner or gardener looking to maintain their trees and large shrubs. It allows you to safely and easily trim branches and foliage that are out of reach. With numerous options available in the market, finding the perfect pole saw can be a challenging task. This buying guide will help you understand the key factors you need to consider before purchasing the best pole saw for your needs.

Type of Pole Saw

There are three main types of pole saws: gas-powered, electric, and battery-operated. Each has its pros and cons:

a. Gas-Powered: These are powerful and ideal for heavy-duty tasks or large properties. However, they are noisy, require regular maintenance, and emit fumes.

b. Electric: Ideal for small to medium tasks, electric pole saws are quieter and more environmentally friendly. However, they require access to a power source, which may limit your mobility.

c. Battery-Operated: These pole saws offer the convenience of portability without the need for a power source. They are typically less powerful than gas-powered saws and require recharging.

Pole Length and Reach

Consider the maximum height you need to reach when trimming branches. Pole saws generally have a reach of 10 to 15 feet. Some models offer telescoping or extendable poles for increased reach. Keep in mind that longer poles may be harder to handle and maneuver, so choose a length that balances reach and ease of use.


The weight of the pole saw can greatly impact user comfort and fatigue. Lighter pole saws are easier to handle, particularly for extended periods. Gas-powered pole saws are usually the heaviest, while battery-operated and electric models are lighter.

Cutting Bar and Chain Length

The cutting bar and chain length determine the maximum diameter of the branches you can cut. Common sizes range from 6 to 12 inches. A longer bar and chain allow for cutting thicker branches, but they can also make the pole saw more cumbersome.


The power of a pole saw is measured in amps for electric models, volts for battery-operated models, and cubic centimeters (cc) for gas-powered models. Higher power ratings typically result in better cutting performance. Choose a power rating that matches the tasks you will be performing.

Battery Life (for battery-operated models)

If you choose a battery-operated pole saw, consider the battery life and charging time. Look for models with lithium-ion batteries as they usually provide longer run times and faster charging. It’s also beneficial to have a spare battery available for extended use.

Maintenance and Ease of Use

Consider models with features that make maintenance and use more convenient, such as tool-free chain tensioning, automatic oilers, and ergonomic handles. These features can enhance your overall experience and prolong the life of your pole saw.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a priority when using any power tool. Look for pole saws with safety features like a chain brake, handguard, and anti-vibration system to minimize the risk of accidents.

Warranty and Customer Support

Choose a pole saw from a reputable manufacturer that offers a good warranty and customer support. This can give you peace of mind and assurance that you’re making a wise investment.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing the best pole saw for your needs. Remember to prioritize your requirements, such as power, reach, and ease of use, while also considering safety features and warranties. With the right pole saw, you can keep your trees and shrubs looking their best with minimal effort.

Pole Saw Brands: Who Makes The Best Pole Saw?

Pole saws are handy tools used for pruning trees and trimming branches. There are various brands of pole saws available in the market, each with its own set of features, pros, and cons. In this article, we will discuss some of the best pole saw brands and what makes them stand out from the rest.


Stihl is a well-known brand in the outdoor power equipment industry. They manufacture high-quality pole saws with powerful engines, durable construction, and excellent cutting capacity. The Stihl HT 133 is one of their most popular models, known for its long reach and lightweight design.


Husqvarna is another leading brand that produces high-performance pole saws. Their pole saws are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks and have long-lasting batteries, making them ideal for professionals. The Husqvarna 525PT5S is a favorite among landscapers and arborists, thanks to its powerful engine and long reach.


Oregon is a brand that has been producing quality outdoor power equipment for over 70 years. Their pole saws are known for their lightweight design and ease of use. The Oregon PS250-A6 is one of their most popular models, known for its long battery life and quiet operation.


Echo is a brand that specializes in outdoor power tools, including pole saws. Their pole saws are designed to deliver high performance and are known for their durability. The Echo PPF-225 is a favorite among homeowners, thanks to its affordability and easy-to-use design.


Greenworks is a relatively new brand, but they have quickly gained a reputation for producing eco-friendly outdoor power equipment. Their pole saws are battery-powered and emit no harmful emissions, making them ideal for the environmentally conscious. The Greenworks 20672 is one of their most popular models, known for its long battery life and lightweight design.

In conclusion, the best pole saw brand depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for power and durability, Stihl and Husqvarna are great choices. If you want a lightweight and eco-friendly option, then Oregon and Greenworks are worth considering. Ultimately, it’s essential to do your research and choose a brand that fits your budget and requirements.

Final Verdict 

Since there are so many defining features for the best pole saws in 2023, it’s difficult to find a model that stands out far above the rest. However, if we had to pick one, then we would say that either the Earthwise 2-in-1 or the Sun Joe SWJ802E are the top picks. We appreciate the power and versatility offered by these machines, as well as the flexibility you get from the adjustable head. Overall, you can do almost anything with either one of these saws, and they will make tree trimming such a fun and convenient task.

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