Husqvarna 435 vs Husqvarna 435e II
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Husqvarna 435 vs 435e II: Which One’s Best?

There have been controversies online regarding the best chainsaw between Husqvarna 435 and Husqvarna 435e II. To be honest, it isn’t easy to decide because both products come with outstanding features.

Overall, the two products are reliable, easy to operate and require low fuel consumption. These products have low maintenance charges and are genuinely remarkable for lightweight jobs. They are often not suitable for hardwood or forest trees, as this may cause damage to the machine.

Thankfully, I’ve drafted some of the outstanding features that would allow you to understand each product better. With my simple comparison, you’ll be able to choose the right chainsaw that will sustain you and deliver good jobs to satisfaction and credibility.

FeaturesHusqvarna 435Husqvarna 435e IIMy Choice
Engine TypeThis chainsaw comes with an engine power source of 40.9cc that makes it better than other models.Husqvarna 435e II also has the same engine power of 40.9cc but has an automatic chain oiler that delivers a steady supply of bar for practical use.I will go for Husqvarna 435e II because it’s the latest product and has endless benefits.
Oil UsageHusqvarna 435 has no space to adjust the oil usage, which usually is not comfortable during operation.Since this product is the latest chainsaw, it has a space to adjust oil usage.I prefer Husqvarna 435e II since there is a space to reduce oil consumption before operations.
Fuel Tank VolumeThe fuel tank volume of this chainsaw is small and can only contain up to 7 liters of fuel.435e II has a fuel tank volume of 0.78 US pints, making it easier to contain enough fuel.I’ll go for Husqvarna 435e II since the fuel tank volume is higher. This can reduce the stress of toping the chainsaw often.
Smart StartThis machine comes with a unique style, thereby making it easier to handle at any time.Husqvarna 435e II chainsaw also comes with an ergonomically designed handle that makes it easy for a smart start.I prefer Husqvarna 435e II, even with both machines having the same smart start features.
Power Source435 has a gas-powered source that makes it perform its function well.This chainsaw is equipped with a beautiful gas power source that has a low fuel consumption of 652 g/kWhI prefer Husqvarna 435e II since many features make it different from other brands.

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